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US Navy Prepares Decapitating Attack Against Russia

Monday, March 27, 2017 8:27
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US Navy Prepares Decapitating Attack Against Russia



The US preemptive nuclear strike capability has significantly grown. The strategic nuclear forces modernization program has implemented new revolutionary technologies to vastly increase the targeting capability of the US submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) arsenal.

The Bulletin of American Scientists reports that as a result of improvements in the killing power of US SLBMs, they carry more than three times the number of warheads needed to destroy the entire fleet of Russian land-based missiles. Since only part of the W76 force would be needed to eliminate Russia’s silo-based ICBMs, the United States will be left with a substantial number of higher-yield warheads that could be used for other missions.

The increase in the lethality comes from the Mk4A «super-fuze» device that since 2009 has been incorporated into the Navy’s W76-1/Mk4A warhead as part of a decade-long life-extension program.

The super-fuze capability is now operational on all nuclear warheads deployed on the Navy’s Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines. The new fuze has also been installed on British SLBMs.

It provides for an adjustable height-of-burst as it arrives. The fuze is designed to destroy fixed hard targets by detonating above and around a target in a much more effective way. Warheads that would otherwise overfly a target and land too far away will now, because of the new fuzing system, detonate above the target. Explosions that occur near and above the ground over a target can be lethal to it. This above-target area is known as a «lethal volume»; the detonation of a warhead of appropriate yield in this volume will result in the destruction of the target. The result of this fuzing scheme is a significant increase in the probability that a warhead will explode close enough to destroy the target even though the accuracy of the missile-warhead system has itself not improved. Thus, an enhanced fuze would allow the United States to reduce the number of warheads on its ballistic missile submarines, but increase the targeting effectiveness of the fleet.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to hundreds of W76-1/Mk4A warheads with a 100kiloton warhead that have a very high probability of destroying fixed silos, Navy submarines also carry the 455kiloton W88 Mk-5 that can destroy extremely hard and deeply buried targets such as military command centers.

According to Hans Kristiansen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, «As a consequence, the US submarine force today is much more capable than it was previously against hardened targets such as Russian ICBM silos. A decade ago, only about 20 percent of US submarine warheads had hard-target kill capability; today they all do».

It should be noted that the US has always enjoyed significant advantage in sea-based nuclear forces. Together, the Ohio-class submarines carry approximately 60 % of US strategic nuclear warheads. The Navy has been constantly upgrading its Trident missiles. Additionally, a new submarine, the SSBN(X), which will replace the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines, is undergoing development and is expected to cost about $140 billion to develop, according to the Defense Department.

Under the circumstances, Russia has the right to invoke Article VIII of the New START treaty, which provides that in those cases in which one of the Parties determines that its actions may lead to an ambiguous situation, that Party is to take measures to ensure the viability and effectiveness of this Treaty and to enhance confidence, openness, and predictability concerning the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms. Such measures may include, among other things, providing information in advance on activities of that Party associated with deployment or increased readiness of strategic offensive arms to preclude the possibility of misinterpretation of its actions by the other Party. This information is to be provided through diplomatic or other channels.

The enhanced capability could be used only against land-based targets, leaving SSBNs immune, at least those who are on patrol. Train-based systems have a good chance to survive and strike back. The super fuze does not eliminate the capability to deliver a retaliatory strike. What really matters is the fact that the US does not view the strategic potential as a deterrent but rather as a means to deliver the first strike reducing the opponent’s capability to respond.

The background also matters. While blaming Russia for starting an arms race, the US beefs up its nuclear potential. The US Air Force is modernizing the Minuteman-III missiles, replacing and upgrading their rocket motors, guidance systems, and other components, so that they can remain in the force through 2030. The service released a new ICBM solicitation last July. It plans to build a new weapons system to replace the long-serving Minuteman under a program called the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD). The US Defense Department plans to buy 642 GBSD missiles for roughly $66.4 million each to support a deployed force of 400 weapons and to budget at least $1.25 billion annually from 2036 to 2040. The goal is to deliver the first batch of new missiles by 2029.

