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How it Could Happen: The Candidacy of Donald Trump

Sunday, July 12, 2015 16:47
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(Before It's News)

By Dr. Kevin McDonald

We all rack our brains every day trying how to break through in a system that is completely stacked against us. How could it happen—a political movement that would ignite the imaginations of White America, depose the corrupt donor class in the Republican Party, and begin to really take the country back?

Right now, doing so is a huge uphill battle. The oppressive mainstream media environment is closed to obviously true messages that Whites have interests just like everybody else. Indeed, it is busy tearing down what’s left of traditional American culture. And despite the internet, the mainstream media, including outlets such as Fox News, continues to wield enormous power, and the vast majority of Americans, including educated Americans, accept its legitimacy and moral authority. Despite the First Amendment, we all know that there are a variety of very powerful social sanctions against anyone who contravenes the racial consensus.

Further, it is extremely difficult for a grass roots political process to gain traction in the U.S. where there are two entrenched political parties and winner-take-all elections, with no proportional representation. Political parties need money—big money, billionaire-type money, and they need highly recognizable names — neither of which is typically available to a grass roots movement. Such movements have a hard time getting traction or a sense of legitimacy, and it’s very difficult to get their word out, especially if it contravenes what our media elites want to hear.

But political celebrities have an enormous ability to shape public debate because the media cannot ignore them. The media can and will do all it can to destroy celebrities that err on the side of political incorrectness, but they can’t prevent the message from getting out.



Which brings me to Donald Trump. I have to admit that I have always thought of Trump as a lightweight — just another guy with an outsize ego whose main goal was to become rich and famous. When he announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination, I thought it was just more of the same—another chance to get his name out there, promote his brand (he seems to name all his enterprises after himself, so running for president seemed likely to help his clothing line, golf courses, media enterprises, etc. — except that’s a difficult explanation in light of what happened after his comments on Mexican immigrants). It seemed like the ultimate vanity candidacy. That may still turn out to be the case.

But maybe not. Trump’s statements on the criminal tendencies and generally low functioning of Mexican and Central American immigrants have struck a chord with White America. And he certainly did not fall in my estimation when he attacked two prominent operatives of the Republican Party/Israel Lobby nexus hostile to his candidacy, Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg. Then there’s the Twitter incident: “I promise you that I’m much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz — I mean Jon Stewart @TheDailyShow,” tweeted Trump, adding, “Who, by the way, is totally overrated.” It is, of course, considered “anti-Semitic” to ever call attention to the fact that someone is Jewish because of the absolutely outrageous suggestion that the Jewish identity of someone like Stewart/Leibowitz might influence his opinions. As we all know, Jews are just like everybody else.

These are perhaps the first shots in what will become a raging conflagration between the Jewish media establishment and Trump if he continues to gain traction.

Suddenly, Trump is #1 in the polls for the nomination. You can’t turn on a Fox News talking head show without seeing a discussion of the vicious murder in San Francisco, with routine references to Trump’s candidacy. Doubtless great for Fox ratings because it taps into White anger and insecurity in the face of all the changes being unleashed by our hostile elites, from gay marriage, to removing traditional American symbols, to the new housing regulations that will make it more difficult for Whites to get away from diversity. There is outrage at the San Francisco City Council’s lack of action to change their policies. And there is outrage that the Obama White House, which went all in on Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, et al. (Obama: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” not to mention family visits to meet the president) — the same White House that can’t even express its condolences to Kathryn Steinle’s family and sees fit to blame it on the Republicans because they didn’t pass a bill that would have “solved” the immigration problem by massively increasing immigration of the poor, uneducated, and criminality prone, add yet more “border enforcement” that would be unenforced (just like current immigration laws), and by giving amnesty to people like Steinle’s murderer, Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. And of course, even some Republicans are making the same argument, notably Marco Rubio.

