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Flying City of New Jerusalem about to Land!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 18:45
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(Before It's News)

Revelation 21:2 I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

The trolls and deniers are soiling themselves now, because The Lord’s City of New Jerusalem is being seen in the skies around the world, as it now prepares to land!!!































































BRIEF TIMELINE (much more has happened):

- January 28th 2011: The Messiah, Lord RayEl descends over Jerusalem, fulfilling Acts 1:11 and Matthew 24:27.


- March 2011: Hundreds of witnesses see New Jerusalem floating in the clouds over Africa.


- May 21st 2011-Present: Lord RayEl addresses the world, and begins carrying out a series of biblical and prophetic chastisements, which are fully documented. >


- August 25th 2015: Lord RayEl gives Israel a final warning to REPENT, as the kings of the world gather, surrounding Jerusalem, and preparing to do battle (Revelation 16:16).


- October 2015: Thousands of people have witnessed and reported seeing New Jerusalem flying over Foshang in the Guangdong Province of China, in the Jiangxi Province of China, and Hastings England. >




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  • Why is his name “RayEl” and not “Jesus”?

    Revelation 19:12 tells us this about Christ’s return, that “he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself”, so Christ’s return, with a name nobody was expecting, is yet another fulfillment of prophecy.

    The etymological origin of his name, is traceable back to Egyptian Hebrew. RayEl literally means “Word of God”. Further, if you read Revelation 19:13, it clearly tells you that “his name is the Word of God”, so “RayEl” is the name the Bible told you he would have.

    • Both the Raleigh and San Diego Encampments have asked you to stand-down. What is the problem? Joe?

    • You failed to mention how a Chinese man got his arm stuck in a toilet.

    • Your savior sounds like a delusional turd.

      Did Raymond Elwood appear in the heavens with power and great glory upon his “return”? I wonder what his birth parents would think of this…

      Was Elwood being like Christ when he was arrested for attacking his wife?

      Was Elwood doing as Christ would when he took a crack at race car driving and failed miserably?

      • SAME TROLLS ALL THE TIME… Do you guys really think the people aren’t on to you and your diversion and slander tricks by now?

        The people aren’t as stupid as you want them to be, they are able to see that the proof in front of their eyes, outweighs your attempts at misdirection. :razz:

        • Misdirection?

          These are simple questions that can only help others if answered, which is why you cowards always slither around them.

        • TCB

          This is where we roll, meatmasher.

          Your ridiculous articles keep popping up in our paths, so naturally we poke in for a little levity-inducing mockery. If anyone is worthy to be mocked, Apostolate…

          Messiah never sat in the seat of the scornful and His people shouldn’t either. But this is all so cartoonish I feel the mockery is just as inauthentic as your shameful play acting.

          Two suns in the sunset. Ninja, please.

      • Is Ray El related to Ray Kar? Both sound equally prone to massive brain farts. :lol: :lol:

  • The Christ Messiah (Moshiach) has arrived, and New Jerusalem will be descending very soon. A massive indication of the times we live in!!!

    • Settle down there DR Broom Brush, the false Messiah must come first, have you ever heard of Holograms?

    • Joe, I’m sorry but Raleigh and San Diego have asked that you stand-down.

    • Twiggie

      I asked you the same question in the online congregation / was blocked and comment removed.

      By going to Israel – you state – quote … “We will make the world a better place” how so? Perhaps could could enlighten us here in a public forum.

      By the Ecumenical Order of Christ – all your Lord has done since he was apparently infused with spirit is have a tantrum and spit his dummy out of his terrible English gob. Furthermore, what HAVE YOU and your ECUMENICAL ORDER actually done for humanity ?

      That’s easy – answer is nothing.

      You also state that you will be arranging for Israel’s diplomatic acceptance of Lord RayEl – How so ? And how is he going to leave the U.S. HE’s A CRIMINAL. Wanted Felon. Outstanding warrants.

