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What The Jews Did To The Germans – 5 Minute Video and Why Germany Invaded Poland

Saturday, July 4, 2015 13:39
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  • Oh MG! It’s the Jews! More silly stuff from silly minds bent on hate! g threw you to the curb, and now the evil one owns you! The funniest part of this is the same as we see today! Jews were successful! OMG! Jews were successful! And you and the germans were not! It’s very hot where you are going, and there is no air conditioning!

    • dabu,

      i think what you’re doing there is called ‘projection’, my friend.

      • Explain! If you can! I see you talking big, but never saying anything! What is the truth truthlovingsoul? Let me tear it apart!

        • Funny Dabu, but you seem to think that committing atrocities is alright if you’re a Jew? You are collectively creating hell for yourselves by what you do to the Palestinians and the Syrians through your Mossad controlled ISIS. What are you going to tear apart? The truth or your own credibility? Maybe both at once….

        • dabu,

          when you ‘succeed’ using trickery, deceit and monopolization, it doesn’t count as a success. it’s called cheating, and anyone can win IF THEY CHEAT.


          you should be angry about the lies you’ve been told, not angry at the truth.
          i hope you’ll take some time to look for yourself, though for those who are determined to be right, there’s NEVER enough proof.


        • “Oh MG! It’s the Jews! More silly stuff from silly minds bent on hate! g threw you to the curb, and now the evil one owns you! The funniest part of this is the same as we see today! Jews were successful! OMG! Jews were successful! And you and the germans were not! It’s very hot where you are going, and there is no air conditioning!”

          If organizing and financing the World Revolutionary Movement for the purpose of gaining total control of the global money supply, resources and workforce is what passes as being successful these days, I’ll gladly acknowledge myself as a failure. The world has suffered centuries of manufactured chaos so a few could impose usurious and complete debt servitude on us all.

          Following the planned French Revolution and the massive case of insider trading that ensued, the Rothschild banking dynasty was in complete control of British currency. Seeing as Britain was the center of world finances, this gave the Rothschild’s the opportunity enslave the world with debt. Once a private interest controls the issuance of a nations currency and that nation goes into debt, that private interest then controls that nations workforce, resources and military. From there foreign invasions are staged and through the devastation of war, more and more countries are subjugated.

          The federal reserve that holds America in multi-trillion dollar debt bondage was created by trans Atlantic Rothschild agents Paul Warburg and Jacob Schiff(Jews) They financed their puppet Woodrow Wilson into the presidency so he would give their bank the authority over the issuance of U.S. currency and authorize the IRS to make sure American taxpayers would cover the debt. Not surprisingly, very soon after the federal reserve was signed into law WW1 broke out. War is the biggest generator of debt, which translates to the biggest accumulator of profit, if you’re a soulless international central banker. Now it is estimated that the U.S. pays around 500 billion dollars in annual compounded interest fees and this cost does not even touch the principal debt.

          International central fiat banking (Rothschild), Communism (Moses Mordecai Levy), 85% of the leadership of the Bolshevik Revolution, SS leader Reinhard Heydrich, Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, Herman Goering, Hitler’s bankers Von Strauss and Von Stein, a majority of Hitler’s associates and top officers and more than 150,000 nazi soldiers were Jews. Haaretz published an article detailing Hitler’s Ashkenazi (Khazar) Jew DNA.

          WW1 resulted in the Zionist Jews who fermented the war obtaining Palestine, via the Balfour declaration document addressed specifically to the Rothschild’s. Since European Ashkenazi Jews did not want to immigrate there, the Zionists needed to terrify them into fleeing there. WW2 served this purpose and the suggestion of 6 million Jews being killed caused such sympathy that the rest of the world subsidized their immigration to Palestine, and for what? So that the apartheid, terrorist state of rogue nuclear Israel could become the worst human rights violator on earth and threaten the survival of our species more than any other nation in history?

          Hundreds of millions of deaths. Is this what you consider success dabu? If so, maybe it’s you who’s destined for eternal and unbearable heat.

          • thoth,

            as usual, a spot-on comment. well said.

      • Another very Factual Post TLS.
        An EXCELLENT Quality of FACT Presentation in its entirety!

        jews are born with raging fanaticism in their hearts.
        I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.
        Voltaire, 18th century French philosopher
        :eek: :eek: :eek:

      • rabbichrist,

        your comments are being removed by the admin via a program that censors swearing. i don’t mind it but please be careful because your great points are not being seen!
        say sh*t instead of…….

