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A must read for all members of the US Militia movement!

Sunday, October 25, 2015 13:03
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(Before It's News)

Are We Prepared For What Is About To Happen?


Reposted with permission by the writer– the commander of the Westmoreland County PA 1st Battalion Militia Christian Yingling (with reader’s comments added)
I am no linguist, I am no scholar, I am NOT the be all – end all of warfare. What I am is a Father, a Christian, and a Veteran… in that order. I am also the Commanding officer of my militia unit, The Westmoreland County Militia, Regulators 1st Battalion.. with my people placing their lives in my hands in hopes that I will keep them safe and ultimately lead them to victory and someday a better life than what is being presented to them now. This is a very large responsibility and one I do NOT take lightly. I have lost ALOT of sleep because of it. I promise you.

What I want to discuss is something that I NEVER see being mentioned on this board or any like it.  It is something that NEEDS to be discussed, ESPECIALLY now.. as we are on the brink of something that NO ONE here is prepared for…..I don’t care WHAT type of training or warfare experience you may have.

People are getting awfully itchy to start the fight. People WANT to take our country back. People are TIRED of being scared for themselves and their families. People are SICK of being railroaded by a ‘government’ that almost daily tries to strip of us of our freedoms. People are READY to draw that line in the sand, lock and load, saddle up, and move out.. Well, I say ARE YOU? Are you REALLY ready?

As militias, we have trained. We have prepared. We have stocked up on food and ammo and other things we think we will need. We have gathered intelligence and continue to do so. We have networked with other units.  We have prepared our bug out locations. But there’s one thing I feel people haven’t prepared for..because the truth of the matter is you can’t prepare for this particular “thing”.

It is the consequences of our actions. What we are about to embark upon is going to be what will probably be the most EPIC civil war in history. What we are about to do isn’t just going to change what happens here, but will most likely change the entire world as we know it.

There have been uprisings all over the world as of late. There is no questioning that. But not ONE of those uprisings has involved the type of sheer firepower involved that this one will. The United States is unquestionably the most heavily armed country in the world. Our Military is the best the world has to offer, and our populace is the most well armed and well trained known to man. The sheer bloodiness of this coming conflict will be mammoth, to say the very least.

This “war”, should it happen, will be like nothing ever witnessed by humanity. And there will be a heavy price paid for that. You people NEED to think about that and understand that before you go marching off with intentions of blowing away the nearest ‘federale’ or Blue hat you see.


To quote Mel Gibson in The Patriot (a VERY powerful movie you should all watch, or watch again).. This will be a war fought in our OWN back yards.   In FRONT of our children. You NEED to understand the ramifications of that. As a father, and a husband..this weighs VERY heavily on me. I hope it does you as well..because, if not, it damn well better.

This won’t be an overnight undertaking.  This will be no two month Gulf war. This war will drag on for YEARS and will COMPLETELY change the face of the United States as we know it. Some people say we NEED that change.. And I agree to a point… But are you ready for your hometown where you grew up and played as a child.. to be turned into a 3rd world bombed out S#%t hole like Mogadishu? Like Iraq? Like Afghanistan? Are you prepared to see EVERYTHING you’ve ever known destroyed in the blink of an eye? All in the name of “Freedom”? 
(If we don’t have ‘freedom’, then what WILL we have?  Certain death at the hands of our enemy within or without? FEMA camps? Why not ‘freedom’?   What reason will there be to be alive if no ‘freedom’? If you are being relentlessly tortured?  If there is no food and water or shelter?  If roving gangs are providing even worse conditions than the roving militaries?  And what makes you believe that everything we own WON’t be destroyed – whether by our fighting for our freedom or by the enemy destroying everything and everyone – as is their plans?  Do we simply stand by and watch it happening and do nothing?)