    • Monte;
      NO. New Jerusalem is not a physical city. It’s a figure of speech referring to the holy spirit annointed Christians, firstfruits from all of mankind. Adopted sons of God. Co-heirs with Jesus and Co-Kings and Co-rulers in the Kingdom under Jesus.

      • It appears that you all believe that “New Jerusalem” is a real, physical city. Not THAT’S funny. If you all believe that you are all completely clueless.

  • Moshiach ben David is here and all the scripture confirms it to be true. His “New Jerusalem” lies in wait!

    • Raymond Lear is not the Moshiach Ben David. No other external source has confirmed this apart from your bumbling monks.

      RayEL doesn’t fit their picture of the Messisah/mosaiach

      The very first of these qualifications is that he must be descended from the House of King David. In Judaism, tribal affiliation is passed on through the father – which he is NOT. IF it was so., you could if so you so wished to further solidify your claim – traced back his ancestry – really rather easy – ONLINE WEBSITES – ANCESTRY, FIND MY PAST ETC.

      Furthermore, The second qualification, according the Abarbanel, is that the Jewish Messiah must have the highest prophetic ability. (The Bible states that there never was and there never will be a prophet as great as Moses)

      According to the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah, the soul of the Jewish Redeemer will include the reincarnated souls of both Moses and of King David. – BUT MOSES IS HERE NOW – reincarnated as its Richard Ruff – YOUR CULT AND YOUR FUDGED TORAH CODE HAVE REVEALED THIS.

      Additional qualifications of the Jewish Messiah and the messianic age, according to the Abarbanel, include:
      •The wisdom of the Messiah will be superior even to the wisdom of King Solomon. ——– NO COMMENT
      •He will be in complete control of all of his bodily urges such as the needs for sleeping, eating and sexuality. ——— nobody can VERIFY this as Nobody has seen him or spoken with him, but for his Imperial Regent. SO BASICALLY NO EVIDENCE
      •He will have no material desires – This is a blatant LIE as he and his regent and you lot are CONSTANTLY ASKING FOR MONEY – therefore FAILED again
      •He will pursue charity and justice throughout the world. REIGNS TERROR AND CHASTISEMENTS
      •His gift of prophecy will enable him to discern who is truly needy. NO GIFT AS NOT THE MESSIAH
      • Through the power of his prophecy, the Messiah will perform miracles. NO EVIDENCE
      •War, violence and oppression will cease. ACTUALLY CONDONES THIS ACTION THROUGH HIS IMPERIAL REGENT
      •All the nations will recognise the unique spiritual powers of the Messiah and will willingly defer to his rule. EVERY NATION HAS IGNORED HIS CLAIM AS HE IS A FALSE PROPHET
      •All the Jewish people from all over the world will be gathered and return to Israel and will live together in harmony. CANNOT EVEN MUSTER HIS CLERGY TO GO THERE.

      Furthermore, what Rabbis have actually declared that RAYMOND LEAR IS THE MOSHIACH = ZILCH

  • Malachi 4:5 says Behold I will send you Elijah before the coming of the great and and dreadful day of the Lord : 6 And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children , and the hearts of the children to their fathers , lest I come and smite the earth with a curse . Has this happen yet ? Some say it has ! But note the dreadful day of the Lord . Jesus did not come bring dread . And John the baptist said he was not Elijah . So no it has not happened yet . In Revelation 11:3-14 tells of the 2 witnesses which one I believe to be Elijah and the other possibly Enoch , some say Moses . But these come first before the world sees Him . Now Revelations 3:7-10 tells that the church of Philadelphia will be the only people keep or protected ( not Pennsylvania ) from the hour of temptation that shall try the whole world . So these will walk and eat and be taught by Him in the wilderness as the old testament speaks of . Then just before the resurrection of Revelations 20:5-6 the Son of Man or son of a man like God called Ezekiel will be called up as Daniel says and they brought Him before the ancient of days and crowned Him with power and glory . After spending time with the elect or the ones that have keep Gods word ( Philadelphia ) He will go forth to make war on the kingdoms of earth , Revelations 19: 11-21 . Then He the Prince and GOD the KING will reign for 1000 years with Satan bound . And this Prince will offer His sacrifice every Sabboth ( Saturday ) for 1000 years after going through the eastern gate which has been closed since Ezekiel ( Ezekiel chapters 44 and 46 ) . . And then Revelation 20:7 tells when the 1000 years are expired then Satan shall be loosed out of prison and shall gather those that are not of GODs people to make war with saints . GOD then rains fire from Heaven and devoured them . Satan is cast into the lake of fire and the people stand before the Great White Throne Judgement . They are then Judged and if not found in the book of life are cast into the lake of fire ( Revelations 20:15 ) now comes the City of GOD in Revelations 21 . So what is this thing that is looking like a city ? Project Blue Beam , a holographic image ? Satan trying to deceive the people so his false Christ can make his appearance ? To this I ask so where is Elijah that is to come first with fire ? Seems we keep getting the order of things out of line .

