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Assassins Killing Astronomers To Silence Them: Astronomers Silenced About Comet Meteor Impact [Pictures, Videos]

Saturday, July 4, 2015 13:23
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  • what one is it planet x or a meteor ?

    • Beaver Hunter

      Probably Neither a Planet X or a Meteor. It is more like a Space Based Rail Gun that will hurl Iron balls at targets here on Earth at the speed of light…. but we will be told it was a “GOD is Pissed at us all” for allowing the CABAL to rule over us. :arrow: :evil:

  • IF this is so we’re only a couple of months from the truth, from martial law, to economic collapse and World War III. Nice.

  • Read the book “Anunnaki vs. the Cosmic Conscious Collective.” It might be more fact than fiction.

    • Killing Astronomers To Silence Them: The World Is Flat :idea:
      The Bible + Quran says: The Earth is flat (disc) (clock) (ying yang) :idea:
      People have never been in space. Sun is just a satellite of Earth. :lol:
      !ss & satellite are in orbit, why can’t we ever see them :?:
      Why can i not see on my telescope :idea:
      copy-of-moon-08-30-2012_amazing-mystery-plane (google) :lol:
      Anonymous: Read the book :arrow: Zacharia Sitchen got famous (Book = MONEY)
      Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated
      into more than 25 languages. Zacharia Sitchen’s book, they predicted
      it for the year 2900 – 885 years from now. :lol: Enjoy Life :idea:
      What we think we understand today we often find out
      know nothing about tomorrow or History.
      These are some of the biggest historical mysteries of all time. :lol:

      • Have you ever tried to spill a glass of water on a flat table?
        Have you ever seen a eclipse?

        • How many solar or lunar eclipses occur in one calendar year? two solar eclipses
          Nasa = The Moon orbits Earth about once every 29 and a half days. As it circles our planet. you might think that we should have a solar eclipse about everyday
          summer moon is slowly (winter moon is fast) winter Sun is slowly i live in the netherlands (EU) solar eclipses Sun + Moon switched the side of the road
          SUN come to end of road go back Every year around June 21, netherlands
          SUN come back Every year around December 22, 31 or 1 January
          Sun road spiral the great circle of life = do your own research.
          Solstice – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia = always occur on the same day of the week every year. the sun reaches a higher angle above the African, South America, Australia extreme hot weather Now obviously we can’t go using that; it looks like a freaking between the United Nations flag We’ve been living in a ‘Truman Show’ Stephen King: ‘We all live under the dome’ The Holographic Galaxy – – YouTube (Full flight) – google aerial view
          Earth = xbox 360 = Google Earth – 360 Cities = do your own research.
          South Park Season 7 Episode 4 – Earth Cancelled episode?
          The Simpsons S24E06 A Tree Grows in Springfield :lol:
          (The fact is we’re all living our own version of “The Truman Show.” Big Time in Hollywood) :lol: People think you’re crazy, if you talk about things, they don’t understand. Elvis Presley Let us know what you think. … Today, Comment is free :lol: Take a moment now to send God your free prayer is free has timer options of 1 to 5 minutes. :idea: “Buy one, get one free”, or “Buy one, get one” Satan :idea: :mrgreen: YRØS!VÐÃ :lol: YRØS!VÐÃ :mrgreen: YRØS!VÐÃ :lol: yoU musT learN :idea:

          • You tried to give a decent answer but you failed miserably.
            In order to have an eclipse you need a perfect alignment and since the moon has its own orbit just like the earth its quite unlikely to have an eclipse everyday :wink:
            You forgot to mention how water holds on something flat :shock:
            Yet you mention Elvis Presley.The Simpsons “The Truman Show.” but i was not surprised since you come from the land of pot at the grocery-store but you forgot to mention cheech and chong. :lol:

            You see the equation, to this whole situation? If I’m the God of debate and you battling me, you Satan And that’s why you hating, creating debates When you know damn well that im right.
            Do you like drugs :?: Do You… Which drugs do you take :?:
            please remove your sunglasses. your eyes to blind you from the truth.
            ecclesiatical = you re so full of crap jokes. your not on my level you’re not even close. You know I’m smarter than you man. :lol:
            ecclesiatical = since the moon has its own orbit just like the earth :?:
            How do you know that for sure? Have you ever been in space? or
            your Family :?: Family are the only people you can trust.
            ecclesiatical = have an eclipse everyday :razz: Orbit of the Moon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia = orbit of moon around earth animation :?: how long for the moon to orbit the earth :lol:
            ecclesiatical = water holds :arrow: Antarctica wall of ice :idea:
            how water holds on something swimming pool :?:
            solar eclipse from space = joke :idea:
   – YouTube (Full flight) – google aerial view
            Earth = xbox 360 = Google Earth – 360 Cities = do your own research. Anyone who makes up their mind before they hear the issue is a fucking fool. Be a fucking person. Listen. Let it swirl around your head. Then form your opinion. Some people tell me that I need help
            Some people can f4#k off and go to hell God damn, why they criticize me. $orry im from the netherlands (EU) We talk Dutch :idea:
            I am born Portugal but my parents come from Cabo Verde (Africa)
            So I talk Dutch same Belgium, Cabo Verde, Portugal, Brazilië, Spain
            I’m not your enemy :lol: :lol: :lol: Don’t Underestimate me. I know more than I say, Think more than I speak, & Notice more than you realize. I’m much more.. Half a psychic and a deep thinker on many things to understand the reason behind everything. because there is… a reason…behind everything. lots of things on the Internet is put by Censorship :?: To keep people mind busy :idea: We’re forced to believe everything we hear about the universe as there is no way to check it out on your own. That is the biggest scam in the world. :lol:

          • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡,

            You must think the next statement through very carefully.

