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2016: ‘When Cosmic Convergence Intersects Mayan Calendrics and the Kali Yuga’

Saturday, January 2, 2016 7:18
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TMR Editor’s Note:
This essay provides the most important explanation arguably for what is really going on in the world today.

The CCRG does an excellent job of pulling on the esoteric threads which are interwoven throughout the tapestry of the twilight of the Kali Yuga.

Even though this “stream of Kali Yuga consciousness” is written from a decidedly Eastern perspective, there is nothing presented that cannot be understood from a Christian viewpoint.  In fact, a mystical Christian orientation would greatly inform this ”Cosmic Convergence” context since the Book of Revelation and Book of Daniel both reveal abstruse biblical knowledge about Armageddon and The Apocalypse.

The reader is highly encouraged to keep an open mind as the arcane knowledge and ancient wisdom presented therein is both highly enlightening and refreshingly edifying.

The Millennium Report


Kali Yuga Always Ends The Same Way

“Where Cosmic Convergence Intersects
Mayan Calendrics and the Kali Yuga”

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 2.36.50 PM
What in the world is really going on?
It’s as though the world is going crazy!
If you thought 2015 was challenging,
wait until 2016 gets going.

Cosmic Convergence Resource Group

Who could deny that the times are speeding up—rapidly?  That what used to occur in a decade now takes place in a year.  In 2016, what happens in a week’s time would have transpired over a month in 2015.  What exactly is driving this time-compressing dynamic? What primal forces are being exerted that can produce such a time-twisting effect?

Many profoundly misunderstand the underlying realities and have come to believe that we now live in a:

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.04.43 AM

There is a much better way to look at the End Times in order to truly comprehend the current state of world affairs.  There are schools of cosmology and calendrics found within the Eastern traditions which serve to inform in ways that complement the Western understanding.

Kali Yuga = Iron Age

Only by viewing the unfolding final act of the Kali Yuga can anyone correctly apprehend the meaning and message that are issued forth by every worldwide event of great import.  Because the Kali Yuga belongs to the most esoteric spiritual traditions of the East, it must be viewed through the lens of Eastern calendrics and cosmology.

Before that exercise is undertaken, there are two crucial questions which ought to be answered.  Both of these questions are central to human existence, and yet they often remain unanswered.  In this way the very context of human existence remains ill-defined and amorphous, without proper boundaries or necessary limits.

When the most basic context of the home of humanity is not deeply understood — by everyone — and recognized across the whole civilization, there naturally develops a state of doubt and insecurity.  When the very foundation of one’s existence is in doubt, the consequent state of mind is such that it becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of other doubts and insecurities.  Eventually a current of instability runs through the whole society only because the people lack the most basic knowledge and eternal wisdom regarding the most important matters.

This predicament is exactly what occurred for many centuries as the Roman Catholic Church kept the masses throughout Western civilization in the state of imposed ignorance. Even today, with so many new scientific paradigms in place, which have replaced the dogma and doctrines of religion, much true knowledge has been withheld from the people. In this fashion are they sustained in a similar condition of ignorance and misunderstanding, confusion and misconceptions.

The first question that much be answered for the sake of establishing a realistic frame of reference is:  What time is it, cosmologically speaking, that is?

The total lifetime (or actual duration) of the material universe is approximately 34.5 billion years long.  The current age of the Universe is approximately 13.75 billion years old. The age of Planet Earth is about 4.54 billion years old.

During the course of that four and a half billion years Earth has hosted somewhere between 5 and 7 different races of humanity.  By the time that the present Universe dissolves and is absorbed back into the VOID, there will have been a total of 14 human races which will have inhabited the Earth plane of existence.

The Yugas


Weapons of war are fashioned with steel made of iron during the Iron Age.  Whoever had the strongest weapons often won the wars, even in this new era of nuclear weaponry which are also housed in steel.

Each epochal period within which a new humanity takes birth evolved according to the cycles of the Yugas.  Every major epoch begins with a Golden Age, also known as Satya Yuga.  The Golden Age is followed by the Silver Age or Treta Yuga. The Silver Age is in turn followed by the Bronze Age.  The final and darkest of all the ages is the Kali Yuga or Iron Age.

So, for starters, is it critical to understand that our planetary civilization — right now — finds itself deep in throes of the Kali Yuga, also known as the Age of Conflict. For those who grew up in argument-prone families or are presently in quarrel-ridden relationships, the Kali Yuga is also known as the Age of Quarrel.

