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Obama Signed Over the US to the United Nations

Monday, June 20, 2016 5:27
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agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 is often referred to as Agenda 21 on steroids. We talk and write about Agenda 2030 as if it were something that will someday come our way if we are not careful. Well, my fellow Americans, I have very bad news. To quote my friend and colleague, Steve Quayle, when he says “what is coming is no longer coming, it is already here”.

After reading the paragraphs below, you will be able to form no other conclusion than

Agenda 2030 Is Already Here

From Obama’s “FACT SHEET: U.S. Global Development Policy and Agenda 2030″, we have a declaration on the part of the Obama administration to “to adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (“2030 Agenda”)“. 

From the above-mentioned White House document, dated September 27, 2015, we see that President Obama effectively signed over the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations and its Agenda 203o program when the “United States joined OGP Steering Committee members in signing a declaration on Open Government for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

On paper, the United States became a de facto puppet state of the United Nations nearly nine months ago. In fact, Obama has stated that “The United States is exercising global leadership that will be pivotal in achieving the 2030 Agenda”, in the following areas”:

Global health and Global Health Security Agenda: What this means is that mandatory vaccinations will be required world-wide.

Meet the man who will one daybring us a vaccine for stupidity.

Meet the man who will one day bring us a vaccine for stupidity.

“That is why we have made a commitment to assist at least 30 countries to achieve the targets of the Global Health Security Agenda to build national, regional, and international capability to prevent, detect and respond to infectious disease threats…” This is United Nations speak for world-wide vaccinations and the United States is going to assist the United Nations in forcing their will upon “at least 30 countries”. Health care will be rationed and form the basis of worldwide depopulation through the death panel age-exclusion orientated health official that we presently see in Obamacare. And, of course, the Bill Gates will maintain his omnipresent influence.

Food security and nutrition: What this means is the unbridled use of disease-causing GMO’s.

“Through the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, the United States and its partners have mobilized $10 billion in private sector commitments from more than 200 international and African companies, of which $1.8 billion has already been invested in Africa’s agricultural sector.”

“President Obama announced the Feed the Future initiative in 2010, building on previous U.S. commitments, including the Initiative to End Hunger in Africa.”  And of course, if one controls the food, then one controls the people.

Power Africa: This involves the establishment of the most complete smart grid technology in the world.

Africa is being used to Beta test the smart grid technology. The United States committed $7 billion to Power Africa. Are you outraged that Obama would spend $7 billion of our dollars on foreign investment as our infrastructure is crumbling at home? Whatever happened to Power America with the development of solar power and take the political power away from greedy corporations like Pinnacle West and make energy as cheap as possible? Rather, the intent will be to drive up energy costs to exorbitant levels which will set the stage for cap and trade from the pseudo science we call climate change.

Climate Change and Resilience: This blends nicely with Power Africa. This means the beginning of a global smart grid, the kind that Patrick Wood has written about and this will all be done under the “pretend” guise of protecting the planet.

“The United States is committed to facilitating climate resilient, low emissions economic growth in developing countries, including through the President’s Global Climate Change Initiative.” With this initiative, many feel that we will be living like we did in 1870 because we will not be able to afford the energy thanks to imposed carbon taxes and restrictions on energy use by the common man. 

Ending extreme poverty” This means the continuation of free trade agreements in search of cheap labor supplies.

This policy  benefits the global corporations and redistributes the wealth of the world from rich to poor. This is the path to global socialism. This will permit the continuing dismantling of the American economy. This is why Donald Trump is such a threat to the establishment of the New World Order because he wants to stop free trade agreements and keep American manufacturing at home.

Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls: 

This means the continued degradation of the American male as the strong leader of the family unit as per Biblical teachings (e.g. Ephesians 5:23). This does not mean that working women should not paid equal pay for equal work. However, this strikes directly at the Bible. It is this philosophy of the globalists to eliminate all gender differences (e.g. transgender bathroom issues). This is why we are seeing women now having to register for the draft. This sets up the enforcement of Executive Order 13603 in which both men and women can be declared “unpaid consultants”, which opens to the door to forced relocation of parents to different geographic locations at the same time and without pay (i.e. slave labor).  I would encourage the readers to use The Common Sense Show’s search engine and look for the articles I have written on EO 13603.

Education: This means more Common Core type of programs and more UN interference in our children’s education(see the youtube video below).

My colleague, Lisa Haven, produced this video seven months ago. She produces stunning proof how much the United Nations has injected themselves into our lives, our federal government, our state government and even our local government.