  • ALL wars are rich mens wars………………period.
    Any halfwit capable of reading should know what Isreal/jews think of us, the goyim……………animals.
    Read the “Protocols” to see where we are being led. Oh but wait, the “Protocols” are a hoax, right???? well somebody somewhere is following them word for word, and putting them into actual practice………………soooooooo?????

    • Question “This comment gets CONSTANTLY deleted, I wonder why?”

      Answer: for profanity, RC, otherwise there is very little censorship in The Bin.

    • Well THIS here comment disappeared time and again, while Ron Jeremy’s post over here remained up, I wonder why?!

      Hello again, my fat, balding, degenerate friend. In case you didn’t get to my reply on time the first time around, the Protocols were not written by the “Chowzun Peepul” nor were they a hoax, they were in fact written by the JESUITS. Who, along with the Knights of Malta, are the sabotage and infiltration wing of the Roman Catholic Church. They later received clever modifications from the Russian secret police in order to shift the blame from the Catholics to the Czar’s Jewish enemies, and gullible goyim like yourself who feel a visceral need to believe in monsters under the bed fell for it hook, line and sinker. While the Vatican got off scot-free, business as usual.

      Research your shyte lest you look like even more of a simpleton. The Knights of Malta in particular are a STATE WITHIN A STATE, good luck trying to prosecute one of them. Catholic cops in Australia covered up hundreds of child abuse cases by priests and blackballed dissident cops out of the force. You delusional Jesus freaks soil your pants about the men in the funny hats, while patently ignoring the OTHER men in the funny hats who also ram little boys up the poop shaft!! Wake up!

  • Eagle Scout


    That’s horrible, truth. Let’s gas them all! Do you still have all that cyclone-b in your closet? Needs to come out.

    • eagle snout,

      do you mean zyclon-b? the stuff they used for delousing? delousing, medical checkups, swimming pool visits, brothel visits, mail and care packages, an orchestra, theatre, dental care, movie night…….all before the ‘gassings’?

      the gas chamber myth was exposed long ago, little one. there were no gas chambers. none.
      get enraged about the 100 million christian russians slaughtered, raped and tortured at the hands of JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS.

      let’s talk about that for 70 years, all day, every day.

      • oh, i forgot! let’s tattoo everyone before we gas and burn them……..


  • Very true. Worth watching again and again.
    Also, a great read, “Hitler’s revolution” by Richard Tedor.

    • HereAmI…hope you noticed the post re: Greatest Story Never Told was wiped from this thread, yet your reply to my original post still appears?

      Wonder how long this one will last :?:


      • comments disappear, and posts, depending on who is working admin that day. there are a couple who are under-handed but most are good. like everywhere, there are good guys and bad guys. ones with scruples and ones without.
        to some, cheating is second nature.

        • Sure… human nature “cheating”, as you put it, is one thing — censorship another. It boils down to “who” is doing the censoring. IF indeed a govt-sponsored propagandist, as has LONG been proven to widely exist, then this is HIGHLY ILLEGAL, IF We the People even actually still have this thing called The Constitution?

          No, I won’t go down without a fight. In fact, it is “they” who are going down in flames.

          And to whoever labeled me a religious freak? Well, no. I’m a non believer libertarian who took a very very long road to get here — but thanks for askin’ ;)

          Truth, like cream, always rises to the top. :idea:


          Yes, There Are Paid Government Trolls On Social Media, Blogs, Forums And Websites

          Confessions of an ex-shill. ‘We’re real’

          • For what it’s worth, that comment was aimed at TLS, a pretty histrionic old bat whose weed habit worsens her paranoia. I actually took the time to look through her entire article log, it’s a herculean work to separate the legit articles from the disinfo and psyops. At least the clears doubts as to you, but we’re still dealing with a rather disturbed individual who drinks hr own piss “for its amazing health benefits” (TLS).