Who will rebuild all that?  Who will heal the scars we and our enemies will burn into our children’s psyche’s? What will come out of the ashes of this great “war”? Will it be something new and beautiful? Or something darker.. Perhaps by engaging in this endeavor we are unwittingly ushering in the dreaded New World Order as we have come to know it. (We WILL have the dreaded NWO – the NWO is ALREADY HERE.  We can slow it down and perhaps stop it here in America if we move NOW.)

There’s no way of knowing. Thats the cold hard truth. And NO ONE will tell me otherwise. And anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a liar. That is a fact. Know this though…. NO ONE will come to our aid.. We have burned our bridges with pretty much the entire world. We ARE a hated nation. We have enjoyed this wonderful lifestyle our whole lives on the backs of the rest of the world and you’d better believe they wont forget it.  
(The criminal coupe from 1913 and 1933 and afterwards – make believe rogue ‘leaders’ of this nation – are those who have ‘burned bridges’, those who pledge allegiance to and work for and ARE the enemy of our nation and of the entire planet, those who rape, pillage, kill, steal and destroy every semblance of human rights.  ‘We the people’ have ALLOWED these aho’S to do this to us and to our nation. In the end,  WE ARE OUR OWN ENEMY FOR DOING NOTHING!)

So.. it’s just US vs.THEM in a fight to the finish. This will be a war for ALL humanity and for the future of the human race as we know it. AGAIN.. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS. The whole world is watching..waiting.. for that first shot to be fired, for that ONE shot will change the future of the entire world as we know it. Are YOU prepared for that? Because if it is indeed YOU who fires that first shot.. good or bad.. you will go down in history as the person who changed the world. Think about it. Think LONG and HARD about it. And then.. come to me and tell me how “prepared” you really are. 
(Is this war not worth fighting to win?  Us vs them to the finish?  Is it not time to stand up against their tyranny and finish them off?  Do we really want their inhumane tyranny to continue?  Who will be their next victims?)
I have only scratched the surface of things you need to THINK about before we do this.. But hopefully this gets you thinking seriously about the consequences of what so many people seem “eager” to do. 
(Eager to be freed from the tyranny?  Or eager to remain their victims?  What do you choose?)

Just my 2 cents.. hope this helps. I would ask that you PLEASE re-post this on ANY boards you may visit like this one in hopes of sharing this insight with others.
(Begin in your local communities – determine who is with you and who is not – those who are not are the enemy. ‘Visit’ the enemies – city, county and state ‘officials’ – uniformed or not.)

You and your family MAY die in the fight for freedom but, if we do NOT fight, we will ALL DIE FOR SURE.  Take your choice.  The enemy within and without declared war upon this nation beginning in 1913 and again in 1933, and has been conducting gregious warfare against America since the 1950s. General Eisenhower made his famous speech upon vacating the office of ‘president’, warning the entire nation of this.  Now this warfare has progressed to GMO frankenfoods, poisoning our waters and stealing our lands, destroying the farmlands so nothing will grow, manipulating the weather to create drouts, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and even forest fires destroying our timberlands, chemtrails containing poisons such as metals, morgellons, viruses, nano-particles and other biowarfare.  America, we are under direct attack and this rogue ‘gov’ is the cause of it.  They will NOT defend us.  We MUST defend ourselves or be killed by one form or another. There can be NO survival under their current warfare methodologies. United we stand – divided we fall.  FOR SURE the enemy is within and ready for the final kill strike.  Do we stand still and do NOTHING to save ourselves and our nation?  Or do we say “NO!” and give them the fight of THEIR lives?  Live?  Or die?  

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


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  • Fight for life or fight for death,this fight should of come long ago.
    You all fight and fulfil the book, there book,write your own story.
    Write your own books,your own media,your own science,your own
    faith in your own spirit,don’t keep following there story,these scum
    let you almost finish the first story and drive you to the next and next
    story.A story is above all,it must be your dream.A picture is worth a
    thousand words,a symbol a thousand pictures and a story a thousand
    symbols.Thought has prevailed in astral and so it will dribble down
    to the domain of matter,takes time,dont throw away your life and spent
    another cycle with these scumbags positive pole negative element.


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