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McCain Flies to Syria and Bang! Nerve Gas & Bombs on Syria! Who Stole My President & Why’d He Do It? False Flag

Friday, April 7, 2017 11:41
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(Before It's News)

By Lisa Haven


On the campaign trail, Donald Trump stated multiple times that he would ‘stay out of the Syrian conflict.’ 

However, yesterday’s events reveal that he went back on that promise. In retaliation for a nerve gas chemical attack on the Syrian people that was falsely attributed to Assad, Trump decided to send 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles to the airbase in Syria that was “reportedly” home to the warplanes which carried out a horrible chemical attack on the Syrians. As a result, six people have died. 

Multiple Trump supporters, including myself, are left scratching our heads as to why President Trump would do this. Especially considering his avid stance against it and the fact that it was an obvious false flag. 

History shows that multiple chemical attacks have already been falsely pinned on Assad, only later to be discovered it was ISIS and Al Qaeda. 

So why engage? Why send bombs? And is Trump still on our side? In the video below I reveal all that and more…. 


UPDATE- Now Russia is responding… Here’s that breaking report….. 


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  • Lol, no one some your president.

    The president was chosen before the election like every president in history.

    He’s a puppet.

    Always has been, always will be.

    • b4

      lets check back in a year and see if true—i think your right–very sad

  • Lisa,
    We all, including President Trump are fully aware that the nerve gas attack on the Syrian wasn’t done by Assad. What would be the logic. Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces have all but annihilated ISIS and other terrorist groups in the country. Assad also knows that the entire world is watching him, that such an attack would insure an escalation to the war against his leadership. Our beloved President Donald J Trump’s decision to lob fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian airbase is probably a return favor for all the good intelligence Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu provided him. Try to remember, the American intelligence agencies have been infiltrated by globalist usurps intent on taking the president down.

    These alphabet agencies are well know for their notorious under the radar operations, assassinations and regime changes. It seems the price for Trump staying alive and in power is support for the greater Israel project. The fact that Trump informed the Russians of his intention says much about his desire not to provoke war but only fulfilling what reciprocation was negotiated between the two friends as the Obama led coup d’état revealed itself. I suspect Iran is in for a little action as well, but only time will tell what is the agreed wage of sin.

    Lisa just because God used this very unique man Donald Trump to shine a bright light on evil deeds done and concealed in the darkness doesn’t mean the President is going to continue to to good, or that he was even good from the beginning. God has used him to forward His Will. We are in the time of great tribulation. Things are going to get far worse before Christ returns. You can take that to the bank. Keep the stories coming dear!

    Deputy Dawg

    • I would be glad to be a Christian, if Christians were not so blind, why doesn’t Jesus reveal the truth to them?

      According to Christians, the Zionists can do no wrong, they are Gods chosen people. Well I agree, they are Gods chosen people, if you mean the God of this world, they are definitely Lucifer’s chosen people!

      The Zionist Masons parallel God, and the Book of Revelations, and start wars, and they are happy to let the Christians believe God is fulfilling prophecy.

      Remember Elijah, God was not in the wind, but there was a still small voice, the little voice within, but the devils have the power of the air, or the forces of this world, don’t be deceived…

      • Zionist who say they are Jews are not Jews as the Bible states . They are of Esau the Edomite , Jacobs ( Israel ) brother . They are the NWO , natzi luciferian Vatican . These are the negative reptilian blood lines . Jews are White type A positive blood types as was Abraham the Hebrew and Noah as well as Adam . The Bible started with facts about 5800 years ago . Type A blood type starts as stated by science about 5800 years ago . Adam by Hebrew account starts record 5777 years ago . Type O by science is 150,000 years ago . Type B is about 5600 years ago and AB is about 5200 years ago . So I believe you have the wrong folks in mind . Most of the Zionist leaders are negative reptilian blood types ( the devils children ) .


  • JDP…Hopefully this will terminate Russia gate or minimize it, he took the least option, not using US Forces or planes. It sends a powerful message to all about Trump willingness to use our assets when needed. What was he going to do, tell the UN they were wrong on who did the bombing, at least it set a side on the who, rightly or wrongly Assad’s people have not called an act iof war but just an act of aggression, this buffers a way for peace if it can be found. Russia on their pat are sending war ships TO THE MED for ? spying on the US,. BECAUSE THERE WAS PRE NOTIFICATION WITH RUSSIAN GROUND PERSONNEL THEIR RESPONSE SHOULD BE MINIMAL.

