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The Most Evil, Insane, Destructive Cult in History and How You Are Part of It!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 11:37
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“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” This quote, generally attributed to George Washington, states an obvious fact.


“Government” is neither a scientific concept nor a rational sociological construct; nor is it a logical, 
practical method of human organization and cooperation. The belief in “government” is not based on reason; it is based on faith, In truth, the belief in
“government” is a religion, made up of a set of dogmatic teachings, irrational doctrines which fly in the face of both evidence and logic, and which are methodically memorized and repeated by the faithful.

Like other religions, the gospel of “government” describes a superhuman, supernatural entity, above mere mortals, which issues commandments to the
peasantry, for whom unquestioning obedience is a moral imperative, disobeying to the commandments (“breaking the law”) is viewed as a sin, and the faithful delight in the punishment of the infidels and sinners (“qw21criminals”), while at the same time taking great pride in their own loyalty and humble subservience to their god (as “law-abiding taxpayers”).


And while the mortals may humbly beg their lord for favors, and for permission to do certain things, it is considered blasphemous and outrageous for one of the lowly peasants to imagine himself to be fit to decide which of the “government” god’s “laws” he should follow and which it is okay for him to ignore. Their mantra is, “You can work to try to change the law, but as long as it’s the law, we all have to follow it!”

The religious nature of the belief in “authority” is put on display for all to see whenever people solemnly stand, with their hands upon their hearts, and religiously proclaim their undying faith in, and loyalty to, a flag and a “government” (the “republic”). It rarely occurs to those who recite the Pledge of Allegiance, while feeling deep pride, that what they are actually doing is swearing allegiance to a system of subjugation and authoritarian control. In short, they are promising to do as they are told, and behave as loyal subjects to their masters.


Aside from the patently inaccurate phrase at the end about “liberty and justice for ail,” the entire Pledge is about subservience to the “government” which claims to represent the collective, as if that in itself is some great and noble goal, The Pledge, and the mentality and emotions it is intended to stir up, would apply equally well to any tyrannical regime in history.


It is a promise to be obedient and easily controlled, to subordinate oneself to “the republic,” rather than a promise to do the right thing, Many other patriotic rituals and songs, as well as the overtly religious reverence
given to two pieces of parchment – the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution – also demonstrate that people do not merely view “government” as a practical necessity: they view it as a god, to be praised and worshiped, honored and  obeyed.


The main factor distinguishing the belief in “government” from other religions today is that people actually believe in the god called “government,” The other gods people claim to believe in, and the churches they attend, are now, by comparison, little more than
empty rituals and half-heartedly parroted superstitions.


When it comes to their everyday lives, the god that people actually pray to, to save them from misfortune, to smite their enemies, and to shower them with blessings, is “government.” It is “government” whose
commandments the people most often respect and obey, whenever a conflict arises between “government” and the teachings of the lesser gods – such as “pay your fair share” (taxation) versus “Thou shalt not steal,” or “duty to country” (military service) versus “Thou shalt not murder”– the commands of “government” supersede all the teachings of the other religions.


Politicians, the high priests of the church of
“government”– the mouthpieces and representatives of “government,” who deliver the sacred “law” from on high – even openly declare that it is permissible for the people to practice whatever religion they wish, as long as they do not run afoul of the supreme religion by disobeying “the law”– meaning the dictates of the god called “government.” 


Perhaps most telling is that if you suggest to the average person that maybe God does not exist, he will likely respond with less emotion and hostility than if you bring up the idea of life without “government.” This indicates which religion people are more deeply emotionally attached to, and which religion they actually believe in more firmly. In fact, they believe so deeply in “government” that they do not even recognize it as being a belief at all.


The reason so many people respond to the idea of a stateless society (”anarchy”) with insults, apocalyptic predictions and emotional tantrums, rather than with calm reasoning, is because their belief in “government” is not the result of careful, rational consideration of evidence and logic. It is, in every way, a religious faith, believed only because of prolonged indoctrination. And there is almost nothing which stateworshipers find more existentially terrifying than contemplating the possibility that “government” – their savior and protector, teacher and master – does not actually exist, and never did.

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  • Democraps and Statism was created by men when they turned turned down family responsibility and created unmarried, divorced and abandoned women who then cried to lying Democraps with Statism in mind.

    It’s a MESS!

  • Well written. It is indeed a religion and the shape of the buildings matching those of the Gothic Catheddrals upon which they are founded proves it. ALL law is derived from religion, and therefore all governments stand in place of God.

    It is the punishment of Adam to be enslaved to his own mind and will to ‘create government’ or to create his own system apart from God.

  • All icon worship to the point of personal or family destruction could be considered as a cult. The worship of political parties/ leaders or any organization that people are willing to die for and/or allow the sacrifice their own children (war) in the name of it, is really no different to the worship of say the ‘Order of the Solar Temple’.