But none of this sudden publicity about illegal alien criminality would have happened without Donald Trump. Horrifying crimes by legal and illegal immigrants against Whites and other traditional American people happen all the time. But like Black-on-White crimes, they get no national coverage. (Breitbart reports that “Thanks in part to deadly ‘sanctuary city’ policies,347,000 convicted criminal immigrants remain at large in the U.S. — and illegal immigrants accounted for 37 percent of all federal sentences handed down in 2014.”) There is local coverage of illegal alien crime (typically without mentioning immigration status or race of offender) and there are notices on a few conservative-oriented websites that are outside the mainstream and have minuscule readership compared to the mainstream media. And while illegal immigrant crime has sporadically been discussed on Fox News (here’s a Fox story from 2014 on two Sacramento policemen killed by a twice-deported illegal alien—a story that probably very few remember), they are unable to ignite a national discussion to the point of influencing electoral politics. The same for the wonderful book, ¡Adios America!, by Ann Coulter.

But because of his celebrity status, Trump managed to get the criminality of illegal aliens on the national agenda. Even the New York Times covered it. And because of his wealth, he could run a viable presidential campaign without tapping into the billions of Sheldon Adelson, Larry Ellison, Norman Braman or the rest of the Republican Jewish Coalition as Marco Rubio (among others) is doing and by making war with Iran the most important question for Americans to decide in the 2016 election. Incidentally, Rubio agrees with the Democrats that passing the Gang of Eight immigration amnesty/surge bill would have prevented the Steinle murder (despite the fact that that bill would have lavishly funded sanctuary cities).

Which means that Trump could attempt to run as an independent on issues like displacement-level immigration, opposition to free trade, and national sovereignty. Such a campaign would resonate with a very large segment of White America, and it would certainly dash the hopes for anyone else the Republican money decides to nominate (including the despicable Jeb Bush who said that he took Trump’s comments personally because of his Mexican wife and Mestizo children).

What the establishment fears most is a highly visible, personally attractive, honest, populist candidate who cannot be shut out of the media and with enough money to run a viable campaign. It happened in 1992 with the candidacy of Ross Perot, and it is quite possible that such a candidacy would just make it easier for Hillary (adjectives for Hilary fail me) to win. But the choice between Jeb et al. and Hillary is really no choice at all given that the neocons have pretty much all of them in their thrall, and they basically agree on key issues for Whites like immigration (with the possible exception of Scott Walker). And that would pave the way for a new political party after 2016 that would begin to address the interests of the traditional American people.

In any case, the Republican Party, the party of big business and the Israel Lobby, richly deserves to die unless it can appeal to the legitimate interests of its base—White America of all social classes, both sexes, and all age groups — all of which voted for Romney even though he hardly represented their interests.

Obviously, Trump may be a false hope. But there certainly are other Whites who could undergo a conversion experience and use their celebrity status, and their money (or could attract enough money—a Charles Lindbergh-like figure comes to mind) to make it happen. It’s not over until it’s over.

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  • Impressme

    Trump will not win this election. The fact is Trump is a big Hillary supporter and watch when the elections gets close, Trump will bail out at the last minute and Support Hillary. Trump is a red herring to destroy Ran Paul!

    I like what Donald Trump has to say and how he wants to take back America, I think this is great. However when looking a gift horse in the mouth, I believe it is to good to be true. We are being fooled. The powers that be, control the elections, and Ran Paul is a threat to them. So what other way would you go about destroying your opposition, than putting a man on the world stage speaking truths.

    • Trump is probably owned by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.

      Even if he is not:

      What really matters is WHO counts the votes.

      And, that don’t matter much either as long as we have rigged voting machines that can be set to vote by manipulation of the machine, for the person of the Elites choice.

      Wonder who the Elite have SELECTED to fill the next 4 year Presidential term.

      If we knew that … we wouldn’t have to vote in fake elections at all.

      It’s all just a great big Elite joke.

      And, the joke is on us We The People.

      How long will we continue to be the Elites Fools?

      The Elite have Election Parties after the vote counts are in. And, we are invited to their parties too.

      We get to go as the Clowns.

      And, the Elite will laugh their a$$es off at the Clowns … right up to the time we do something about it.

      And, wipe that smiley smirk right off their face.

      By arresting their a$$es and taking America back for the American people.

  • Eat my GMO and poop out blubbery pudding Monsanto big money :twisted:

  • Elections aside, the biggest value in Trump’s current trajectory is that he is emboldening others to speak out on one of the most urgent issues – our porous border and the lawlessness of the situation.

  • The more he bads mouths illegals the more I want to see him as POTUS he can’t do any worst than the pack of fools running now on both sides.

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