  • I warned people about Trump being as bad as Hillary…. no one listened :???:

  • Hillary and Obummer created ISIS with the evil McCain. McCain probably orchestrated this false flag as he hates Trump and has participated in alot of shadow government dealings. He has been identified as a treasonous troublemaker. Why is he still in government?

  • The Hillary-Obama-IS gang set up a trap and Trump stepped right into it!
    Chances are that after some time Hillary will have no country left to become president of and Obama will have a hard time to find a tower to call prayers from.

  • Something much deeper is going on here I think. How do you bomb an airfield with 59 Tomahawk missiles and “leave the runway untouched” as most reports are saying? It would seem to me the primary goal of bombing any airfield would be to put the runways out of commission. That airfield has two HUGE runways and they managed to completely miss them both!!! Seriously people????

  • Does McCain work for Trump or does Trump work for McCain?

    I do know that Trump takes orders from Kissinger and Cheney.

  • You mentioned a Russian invasion of tge USA . Well Obama , May 2012 ordered 15,000 special force Russian troops to surround him in Region 3 ( Washington DC ) . About 3 years ago I was vacationing in Soyth Carolina . I saw a Russian nuke bomber taking off from what may have been an army base . That night the news confirmed it was indeed a Russin nuke bomber . And that nut case idiot pretend to be president had done this as a friendly jesture to Russia . What the Hell ? Friendly jesture letting Russian nuke bombers land in South Carolina ? The next year vacationing in South Carolina Russian people were every where , in hotels , Restrants and stores . They were waiting on American people . I ask many of tgem about their accents . They replied they were Russians . That same year we had gone to Gatlinburg Tennessee . Everything looked fine . This past year we returned and Russians were their working in the Restrants and stores . Both male and females . Russian use both in their armies . Crazy thing is these Russians had ages ranging from about 18-25 . Doesn’t our army ages range about the same except for the commanders ? While in South Carolina on the beach one night I had taken my grandson down to the game room and game tables . Russians were playing on the ping pong tables . One was old , I thought maybe the father . But later by actions the young lady was of lower rank than the elder man . The aggression on the table was strong . The old man had missed the ball and went to retrieve it . Well on the beach fire works are going off all the time . The old man stopped to watch the display in the air . After the bang he said while lost in thought ( sooon very soon ) . By his body language he was saying very soon fireworks will be bombarding America . It is reported that now thanks to idiot scum bag crap from hell ( O nut case ) over 150,000 Russian troops are now in America . Many are saying from the west that Russian are responsible for the fires being set . The Russian nuke bombers landing in South Carolina that seem to be bringing in troops was also reported to have been bringing in nukes to be planted in certain cities . A Russian spy turned America recently confirmed that the nukes were already in place and awaiting the words go ! Trump doesn’t know all this information . Why , because many that he is depending on are NWO operatives and will not disclose this information to him . In the end the Vatican hopes to be thr religion rule over all . Their beast ( lucifer ) will hold the highest office as world leader . The Vatican telescope in Arizonia named lucifer is actually looking for the the devil incarnate . These reptilians have have grown balls so big lately that’s it’s a wonder they can walk . I have never seen the evil as bluntly open as they are doing today . It’s like we the people don’t know who to really trust anymore ! These liberals don’t mind lying , killing or stealing right out in the open . We are living in the days of Noah again . Nothing short of GODs wrath will stop them . They made the statement we fear what GOD may do , but are pushing forth with our agenda . Why ? Because the devil knows his time is almost up ! He is going to be turned into ashes , so why not go out with a bang ! My advice to GOD fearing people prepare for the worst but hope and pray for the best ! We are not just fighting the elite and their wealth that are flesh and blood , we are fighting powers , principlilities , rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickness in high places . Times are showing we are nearing the end of days . Thank you Lisa for trying to awaken the people . But just remember that Isaiah was told to preach until the end , but in seeing they shall not see and in hearing they shll not hear . So Isaiah ask why preach then ? GOD told him because in the end about 10% will be saved once they see the wrath coming and the seed has grown to maturity . It’s a hard fight but keep up the good work . Never get caught up in , but no one is listening . Yeah they are ! Forget their opinions , because opinion are like butts everyone has one and they all have cracks in them and do stink from time to time . GOD said tell he people so they have no excuses as to no one told me . Yeah they did , Lisa told them ! Thanks again for your drive and commitment ! As long as you blow the trumpet of GOD warning GODs children I pray GODs blessing and protection upon you ! Thanks once again , yours in Christ , Everette !

  • Mr Rothschild stole your president (bought him off) a long long time ago, now it’s pay back time.

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