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Huge Happening In USA: Voting Boycott Of 2016 Presidential Election Underway

Saturday, October 10, 2015 9:01
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The U.S. Electorate Has Been Tricked Into Voting For Criminally Insane Psychopaths

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Necessary Qualification:

Many Politicians Are Thoroughly Corrupt, Hopelessly Incorrigible And Criminally Insane Psychopaths

State of the Nation

When You Vote, You Grant Them Your Consent

by Revisionist Historians for World Peace

How often have you heard from friends and family alike that not voting reflects civic irresponsibility?

How often are we reminded not to squander our precious right to vote?

How frequently have you heard the following admonition about exercising your right to vote? Use it or lose it.

Many an American free-thinker has been shamed into voting simply because of these patently false notions.  And, yes, they are all spurious and specious arguments, especially in today’s world.

Not voting is, in fact, an act of voting — a “NO” vote for all candidates

Simply put, by exercising one’s right not to vote — because there are no suitable candidates — the registered voter has cast his vote squarely against all the candidates on the ballot.  Because the candidates do not measure up to a minimum standard of fitness for public service, they do not deserve a vote.  Case closed!

Okay, that was simple.  Now for the real serious side of the voting process.

There’s a very good reason why successive U.S. Administrations have been so hellbent on exporting the American brand of faux democracy around the world.  The most basic reason is this:  By setting up false democracies around the world modeled after the United States of America, each fraudulently installed government will then receive the consent of those respective electorates to act in their name, spend their tax dollars and commit state-sponsored crimes … exactly as the USA does around the world 24/7.

In other words it is a lot easier for government to govern when the citizenry believes they have freely chosen their representatives.  This, by the way, virtually never happens anywhere in the current planetary civilization.  Nevertheless, those who really control from the peak of the pyramid of worldly power want the national governments to at least exhibit the veneer of legitimacy.  This is why the MSM works so hard to convince the people of the authenticity of their elections.  There have never been legitimate elections in the USA or any country on Earth.  Those in power simply would not allow it.

This is an extremely critical point!

Said another way, by voting for George W. Bush or Barack Hussein Obama, especially a second time after seeing the enormous amount of damage they had inflicted on the world-at-large, the voter becomes complicit IN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Now that’s a thought that every voter really ought to ponder before turning in the ballot sheet.  Only by deeply contemplating this subtle yet very real truth about how this voting game works, will the people realize how they have been tricked time and time again.  Perhaps if many voters considered this irrefutable karmic reality, they would probably never vote again.  Why so?

First, because the whole game is rigged.  The two-party system of the USA is completely manipulated by what is essentially a fascist corporatocracy.  The mainstream media (MSM) is their primary agent of prevarication as they systematically employ their weapons of mass deception throughout the entire presidential campaign season and beyond.  Yes, they have it down to an infallible science and political art form.  If by chance they ever fail in their manipulation of the voters to produce the desired electoral outcomes, they simply steal the elections nowadays … in broad daylight.  And the American people let them get away with it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  ~ Edmund Burke


(which means that voters give government carte blanche to do as
they please and lose the right to protest or complain come what may!)

It is absolutely imperative that the voter correctly understand the preceding statement.  By voting for any particular representative, a voter confers their consent upon the elected official to act in their name, with their tax dollars, and with their support.  By backing them, the voter becomes responsible — to varying degrees — for the improper and/or offensive actions of the elected leaders as they discharge their official duties.

For example, when Barack Obama authorized the use of military force to destroy the nation of Libya and killed its legitimate leader, not only did he become karmically responsible, those who supported his re-election also became partially responsible.

Just because Obama is the quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing does not lessen the degree of responsibility that his supporting voters take on by electing him.  Each and every voter is ultimately held accountable for their vote.  Hence, when Obama approves the extrajudicial drone assassinations which also kills innocent women, children and elderly men as “collateral damage”, those who supported him take on the corresponding karma.

This is why the ruling cabal of the World Shadow Government is so determined to get everyone to the polls.  They quite effectively use the consent of the voters.  They are in fact empowered and sustained by consent of the voters.  They specifically utilize the energy that is associated with the vote itself and especially the implied consent that it represents. In this way they can say that the elected official has only acted with the consent of the electorate.

Whereas a leader who took power through a violent coup effectively receives no consent, except from those who supported the coup d’état, they have a much more difficult ‘tenure’. The true tyrant is primarily responsible for the bad karma that he or she creates.  Since an authentic voting process usually does not take place in despotic dynasties, those rulers conduct official business without the consent of the governed.

How about the American electoral process?  Is it truly democratic and representative? 