Because each of these major ages is preceded by a dawn and officially ended via a twilight period, it is important to be aware that 2016 puts us smack in the middle of the twilight period.  Some Hindu historians and cosmologists have hypothesized that World War II marked the beginning of the end of the Kali Yuga.  This is why many feel a sense that it is always darkest before the new dawn … because the dreaded Kali Yuga is very close to its final end.

This final stretch of the twilight period will possess many of the qualities and aspects for which the Kali Yuga is well known.  Not only that, those distinguishing features will be increased in numbers and significantly intensified.  The Iron Age (aka the Kali Yuga) is distinguished by its prevalent use of iron throughout the civilization, just as our modern society is, especially since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.  The Kali Yuga is also understood by the sages and seers, saints and siddhas to be the darkest and densest of all four ages.  This is why they descend in the manner just explained above.  With each passing age humanity sinks deeper into materialism, and becomes less aware of its true spiritual nature (also known as the Fall).

What follows is a breakdown of the descending yugas together with their dawns and twilights beginning approximately 60,000 years ago.  This particular graphic the book While the Gods Play by Alain Daniélou tells you what time it is in a way that no other will ever reveal.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.24.02 AM

Each New Human Race Always Begins With A Golden Age

The planet always receives each new human race in a pure and pristine condition.  This is always known as the Golden Age.  However, there are also ages within ages which are the cause for much misunderstanding.  In other words there can be mini golden ages within the Kali Yuga and there have been.  Likewise, there can be mini dark ages within the other more enlightened ages such as the Silver Age.

What is most significant about the twilight period of the Kali Yuga is that humanity is experiencing many glimmers of the Golden Age that is to follow.  Most know not the actual timing or the way that such “a new heaven and new earth” will be formed  in the firmament, they just know that it’s coming.  They don’t realize that the birth of such a Golden Age is not without its unavoidable birth pangs and subsequent period of formation and development.

All the religious traditions have their own scriptural narratives which describe these End Times in a language that was befitting those ancient times and cultures.  Every one delineates a period of great “trials and tribulations”.  The Christian Bible even speaks of the Great Tribulation. Such a time of troubles is the result of the collective destiny of the human family.  Each nation and city, continent and hemisphere has its own destiny as well.  Though the laws of karma are truly mysterious, there is no stopping it.

The End Times of the Apocalypse are merely the outworking of all the individual and collective karmas which must be processed (and experienced) before the final end of the Kali Yuga.  Let’s face it, there is no other age like the current Age of Conflict for confronting so much unresolved karma.  That testy and unresolved relationship can be with a spouse, a parent, a child, a sibling, a business partner, etc.  When have times been so fraught with stuff that opportunities will arise by the moment to neutralize relationship karma both good and bad, positive and negative, pleasant and harsh?

This is the real beauty of the Kali Yuga.  Not only is each soul given the chance to get it right this time around, he or she can live vicariously through others and, in an arm’s distance way, learn greatly from the mistakes of others.  Whether by TV or movie theater, desktop or laptop, everyone can watch the fruits of karma being borne by others all day long.  The whole planet is now sufficiently hardwired so that information technology brings news of practically everything to your smartphone or computer instantly and 24/7.


The Kali Yuga is no walk in the park … ever.

Now we answer the question in the title more directly.  “What in the world is REALLY going on down here?”

Only by reading the various scriptures can a human being adequately apprehend the nature of these tumultuous, tempestuous and turbulent times.  Even the weather reflects the constant conflict among nations and incessant war-mongering by the rich and powerful.  In fact, there is no sphere of life which is immune to the continual quarreling that comes with the Kali Yuga.

With the Internet now operating at full tilt around the globe, there are more instances than ever for people to mix it up.  Between Facebook and Twitter, the opportunities for disagreements and arguments truly abound.  YouTube and Instagram also provide plenty of situations for folks to clash even if it’s about disagreeing about one’s favorite rock group or song from the ’70s.

What’s the point?  There is no other age like the Kali Yuga where the karma of relationship(s) comes back to haunt … with a vengeance.  It is the very nature of the Kali Yuga — Quarrel and Conflict — as we see on every square inch of Planet Earth today.  Yes, this is the time when father is set against son, mother against daughter, brother against brother and sister against sister. It is also when friend not only fights foe, friends even fight among themselves.  Neighbors spar with each other just as business partners feud and churches have their internal spats.   Simply put, the whole world has been set ablaze with differences and divisions … about practically everything under the Sun.

As the global feuds get bigger and graduate to a larger stage they often translate to regional wars between nations (e.g. Middle East) and/or world wars between blocks of nations. Usually the people of those nations have no real argument with each other, they are just pit against each other by forces which control one or both of them.  In this manner, the whole world is now dominated by so much war and conflict.  False flag attacks and bombings, mass shootings and assassinations are deliberately utilized to provoke each other into a state of war or lower level conflict.