    The UN cults agenda…..


  • ALF


  • Christopher Watson;
    I believe you would benefit greatly by studying what the scriptures say about obeying the authorities. They tell us to obey them without question, unless their laws conflict with God’s laws. They say quite a lot on the subject.

    • Let us imagine for a single moment our great Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, “obeying the authorities without question”, in order to fully comprehend the imbecility of Mr Savage’s comment.
      We are commanded to obey the Lord our God, and Him only shall we serve.
      Jehovah’s Witnesses, of course, do not obey the Lord their God; they somehow imagine that the Jehovah Whom they claim to witness for is some other Person than the Holy One of God already mentioned.
      “YHVH : Behold the hand; Behold the nail”.

      • HereAmI;
        It makes no sense for you to say that the teachings of the scriptures, of Jesus, and of God the Almighty are “imbicility”. I think, rather, it is you who display imbicility.

        • HereAmI was spot on. You, MS, made the stupid comment.

          • Clucker;
            No, I made NO “stupid comment”.

        • You made no stupid comment too you, everyone else sees that stupid comment you made. “They tell us to obey them without question, unless their laws conflict with God’s laws”. That is a pretty stupid comment considering that these so called authorities are in conflict with God’s law. HHHHEEEEELLLLOOOO!!!!!! :!:

          • igot1thatcansee;
            That was a rediculous comment of yours. SOME of man’s laws conflict with God’s laws, but not all of them. The authorities are in their positions through God’s arrangement. He didn’t place them there, but He allows man to attempt to rule himself to answer Satan’s challenge. That period of being allowed to self rule ends with the final battle. Am I to assume that you are not aware of this? It’s half of what the scriptures are all about. The other half of the scriptures purpose is to sanctify God’s NAME, not His title, which is God.

      • HereAmI;
        God the Almighty is one God, and Jesus is not Him. Jesus is God’s SON. And what God’s witnesses do is beyond your ability to understand, put simply. All of His witnesses obey Him implicitly, to the last detail. You seem to be completely without any knowledge of what God requires of us, and of what His servants do.

        • Ugh! Man people get stupider and stupider by the day. It seems you are completely without common sense.

          • igot1thatcansee;
            No, I am completely full of common sense and intimate knowledge of the scriptures, and their meanings and message. It’s my job. It pays nothing, but it’s a great job.

    • Are you referring to Romans 9? Isn’t not clear to you that what these criminals in authority are doing is in conflict with God’s law that Jesus Christ taught to his followers? It seems like to me you’re exactly what this video stated is the problem in this world.

  • Christopher Watson;
    As a post script, I want to let you know that the scriptures absolutely forbid true Christians, not those of sects/denominations, from delighting in the misfortune of others be it from their own stupidity or from punishments. Those who delight in the misfortune of others are destined to experience the same misfortunes at God’s hand. Anyone who does delight in the punishments or misfortunes of others is most certainly not a real Christian either.

    • To repeat Mike’s injunction back to him; I believe he would benefit greatly by actually reading what Chris Watson wrote; it is permissible to use one’s index finger to assist the process along.
      If he does this, he will find that the only persons mentioned as delighting in the misfortunes of others are those believers in the religion of statism.

      • HereAmI;
        The words of man are of no consequence. Those of God are of consequence. They are the only truth. Chris Watson mistakes Christendom as being different from statism. They aren’t Christian, but fornicate with government and engage in politics, therefore, they are who Chris wrote about.

    • savagestein,


      here you are again, trolling for your overlords.
      god never said anything to anyone in any book, doofus.
      you know who said to always obey authority? to turn the other cheek, speak not of any evil, forgive, bless and love our enemies?


      you sicken me, you pathetic waste of flesh.
      now collect your sheckels and f*ck off, mmmkay sweetie?

      Mark Passio has excellent presentations on statism, I have learned a lot from him. He rocks.

      • truthlivingsoul;
        Overlords? You’re are quite insane.

        • God says obey authority? You’re are completely insane.

          • igot1thatcansee;
            Not insane at all. The scriptures teach us exactly that. Guess you missed those scriptures.

        • Rebellion against Tyrants, is obedience to God.

          • igot1thatcansee;
            Your rebellion comment is in complete opposition to all of Jesus’ teachings.

  • Thanks Christopher, nice expose’ ! You said: “Their mantra is, “You can work to try to change the law, but as long as it’s the law, we all have to follow it!” ”
    The circular “law” of no escape. :lol:

    My faith is that I am Not part of the Statist Cult, because in receiving the Kingdom of Father Almighty I have renounced any type of other Governments. I know those with pride in themselves and Their ways with worldly governments really despise any who depend on Father’s Kingdom rather than their kingdoms.

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