Catalyzing private investment and other sources of financing: This means the financing of a global tax within the United States.

Is this uconstitutional? Does it matter? We are playing in a game with no rules. Many predict that this will come in the form of an Internet tax.


I predict that most will have read this document and still not be able to fathom that Obama signed this country over to the United Nations over nine months ago. No amount of documentation would convince them otherwise. After all, cognitive dissonance permeates the belief system of millions of Americans for whom their mantra is “don’t confuse me with the facts”.

The news even gets worse when one considers the following facts that have already been established:

  1. John Kerry illegally signed the UN Small Arms Treaty
  2. Obama has several bilateral agreements with several nations, to help put down any and all civil disturbances under the banner of the UN flag
  3. Obama has signed the TPP trade agreement which removes all legislative power in the United States and hands it over to a corporate tribunal. The United States legal system and legislative authority is no more when the TPP becomes operational.

Hillary supports every aspect of these UN principles adopted by Obama. Trump does not. Anyone who continues to support Clinton must be mentally ill.


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  • “what is coming is no longer coming, it is already here”.

    That also goes for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ…. read the truth about Revelation 12, the woman of Revelation 12 and the Holy Manchild of Revelation 12 at

    The Lord Jesus Christ is about to roar as a mighty Lion as the “Great and Terrible Day of The Lord’ soon begins. Learn the truth about the Second Sun that people are mistaking for Nibiru at the website as well. Some of the best photos/videos and an extraordinary prophecy from Jesus about what is taking place in the heavens!

    • O-vomit is a “traitor” hang him/her high for all to see.

  • st

    bill gates is a sick evil man and he will burn forever AMEN :lol:

  • If Obutthead did do this IT will not matter because it would have been illegal and so VOID and when the civil un-rest goes viral those people like him and others will face trial! from the MOBS in the streets

  • He is an illegal president , a fraud and will pay dearly for his attempt at destroying America.And The UN will be dissbanded for Knowing and going along with him.

  • The foreign controlled DC is not part of our country. We do not consent!

  • The United States has already been occupied by a foreign country from it’s beginning,its called the */ATICAN, and it has a spy outpost on every street corner in America and has been meddling :sad: in our affairs all along.

  • You know this is a lot like hiring someone to watch or stay in your house while you go on vacation only to return to find out that he SOLD your house and EVERYTHING in it while you were gone and ran up charges on your credit cards WAY overlimit into the stratosphere and bought other houses in your name , with your credit that the mortgage payments and property taxes are now WAY overdue on by the time you return home and discover all of the outright theft and damage that he’s done and that YOU are considered to be responsible for ALL of it by hiring him to watch your house while you were gone !!!! Maybe we should have checked our “House Sitter’s “credentials” out and researched his REAL background before actually HIRING him to watch OUR house !!!!

  • Yes Barry and Killary love the UN more than love America ( These two (+) the Socialist Democrats and their ‘Left-Stream ‘ Media >>Hate American’s<<< and you can bet that these two criminal's, are working ( texting ) with them to help confiscate Our defensive weapon's!
    After Barry gives them $100 billion of Our 'hard earned' money..!!!!!!!!!!

  • Did Obummer use the special magic muslim pen to sign away America to tge UN? This site gets flakier by the day…..

  • Congress turned the nation over to an international cabal of international companies in in 2002 by defunding any internal audits of government contractors and also defunded any law enforcement to investigate or arrest any breaking laws or stealing and the SEC aa also defunded to unravel this maze of shell companies and illegal secret deal partnerships. Many did not even know what they voted on and allowed their leaders to create rule denying them their constitutional right to help any constituent when they have issues with the contractors which is where most are. Congresses pass bad laws based only on what the contactors allow the real govt to know. SO THE OVERTHROW OCCURRED IN 2002. Now the UN is a weak form of world government and do they oversight of their contractors? I doubt it! So the overthrown did not start with Pres Obama but may well may be the last step and does he know what he is signing or sighed? since he is the real govt ,, which is not in charge anyway…neither was Bush after this defunding occurred. One exception was Senator Bernie Sanders got it in the VA bills and arrests have been made and some are for bribing govt officials NEARLY THE WHOLE GOVT IS CONGRACTED OUT NOW AT ALL LEVELS AND THEY ILLEGALLY SAY THEY ARE THE GOVT WHEN THEY ARE NOT.AS THE REAL GOVT IS STILL UNDER THE LAWS OF THE LAND. WE ALL GOT DUPED AND MANY IN CONGRESS NOW HAVE NO IDEA WHY THEY ARE TOLD NOT TO BOTHER A CONGTRACTOR UNDER THE DICGTATOR OF THE USA, LYNN BLODGETT WHO ISNAMED BY HIGHEST OFFICIAL SIN THE RTEAL GOVT IN WRITING AND VERBALLY. who have also warned Congress in writing and in 7/13 congressional hearings and nothing done. WHAT ARE THEY ALL INTO OR FOLLOWING? . Linda Joy Adams