In 2023, the USAF will receive the B61 Mod 12 guided, standoff nuclear gravity bomb to replace all existing gravity bombs in the arsenal. The weapon with earth-penetrating capability and selectable yield from 50 kilotons to 0.3 kilotons, is will be carried by both strategic and tactical stealth aircraft. The planned deployment foresees that others NATO members would use their aircraft as delivery means in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of 1968 that forbids non-nuclear states from receiving nuclear weapons.

In the late 2020s and through the 2030s the Air Force will begin receiving the first of 100 new B-21 strategic stealth bombers.

The Long-Range Standoff (LRSO) cruise missile program is to develop a weapon that can penetrate and survive integrated air defense systems and prosecute strategic targets. Both conventional and nuclear versions of the weapon are required to reach initial operational capability (IOC) before the retirement of their respective ALCM versions, around 2030. According to the plans, the LRSO will replace the Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) program with 1,000 to 1,100 cruise missiles, representing the US Air Force’s standoff nuclear delivery capability.

The US implements an ambitious program of putting weapons in space. It includes the concept of «Rods of God» – secret space weapons deployed on orbital kinetic weapon platform that could achieve a velocity of about 11 km/s (around 36,000 feet per second). The ground-based BMD systems, the X-37B spacecraft and Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program (GSSAP) platforms could be repurposed into instruments of war in space.

The US goals have been strictly defined. According to White House spokesman Sean Spicer, that the president «was very clear on is that the United States will not yield its supremacy in this area to anybody. That’s what he made very clear in there. And that if other countries have nuclear capabilities, it will always be the United States that has the supremacy and commitment to this».

President Donald Trump is critical toward the New START Treaty, calling it «a one-sided deal. «Just another bad deal that the country made, whether it’s START, whether it’s the Iran deal … We’re going to start making good deals», he stated.

Expanding the US arsenal with new or additional nuclear weapons would cost billions at the time the national debt is nearing $20 trillion, while the New START allows the United States to keep enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet several times over. Without the New START and other arms control agreements, like the INF Treaty, the US America will be compelled to waste enormous military and financial resources on nuclear arms race.

The US is doing its best to gain supremacy in nuclear weapons. This policy may lead to total disintegration of the existing framework of treaties and regimes followed by resumption of arms race with dire consequences for the US itself.

With all the efforts on the way, there is little doubt about the Russia’s ability to survive the first nuclear strike and respond on kind.

Without violating the New START, the upgrade of the W76 warheads undermines future efforts to negotiate a New START treaty.

As history teaches, an arms race will never make anybody victorious. Nobody gains, everybody loses. It took a series of risky crises, like the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and several cycles of an extremely costly arms race to realize how dangerous the nuclear threat is. The history of arms control reveals the wiMsdom of Soviet (Russian) and US leaders finding ways to cap their arsenals even in the heat of the Cold War. Now all the efforts applied in the past may go down the drain as the US is going back to the once tried policy of seeking nuclear dominance. Now it starts again at the time the whole system of arms control is on the brink of collapse. The tide must be turned. Nuclear arms control treaties should have become a top priority of the bilateral relationship.

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  • Leo

    This article reads ok but America is in for a total shock when it starts war with Russia . Not much if anything will be left of the United States . :cool:

    • That is the plan of the globalists and why Trump is villified for wanting peace with Russia. Jewish owners of
      America want war but your children must die not theirs.

  • raburgeson

    I’m getting tired of the stupid crap, let’s hear from the government what Russia has done to the US and then let’s here what the US has done to Russia.

    • b4

      all bs–thought trump was going to change things but aint happening–the largest amount of nato forces ever assembled rolled into Poland over the weekend–whatz up with that? these maniacs are going to kill us all over what?

  • Trump needs to stand against this.

  • The title of this article trying to cause sensationalism just for clicks sake just pisses people off, does me anyway. So far Trump has a good relationship with Putin no need in trying to spin it…

    • Boo

      Trump has yet to meet with Putin. Should we now requalify the definition of relationship with the idea someone living on the same planet now constitutes a relationship? Can we at least expect the term to exclude, what up and to this point can be compared to a few telemarketing calls? Lets hope Trump can get along with nuclear world powers … unless we want to be memorialize via the shadowy imprint our vaporized body’s leave on some sidewalk or side of a building.