          • And if you think I’m hating, well my apologies. You got a few interesting tidbits of knowledge going on, lady, but they are hard to find within the tidal wave of panic-stricken junk articles. I detect one of the 60′s flower power children who hit the ganja a bit too liberally and it now affects their judgment. First off, if you are White, Christianity is NOT your friend, it is a Jewish religion to the core. Second, we have much more threatening enemies than a bunch of rainbow flag-waving homos, there were plenty of queers in the Roman legions and the Nazi SS, so we’re alienating potential allies against the Jewish-Christian cabal. Third, the erotica industry was predominately white and European until the Jews cornered the market and made a huge profit off of it, that doesn’t mean that we should demonize an Indo-Aryan art form that existed since the antiquity just because the merchants hijacked the business. David Lane, in spite of how he was a glorified pedophile, wisely stated that the path of the White man s that of conquest and sex. We need to embrace those drives and they shall lead us to victory against those who wish to make us submit. You may be a little old at your age to shake off the yoke of Judeo-Christainity, but at least give t the old college try. Jews and Christians are one and the same, servants of Yahweh, a non-Aryan desert god. Find your roots and stop indirectly supporting the Jewish-Nazarene cabal!

          • rc,


            you have no idea what you’re talking about.
            you’re telling me things i already know and have posted. preaching to the choir.
            have a good day.

          • Queers are statists. Along with blacks (but not Eurasians). Statists are the biggest mass murderers in human history. Snuff said.

          • rc,

            i have seen trolls like you come and go a hundred times. you are not unique.
            your ilk use profanity, personal attacks and hatred to try and skew the truth.


          • If not hundreds of times, eh, TLS? I get a warm feeling inside whenever a new troll turns up thinking they’re the first to try this shtick.

            Pick a topic “Rabbi” and there’s sure to be some lame arsed troll behaving like a total prat whose self delusion allows him to imagine he’s achieving something worthwhile. It’s just too funny by halves.

            Best thing about The Bin, in my opinion, is that many are learning how easily BS can be seen through and how obvious it is that one side manage to better control their tempers/emotions even in the face of provocation.

            Now then “Rabbi” please stop calling Messiah a “Jew”. Y’shua Ha-Maschiach born into the tribe of Judah, a Judahite. What’s the difference? It’s all in the agenda promoting connotation and innuendo, innit?

            As to the rest of your nonsense, friend, you are confusing the Khazarians for the chosen people of old.

          • amen, mayhem.
            i see that rabbi also is pushing hard the oxymoronic term `judeo-christian`.
            the two have as much in common as lambs and wolves.

          • Cognitive dissonance, yes? You know damn well that your precious “messiah” was not a white Aryan, but a dark-skinned Middle-Easterner. Christianity is Judaism 2.0, entirely non-white and anti-white. About time you decadent crackers wrapped your feeble minds around it.

          • Prepare to be amazed, white worshipers of a non-white god!


            For the creator of the farking universe to choose the happy merchants as his “chowzun people” can only be taken seriously by the most genetically deteriorated of the white race. If you’re going to believe in a religious fairy tale, why not choose among one of the many European, WHITE religions? Because you’ve been brainwashed from birth with the “white Jesus” myth and will die clinging to it. This is why the NWO rightfully sees your lot as useless eaters, because you defecate on your own culture in favor of a mass-market Semitic culture from the bowels of the Middle Est.

          • No points for originality “Rabbi”. You’re just the last in a very long line that claims Pagan roots for Scripture. However you’ll have to provide your own arguments instead of hawking Kindle reads if you wish to probe my mind. Prove you’re worthy of my time but rest assured the white supremacist stance isn’t impressing me. Heard it all before.

          • Might have known it’d be a white supremacist that’d have probes on the brain……

          • White Power =/= White supremacism

            I do not hold the White race as inherently superior to all other races on the planet, only that white spiritual practices are better adapted to the spiritual needs of white folk. In opposition to the blatantly racist protocols of Judeo-Christianity whereby the Jews are the Chosen People of Yahweh, and the gentiles are second-class citizens. But it is to be expected that the whites habituated to their position as livestock have no problem with a religious tradition that holds them as unequal to the desert tribes of the Middle-East. Happy cuckolds is what you lot could be categorized as.

          • Happy hunting, Brother…..

          • I claim no “Pagan” roots to “Scripture” aside from Jewish roots. To me, Pagan is synonymous with indigenous European. The polytheistic tradition of Europe. The origins of Judaism and Christianity are likely polytheistic, but I do not classify them per the same usage of the word “pagan” as the European paganism.

            You degenerate whites will have to come to terms sooner or later that your ersatz k1ke religion of Christianity is based on a hodge-podge of Judaism and elements hijacked from white religions of Europe. Your messiah never was white and never will be, in spite of your masturbatory fantasies. Stop lying to yourselves for once in your sorry lives.