But why?  Why does it always devolve in a downward spiral?

The best way to understand why the yugas descend as a downward spiral into ever-intensifying chaos and disorder is as follows.  The simplest explanation is that “in the beginning” there were only two; 2 people, that is, who had everything and did not have to share anything.  They soon became three, and then four, and eight and so on.  The obvious observation is that there were far fewer human beings inhabiting the planet during the previous ages.  Just as significantly, the Earth back then was is in a pristine condition unsullied by centuries of use, abuse and misuse.

With this understanding it ought to be easy to see how the planet will always get progressively more polluted and used up.  By the end of the Kali Yuga, how much of the Earth is left to support over 7 billion people.  Especially when those people are all looking to satisfy both needs as well as many unnecessary desires.  It only stands to reason that eventually those desires — like the ten-headed Ravana of Lord Rama fame — will find themselves insatiable and forever increasing.  What then?

The world’s geopolitical chessboard is now dominated by those once rich but still powerful Western nations that have always acquired forcefully what was not theirs.  Even right now  – today, in fact — they continue to demand still more.  Their unceasing war-mongering has triggered unprovoked wars of aggression around the globe and destabilized the whole planet as a result.  Each war is primarily about stealing land and natural resources, as well as occupying strategic locations and trade routes.  Of course, their ultimate goal is to exert absolute control over the world community of nations.


Global Population Explosion Marks the End of the Kali Yuga

Back to the population explosion which began with the development of energy supplies which became so plentiful that the Industrial Revolution catapulted civilization into a whole new realm.

“The surest sign of the end of any age is the population explosion which inevitably occurs throughout its final days. This single development, along with all the other forms of inexorable, profound and fundamental societal deterioration, always lead to the same final sequence of events. With over seven billion people currently inhabiting the planet, there is only one outcome that can be expected, and it is only a matter of when that outcome will manifest.”
(Source: Global Population Explosion Signifies the End of the Modern Era)

Let’s look at the current state of affairs: The 7 billion residents and counting are now all going in different directions.  Real community in the West has all but left the patriarchal reservation just as countless communities throughout the Western civilization have essentially disintegrated. Everyone now does their own thing, right or wrong, agreeable or offensive.  The pervasive permissive society rules the day every day and virtually everywhere.  The insufferable regime of political correctness and the ubiquitous thought police are a reflection of the permissiveness which will eventually be accepted by everyone.

In such a climate, the perceived ‘rights’ of the individual have overwhelmed the greater good of society to the extent that the greater good has been relegated to a relatively low status.  In this manner has the devolution of society occurred both incrementally and imperceptibly.  The social fabric of America, for instance, is now so torn to shreds it is barely recognizable just as the U.S. Constitution has been relentlessly shredded.

What created the hospitable environment for the degradation of society to occur so quickly?

The Mayan Long Count Calendar Tells The Story

There is actually a confluence of powerful circumstances which have conspired to accelerate the current downward spiral.  As a matter of fact, the Mayan Long Count Calendar (MLCC) quite presciently predicts the collapse of civilization as we know it.  The various creation cycles (as illustrated by the MLCC) evolve in a way whereby each one moves substantially faster than the previous cycle.  For example, we are now cruising through the Galactic Creation Cycle (GCC) on the way to the Universal Creation Cycle (UCC).  The GCC roughly aligns with the Internet Age.  It will be followed by the UCC which will unfold in a manner that will be too much and too fast for most to bear.

The present Age of Information effectively began in 1995 when the Internet really started to gain prominence throughout the USA and Europe.  This single development would soon change the way we all live, work and play.  It would also provide access to an enormous amount of information and data to every digitally connected person.  More significantly, countless portals into vast libraries of  mundane knowledge and spiritual wisdom have also been made available to the masses.

With these meteoric changes taking place on the planet while the Earth itself is undergoing a massive transformation, there is now the inherent potential for many things to jump off without warning.  Unanticipated monumental events will now happen when least expected.  The number and intensity of these unpredictable occurrences are occurring because the entire space-time continuum is undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts.  In fact it is re-conforming itself to a new kind of consciousness that has been slowly emerging but is now quickening.   Don’t you feel it?

