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9/11 Was More than Just an Inside Job

Monday, August 29, 2016 19:25
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The biblical account of what is happening today is the truth, you are willing to search down as many other routes as you like i only ask is you deeply research the Bible! (King James Version 1611 to be exact). This Blog’s purpose is to save people to the Lord Jesus Christ who is our only chance at heaven and also educate warn and prepare people for the great times of tribulation we have ahead, Please look through our blogs, share.

9/11 Was More than JUST an Inside Job

May God Bless you Team

The 9/11 False Flag staged terror event, is the truth most people who are “awake” come to not long into the journey of awakening, but this event was a LOT more than just a way to start the wars in Afghanistan, and get the oil and opium, and even more than just a way to begin the slow taking of Americans rights.

Rich devil worshipping Freemasons and Skull and Bones Satanic Society members, knew all along what was going to happen on 9/11, the date their secret Illuminati group hid in many films for a reason.

When most people find out about it and discover the facts of that day, they can rationally see there is more to the story than were being told, and a deeper look shows it was government inside job.

But it was not just the American Government! it was The Illuminati in control of the American Government! and not long researching into the Illuminati  you will come to the truth they are a HIGHLY SATANIC group, yes, they run the world today.

It was ultimately this secret group who plotted the 9/11 events, and when i say it was planned in advance were talking since at least 1953!

The secret Illuminati group control the movies industry as well as everything else, they hid the 9/11 coming attack they had planned in their films and movies.

<< Neo’s passport in the 1999 film The Matrix

 << The Simpsons, “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson” Orig. airdate September 21, 1997 – Subliminally showing 9/11 and the towers.

If you think these are the only 2 pieces of the puzzle your wrong, there is another million pieces of evidence like those 2 examples, for more info on this see SATANIC HOLLYWOOD: 9/11 IN MOVIES FULL

The event was pre-planned WELL in advance…


 Looks like two towers, burning, at the top, as if been struck… hmmm

That is an American 20 note, the bill adapted this design in 1969, printed by the Federal Reserve (ILLUMINATI CAPITAL).

Now we know that its been planned for this long, is it really just a random staged terror false flag? or could this SATANIC group have had something more involved in this? well they do indeed, the attack on 9/11 was not only staged terror for wars and to take rights, it was also A SATANIC SACRIFICE, and everyone who lost their life’s, was a victim to this group in control of America today.

This is the part where people start backing out and saying i think your looking to much into this, but other way around friend your not looking far enough! the devils prints are all over this, lets have a look at some pictures taken of the smoke bellowing out of the towers after the “sacrifice” took place..

devil face            demon face 
devil face 
<< Yes these are Demon spirit being manifest at this satanic event

demon in smoke

 << All Demons there because this was a specific Satanic Sacrifice, planned well in advance, the entire 9/11 event was a worship to Satan, would Satan be pleased with this? the death of 3000 innocent people? countless wars following? the loss of peoples freedom and the loss of life’s everywhere? This event pleased Satan very much.


 face in smoke

face in smoke

This is us really having to deal with the reality of our world, we are inhabited by Demons, yes i believe they are the exact same demons who agreed to rebel against God with Satan, and i believe when God cast them down, along with Satan, and Satan deceived Eve in the garden of Eden, i believe the demons, and Satan, will have been reeking havoc on our world since they were cast out like the bible tells us.

All through history civilisations have worshipped different Gods, Sun Gods, etc, but no matter who human beings worshipped, whenever they did worship, was the worship going to God in heaven? no.. well the worship had to be going to somebody? and since these are created deceptions by the devil and his angels, no matter what it was people worshipped, all through history the devil has been receiving praise.

Former Satanist Stephen Dollins is a very interesting man, he was a part of a secret satanic group and was made a high priest of the group, he conducted many Satanic Rituals in his time, and documents it well, with interesting stories and truths, he recalls when demons have been conjured to manifest as humans and in any manifestation they liked! he tells you he is an eye-witness to this, and the account is backed by many other satanists who are unrelated but support similar activities.

He documents that there are fire spirits or fire demons that manifest in smoke or flames, and explains that curses are put on some of the (Illuminati controlled) music industry albums and records, and when burned fire spirits or curses will come out as they burn, if its a cursed album!

Now to take this ex-satanist account into recognition, and you can see him explaining all of that by clicking here.

We can then understand the pictures we are seeing and the events being so meticulously planned, are satanic events, and they are planned so precise and in such advances because Satan has a structured plan, if something messes one plan up hes got a back up, if Satan has an IQ of maybe a few billion, what chance do our human brains have?

Satan is deceiving the most powerful and influential people in the world to doing his work, suppose its just coincidence the people doing the devil’s work rise to places of power? no added help from someone namely being SATAN!!


And by the way, if anyone out there is thinking, this guy is crazy, demons don’t exist at all, here’s a brother from a secret society, he was a member in the forties had a many number of occult experiences, many line up with Stephen Dollins, but this one is a really must watch interview, the mans name is Roger Morneau, the interview can be reached by clicking here.

