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Octagon And The Templar Banksters

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 6:57
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Octagon And The Templar Banksters


The Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octagon (Octogon) in Switzerland seem to be the core of the Global octopus of ruling elites with their tentacles reaching into every crook and cranny of “our” world.  These Pharaonic Templar Bankers of Switzerland and their 5th Column Masonic minions around the world seem to be poised for some major world changing events to begin unfolding this year.

Thanks to, Sean Hross for his excellent work and heavy price paid in the form of harrassment, incarceration, physical and mental abuse and torture, the loss of a son, pets and property, for exposing the dark and hidden nature of an ancient ruling Elite that are the bloodlines of the Pharaohs ftom Egypt. The following videos will reveal a lot of information that most of us have never been exposed to before about the history and nature of the people who rule our world.

I can’t say that I embrace everything that is presented in these videos but these folks do bring a great deal of valuable information to the table. There are plenty of valuable puzzle pieces within these videos. You will have to filter as you see fit, however these perspectives will help, a lot, to bring this puzzle together into a more comprehensible picture.

These Ruling Pharaohs, the Global Elite, see us as their slaves and property, to do with as they please.  They have usurpted authority and control away from us through deceit and fraud as we blindly accepted their endless empty promises to manage things for us.  Always saying,  “Don’t worry, we have your best interests in mind.  We’ll take care of everything for you….you just run along and enjoy yourselves. We’ve got you covered.”,  all the while stealing everything they could imagine.  Now they are almost ready to announce their total and absolute take over and control of the planet and everything on it. 

Out of Babylon and Egypt came Lucifer’s occult mystery religions and out of them has come forth the Pharaonic/Pharacaic hybrid precursers to the coming global religion.  Pharaonic….Pharacaic…..Israel (not all Judaics, only the Judaic Zionist, Luciferian Talmudic Jews), comes out of Egypt and the mystery religion schools, corrupted with Luciferian Pharaonic attitudes, beliefs and practices, weaving their Luciferian beliefs (Talmudic Kabaalism….their traditions of men),(hundreds of ridiculous laws and bizzar practices, circumcision blood letting etc., etc.), into the pure truths GOD tried to give to them.  They wondered in the wilderness for 40 years while GOD attempted to cleanse them of their Luciferian/Pharaonic/Ka”baal”istic/Occult ways, never to be fully restored to their original relationship with GOD. 

Much of the those Luciferian ways have corrupted and usurpted all three of the monotheistic religions of today with the goal of forming a hybrid Global Super Religion made for all of mankind out of what’s left of the great struggle between civilizations that are soon to climax.  Lucifer’s very own religious/economic/governmental ruling system……The Beast.  A system rising up as a “Phoenix” out of the ashes and chaos of the coming engineered conflicts and conflagrations…..the coming great Holocaust, or great burning sacrifices of GOD’s creation to the pathetic lord, Lucifer. 

It’s a horrific picture that these Luciferian rulers have planned, but they are getting quite excited about the coming events. They think they are about to realize their’s and their lord’s dream of a “Thousand Year Reign” over the earth. 

The picture becomes much clearer as the many pieces of this Luciferian puzzle come together. Octagon(Octogon), Hyper-cube, Black Cube, Saturn-Satan,  ( /alternative/2015/09/the-black-cube-saturn-occult-symbolism-and-satan-3216602.html),  Shadow Government, Hidden Hand, Black Nobility, Black Pope, Jesuit/Knights of Malta/Freemason/Mason/B’nai B’rith, Kaaba in Meca, Telfin black boxes on foreheads,  Noahide Law,  Cannon Law,  Sharia Law,  Egypt,  Reptile, Serpentine,  ISIS,  Horus, Seth,  ISIL, CIA/MI6/MI5/MOSSAD/ISI,  ODT/O2T/Waterboarding,  SRA/MKULTRA,  Anunnaki/Nephilim/Molok/Molock/Molek, Baal, circumcision/blood letting sacrifices,  Amon Ra…”Amen” Ra,  IS-RA-EL/ZION/ZIONISM, Kazaaria/Kazaars/Ukrane,  Atlas/Titan/Pitch Fork,  Ashkenazi/NAZI/NAtional ZIonism …..etc., etc.

Pull into this puzzle the info from these videos, the info from Steve Quayle’s new book “Empire Beneath The Ice”, much of the data about the “Greater Israel Project”, “Synagogue of Satan” Zionism and we now have almost all of the major pieces to this puzzle. There are many smaller puzzles within the Grand Master Plan Puzzle but the big picture is really starting to come together. 

More pieces of the puzzle:








Published on Dec 31, 2015

The “fruits”of the oxygen deprivation experiments in the Nazi concentration camps still being used today on political prisoners in fascist Switzerland.… IFrame



The above video is a little behind the times with the Bundy situation but the historical data and how it it all fits together is useful.



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