Don’t you experience more and more of these cosmic birth pangs with each passing day?  It’s as though the morphogenetic field of this plane of existence is experiencing a major reboot with a whole new operating system.  As this process continues to intensify over the next few years, the Universal Creation Cycle will eventually kick in.  At that point it will seem as if time and space are fast approaching the Omega Point or a zero point moment.  Some have even proposed that an event horizon type event will take place in order to swiftly catapult the resonant frequency of the Earth into a new range known as 4th or 5th Density.  All of this occurs as the vibration of humanity is consistently being raised through an influx of powerful cosmic rays which have been saturating the entire Solar System.


Observe the tightening of the evolutionary spiral which eventually reaches the Omega Point

The Kali Yuga has a way (just look around) — of insidiously lowering the vibration of the planet because of how complex and confusing, difficult and wearing life has become. Traditional society is literally dissolving via so many different vectors of moral depravity and cultural degeneracy.  The fatally flawed paradigms which undergird the entire civilization are all collapsing under the weight of their collective defects and deficiencies.

As a result, faith in the System is quickly breaking down.  Confidence is the structures and institutions is waning.  Trust in those who administer those institutions — the establishment — is diminishing faster than they can process it or manage it.  Those who have methodically manipulated humanity over millennia have been exposed for everyone to see.  As such, belief in the System is now diminishing by the day.  Group loyalty to the reigning political and social, financial and economic, scientific and academic institutions is dwindling rapidly as individual conviction declines.

In light of these profound and fundamental fractures and fluxes throughout the planetary civilization, the worst of Kali Yuga has broken out into the open for all to see.  Not only is the underbelly being exposed as never before, the workings of the World Shadow Government (WSG) are being laid bare for close examination … by every person who cares to via the Internet.  In so doing every individual has become a potential lightworker who may choose to, or not to, anchor the sublime and rarefied light that is now suffusing the Earth realm.


Which brings us to exactly: “Where We Are”… in the universe

Just where is Planet Earth, our Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy?  Exactly where is our blue orb located within the material Universe?

The graphic above shows the Milky Way Galaxy right in the middle of this map of the Universe.  Of course, it was placed there because that is the frame of reference provided by the strategically located observatories and high-powered telescopes which assisted in the mapping process.   Regardless of why the Milky Way was situated dead center, this just happens to be an accurate depiction of Earth’s location relative to the Universe.  Our galaxy is situated very much toward the center of our Universe, which is ‘forever’ expanding outward into the Great Void.  Eventually that outward expansion will hit the proverbial wall and then the Universe will begin to contract the same way it expanded. The time that it takes for the entire cosmic breath — both in-breathe and out-breath — to transpire is approximately 34.5 billion years.  Both the expansion and contraction phases are equal in duration at about 17.25 billion years.

The Universe will eventually be reabsorbed into the Void whereupon it will exist as pure, unchanging Consciousness for the same amount of time as it became manifest.  In this way the cosmic “blink of Brahma” — Brahma being the Creator — takes place with unwavering cosmic regularity. Whenever Brahma opens his eyes the world appears; when he closes them, it disappears. All the while numerous races of humanity are born and deceased.  Each successive grouping of humanity begins where the previous one left off.  Sometimes there is a greater degree of involution into matter taking place, other times it is an evolution out of materialism that occurs.

Just as the human being is made in the image and likeness of the Supreme Being, so, too, is the entire Cosmos.  The Cosmic Being has actually taken the form of the Universe so that each part represents the various parts of his body of Supreme Consciousness.  Because Supreme Consciousness is the ultimate source of the stuff of Creation, the whole Universe owes its manifestation to that ONE, which is also known as the Supreme Self or THAT.  Known as TAT in Sanskrit, this portrayal of Supreme Consciousness is not only the very ground of being, but all that manifests from THAT as well.

The following diagram of the “One Universe” represents an Eastern perspective of this concept.  Since the elaboration of the illustration is far beyond the scope of this essay, the primary reason for its inclusion is to show where Earth is located relative to the seven major planes of existence (or lokas) above and seven major planes that are below.  Also known as Bhūrloka, the Earth is located right in the middle of the Universe.

Furthermore, Earth or Bhūrloka is known to be a plane of existence where both love and hate, good and evil can be experienced in equal measure.  Because it is situated right in the middle of Universe it is equidistant from the highest Heaven and lowest Hell.  Given this unique position in the cosmological firmament, it is also a domain where love can be experienced as in no other realm–physical, ethereal or otherwise.  Hence, it is understood by the ancients that human birth is a highly valued incarnation as the Earth offers the primary setting in which to attain perfect Self-realization.