  • Boo

    Not sure how this defeats Russia’s new missile system that is so fast, it can’t be shot down before the missile is over it’s target or on it. If you shoot it down over the target, you get destroyed by it’s shear proximity. The thing is, this is operational now.

  • There’s a “Fly in the ointment” and a major flaw in this line of thinking . First of all (more likely than not) we would be having to take on multiple threats (both conventional as well as nuclear) from multiple sources and directions at the same time (because of Russia , China , Iran and North Korea being all basically allied and well armed and armored both conventionally as well as their respective nuclear arsenals and nuclear capability) . Secondly most of their land based missiles aren’t based IN conventional silos now , they are being deployed on rapid mobile missile launcher systems (such as Russia’s Sickle) . Mobile missile launchers are “housed” in deep underground inpenetrable bunkers where they are rearmed and sent to new non fixed locations to fire multiple times at multiple targets . My thinking would be that logic would dictate that if one side REALLY believed that they were realistically vulnerable to a very probable attack by their enemy they would launch a preemptive attack to prevent this and to both prevent as much total destruction to themselves , their military facilities , their infrastructure and their populace as possible ! They would also want to do this BEFORE the other side gained any real superiority and what they believed could be an unbeatable upper hand . I’d say that “time” is NOW !!! Time to WORRY !!!

  • Well lets hope the military recognizes they are being used to start a war that will finish the world and the landmass issue is not a given

  • Well number one the plan cannot work for many reasons one of which is the russians have moving nuclear missiles, upon any serious activity all satellites will be blinded and unknown interference weapons will go into use and any logistical capability will be a crap shoot. But there is good news the Japanese Fukushima radiation is pretty much guaranteed to kill most of the worlds population and a nuclear war is really a minor issue for all sides of the potential nuke out. The Fukushima radiation is likely to be a blow to the military industrial complexes all over the world, advisement is fix Fukushima first then go to war or all sides lose. Here is a little info regarding what all the elites families will face in a very short time, at the moment approximately 600 tons of plutonium is burning in the pacific, here is what it means:

    Fukushima Equals 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses on its way towards you, your wife and kids!

    Dr Paolo Scampa, a widely know EU Physicist, single handedly popularized the easily understood Lethal Doses concept. “Lethal Doses” is a world wide, well understood idea that strips Physics bare and offers a brilliant, understandable explanation for all the physics gobbledygook Intelligence agencies and their respective governments use to disguise the brutal truths of the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster.

    Three thousand billion (3,000,000,000,000) Lethal Doses of Radiation means there are 429 Lethal Doses chasing each and every one of us on the planet, to put it in a nutshell. This is up from about 70 Billion Lethal Doses March 23, 2011. It is getting worse everyday without any intervention by the US and the other nuclear powers.

    Militaries listen up, there is a chance to contain it go to the following website for information on how to do it, otherwise your arms selling businesses are in peril of going broke for lack of people to buy your arms.

    Imagine a world without war because it has not enough people to have one.

    • For your consideration, OBSERVER, here’s a rough breakdown of the relevant numbers.

      1) – Fukushima released 11,000 PBq into the atmosphere and, according to the French estimate, 30 PBq into the ocean.

      2) – Chernobyl released 12,000 PBq into the atmosphere and none into the ocean.

      3) – Ocean dumping, by around a dozen countries, released 85 PBq from 1946-93.

      4) – Weapons testing released 2,500,000 PBq into the atmosphere.

      5) – Natural Potassium 40, in all oceans, amounts to 14,000,000 PBq.

      In other words Fukushima released less than a third of what we have previously dumped directly into the worlds oceans and yet we didn’t all die.

      Or looking at it another way Fukushima and Chernobyl combined released around 1% of the total atmospheric radioactive releases, from weapons testing, and yet we didn’t all die.

      In conclusion please wake me when the numbers get up around the naturally occurring K40 levels and in the mean time don’t eat too many bananas.