    • i betcha he’s reading these articles an comments an face palming himself.

    • The contents are out of Revelation but they are not happening until after Jesus comes and all eyes will see Him after the seven years tribulation is over and the city will come down after a thousand y
      The false Messiah will show up on the world scene and not the real one. Do not be deceived by Ray_El, a anti-Christ claiming to be Christ when the real one warned about false Christs and false prophets. Jesus is not coming in a UFO and “Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not (Matthew 24:26-27)
      For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.…

    • Anonymous

      So what do say about Matthew 17: 12?

    • Twiggie

      Well according to the numpties at the Ecumenical order of Christ – she’s in a studio – Elijah that is (Oprah Winfrey) :lol:

  • Amazing what a lot of Chinese pollution can do to the world’s air. YES, the Godless communist is what will start WW III!

  • This is a really spectacular news !!! The New Kingdom will be landing soon. :smile: :smile:

    The Moshiach has indeed arrived now already and he will be in Israel very soon.

    Moshiach Ben David – Messiah Son of David. Bible Code discovered.

    • donnie ur really a bellend i thou u had brains listenin to rays bs n moses fany a interview donnie dont be like the rest ask moses can u talk to us cos we all know richard ruff us gutless

  • People are so blinded by their day to day lives to even noticed what’s in front of them. Behold the New Jerusalem comes and its not some mirage . For one a mirage doesn’t cross across continents . Only the foolish do not believe in Gods great works.

    • Twiggie

      Talking about blinding – oh what blinding whoppers you are coming out with. Honestly, and how’s the changing into John The Apostle going for you. :lol:

  • Just listen to yourselves…. a city is going to float out of the sky….

    The only dangerous thing here are the bloody Christians, the jews, the muslims and the other believers in fairy stories….

  • Funny how this holy city looks exactly like a bunch of concrete skyscraper, instead of something more environment friendly…lol.

  • It’s indeed scary, how stupid and deluded some people can be . . .

  • more lies from raymonds lot

  • Twiggie

    Have you ever heard of the phenomenon Fata Morgana. It’s obvious that you haven’t.

    These are nothing to do with your FAKEBOOK PROPHET RAYMOND LEAR POSING AS LORD RAYEL.

    These are not unique and have been sighted and recorded in the historical record since the 1800s.

    This latest fairy tale is just as ridiculous as your claims that Oprah Winfrey is Elijah, Richard Ruff of your Ecumenical order of Christ is Moses and Sammy Kennedy being Jimbob – John The Apostle, reading all of this just cracks me up as it just highlights how dense the whole lot of you are.

    You ought to read “cities in flight” by James Bish – great work.

    As for Raymon Lear being the messisah, moshiach – again pure fantasy And BOOM – neither is He invisible nor is he in Israel and has been located. He’s been watched closely for several months. FACT.

    This is pure comedy, if it wasn’t so very sad :grin:

    • Fata Morgana is over water and land, NOT IN THE SKY!!!