Our Universe-1

The Universe can best be described as the Body of the Supreme Being.  When He is placed within His Creation, He might appear as “The Vitruvian Man” of Leonardo Da Vince fame circumscribed by the Cosmic Egg.  The representational image below closely portrays the way in which the Supreme Being is conformed within His creation.  Hence, the Milky Way Galaxy would be located on His belly button.  The moon above His head is analogous to Sahasrara which is also known as the crown chakra that causes the halo of the Christian saints and Hindu siddhas, Hebrew mystics and Sufi masters.


Click on The Vitruvian Man to enlarge.

What does any of this discussion have to do with why the world is going crazy?

Because, if the people of the world don’t even know what time it is, or where they are, then what else could be expected.

If folks everywhere don’t even know where they are located in God’s Creation, that severe deficit of knowledge can be pretty unsettling just as not knowing what time it really is can be.

However, the much more important questions, which are really driving a whole bunch of people so crazy that they are pushing many into drugs and alcohol and particularly the Internet to find the answers.  For many seekers the following two questions have been answered by philosophers and theologians, priest and rabbis, ministers and mentors who simply did not have the correct answers.  It’s important to point out that the most significant of inquiries about life are rarely asked by the vast majority of human beings. That, right there, poses a HUGE problem for the rest of humanity.

How many ever genuinely ask themselves: “Why am I here?”  Not just pose the question for a cursory intellectual answer; rather, perpetually posit it as a lifelong pursuit of deep self-inquiry.

Then there is the much more profound and meaningful question: “Who am I?”

Herein lies the root of the problem to today’s pervasive End-time Madness.  Very few folks have ever asked these questions in earnest and consequently they are moved about like tug boats on the turbulent open sea.

Now we’re getting very close to the deeper issue.  You see, when so few people even have the curiosity about themselves and their own lives, how will they ever pursue the truths in the outer mundane world?  Why will they ever seek the truths of the Universe or real facts of life on Earth*, if they don’t even care to know themselves, where they are from, and where they might be going.

*This is why so many people don’t even know or care about toxic chemtrails being sprayed in their skies. Chemtrail Syndrome: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

When there is no spiritual curiosity, all of one’s pursuits in the material world are made in vain.  When a person only works for themselves and not for the greater glory of God or Brahman or Allah or Yahweh or whoever their Supreme Being is, their work is inferior and tainted with ego.  The art world is a perfect example where this is so. Just look at all the modern art that is produced which completely lacks inspiration, divine or otherwise. Listen to all the songs on the radio and feel all the low vibrations and hear all the cacophonous sounds.  Watching so many movies that come out of Hollywood one will viscerally experience the utter depravity and sheer degeneracy of the society they reflect.

None of that so-called artful creativity passes for real art.  Real art is a reflection of the Divine in His/Her Creation. True artwork of any kind ought to magnify the greatest qualities of humanity and most beautiful parts of Creation.  That’s not to say a truly inspired artist cannot find inspiration in a junkyard because that can, and does, happen.  It is always the sacred feeling and sublime intention that infuses any type of art.  When the Almighty is present in the work, it is inspired artwork.


Goddess Kali

Now we’re getting somewhere.

You see, when there are 7 billion plus people running around who have not a clue about who they are, why they are here, or what to do while they are here, things will only go from bad to worse.

Now this is actually the way that the Kali Yuga has been set up, so there’s no need to worry.   The slowly turning screw of the Kali Yuga is made to tighten — inexorably — so that at critical points as many people as possible will eventually wake up. In other words the utter craziness and sheer madness of life on Earth can either drive people to drink or drive them to know God.   That is kind of where the beatniks and hippies got started on their spiritual journeys during the 1950s, 1960s and 70s.  The post World War II beatniks, for instance, completely rejected the emerging Consumer Society and went full-bore countercultural and nonconforming, just as their junior hippies went totally anti-establishment and iconoclastic.

Fast forward to 2016 and now we see a considerable increase in the societal chaos and political mayhem.  The Generation X, Y and Z folks are getting their taste of this BIG time as are the younger millennials.  It’s their turn to feel the heat as the Western nations struggle with the twin plights of economic depressions and mass migration.  Whether the exodus is spurred by a refugee crisis or violent drug cartels, the influx of illegal aliens has increased joblessness.  Many countries have been pushed to serious levels of unemployment, a predicament which is certain to get much worse before it gets better. The governments and corporations are both responding in their reflexive and often inappropriate ways thereby making matters much worse.  The upsurge of outright government repression and covert corporate tyranny will inevitably push We the People to a point of revolution.

In the meantime, while those of us who have been there done that are patiently waiting, this whole worldwide drama just keeps getting crazier by the day.

EGOs — LOTs of the Craziest EGOs Now Running The Asylum

But why is the world seemingly getting crazier than ever, especially during 2015?

