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WikiLeaks Reveals Depth of Mass Media Depravity for Clinton

Monday, October 17, 2016 16:31
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(Before It's News)

“Without the Media, Hillary Clinton couldn’t run for dog catcher.” – Donald Trump

Never in the history of the American Republic have the citizens of this once great country ever witnessed the debacle of a supine, subservient press in such rapt thrall to the head of a political party, such that they have abandoned all pretense of journalistic integrity and objective impartiality in order to promote the election of their newest icon on the altar of political correctness, Hillary Clinton.

Mz. Clinton represents yet another chapter in the never-ending saga to use the guilt engendered by decades of politically correct Marxist – Illuminati subversion of our educational establishment upon journalism students, with the result that her genitalia, and not her experience, are the main criteria for her assumption into the Oval Office and its corridors of power.  I mention this specific absurdity since it is clear, even from a cursory inspection of her track record, that Hillary Clinton is utterly unfit – morally, ethically, and professionally– to take possession of the highest office in our Republic.

Hillary Clinton’s “public service”  (or more correctly her self-service) illustrates that she has initiated one disaster after another throughout the Middle East as Secretary of State, while using her office as a cash register to sell out the interests of the people of this country to the highest corporate bidders in quid pro quo “contributions” to The Clinton Foundation as well as her personal coffers which she solicited via the phony expedient of exorbitant “speaking fees” ranging from $250 to $750 THOUSAND per hour.    

This was the real reason, of course, why Mz. Clinton needed a second “private” computer server that was completely under her control—to keep her “solicitations” off the “official” White House record as she performed her duties as Secretary of State.   But of course, ALL such records, whether public or private, when they involve matters of State, automatically become classified as PUBLIC records that must be PRESERVED…. which was the reason the records on her private Email server were professionally erased and then obliterated by the Bleach Bit program AFTER being under subpoena by Congress – a FELONY, which in any other universe, would have prevented her from running for ANY public office, especially the Presidency of the United States.

What product did she and her husband Bill “sell” after leaving the Oval Office “penniless”, according to their own testimony?  (So “penniless”, in fact, that they felt entitled to steal furniture, paintings and ceramics from the White House amounting to $200,000, only to have to return them after being caught?)    The only “currency” they had available to sell was political influence, and the only influence they could “sell” was by necessity tied to her potential bid for the Presidency; one which would be contrary to the interests of the people of the United States.  Otherwise, the necessity of accepting bribes to change public policy would have been superfluous.  

Yet despite the enormity of the available evidence, so-called “journalists”, television commentators and other media hacks who think of themselves as opinion leaders have thrown off all semblance of supposed fair handedness and objectivity that were once considered indispensable hallmarks for the positions of public prominence they now occupy in order to push for Hillary Clinton’s election.

Rather than factually report on the massive corruption of Hillary and Bill, the m/ass media have, instead, traded and tread upon their professional credentials in order that they may have a seat at the table of Her Majesty should Hillary win this election.  They have exchanged their press credentials as journalists for PR badges as Presstitutes in the hopes of occupying a favored seat at the Royal Court of her Highness, the Queen of Qoruption. 

Their lust for fame, power and adulation, and their burning desire to fulfill the Marxist-Illuminati mandate for “social justice”, which was indoctrinated into them during college by the remnants of The Frankfurt School, makes these pseudo-journalists yearn to do whatever is necessary – including suppression of any inconvenient truths that put a chip in the perfect patina of Hillary’s porcelain smile — in order to see yet another shibboleth sundered at the altar of Political Correctness, littered with the corpses of other red herrings, to rid themselves of the guilt inculcated into them by their college professors.

The founders of the American Republic realized that it was an over-reaching government’s lust for power, far more than the covetous desires of other nations, that would always be the main threat to this country’s hard won freedom and liberty.   It was for this reason that they adopted the First Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of speech and protecting unpopular speech from the suppression and censorship of government bureaucrats and those who hide behind government, who might otherwise use coercive federal power to consolidate and leverage their insatiable lust for control.

This sacred obligation given to the once free press of the United States – to stand as ever vigilant guardians of this nation’s freedoms by exercising their authority to alert citizens to government encroachments upon those freedoms as well as to identify any politician who would dare use their public office for personal gain, especially if such gain were to be against the best interests of the People – has been gradually eroded over the centuries until we now find a subservient lap-dog press and news media, whose ownership is concentrated in six major corporations, shamelessly working to ensure the election of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.

Never could our founders have imagined the immense concentration of power that the corrupt Eastern Establishment has imposed upon our country thru their control and shaping of public discourse by the concentrated ownership of the mass media.    Never could our founders have imagined a corporate mass media, a public press and countless individual journalists involved in one total, focused political agenda.  Our press corps is now the War Department of Democrats for Public Relations, with the specific aim of shaping the perceptions of our two major political candidates in the public consciousness.  The Press’ interests are now diametrically opposed to the interests of the People of the United States.

Just as they refused to investigate President Obama’s unsavory associations with Weather Underground bombers Bernardine Dohrn or Bill Ayers (in whose living room Obama’s political career was hatched), they also refuse to examine Hillary’s adoration of Communist agitator Saul Alinsky.   Nor do they ever question why the chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate inquiry fired Hillary Clinton, altho it is easy to find out why with the most casual research:  “She was a liar.   She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer.   She conspired to violate The Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality….”.    Columnist William Safire had, perhaps, the most succinct analysis of Hillary’s character when he curtly declared that “….Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar.”

But even omitting such unflattering criticism of Hillary’s true nature, how do you explain the following indicia of the mass media’s lust to ride Hillary’s train into the Oval Office?