      What’s sad is someone believing that something NEVER SEEN BEFORE, suddenly happened 3 times, back to back, in 3 separate locations, all with the same image… THAT’S DELUSIONAL DENIAL! :cool:

      • Angel of the Lord😊
        You simply have not done your homework again.

        Science really isn’t your forte. According to atmospheric scientists this is the season for the Fata Morgana optical illusion, which typically takes place as temperatures cool rapidly. In summertime, you might see the illusion of heat haze over a hot road with phantom water shimmering on the surface. The apparition of a city or cliff in the sky is one of autumn’s more common optical illusions in the United States as well as China – as as we have an air pressure system sitting across the UK at the moment – same characteristics.

        You know what Merlin … Rather disappointed as you missed another trick. Lears past lover Morgan Le Fay – she’s credited with this phenomena look —-

        Fata Morgana gets its Italian name from Morgan Le Fay, the sorceress of medieval Arthurian legend. Le Fay was said to have cast an illusion or multiple buildings and cliffs over the Straight of Messina in Italy to lure sailors to their death.

        You just could of, if you didn’t just jump the gun and shoot your mouth off – used this to your advantage. It could of Helped your fantasy cause.

      • I see floating cities all the time. Every time I watch Firefly. Sky plexes, everywhere.

      • Twiggie

        All WITH THE SAME IMAGE you really are a numpty.

  • Are these hologram? They are all the same in China, UK and Russian. I think we are being scammed again.

  • Wow and again bible comes true:

    Revelation 21:2

    And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

    But i guess some will still doubt the truth and the word that is written down hundreds of years ago… by all proof you´ve seen you still denial it and try to search for easy lies that explain what you see to continue your life in satans matrix…this is a pervers generation that acts in this way…sadly

    Matthew 16:4

    “An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign; and a sign will not be given it, except the sign of Jonah.” And He left them and went away.

  • Oh seriously? Who decided the floating cities are the “New Jerusalem”? That’s ridiculous! Unless it’s the Jerusalem that SHOULD be, meaning the Palestinian name for it – al-Quds. Because I’m pretty sure any legitimate “God” would have long since decided that Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians are among the most despicable, hateful, racist, pathologically arrogant, egomaniacal, warmongering, greed-possessed, deceitful, bloodthirsty, pro-Apartheid “people” on this planet. And if these cities are real – meaning anything other than mirages or Project Bluebeam or CGI – then I KNOW they have absolutely nothing to do with the monsters who have stolen Palestine from its rightful, indigenous owners. Unless – this “new Jerusalem” is the one in which Zionist Jews and Christians are not empowered to forcibly impoverish and remorselessly mass murder (repercussion-free) the beautiful Palestinian people. Oh these Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians MAKE ME SICK.

  • I like how we go from “amazing city skyline” to “cloud at sunset” to “some guys pointing out of frame while telling the story to someone else”.

  • These are just the final tests to see what different populations will make of such Holograms being projected onto the metals that all the Chem-Spraying has been putting into our atmosphere for years.
    “Project Bluebeam” is alive and well, and bringing the gullible and Lunatic out of the woodwork as per usual. The only people worth being truly afraid of are those “Abrahamic” Believers who will sell Humanity down the river to those intent on creating that “One World Government” controlled by The Jewish Families; who have been working towards World Domination for the last 2000 or so years.
    Mankind will never evolve as a species if we continue to give the Religious,Superstitious Morons Credence both in the media, and in our real-lives. Stop waiting for some deux ex Machina to magically appear and solve all our problems. Take charge of your own lives and start doing positive things to make them better.

  • This is great news for the people who have been serving the returned Christ Lord RayEl!
    More information is available here…, & :cool:

  • Revelation 21:2

    And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

    More fulfillment’s in Revelation coming to pass. It shows how much closer we are for the Lord, Lord RayEL to reveal himself. Here you’ll find over 4 years of evidence proving Lord RayEl’s divinity for all three Abrahamic faiths.

    • They drank the koolaid; they just haven’t died yet.

      • TCB

        All is not lost, however. With very minor modifications to their costumes (after they DO throw in the towel, that is) they’ll fit right in at the local Star Trek convention.