What else should be expected when the craziest among are really running the asylum.  By the way all of those crazymakers are completely immersed in their out-of-control EGOs!

It really does all come down to ego … egoism … egotism … egocentricity … egotistical orientation, etc.

With this type of abiding orientation toward the world and life, there is rarely any pursuit of truth among many in Western societies. Subsequently, many become literally addicted to deception. When so many are addicted to deception, they can be mind-controlled and brainwashed into accepting a highly substandard and decadent way of life.  Through the instigation of fear the same people can be stampeded into wars and conflicts, battles and skirmishes. And so they are … just about any place paid mercenaries are needed to impose democracy at the barrel of a gun.

When a large group of egocentric people are concentrated in one country say like the USA, what that one group does or doesn’t do, can have far-reaching effects.  Especially when the leaders of the powerful countries are so taken over by the lower impulses and urges of the ego will things get completely out of hand like they did in ’15.

Moreover, because the American people have not taken sufficient responsibility for the state of their nation, and are in deep denial about the true condition of the world which they have contributed to, they have become a serious part of the problem instead of the solution.  They quite precariously allow their government to use their tax dollars to wage unprovoked wars in their name.  Then they vote for the same murderers and thieves year after year always expecting something to change.

Talk about “Addicted to Deception”!

How can things not be crazy when so many people are totally addicted to deception? This is a crucial question.  Every reader ought to pose this question to themselves while in deep mediation. They should also deeply contemplate the ramifications associated with their own state, particularly the degree to which they, too, might be thoroughly addicted to deception.

An Urgent Message for the New Age Prophets: Especially those who foretell a Golden Age that is coming ‘tomorrow’


Warning from Kali, Presiding Deity of the Kali Yuga

When Kali entered the king’s court just prior to the ending of the previous Bronze Age, he held in his hand two organs.  Each of them represented the destructive excesses which would occur during the approaching Kali Yuga.  He warned all who were present that it would be most difficult to control these two organs throughout the coming Age of Conflict. However, those who were successful would be fortunate well beyond any worldly hope or spiritual expectation.

So the story goes that those who become disciplined as a yogi and used the organs for good purposes would be saved from the ravages of the endless cycle of birth and death.

What might those two organs be that are capable of slaying all of humanity through their overindulgence and careless use?

The two tongues are in fact the most dangerous and the most benevolent in all the land.  Not only the tongue in the mouth that sends out barbs through hateful speech; but also the one between the legs which causes all manner of problems both in and outside of the home.  Each can also be used quite beneficently as well: one to sing the praises of the Lord, the other to create precious human life.

Nevertheless, the real reason why Kali Yuga is so wild and crazy is because most souls are simply unable to hold these two organs in check. As follows:

A wise man once said that 99.999999999% of what most people speak or talk about is nothing but mental diarrhea.  Perhaps that’s why the most common phrase heard growing up was: “You’re full of sh*t!”  Likewise, calling everyone on their BS was also a very common pastime as in “That’s BS!”.   Telling your adversary that he was so full of sh*t that the whites of his eyes were brown is another indication about the travails of the Iron Age.  Truly, the prevalence of falsehood and fallacy is as overwhelming as it is inescapable.

jeZHZdQ*Not only are cows ignorantly slaughtered and eaten worldwide throughout the Kali Yuga, countries like Spain mercilessly torture bulls during bull fights.

Like the Kali said, in the Kali Yuga the 4th leg of the bull — the leg which stands for TRUTH — would be broken, meaning that falsehood would reign supreme across the land. Not only would falsity come to dominate truth, fiction would overrule the facts.  Hence, a civilization which grows up in this manner is assured a full-blown Phoenix experience at the end of this evolutionary road.

“What else could be expected during this age of falsehood? An age when the “fourth leg of the bull has been broken“, symbolizing the demise of truth and the reign of falsehood. Welcome to the Kali Yuga! An age literally defined by wars, rumors of war, and threats of war. In keeping with the age, most of those wars are actually started with a multitude of lies and falsehoods associated with the false flag operations that trigger them.”
(Source: KALI YUGA: Age of Quarrel and Conflict)

The Kali did say that this Age of Quarrel would have some very redeeming aspects as well. For instance, if the tongue was properly held and then only used to pray and repeat the Name of God, a spiritual aspirant could greatly advance on their path back to the Godhead. He also said that conserving the energy of the lower organ can likewise be used for great and unparalleled spiritual advancement.  Through the consistent sublimation of those energies the whole being can be purified and therefore be utilized as a temple in which to commune with God.  After all, the Kingdom of God does lie deep within each and every human being in the sacrosanct cave of the Heart.