In America the voters are led to believe that they are free to choose their leaders.  That false narrative has never been true.  And, it is further from the truth today as it has ever been.  In fact each and every candidate on the US presidential ballot every four years is put there by a primary process that is fastidiously controlled by the major moneyed interests. There are many rich and powerful interests out there; however, only a few have been deputized by the ruling cabal to play this game.  They get to choose who will be and not be on the final ballot.

At the end of a very dramatic campaign season the nominees are then presented to the electorate for their consideration.  How does that equate to the American people choosing their leaders when the nominees are chosen for them — ALWAYS and WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

In many cases — for both Presidential and Congressional elections — the candidates are not only highly inferior characters and substandard representatives, they are truly “criminally insane psychopaths”.  If a voter doubts this statement, then they have not been following current events over the past 60 years.  And it is their civic responsibility to watch the conduct of those for whom they voted into office.  Otherwise, how can they possibly decide to vote for the career politician yet a second or third time?  Only by knowing their records while in office can responsible voting occur.


What is the key point here?

The American people have consistently voted criminally insane psychopaths into office over several decades.  The entire world community of nations has suffered greatly because of the many profound defects in American electoral process.  Nevertheless, the U.S. citizenry is still on the hook for the awesome amount of death and destruction committed by their Armed Forces, the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, the DEA, as well as many other black budgeted alphabet soup agencies which routinely execute black operations around the globe with impunity.  Were the Congress to perform its job properly, the necessary oversight would have shut down most of these rogue agencies by now.

So the key point here is that the American voter is totally responsible.  They are responsible by the act of giving their consent through a registered vote.  Can there be any debate about that?

The real 64 thousand dollar question then is … … …

Do the American people intend on providing a group of criminally insane psychopaths with their consent, their tax dollars and the approval to act in their name?  Before the next election in 2016, this question must be answered — decisively — or else the American Republic will fall every bit as hard as Rome did when it practically collapsed in a day and a night.

The Lesser of the Two Evils

How many times has this highly offensive statement been uttered over the past many decades?  The American electorate has been deliberately conditioned to fully accept the consequences of electing the lesser of the two evils.  Truly, there is no bigger sham, no greater con job, no larger scam than convincing the American people to forever vote for a criminally insane psychopath, who also happens to be the lesser of the two evils. The number that they have done on the American people — year after year and election after election — is so complete and successful that there is now ONLY ONE WAY OUT.


Unless, of course, the voter is happy with the slate of candidates.  But, remember, with each vote, the voter becomes complicit.  Karmically complicit!  Where it concerns the wanton warmongering of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, that’s a LOT of bad karma. Perhaps it is now much easier to understand why whole nations seem to suffer generations of terrible trials and tribulations.  Those unfortunate fates are nothing less than collective karma being meted out by divine justice.  Whenever large national populations experience tremendous adversity, it is always this type of karmic justice that is coming back around.

Many will likely respond to this very strong recommendation of NOT VOTING by saying that the other side will then take over and then we’re really screwed.  No matter who wins any election, henceforth, the citizenry in the USA will find themselves in the same stewpot. Both candidates are set up to do things that only they have been trained and hardwired to do. They were chosen at birth, based on their bloodline and astrology, to perform the presidential crimes that they have all perpetrated for over six decades.  Committing extremely harmful crimes against their constituencies, as well as against foreign nations is literally written into the job description.



In light of the grim realities that the U.S. Federal Government has manufactured across the planet, it has never been so urgent to withdraw consent and energy from the psychopaths.  The sheer depth and breadth of their extremely dangerous violence and volatility ought to be comprehended by everyone by now.  If this is not the case, then such ignorance of the facts will certainly not disqualify a voter from digging their own grave. That is exactly what many voters do by unthinkingly casting their vote for an unfit rapscallion. It is really very easy to do these days since those who are encouraged to run for office are those who can be easily bought and sold.  The operative word in this discussion is compromise, which has essentially become synonymous with the methodical implementation of crime sprees both at home and abroad.  Political representatives, at every level, are taught from day one that they must compromise to survive politically.  More importantly, they must compromise to sustain their wealth and power, position and status.

Hence, the only real solution to America’s unrelenting creation of exceedingly bad karma throughout the world is a mass boycott of the presidential vote.  In other words Washington, D.C. must become the site of a bona fide color revolution by We, the People. The spirit of the Arab Spring must become the “American Spring”.  Only, in this case, the American people must demand genuine representation.  Legislation written by corporate lobbyists has literally destroyed the nation.  The taxation systems have sucked the lifeblood out of the citizenry.  The regulatory agencies at every level have become oppressive and unreasonable, intrusive and counterproductive.