        I always thought Elwood looked a little Klingon-ish anyway.

        • Yes, Klingon, mixed with the faun from Pans Labyrinth. That’s Elwood.

  • Because RAyEl is NOT the Messiah! He is a fasle Messiah and will lead many astray…

    • TCB

      By many you mean five or six, tops.

      • Yep. Like Steven Christ. He can’t be considered a false christ even because of his complete lack of followers.

  • what a load of Photoshop Sheep Sh*te :roll:

  • ‘Final Fantasy time’ again in the Facebook International Congregation of Lord RayEL. This time, lets pretend that that these latest mirages in the sky are actually Annunaki Motherships or The Kingdom of Jerusalem


    These are the parasitic imbeciles that have you believe that * Lord RayEl announced “The Armies of Heaven are fast approaching” in his May 21, 2011 address, where he stated that “They were still about 6 months away, traveling toward Earth at high speed”. This was four years ago. Got to be the slowest Army on record.

    You can refer back to a snippet of an Interview with Carter Davis, former Nuncio with the Ecumenical Order of Christ, as he discusses the Annunaki and this deceit is exposed in Lord RayEL Exposed – Earthworm Indeed. | twiggietruth

    Or just this ludicrous post ….

    • Carter Davis???… You mean the psycho that got kicked out of Lord RayEl’s congregation for stalking members, trying to organize “hits” with other trolls, and insisting that he was the reincarnation of Enki?

      Is that the source of your “debunking” information???

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!… LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

      • “You mean the psycho that got kicked out of Lord RayEl’s congregation for stalking members, trying to organize “hits” with other trolls, and insisting that he was the reincarnation of Enki?”

        …sounds like Elwood, the psycho that got arrested for beating his wife, accusing everyone to be trolls, and insisting that he was the reincarnation of God.

        • I just want you to know I fully supported you in the disgusting way BIN treated you way back when. I also admired your courage and virtue during that difficult incident (s) you seemed to be suffering from some sort of post traumatic stress a while back…which is why i thought I’d mention it -not related to your above comments about which I happily haven’t got a clue -

          • Post-traumatic stress? From what? My life is fantastic lol.

            If you’re not speaking to me then you must have me confused for someone else. I’ve had this account for about 8 months and can’t recall any interaction with you whatsoever.

      • Its just as easy to bring them back dumb dumb. Stop the lies and stop the bs.

      • Yes, Carter Davis is the chap who you made Nuncio :grin:

        The chappie that your fake prophet Moses again produced a fake code to confirm as such. Now why would he do such a thing?

  • The New Jerusalem does not descend until after the thousands year reign of christ with his elect.but

    Looks like a coastal town in England is being blessed with a premonition of rapture . . . tsunami perhaps. its the same in china, africa and many other places we don’t know about yet or ever will. Should not rule out the supernatural at this stage. “and the meek shall inherit the earth.”

  • Leo

    NO, the Messiah is not arriving, the False Messiah is arriving, or it is project blue beam, either way it is not good news . :cry:

  • Sorry pal, but New Jerusalem is not an actual city. It’s a figure of speech. The scriptures are FULL of figures of speech.

  • Oh no! The Holy Holograms are here! Get a grip, folks. They’re using the Bible as their playbook and the script calls for CGI in the Sky.

  • There is lots of science out there about these sorts of images It is NOT project blue beam or the coming of the new Jerusalem etc it is an atmospheric happening, that has been happening for many decades. The images appear in the sky or on the horizon. Who really believes that this new Jerusalem will be full of sky scrapers? In fact every place they appear in the image is different because different areas are reflected, if it were the new Jerusalem wouldn’t ALL the images be the same? So basically this little comment has proven all your Jerusalem claims as false. And if still in doubt read the science and not the fairy tales you are believing currently.

    So what facts and science do you have to disprove the REAL science of this atmospheric happening then?

    • They are all the same… Try reading before writing.