Is there an easy antidote to overcoming the wretched human condition during the Kali Yuga?

Because ego is so predominant everywhere you look, it is easy to fall into the groove of egotistical work and play.  As a counteracting dynamic, anyone can practice offering their work, their play, their prepared food, their children, their home and cars, their sufferings and their joys, their achievements and losses, their good times and bad times, their heart and mind, body and soul, etc. to great GOD, the Giver of Life.  In this way there is a humble acknowledgment that it is not you who are the doer, it is the Divine who does it all. Then there is nothing to ever take credit for.  Everything happens only according to and by the power of the Most High.  Doership can be overcome in this manner.

This simple spiritual practice may sound too easy to do, but its power to effectuate an inner transformation is inestimable.  Who would have ever thought that by just offering everything back to Lord there is no bondage.  Just by performing all of one’s actions for the Lord, instead of for one’s selfish motive, are they liberated from both good and bad karma alike.

Most do not realize, but good karma is as binding as bad karma in this plane if existence. You will still have to go to heaven to receive the just rewards of your good karma, or come back down here to Earth to experience those results of those merits.  One way or another the jaws of karma will always leave their mark.

Now you know what in the world is really going on down here.

Yes, there is even a book now that goes by the title “Last Days Madness”Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.32.29 AM and a subtitle “Obsession of the Modern Church”.  Is it any wonder that so many would be thoroughly preoccupied with eschatological matters given that the state of the world mirrors the various prophetic scriptures of all the major religions of the world?

That such a state of affairs was predicted to prevail across the planet is a testament to everything that is written in this essay.   Whether the current global predicament is more self-fulfilling prophecy or true divine prophecy is really immaterial.  All that matters right now is where we are as a civilization, and where we may be going very soon.

Clearly, when whole nations and groups of nations are in a race to the bottom, something is quite wrong (and alarming) indeed.  Likewise, the political theater of life provides daily dramas whereby leaders of every stripe are also in a fast and furious hurry to get to the same bottom.  It’s almost as though they are hard-wired to crash and burn no matter what. As a matter of fact, the whole firmament of high-profile characters and very public stars seems to be fraught with actors whose death wish is greater than their life wish.

The greatest of these, on the archetypal level, is that of the Phoenix.  There is perhaps no greater example of the “crash and burn” motif than the Firebird.  For it is the Phoenix that is known since time immemorial for its cyclical ritual of self-immolation by fire, only to rise from its ashes reborn and renewed.

This is really why so many are caught up in their own version of End-Time Madness.  They feel that something very BIG is getting close but they can’t quite put their finger on it. Because it looms so large in their unconscious and/or subconscious, it constantly presses them to understand the enormity and profundity of what is shortly to occur.  Not knowing exactly what it is that lurks in the planetary shadows, gives them reason to pause, but only long enough to break away from their lives of once quiet (but now loud–see Internet) desperation.


Lord Kalki: The End-Time Avatar

Although not widely known Lord Kalki has come and gone from the stage of Planet Earth. For those uninitiated in the Vedas or Hindu cosmogony, the Kali Yuga ends with the final incarnation of Lord Vishnu during this 60,000 year epoch.  As he is commonly known throughout the East, Lord Kalki appeared on Earth during the second half of the 20th century.  Because of his global mission, thousands of souls the world over received divine initiation, as they continue to.

Lord Kalki: His Appearance Signifies the End of the Kali Yuga

The significance of the timing of his departure is now being seriously reconsidered.  Like the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son (Jesus the Christ), and the Holy Spirit in the form of a “Mary Sophia”, a 21st century Vajrayogini has been empowered to expand on the mass awakening of human consciousness which was begun by Lord Kalki. Hence, the Kalki Oversoul may very well represent a Triumvirate of  three separate divine incarnations. That venerable Triumvirate is represented by 3 of the greatest God-realized beings to walk the Earth over the past 6000 years.  The last and remaining of these three deities continues to exist in this earthly domain as the full manifestation of the Tridevi—the Divine Mother as the Goddesses Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Because of this unparalleled divine global mission — in the very depths of the Kali Yuga — to raise both individual and planetary spiritual awareness, the world has been transformed in the most profound and fundamental ways.  For this reason an extraordinarily spiritual entity was needed to save humanity from itself.  For it is always during those times when unrighteousness and materialism predominates across the land that the Lord incarnates however He so chooses to uplift and enlighten His devotees.  It is important to note that those devotees and disciples come from all of the world’s mystical spiritual traditions to include Christian and Buddhist, Hindu and Sufi, Kabbalah and Sikh, and Jain and Bahá’í .