          • >You’re just the last in a very long line that claims Pagan roots for Scripture

            So you’re denying that Christianity is a diluted product of the Roman Empire that took a patently Jewish sect based on the charismatic leader Yashua ben Yusef / Jesus Christ and mixed it with a clusterfark of indigenous Aryan religions? Such as the Nordic Yule celebrations in December coinciding with Christmas, or Easter celebrations likewise based on Paganism? Perhaps Jesus was a space alien who arrived in hisi flying saucer and handed out his philosophies to his sandpeople, lel.

          • Strewth, a limey! Some of the most gullible decadents on the Old Continent.

            News flash, white man: your beloved messiah was NOT white, NOT European and NOT Aryan. He was a Middle-Eastern, dark-skinned skraeling. Only delusional goy toys like yourself harp on with the distinction between “Khazars” and “rel Jews” because of your degenerate yearning to be closer to the Semitic tribe of Judah, a non-Aryan congregation of desert-dwellers.Why? Because your expendable, proletarian life would be useless without the hope that some magcal k1ke up there loves you, such is the extent of your decay. Well not all whites are like you, buddy. Not all whites need approval from some patently Jewish desert deity. That’s what separates the “master race” from the “slave race”. And that is precisely what you are, a slave, a spiritual thrall and a stain upon the proud bloodline of the Aryans. Your usage of the term “chosen people” (lulz) is testament to that. Keep aspiring to the status of second-class citizen in the eyes of the Jewish deity Yahweh/Shemhamforash, you are unworthy of calling yourself white.

          • Seriously tho, I want to probe that mind of yours: do you honestly believe that Yashua ben Yusef was a white man?

            And IF NOT, what is the anthropological basis for white folk to worship a NON-WHITE as God, aside from spiritual imperialism and anti-European brainwashing?

          • I wonder if it can also cure one of the delusional degeneracy of Jew-worship. I suppose it doesn’t, as you’re still here. :mrgreen:

  • tgsnt is an excellent documentary but don’t sugar coat hitler’s actions. though the german people had plenty of reason to detest jews during that period, hitler’s regime was still a totalitarian regime. it was still an ‘ism’, like all ‘isms’, leaving little room for dissent or individuality.

    hitler killed many civillians and innocents and though the nazis were far more humane than the jewish bolsheviks, and treated their pows and interned with marginal respect, as they needed them to work in the WORK CAMPS, they were no angels.

    yes, war is hell and the germans were drawn into it by churchill and roosevelt (born rosenfeld) when they refused hitler’s fair and reasonable peace terms. ww2 was a needless and senseless war. all germany wanted was the land back that was stolen in ww1, and end to the paedophilia, bestiality, pornography, banking monopolization, industry monopolization- all created and sustained by jews.

    ww2 happened for many reasons, mostly to make crusty old scumbags richer, but one of the main goals was to create eternal victimhood for the jews and to steal palestine.

    anarchy is where we need to go, imo, not another friggin ‘ism’. they are all traps.

    abolish the party system and outlaw politics.

    • NM156

      Yet we hear not of the atrocities that the jews committed(and still today commit) as history conveniently omits. History-His story. Now you know why I get so pissed off when commentors try to give history lessons on this site. Btw another good article TLS. Keep up the good work. :cool:

    • Let me guess, another degenerate peckerwood who worships a brown-skinned, hook-nosed, Semitic sheeny as his god? And blames all of his problems based on his own feeble self-discipline (drugs, porno, gambling, etc.) on the Jew in spite of deifying a non-white Jewish charlatan?

      You are the very definition of genetic decadence among the Caucasoids. Find your roots, delusional Jesus freak. The Nazis themselves believed in Volkisch reawakening of the folk GERMANIC religions, Not the SEMITIC Judeo-Christianity like all you domesticated whites think.

  • So Hitler was, after all, overly and unjustly demonized..

  • DK

    The invasion of Poland was a result of the Von Ribbentrop pact where after a relatively long strategic partnership Germany and Russia decided to remove Poland from the map. The treaty of Rapallo was in effect until 1933 and the partition was agreed as long ago as 1920 between Weimar Germany and the Soviet Union, but nothing came of this due to Germany’s entry into the League of Nations in 1925 but a second treaty in 1926 confirmed the partition of Poland. Hitler just put into effect the desires of the Soviet Union while at the same time securing the German ethnics in Polish territory, the war with Russia was never necessary, the USSR was completely appeased with open trade and technology transfer.