John Harwood, CNBCs bureau chief and moderator of one of the presidential debates, was also simultaneously advising the Clinton campaign behind the scenes.   In one Wiki Leaked Email, he is seen showering Hillary with praise.  This is the same John Harwood who asked Trump early during the presidential debates, “…Is this a comic book version of a campaign?….”   Or stating that the economic advisors he had consulted had told him (as he stated on camera directly to Donald Trump) that “….you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would have of flying away from this podium by flapping your arms….”   Now that’s what I call journalistic impartiality!

But let us also not forget that the “paper of record,” The New York Times, gave Hillary Clinton unprecedented veto power over the use of quotes attributed to her before her stories ran; that the Boston Globe discussed how Hillary might increase her media presence in their paper, and that their opinion editor, Marjorie Pritchard, also gave advice to the Clinton campaign.

Donna Brazile, who worked at CNN as a contributor, provided Hillary with town hall questions in advance the day before the presidential town hall debates.   The next day, the same exact question that Brazile had supplied to Hillary was asked of her.

The website TMZ reported that NBC had the tape of Donald Trump’s comments regarding his alleged sexual improprieties for years, and simply waited for the most damaging time to release them.  Who was it, I wonder, that decided to release that tape of Trump one day before the 2nd presidential debate?  Interesting, too, that NBC, which broadcast Trump’s show “The Apprentice”, never bothered to expose Trump’s reputed sexual indiscretions when they had that specific video tape in their archives for more than 11 years.  Of course, there is also the question of how Chelsea Clinton landed a $600K per year job at NBC News with no prior experience whatsoever.   I know quite a few broadcasting students who would like to learn how to replicate that little trick

It seems very clear, according to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts of the Reagan Administration, that “…the U.S. media, 90% owned by the One Percent, have teamed up with their owners against the American People – the 99 Percent.”

More ominous “coincidences” happened with the mere consideration of the attempted public discussion by media celebrities regarding Hillary’s undeniable health issues.   Dr. Drew was forced to publicly apologize after he speculated on air about Hillary’s health.   Greta van Susterin, whose show on Fox for over a decade was an established fixture, simply asked her followers on Twitter if she should discuss Hillary’s health on air; the very next day she quit Fox unexpectedly, and has never been heard from again.   Dr. Michael Savage, who has the Number Two radio talk show in America, had his show pulled from his main New York City station when he began to talk about Hillary’s health on the air, and within an hour, all 400 of Savage’s radio stations had substituted other programming due to his commentary on Hillary’s health problems.

The monolithic mass media has clearly thrown in their lot for the presidency with the Hillary Clinton camp, which also explains why there is a constant, co-ordinated drumbeat of women allegedly sexually propositioned and groped by Donald Trump going back 35 years in order to cover all the damaging allegations contained in the WikiLeaks emails unearthed by Julian Assange.   Those WikiLeaks clearly show that Hillary wants “open borders” (welcome 600 million new democrat voters from around the world) and “free trade” rather than fair trade, which will help destroy whatever remaining manufacturing jobs her husband’s backing of NAFTA and GATT have somehow managed to overlook, companies that are still desperately clinging to life support in America’s heartland.

What we are facing is a blatant unspoken conspiracy by the Powers that Be, and the Powers that control our mass media, to do everything in their power to ensure that Hillary Clinton, whose presidential ambitions were previously approved by the same Sanhedrins of the Bilderberg society as Barack Obama’s, would attain the office of the Presidency of the United States in one way or another.  Whether that required the shaping of public perceptions thru the omission of select news articles or the crafting of false imagery, there is simply no limit to what these people, the true power behind the Clinton puppet throne, wish to achieve through her.

For instance, despite all the “irregularities” going on at the last DNC convention, how many people know that actors, specifically minority actors, were hired to cheer for Hillary (on cue) when Bernie Sanders supporters walked out?   That face covering plastic shields were issued to Clinton supporters to blot out the empty seats that Sanders supporters had vacated?   That white noise generators were added to the stadium in order to drown out the chants of Sanders supporters?  That Clinton operatives cut the phone lines of the Sanders delegates to interfere with their votes and communication?

Consider the facts – if “they” are willing to go to such great lengths to unethically deal this way with their own people, just what are they willing to do to “us” – the U.S. citizens who do not support Hillary? What mountain would they not endeavor to move in order to insure a Clinton victory?

We are witnessing a last-minute media coup d’etat, a sub-rosia coordinated campaign to sabotage and scuttle the stranglehold that The Eastern Establishment has imposed on the socio-ecoomic lifeblood of this country ever since the John Kennedy assassination.   One example in metrics should suffice to illustrate this fact.   All last week, the major media (ABC, CBS, NBC) devoted a combined total of 23 minutes to Donald Trump’s alleged sexual indiscretions; at the same time, the same three networks dedicated a combined total of 59 SECONDS to the revelations of Hillary Clinton’s lies, duplicity and treason contained in the WikiLeaks documents, with CNN actually going so far as to lie to its audience by stating that it was against the law for members of the public to access these documents via their computers on a public website!

There is not a shadow of a doubt that without the print and video media being in the pocket of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, she would have never been nominated to run for President, or as Donald Trump has humorously noted, she couldn’t be elected as dog catcher.  Therefore, in the pantheon of villainy that surround the nomination and hoped for ascension of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency of the United States, none is more deserving of scorn, ridicule, disgust and condemnation as the American Media and American “Journalism.”

As for the fond wish of our Founding Fathers that American newsmen and journalists would be the last bastion of freedom to keep the citizenry ever vigilant regarding the machinations of those invisible evil ones behind the scenes pulling the strings of puppet politicians, I can only add the following epitaph:

American Journalism:

Born of Revolution against The Establishment — 1776

Died in Prostitution to The Establishment — 2016 



Copyright 2016 LCVincent, all rights reserved

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