Nonetheless, as a home to a multitude of souls — both young and old souls alike — Earth is populated by a vast array of human beings as well as not-so-human beings.  The extent to which their energies have coalesced and resisted the newly emerging spiritual paradigms is reflected in the tensions and conflicts which abound everywhere.  The old ways are never given up easily, particularly when so many have a vested interest in their continuation.


Kalki Avatar

As a result, only an Avatar as supremely powerful as Lord Kalki was destined to come to lead the way into the New Age.  A Mahavishnu Avatar was specifically needed at this critical juncture because such a being cannot be thwarted in His mission; He’s always guaranteed a successful outcome and will never be harmed or injured.  Lord Kalki also accomplishes such a divinely ordained mission with the support of so many devotees whose dedication to the holy cause is as ardent as it is stalwart.

The Middle East, World War III, Armageddon & The Apocalypse 

There’s an old saying:

“Only when there is peace in the Middle East,
can there be peace throughout the world.”

(Source: The Chosen People: Israel, ‘Christian’ Zionism and the Middle East Crisis)

Therefore, all eyes are now on the cradle of civilization which is also where the East meets the West in the Middle East.  It is no accident or coincidence that Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya and Palestine are under constant assault by the Western powers.  This is where the final battle of Consciousness is being fought.  It is also why the original Armageddon (Tel Megiddo) is located in the same region near Haifa, Israel.  This general location known as the Levant has been prophesied to be the battleground site of an era-ending war to end all wars.

Jewish Teen Utters Prophecy Received On Sukkot 2015, Day Of The 4th Blood Moon

Likewise, that John the Elder wrote the Book of Revelation on the Greek isle of Patmos off the coast of Turkey is also no quirk of fate.  Perhaps his apocalyptic visions were a series of precognitions of what was to transpire throughout the Mideast during the first two decades of the Third Millennium.  Quite remarkably, a new Greek prophet has recently emerged who has had similar things to say about the same End Times.

Greek Monk Prophecy & The Third World War

Lastly, we come to The Apocalypse.  An apocalypse is an unveiling or revelation of the truth.

An apocalypse (Ancient Greekἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning “uncovering”), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden.[1]

In the Book of Revelation it was John of Patmos recounted his experiences in which truth was made accessible through extraordinary and revelatory interior visions.

In the Book of Revelation (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰωάννου, Apokalypsis Ioannou – literally, John’s Revelation), the last book of the New Testament, the revelation which John receives is that of the ultimate victory of good over evil and the end of the present age, and that is the primary meaning of the term, one that dates to 1175.[1]

This meaning is far different than the modern-day understanding whereby The Apocalypse is described as follows:

Today, it is commonly used in reference to any prophetic revelation or so-called end time scenario, or to the end of the world in general.[1]


In closing, this is truly why the world is going crazy; people feel it’s the end because of the breakneck speed at which society is breaking down.  Many residents of Planet Earth now really do believe that it’s all over.  Where the signs used to read “The End Is Nigh”, they now read “The End Is Here”.  However, it is not the end of the world that is here, it is the end of the “Old World” consciousness that is soon to be history.  And there are very good reasons why this must be so.

The Biosphere itself will soon be rendered uninhabitable were the current societal trajectories to be permitted to continue on their self-destructive paths into oblivion.  There has been an environmental Armageddon going on for many decades, just as the people of the planet have been weathering a health Apocalypse.  It is really that simple.  Were the certified crazymakers who currently run the world (into the ground) allowed to continue, the whole place would soon become toast.

Fortunately, the forces for good are always much more powerful than the forces of evil especially at the end of the various eras.  In the present case this Kali Yuga looks like things are not going to end well for anyone.  However, even as those who rule the realm refuse to relinquish their hold on the planet, there are mighty forces at work ready to ensure that the necessary transformation of Earth will take place as scheduled.  With each passing day the dark side will have no choice but to convert as the light persists in exposing an almost 6000 year crime spree.

Therefore, take heart and be strong during these final days so that you can proudly wear your new t-shirt:


Cosmic Convergence Resource Group
January 1, 2016

Author’s Note

For those who want more insight into the current planetary predicament the following essay is both unique and penetrating in its historical analysis.

The Final War of the Iron Age

Editor’s Note

With this vital understanding provided, the following additional explanation is offered for those who feel that Planet Earth is on the cusp of an earth-shaking event.  Each link is identical to the others even though the titles are all different.  Choosing the title that resonates the most is probably the best way to proceed.  For anyone who chooses not to click on any of the links below, it would be a good idea to, at the very least, read:

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[1]  Apocalypse

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