Therefore, only a mass boycott by the entire electorate will bring to bear the necessary people power and financial clout to bring down the present government.  Keeping in mind that the U.S. Federal Government has now proven itself incapable of serving the American people.  The execution of the false flag attacks on September 11th, 2001 by the government against its own people should have dissolved the Bush Administration.   Likewise, given the countless violations of the public trust by the Obama Administrations, it ought to have been served notice by the governed many times over.

Not only has the social contract been irreparably broken time and again, an extraordinary amount of criminal conduct has been witnessed by the country for decades. Many have even called it outright treason.  Others have expressed an urgent need to arrest the numerous traitors who now sit in seats of power throughout every branch of the federal government.  State, county and municipal governments are by no means immune to the same perfidious behavior.  The major cities, in particular, have repeatedly shown a strong tendency toward longstanding and entrenched corruption.

What else can be done besides a total boycott of elections?  How else can consent be withdrawn from profoundly dangerous psychopaths?

Just do it … … … before it’s too late!

By the looks of things, if the 2016 election cycle is not used to overhaul the whole electoral process and reformation into a real government by the people, a crucial point of no return will pass.  That is something which should be avoided at all costs.  That means there is just over one year to transform the USA back into the constitutional republic it was designed to be.

For those who doubt either the premise or conclusion of this voter’s boycott proposal, please review the following call-to-action essay.

Ultimatum To America: Change From Within Or Be Changed From Without

Remember, this extremely important initiative must be implemented as a premeditated and pre-announced mass boycott of the U.S. election of 2016.  In great unity there is great strength.  In large numbers the American people can change their country in a New York minute.  Once Manhattan’s Wall Street has been properly locked down anything goes in the political realm.  Nonetheless, it all starts with a total voting boycott so that the people can withdraw their consent.  One this happens, the proverbial house of cards will fall in the most peaceful color revolution ever conducted on planet Earth — Red, White and Blue.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.53.21 AM


The U.S. presidential election of 2016 is the most consequential of the millennium.  There is so much at stake that every citizen’s vote — or refusal to vote — is critical.  The plutocratic oligarchs, who really determine which candidates are nominated, will not be thwarted in their fixing of the upcoming election.  Therefore, it has never been more urgent to generate a grassroots campaign to boycott the vote.

There is simply no other way to shut down the out-of-control juggernaut known as the U.S. Federal Government.  Furthermore this effective approach is completely nonviolent and peaceful, unassailable and infallible.  All it requires is not showing up to vote on election day.

There is one other crucial step that would further exemplify the powerful intention for each and every boycotting non-voter.  The registered voter ought to additionally follow the procedure of withdrawing of their voter registration.  In so doing, the message is sent loud and clear to the local voting precinct that the citizen will no longer participate in a fraudulent electoral process.

Truly, a voter cannot make a more powerful statement to the various and irreparably broken governments than by taking these courageous and necessary initiatives—NOW!

And remember, this whole grassroots movement is really about one thing, and one thing only — withdrawing consent.  Therefore, please be very careful about presenting this citizen’s initiative as a voting boycott, although it does function as such.  Certainly the best way that the electorate can withdraw their consent from criminally insane psychopathic politicians is to NOT vote.

Lastly, family and friends will respond to this activism in all the predictable ways.  Some need only a whisper; other a tap on the shoulder.  For those who require a bust upside the head with a four by four send them the following link:

Grassroots Movement Forms To Boycott The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.27.16 AM

by Revisionist Historians for World Peace
Submitted: October 8, 2015
State of the Nation

Author’s Note

Why are Revisionist Historians for World Peace writing an article about withdrawing consent and voting boycotts.

Because such an approach represents the only peaceful way to shut down the U.S. war machine… for good!

Editor’s Note

The U.S. Government has provided many reasons for its dissolution. The sheer amount of evidence of official misconduct is overwhelming. The number of crimes committed against the Republic and its citizenry is both unparalleled and indisputable. In fact there are so many grave crimes that they are far too numerous to list here. Suffice to say that every U.S citizen has been assaulted and harmed, assailed and injured by a vast number of government-sponsored programs and corporate-tainted products.

The most destructive of these are the unlawful chemical geoengineering programs, GMO-laced food supply, fluoridated drinking water supplies, and toxin-filled vaccines. There are also a whole host of leaking radioactive nuclear waste sites, contaminated fracking sites and leaking oil wells which poison various land and water environments unabated. Of course, waging so many illegal wars of aggression in our name and with our tax dollars while perpetrating one wartime atrocity after another is grounds for indictment by the International Criminal Court.


2016 in the USA : A 2nd American Revolution, Civil War, or Both

Essential Reading

2016 — A Critical Year! The American People Must Act NOW … Or Face The Consequences Of Electing Treasonous Leadership

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THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today.