  • Yea and every country out there is too, everyone remember how ww1 started, each side moved men and equipment to the european border and then the other side moved more of their men and equipment to the other side of the border, then more and the other side moved more, well some of the guys on one side got itchy trigger fingers and they started shooting just a few bullets over to the other side remember each side had howitzers, mortars, tanks, bazookas, gattling guns, you name it thay had it even back then, well the other side fired just a few shots back, and, well you know they each started small arms fire against I mean really big big armies just a short distance away, crazy right, the rest is history, cooler heads did not prevail that night and both sides captains, corporals and generals in their nice conscripted palaces in the area ran to the windows and looked out and saw the entire front firing out of control, there was no recall possible, ww1 was an accident in terms of it starting from a hot head or two. Now if you were to ask a rational man what he thinks about such an event happening today, that is if he were educated he would tell you that they have field artillery that shoots mini nukes and it the s%#t goes down the response will be overwhelming counter-force from both sides, of course home team will win the first round no doubt about it. The lesson is not to start a war here you see there is an enemy that is going to kill both sides and their families and its being kept under wraps, in fact its under every readers nose its under your wife and kids noses and babies noses too. its called 600 tons of plutonium burning in the pacific right now which has already poisoned the pacific ocean, shhhh its a big secret though no one is supposed to talk about the 600 ton gorilla in the room, pretty much every human being will be affected in a short time from now, war as an issue is pretty irrelevant and the first action is of course you would think they would contain it if its that dangerous, thats the strange part of the story here, you all heard of the plans to depopulate right, well its already going on as you read this, the Japanese say they will take 40 years to clean it up, just enough time to kill most of the worlds population a la georgia guidestones, its a pile of hot metal plutonium I know but with a couple of robot operated derricks and a bunch of fire hoses to keep it cool wile its being excavated it should not take more than a two week period with some earnest effort, even fancier methods no more than a year yet here we all are about to have a nuclear war and the pacific is dead from fukushima radiation and its like surreal like the warriors are blind and mentally unstable they attack eac other wile their families are going to inevitably be severely affected by something as a commonality between adversaries they should put their differences aside and take care of business and after that gets cleaned up maybe or maybe not go to war, but cleaning up a world killer of 600+ tons of burning plutonium seems like the right thing to do, God knows the Japanese could not do a clean up they need a bit of help you know to get it going, politics in Japan has them all so confused about what the right thing to do is, and well the engineers there they cannot be too smart they seem to have forgotten their ice wall containment structure could not work because the underground water table is moving water, even 5th graders know moving water will not freeze and the mass of plutonium is burning deeper and deeper leaving behind any cooling potential of the ice wall someone came up with a containment method or two worth looking over. For now remember if you and your family die from being poisioned from fukushima radiation there will not be any war, yes you could have a war now but the radiaoactive material is spreading quick I told you already the pacific is screwed and its coming up the coast of South america to the US too, and worst of all its coming up through the sargasso sea were most of the earths oxygen is created. anyway try to get some rest there may be a war tomorrow or news about increased cancer stats, how Gods army shows up by friday and straightens the whole mess out so I can get some decent sleep

    • I think that you’re right and it explains at least one of the good reasons that a good number of the elite have purchased land in the southern hemisphere in places like Tasmania and are preparing to bug out to those very places SOON !!! Like you mentioned , it’s all about world depopulation and whatever it takes to accomplish that by ANY and EVERY means possible and as SOON as possible for them !!!

  • Decapitating attack? WTF anything the Navy has they have had. As always Senor Rolls stretches the bounds of reality. I see nothing in this article that would indicate we be leaning towards an attack against Russia. Between the fear mongering of hodges and rolls I guess we can look forward to an attack from Mexico by the Chinese and a land attack from Russia as we attack Russia? Give me a break. News is not based on theory or opinion but fact. This article should fall under the heading of Fairy Tales.

  • If the navy cannot arrest Soros they need to fire all the admirals.

    If they cannot stop taking illegal orders to destroy nations for financial gain of their superiors they are not officers and gentlemen and tarnish the uniforms they wear.

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