      • They are actually not all the same. The one on England is not the same as the one in China. If you say they are you’re just being ignorant. The one in California that just popped up is photoshopped, period. I could do that in my sleep and get my friends to come over to point in the sky to feed this stupid demon. Get over it you’re wrong and always have been wrong. Try thinking before doing anything,,,ever. In fact just stop, please.

        • Do you know how pathetic you sound?

          You and your band of trolls all know you’re going to Hell, so you desperatly tell yourselves that EVERYTHING happening is fake, because you’re scared, and you want to make other people believe it’s fake too, so they can tell you everything will be alright… But it won’t be alright, not for any of you.

          The world watched him arrive over Jerusalem; they watched each chastisement he said would happen, happen; they watched multiple Torah Code experts find him declared in the Torah as the Messiah; they watched the events in the Book of Revelation unfold one right after another; they watched New Jerusalem appear in skies all over the world, as the world’s armies gather to Israel’s border for the Battle of Armageddon… IT’S ALL REAL, AND YOU ARE ALL SCREWED!!! :lol:

          • I think you really should record yourself and do a play back as you write this pathetic stuff down and listen to how ridiculous you sound with everything you post. As its been stated over and over and over to you and YOUR trolls, you have proven nothing! You only say you have. Whether the city in the sky is illusion or not nothing of it can be attributed to you and your kind but sure enough you will say it is. Many things are possible in this world and I wont deny that but Rayel I will deny that he is nothing but a troll sitting right next to you and probably is you and is not the returned anything but a criminal and nothing like Yeshua in his days being considered a criminal as well so quite it with that. Your Torah codes are BS you twist them to fit your sick in the head reality and Glazerson has even stated you are full of it. Besides the codes are nothing and are considered nothing especially since magic like that can be pulled from many books. You might as well use Moby Dick and get the same crapola. Lets even take it back a ways to really lay it out for you how dumb you are. You posted that outline of how things cant been seen in space and lens flares and how they work, in your head. Because in reality none of what you wrote made even a bit of logical sense and was and is easily proven other wise in which if I remember correctly I rebuttal-ed that and made you look pretty stupid. When I get home at the end of the day and am done working or whatever the case may be, I spend my time chatting with friends online, working on a project here and there but I always take a look at what you and your cult are up to and I’ve known from day one its been the devils work and I will spend that extra time to put my two cents in like the other level headed posters in here to show everyone else you are wrong and evil.

          • speaking of people being screwed hows is kelly patrick

          • ray if we are goin to hell u be there b4 us pal so cum on lets have a interview u richard ruff and kelly patrick and any1 else or are u frightened to death come on grow a pair but most know ur full of bs u call us trolls no we want the truth and people stop bein conned and lie to

      • No they are not all the same, and neither are the ones that have been appearing for at least thirty years. You decided to use this natural phenomenon to the benefit of your wife battering “Lord” :evil: without researching it first, and seem to think having it on BIN as the main story is an accomplishment, when anyone can write anything they want here and have their supporters up-score comments and keep reading the page so it stays as the main story, pathetic. If you were confident this story was about your wife beater you wouldn’t be getting all your followers, all half dozen or so of them judging but the number of up-scores on your comments, to keep coming to this page. IF Ray was the real Messiah, his word would spread without your pathetic attempts.

        I would love to read how Ray :evil: went from being a criminal to God’s son btw, that story would be interesting! :evil:

        In future perhaps you should do some research into the science of things before claiming any old story is about your guy…just a thought, :idea: as nothing you have said has disproved the science of these images mate! :lol:

        I hope you understand that proclaiming a false messiah is a sin! You will burn int he hell you lot believe in! :evil:

  • Everything has happened as the Lord stated …not the way people manipulate words.

    It had been blessing to see and experience so many miracles !!!!

    Troll …the same kind of people existed when they crucified the Lord. It did not change who he is. Nothing can take that away. Moshiach Ben David …

    Rayel ~ Word of God

    • What has actually happened as the ‘Lord’ stated ?