            It would be impossible to have even ONE lunar eclipse without the EARTH being both ROUND and in line with the moon and sun.

      • What I meant by the pot was that you might have inhaled secondary smoke while shopping.
        If you call medicine drugs than yes i do drugs.
        Since you are so intelligent,how come you compare the world to a swimming pool? Antarctica wall of ice,damn!,I thought pools had 4 walls not just 1.
        Where does the lava that flows out of volcanoes come from?
        Why doesn’t it go out of the other side?
        How can you have a magnetic north if the earth is flat?
        How do earthquakes take place on a flat surface?
        Have ever been on seaside shore?You do not see the curve at the edge of the horizon?
        If the earth is flat how can you see the Milky-way in winter and not in summer from the same location?
        And so many more.
        Swearing is the talk of losers.
        My father was from Solomon islands and my mother from Easter islands but that doesn’t make the world flat.
        We can make a deal,I will take of my sunglasses while you take of your ego.
        To many lols doesn’t make a happy laughing person,cos those things come from the heart.
        You cherry-picked the disc from the Holy Book didn’t you, but while you are at it why don’t you look up Tim. 2.3.
        Since you come from one of the flattest countries in the world,I don’t blame for your views but you should go out more and see the sphere world.
        See i have never been Holland but know what it looks like and that answers your question regarding being in space.
        The last time I tried the Mensa quiz I scored 128,so don’t inflate yourself to much you might become a sphere,
        Your long distant relatives Vasco di gama and Magellan are turning in their graves.

        • Can’t believe I wasted my time replying to a complete naive imbecile. :eek:
          Don’t Ask Me Why :lol: go traveling the world :idea: I visited country
          Belgium, Cabo Verde (Africa), Portugal, Brazilië, Spain, Italy, French, Germany,
          luxemburg :arrow: now i go New Zealand or Ushuaia in Argentina :lol:
          i watch Tour de France on tv – YouTube (Full flight) – google aerial view = Earth = xbox 360 = Google Earth – 360 Cities = do your own research. seven years watching video pictures = you must learn :idea:
          ecclesiatical: how come you compare the world to a swimming pool :idea:
          Earth horizon illusion (google) don’t send me Your Comments :lol:
          New Zealand and because this was a trip to the end of the world :idea:
          Ushuaia in Argentina is not only the world’s southernmost city, but also the gateway to Antarctica to the end of the world :idea: buy telescope :idea:
          You can see amazing detail, even with a small telescope. :idea:
          go 2 tallest building in town :idea: “The ocean swells around us.
          Sometimes, we are in a bowl of water and sometimes
          on the top of the lip. The horizon curves. We are sitting on top of the world.
          In theory, anyone is on the top of their world at every moment,
          given that the Earth is truly round. But, it’s hard to see that in a subway under
          New York City and completely obvious out here.” Lexis De Rothschild :arrow:

          • Stop playing your X-box its causing you brain damage.
            To many lols doesn’t make a happy laughing person,cos those things come from the heart.
            Tim 2.;3.

  • Comet, meteors, Planet-X or Nibiru. These conspiracy theorists can’t seem to make up their minds.

    But don’t worry. Nothing will happen.

  • If it’s true, probably he found out that we are INSIDE a ball/sphere not ‘on’ a planet. Google ‘concave earth’…on youtube. Like the sculpture in the ‘Pine Court’ of the Vatican in Rome or similar spheres in front of UN, ex WTC New York now at ‘Battery Park’ et…many other key places. It’s not hidden, in front of our eyes…’sphere within the sphere’.

  • So, are astronomers supposed to be immortal?
    If none of their relatives made an official complaint it means this is all hearsay.
    Surely one of them would have told a relative of his discovery.

  • Well I still can’t see the thing. I guess its not coming. They blame all the tsunamis and earth quakes on niburu but people… do not forget that they are controlling the weather and controlling the ground we walk on.

    Saying that niburu is the cause of it all is a lie to take you from believing that its actually all man made stuff i.e tsunami’s and earth quakes.

  • Obama will kill over 90 million of you.

  • There is a massive body in our outer solar system in a 4969 year orbit but it never gets near the inner solar system or even Pluto.
    A Dangerous New Jovian Sized Body In Our Solar System

    It does generate comet swarms and one is due to pass thru our inner solar system.

    Bible codes, Visions stimulated by ET aliens and Remote Viewing yield a consistent story detailing the size and impact point of comet fragments associated with this comet swarm.

    This is not secret information. It just has to be studied.

  • let us begin then……….. [email protected]

  • here am i, send me!

  • there is another possible reason why they are killing astronomers…….to hide the true shape of the earth and the relation of ‘space’ to it…trust your eyes,and if you don’t trust your eyes trust the math,both will lead you to the truth

  • The only true insurance we have to escape God’s wrath and tribulation is to become saved through the blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all your sins. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever would believe in him would not perish; but have everlasting life” For God didn’t come to condemn the world; but to save it. Trust in Jesus Christ before it’s too late. Ask him to come into your heart and BELIEVE in him

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