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World War III – US Promises Action Against N. Korea – Will China Respond?

Saturday, March 18, 2017 7:31
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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that the United States is done warning North Korea about their bad behavior.

North Korea is a proxy state of China.  China has had enough of Trump and the roll back of unfair trade deals. China has claimed the South China sea as their own. And China is openly talking about war.

Meanwhile, in the United States, massive deployment of military men and material is taking place. This is a war just waiting to happen. The only think that is left is a trigger event…..Here is the rest of the story…




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  • The DPRK’s nuclear and missile ambitions are a headache for the Russians and especially China as well. The DPRK is a loose cannon that does nobody in the region any good. Since it is perceived to be a vassal state of China, it’s actions reflect on China, and China has no need to inflame relations with some of its biggest trading partners (Japan and South Korea).

    I expect there may be narrowly focused military action against DPRK’s nuclear and missile facilities. If there is, I expect that Russia and China will rattle their sabers and publicly denounce and and verbally threaten the U.S. Then they will look away, smiling to themselves to be rid of the problem.

    • Not sure if you are correct about the reaction from China but you are right when it comes to Russia who’s in bed with the bankers and by extension the USA government.

      Note that China has kept well away from the conflict in Syria because they know the game and would be fools to trust Russia if shit hit the fan

      1984 i tell you

  • REX Tillerson …CEO of EXXON MOBIL beLIEves in FRACKING for OTHERS… NOT for himsELF :idea:

    North Korea….the US narrative is a PACK of LIES/DISTRACTION from the criminally BANKRUPT ashkeNAZI khazar “banking” CYSTem, at a time when it looks like GOLD is about to reappear in MAINSTREAM FINANCE

    North Korea: The Grand Deception Revealed

  • America trying to demonize N.Korea so they can invade it and set up a central bank N.Korea is one of the last countries without one guess who is one of the others Syria.

    • Guess You missed the launch of the missiles towards Japan and the threats from NK to SK because we are having military drills and exercises with them. Stop Demonizing us with stupidity. They threaten nuclear exchanges with the US on almost a daily basis and they have nukes. :roll:

      • The question you should be asking is,why is the U.S doing military drills in the backyard of a country who has never been involved in a war or invaded anyone for the past 63 years.?
        (They threaten nuclear exchanges with the US on almost a daily basis)
        That is just rhetoric,the probability is that you never clicked on this link and should immediately do, so that you might wake up.

        • Let’s try an analogy that’s closer to home.

          1) You have a neighbor who is perfecting his own design of rocket propelled grenades. He likes to test them by setting them off in his back yard under a pile of dirt.
          2) Your neighbor is also perfecting his design of grenade launchers. He likes to test them by lobbing dummy grenades into a pond behind your back yard.
          3) Your neighbor threatens you weekly that he is going to use his grenades and launchers to blow up your house.

          You’re OK with that, I guess? No need to do anything about it because your neighbor is just psychotic but won’t really ever hurt anybody?

          • Let’s try an analogy that’s closer to home.Lol.

            1)So 9,393 kilometers is close to home?
            2) You have a (neighbor) who lives 9,393 km and ones in while comes to do the wife of your actual neighbor on the opposite side of the street and then returns do to the wife of your next door neighbor on the left side and then returns again to the wife of your right side neighbor,what would come to your mind?
            3)this is like the story of the chicken and the egg,who came first?They are still technically at war since no peace agreement was ever reached and yes I would do the things you mentioned in order to defend my territory.
            You’re OK with (2)I guess?No need to do anything about it,just bring up the offspring.

  • North Korea is really quiet right now. The calm before the storm??

    I believe the fat buoy realizes his mistake. Not too smart. Will his own generals take him out? And where is the fat buoy anyway? :roll:

  • The US-South Korean Allied Forces are continuing every year from March 1 to May 1 provocative major military excercises of the 200,000 people scale for occupation of North Korean capital Pyongyang, murder of Kim Jong-un, government overthrow, thereby, for the colonization of N.Korea by the 2nd Korean War right every year near the border with N. Korea. They are continuing such military provocation in this year too in the long-term of Mar.1~May1, 2017. Objectively watching it, it is clearly the large national crisis for a little nation, N.Korea.
    It means the large army of 600,000 people forces by the population ratio in Japan, which stages the military exercises in Japanese Tokyo Bay for the aggression. It means running of the war provocational military exercises of 1 mill. 770 thou. people scale with the population ratio offshore of NYC, the US.
    The result was nuclear warheads tests and missiles launching tests by N.Korea. Russia and China one-sidedly agreed to the UN Security Council’s censure resolution against N.Korea.The leadership and the newspaper Red flag of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) sympathized to medias’ news campaigns. Thereby, they cooperated with the US imperialism de facto.
    Emergency measures were taken on Mar. 8, 2017 by the Creators so that the 2nd Korean War never occurs.
    Whenever the WWⅢ by the US imperialism is never allowed by the Creators. Already the measures on arrest of the WWⅢleading to destruction of the Earth by hands of Earthers has been taken by the Creators. The measures on sanctions against US imperialism has been decided by the Creators.

  • But David you told us that China was going to invade the USA and now you are saying that the yanks are looking to start a fight right next to China because someone else has a big stick to wave just like the american bully boy of the world.

    You have a new story to tell every day but never one about your jewish pay masters in Israel

  • Stupid question. China will respond as well as Russia. Any attack on North Korea will be considered a serious aggression against their close neighbor that is not warrantied.

    North Korea hasn’t attacked any foreign country for the last 60 years. South Korea can not even be considered a foreign country as they are historically the same people. Any attack on North Korea will surely start World War III.

    Self defense activity of a sovereign nation must be respected, unless you want to lose any legitimacy of your own sovereignty.

    • On top of that, if there is any country that can feel threatened by North Korean missiles test, it should be Russia and China. Why the US is jumping up and down on the missiles test run by a country that is separated by 1000s of miles away should be any body’s guess.

      Dave Hodges is a sensationalist without the clear understanding of the world affairs. He may be a Zionist proxy as “VirusGuard” has indicated.

  • Looking behind the MSM’s presentation of this latest situation with N Korea, it can be discovered that US and S Korea have been continuously provoking N Korea each year for over a decade by conducting joint military exercises which practice for a “defensive” invasion of N Korea. This yearly operation is called Operation Foal Eagle.

    China, an ally of N Korea, has recently suggested that this emerging conflict would best be resolved by the US stopping its yearly exercises in return for China negotiating with N Korea to stop the buildup of its missile defense system.

    The US has ignored China’s proposal and, instead, opted for a tactic of increased intimidation.

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