      What blessings have been seen and experienced, and who by?

      What miracles Vicar General?

      Perhaps some enlightenment here to back up your ‘word’.

      • Unfortunately the only one who thinks they are smart enough to come back with any type of proof is Alan Domini and once again unfortunately he isnt smart enough to show anything with any significance or proof. But keep up the good fight in letting everyone know the evil spewing from this cultive congregation of Lord Ray Ray and his evil ones.

    • Twiggie

      Shines a light on the dealing of the Ecumenical Order of Christ.

      Perfect example of cult manipulation can be seen in this interview with an ex-priestess. One of many accounts. Others in the process of being published.

    • alreet kelly fancy a interview u alan aka lord ray n moses if u have nowt to hide n want ur truth as u put it out talk with us and remember the block buttons 4 pussys

    • kelly patrick whats it like bein rays 2nd choice u

  • Will you trolls just disappear? Please? You stalk every thread about Lord RayEl, and his messengers who are trying to save souls. In the name of Lord RayEl… just stop.

    • Thats the way you see it and the way we see it is the other way around. If anything we are the ones trying to save souls from being duped by you guys and the bs you spread about Rayel being the returned Christ when he is absolutely not the returned Christ and not one thing you have shown is proof. Not this post or the dozens before it. Im quite sure non of the people on here against Ray Ray is being paid to say these things but we unequivocally believe he is a sham and we will do what we have to to work against you and the damnation you are sending people to. You spout it as proof but it couldnt be farther from it. So I say to you disappear trolls, please stop, just stop!

  • Twiggie

    Giggles as ‘He is here’ is announced again on BEFORE ITS NEWS :grin:

  • Looks like Netanyahu is not getting enough with the land grabs…He’s now got to grab air space with these New Jerusalem floating cities…I hear he’s planning to launch 6 million.

  • There is a Torah code that also backs it up!!!! AMAZING!!!! :lol: :cool:

    ……Sigh but trolls would be stupid enough to argue with God about his messages .. It just proves their ignorance.

    Trolls nay saying the one who makes all things possible? …Not very wise.

    Then again Trolls need to have something to do other than be be purposeful, productive, Godly members of society….It is so much easier to hate , defame, twist, manipulate everything that people do because ego is their God ..Are you getting paid for this? You put many hours of time into just sitting behind a screen hating. It is rather suspicious and proves you might be a little obsessed, no?
    Funny how all of these trolls were once part of the congregation, but got hurt because someone put them in their place. Instead of just evolve they chose to troll it up.
    Enjoy your hater life…we will continue on in bliss without you all … :grin: :razz:

    Everything has continued to happen. Look up statistics. Tell me the past year has been “normal” – look up the statistic on your own instead of wait for others to herd you sheep and hold your hands. Time to grow up.
    We have better things to do than argue with children.

    • Only in the depraved and childish minds of your cult can pleasure in someone else’s eternal suffering be found.

      If you want to believe in a wife beater claiming to be God, with no power of physical matter whatsoever, because of a Youtube video with an unidentifiable light in Jerusalem, then have at it, fool. Next time, tell your god to provide the sheep with a video that he’s actually in.

      Why you idiots leave your own webpages to post at BIN, only to call the regulars here paid government trolls, is beyond me. I don’t think I’ve choked down enough electric koolaid to grasp that one. Your bliss is either utter stupidity or an intentional assault on a small group of weak-minded individuals.

      :razz: :razz: :razz:

    • You have better things to do other than dealing with children?

      Matthew 19:14 – Mark 10:14 – Luke 18:16

      Interestingly Jesus wouldn’t agree with you.


  • oh not this stupidity rehash again? Alan when are you finally going to realize that most people know h0w to use a little critical thinking to know that everything you post is a farce and nothing ever holds any water? You only have a small handfull of people delusional enough to follow you because they dont know how to think for themselves. How is the Rabbi hunt going? Ever get one single Rabbi to except your drivel of Rayel? Didnt think so. I guess you will never learn will you? :grin:

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