  • So what we REALLY have here NOW are the real and very sly , cunning and extremely corrupt and absolutely dishonest FOXES that are “Guarding” the Henhouse and are about to devour ALL of us as a result !!! Ain’t nobody home ‘cept us chickens (who by the way could all get bar-b-qued in the VERY near future as a direct result of World War III being started by those same SLY Foxes) !!!

  • It is illegal for the illegal negro to do that. If he did he committed treason. And if you followed him YOU committed treason.

    So IGNORE the negro and let him be the ONLY one this country to commit this treason and be all the more the fool on the hill he is.

    Sort of like when he was the only one to raise a toast to the Queen of England when they started to play the Queen’s anthem. Very humiliating and you should see it on YouTube.

  • In my experience the Traitor-in-Chief most certainly DOES NOT WANT to be a success in his “efforts” to deal with the phony Climate Change “problem”, but to use the biggest lie ever told as a tool of manipulation of the people in many nations. Nor does Obama or his ” Administration”, have any desire or intention to apply ANY of the best technology on Earth for production of the process feed stocks for biofuels, animal feed extenders, and pharmaceuticals. My tiny little company developed this technology (US Patent# 9,051,539B) back in 2008, WHEN OBAMA PROMISED TO THE NATION THAT GRANT CAPITAL WOULD BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIALIZATION OF SUCH A TECHNO-MIRACLE. In each of the 3 years we applied, the government agency (DOE), played a shell game with the application process, and by Presidential “mandate” (fearing our success in spite of government efforts), had our entire technology type removed from the grant process. I call this, “suppression by the criminal elements in the federal government”. Hence, clean, cheap renewable fuels are believed to be impossible now by the Obama Administration. The lie is, ” We couldn’t figure out how to do it profitably. ”

    Frankly speaking, New Yorkers frequently boast about how rough and tough and untameable they (desperately wish) are pretending to be, the following fact remains. If New Yorkers weren’t the biggest pussies in America when the truth about what the UN is doing came out (a few years ago), all of the Big Apple would have converged on the UN Building, and transformed it into a smoking crater, by hand if necessary.

    WTF New York? Are you collectively stupid, utter cowards, or are enough of you part of this crime, for the rest of New York City to have cut off their own balls?

    The lack of action by New Yorkers on the “Agenda X” plans the UN has for them specifically is only one of many reasons why I’m ashamed to be an American. But, the basic dynamic is the same. Americans who appreciate freedom & liberty are no longer defined in part by the word, “defiant”. At least not in any way one shouldn’t consider to have been only a metaphor.

    Low hanging fruit of the glory of removing the UN from the global equation is apparently invisible to New York’s girly-men.

    Prove me wrong, I dare you ALL!

  • If they signed a declaration of open government then why all the secrecy?

  • OK ! It’s time for the US Marshall’s to arrest him for Treason against our Constitution , the American people and Against the USA as a whole ! Our Constitution plainly states the president is not to make laws or have executive orders that use fancy terms that side set and make laws ! This is called dictatorship ! It also states no Enity shall own or possess America or its citizens . His ball game is over arrest him ! And for the blacks , he is not black . He has type A ( White ) B ( Asian ) and negative blood ( AB negative ) . Black blood comes from Cannan , Hams son and is type O . The blacks and those voting to place a black man in office have been fooled ! He is also an illegal born in Kenya Aftica . His college funding credits say he got the money as a foreign student educating in America . Those with the power of law get this jackass out of our white house ! He has almost destroyed America !

  • Is this why President Obama sent troops to Africa to help with the Ebola crisis? Is this why the current government of the USA is allowing diseased, sickly and virus ridden peoples into their country? Part of the agenda is to make all people sick!?!? Population control is a tough business. Heck, there are diseases and viruses that were eradicated, but now are back. People would come to America and get inoculated, now they are just ut in schools and communities…

  • It does appear Dave Hodges that you and Benjamin Fulford do not talk or listen to each other, that you really ignore or do nor know the other exists as an alternative news source.

  • Good article

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