    We would in fact be living in Germania, with open trade between the USSR and what is now the EU over a massive Eastern wall of fortifications since if Germany had not invaded the USSR it would have been able to defeat Britain at the second attempt of invasion, the first would have been stopped by the Royal Navy at any cost, unfortunately this meant the 800 strong home fleet would have sailed right under the bombers of the Luftwaffe to cut off the first 100,000 troops to land, after which the second invasion would have had the entire coast to choose from.

  • Khazarians’ (from the East of Europe) not Jews of Judea (God’s chosen people). Very important distinction. Israel today is controled by the Khazarians’.

  • Khazarians’ (from the East of Europe) not Jews of Judea (God’s chosen people). Very important distinction. Israel today is controled by the Khazarians’.

    • The Jews from Judea are “Gawd’s Chozun Peepul”? LMFAO, another degenerate “aspiring Semite” who longs to become closer to his Middle-Eastern desert deity. You are a complete and utter disgrace to your White heritage, if you even are white to begin with, goyim. :???:

  • LOL INCREDIBLE!!! I see my post with links to The Greatest Story NEVER Told have been WIPED from this thread!! WHAT EVER do “they” fear???

    Right, TruthLovingSoul?? YOU replied to my post…notice it’s been “poofed”???


    The Greatest Story NEVER Told…

    On the link are trailers to the documentary.

    How sad for the shills/paid opposition trolls of BIN — SOOO transparent. How do you even sleep at night knowing you shill for the Satanic agenda?

    • milehi,

      take it easy. first of all, only admin can remove comments and i am an unpaid poster. as i said, i thought it was a good movie but not all facts were told, as of course no mere movie can do.

      stop throwing the shill around before you know what you’re talking about.

      there are a lot of paid and unpaid controlled opposition, on that i can agree, but sometimes people are simply trying to share information with others that they feel is relevant and that people might want to know.

      for all we know, YOU could be the ‘shill’. those who smelt it dealt it, sometimes.

      • milehi,

        though on rereading your comment, perhaps you were not addressing me. if so, sorry.
        i have been under attack by forces who want me to stop posting this stuff and other types of topics also and i am a little touchy.

        it’s not east sometimes to put this stuff out there. there is blowback at times, which bothers me not, but it does make me a bit jaded.

        many, many of my comments and posts disappear too. some admin hate that we are learning.

        • TLS,

          No, my “shill” comment was NOT directed toward YOU. I simply knew YOU replied to my now-censored posts and would recall doing so bc of my link to “Greatest Story”. YES, I’m WELL aware only a site administer can edit/censor/remove posts. UNLESS of course one is a govt sponsored shill or NSA or CIA or paid to surf sites pa-TROLL-ing Google/Youtube/BIN etc with authority to censor, such as I HAVE BEEN numerous times on YT comment sections regarding chemtrails and Karen Hudes and now BIN re: TGSNT among others. LOVE IT!!!

          That said, the owner of ‘this’ particular site has long been exposed as but a soldier for the “cause”. Feel free to do a web search. (If I were to post links here surely it’d be poofed yet again).

          Yes, YOU were a little quick with the trigger finger accusing me as a shill but all’s forgiven. I understand your paranoia, but DON’T understand why you didn’t address the fact that my post was censored?? It contained NO vulgarity and I simply added a link to a documentary widely available — and widely censored — on the ‘net.

          Sorry your posts/articles have been censored/removed — should only add fuel to your fire. You are WAY more supported than the imbalance of “positive” posts would indicate — THUS the govt-sponsored SHILLS (on top of the regular leftist sheep). That’s the entire point of having shills, after all — to keep sheep asleep.

          The Joo’s really hate the fact the ugly veil of Truth has been and continues to be lifted!!

          Good Day ! :smile:

          • milhi,
            again, i apologize.
            i did see that your post was ‘poofed’, as you say.
            i am sorry about that but in a way, it’s an admission that we are having real effects, positive effects, on our brothers and sisters in truth! if we weren’t f*cked with a little bit, i’d feel less certain we are on the right track. every shill, and they’re coming in droves now, every deletion, every personal attack makes me happy because it’s either some dumb a** or a newly awakening soul who is struggling to come to terms with the harsh reality of our past and present. otherwise, they wouldn’t have clicked the link in the first place.
            keep up the good work and thanks for the kind words. i’m just a regular soul, a gramma, and i have to do this stuff, i have no choice, i am called to do it. and so are you. and so are more and more of us every minute of every day.
            i take a bit of flack because i am not a journalist, obviously, but it’s worth it. i am a truthist!
            we are winning. they’re losing control. they are panicking, and it feels great to know that.

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