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  • If you don’t bother to vote then THEY HAVE WON…

  • Warren

    If you want your vote to make a difference, then vote – for a third party candidate. The point is to remove the Democrat-Republican crime syndicate from power. Not voting doesn’t help do that. Voting to remove the syndicate from power does.

  • how bout this, “we put it on the ballet that we vote to represent ourselves” !

    seriously, we then meet at the capital building and restructure all government under new guard.

    this would work, if we put it on the ballot

  • That’s a selection, not an election. Don’t spend your time, the winner is already chosen !

  • The Truth About Voting, why one should not vote, summed up sucinctly and powerfully by Stefan Molyneux.

  • Well, I’m gonna vote for Donnie John and you can bet that is a vote against the establishment, both Dem and Rep.

  • I read the first 2 sentences and knew immediately you were the stupidest writer ever in the history of earth. Your opinion is beyond moronic.

  • Actually there is a way to get around the system when voting third party. If you have always been registered as republican and want to write in a third party republican….. then you MUST go register again…. but you must register as a democrat so it counts against the democrat vote.
    If you don’t do that then your third party republican candidate vote will count against the republican candidate…. not the democrat candidate. Comprende

  • I agree with this article. I stopped voting 5 years ago. Just look at who is getting voted into office in every community. It is people who are taking payoffs from corporate interests. The councilman who just voted for that new apartment complex to be built in your area is a bought and paid for stooge. It goes on and on. It’s all lies and deceit, and your participation gives consent to it all…….This is a great article. Lets remove the fu kin g matrix.

  • The voter is not responsible for the actions of the “elected” candidate. But, no one should be voting for the corporate officers of this shadow corporate “government”. Once elected, or in office, they only report to the board of directors, and do not represent the voters at all.

    The 14th amendment to the CONstitution very cleverly disguised that voting in the banker’s corporation was actually treason against your country. Read the 3 posts at my link “Tearing apart the 14th Amendment” for details. It only protected the “person” / employee / officer / agent of the corporate government. But, they were still representing the fiction that we had the right to vote in their corporation otherwise the uneducated and ignorant private citizen would wake up to their take over via the Organic Act of 1871.

    If you vote for one of their corporate officers, then you have given them a ballot to manipulate and cover for their election fraud. They use every ballot to recount for the “president” they choose for their corporation, and present the recount as legitimate vote of the people.

    DON’T EVER VOTE IN THEIR CORPORATION. We do not have a legitimate de jure government and have not had one since at least the Civil War. In fact, some present evidence that we have not had a de jure government since Pres. Washington. Stay home, and tell these impostors to take flying leap.

  • Explain what happens when no one votes.

    • If your country has minimum percentage legislation, which means election is not valid if number of voters is less than certain percentage of all eligible voters, not voting is an option. If not, you can see the winners of elections at your news broadcasts theatrically voting themselves to victory. All candidates would receive ”equal percentage” of votes and corrupt parliament would choose for you in most countrys.

  • Vote for who you like but nothing will change, they are all banker puppets doing as they are told.

    Why legitamize a system that is broken, politicians only have ears for money, everyone else is sold down the road.

    Both Clintons are now having to say “I did not have sex with that woman” and the Bush criminals did 9/11 but vote for the scum if you like

  • dont be stupid folks. this articles author has no respect for your intelligence (possibly with good reason). republican shills have been trying to convince folks not to vote for the last 100 years. telling you it’s a happening is a manipulation of your emotions. understand who is working you and why. anyone with a working brain ought be pissed over this clear attempt at corrupting your american rights (which as a vet i fought for). many writers in here are paid political shills masquerading as normal folks, they aren’t – wake up.

  • Doesn’t voting NO in the write in slot make more sense? If only 1% of thepeople vote, the candidate garnering .5% +1 is the official winner. If no one gains a majority, the runoff could be between candidate A and NO. There is a showdown!

  • Jax

    We have been under martial law since 1863.
    Read the Lieber code.

  • What he says is true and false at that same time because the mafia of the District of Columbia is de facto Corporation (1871). They have the whole system illegally rigged. To right this ship we must restore the de jur Republic of the United States and take back our assets of power and sovereignty from these usurpers.

  • be careful what you wish for. for then they will install their own government. civilians rule!!!

    • They have already installed their own government. They have just continued a fictional election process to keep the public docile. Carefully read the Organic Act of 1871, passed under the ruse that a plan was needed to administer the District of Columbia. NOT. There was already a plan in place for administering the DC.

  • You still need to explain in greater detail what happens when no one votes.

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