Here is Stephen Dollins linking the 9/11 events to a well known game called The Illuminati Card game, released in 1995 i believe, and then THE CARD GAME company who produced them was raided by the CIA ( who at this time was directed by George Bush Sr, well known Illuminati top man) in 1996, Now ask yourself why a card game of ANY KIND would be raided by the CIA? the cards revealed a little too much of the overall picture apparently! 

Click here to see Stephens Dollins Breakdown of it!

There is so much more into this entire story but this is just a jumping point to get you started, no matter how far into your research you are if you haven’t added in the “occult” aspect your not as close to the truth as you think!

I will update this page with any other information i gather! 

And comments with any other information will be taken into account and added also!


What Would You Do?

Listen To This Great Song About 911


Music, lyrics, produced, and performed by Paris

All 65 websites hot-linked are part of the Lovearth Network

Learn the truth about 911 and the new world order globalization take-over plans.
Every line is hot-linked to a website which is relevant to the meaning of that line.
What would you do — Go through these 65 websites and learn — or turn away?

What Would You Do?

“What would you do if you –
Knew all of the things we know –
Would you stand up for truth –
Or would you turn away too? –

And then what if you saw –
All of the things that’s wrong –
Would you stand tall and strong? –
Or would you turn and walk away –

“I see a message from the government, like every day –
I watch it, and listen, and call ‘em all suckas –
They warnin’ me about Osama or whatever –
Picture me buyin’ this scam I said “never” –
You in tune to a Hard Truth soldier spittin’ –
I stay committed gives a f**k to die or lose commission –
It’s all a part of fightin’ devil state mind control –
And all about the battle for your body mind and soul –
And now I’m hopin’ you don’t close ya mind – so they shape ya –
Don’t forget they made us slaves, gave us AIDS and raped us –
Another Bush season mean another war for profit –
All in secret so the public never think to stop it –
The Illuminati triple 6 all connected –
Stolen votes they control the race and take elections –
It’s the Skull and Bones Freemason kill committee –
See the Dragon gettin’ sh*ttier in every city” –

“What would you do if you –
Knew all of the things we know –
Would you stand up for truth –
Or would you turn away too? –
And then what if you saw –
All of the things that’s wrong –
Would you stand tall and strong? –
Or would you turn and walk away –

“Now ask yourself who’s the people with the most to gain (Bush) –
‘fore 911 motherf**kas couldn’t stand his name (Bush) –
Now even brothas waivin’ flags like they lost they mind –
Everybody got opinions but don’t know the time –
‘Cause Amerikkka’s been took – it’s plain to see –
The oldest trick in the book is make an enemy –
Of phony evil now the government can do its dirt –
And take away ya freedom lock and load, beat and search –
Ain’t nothin’ changed but more colored people locked in prison –
These pigs still beat us but it seem we forgettin’ –
But I remember ‘fore September how these devils do it –
F**k Giuliani ask Diallo how he doin’ –
We in the streets holla ‘jail to the thief’ follow –
F**k wavin’ flags bring these dragons to they knees –
Oil blood money makes these killers ride cold –
Suspicious suicides people dyin’ never told –
It’s all a part of playin’ God so ya think we need ‘em –
While ‘Bin Ashcroft’ take away ya rights to freedom –
Bear witness to the sickness of these dictators –
Hope you understand the time brother cause it’s major” –

“What would you do if you –
Knew all of the things we know –
Would you stand up for truth –
Or would you turn away too? –
And then what if you saw –
All of the things that’s wrong –
Would you stand tall and strong? –
Or would you turn and walk away –

“So now you askin why my records always come the same –
Keep it real, ain’t no fillers, motherf**ck a blingin’ –
Mine eyes seen the gory of the coming of the beast –
So every story every word I’m sayin’ ‘F**k Peace’ –
See you could witness the Illuminati body count –
Don’t be surprised these is devils that I’m talkin’ bout –
You think a couple thousand lives mean sh*t to killers? –
I swear to God we the ones – ain’t no villans [sic] –
Or any other word they think to demonize a country –
Ain’t no terror threat unless approval ratings slumpin’ –
So I’ma say it for the record we the ones that planned it –
Ain’t no other country took a part or had they hand in –
It’s all a way to keep ya scary so you think you need’em –
Praisin’ Bush while that killer take away ya freedom –
How many of us got discovered but ignore the symptoms? –
Brothas talkin’ loud but ain’t nobody sayin’ sh*t -
And with the 4th Amendment gone eyes are on the 1st –
That’s why I’m spittin’ cyanide each and every verse –
I see the Carlyle group and Harris Bank Accounts –
I see ‘em plead the 5th each and every session now –
And while Reichstag burns I see the public buy it –
I see the profilin see the media’s compliance –
War is good for business see the vicious make a savior –
Hope you understand the time brother cause its major” –

“What would you do if you –
Knew all of the things we know –
Would you stand up for truth –
Or would you turn away too? –
And then what if you saw –
All of the things that’s wrong –
Would you stand tall and strong? –
Or would you turn and walk away” –

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