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Russia’s Mysterious ‘Ark Of Gabriel’ Weapon – Now On Route To Antartica

Friday, January 1, 2016 13:41
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Ark 1


It is getting increasingly difficult to argue there is something very powerful, mystifying, ancient, dangerous, or all four combined located in the antarctic.

A recent post of mine 2 days ago titled, Ruins of an Ancient City With a Storied Past Surface in Antarctica has garnished a tremendous amount of attention being viewed well over 50,000 at different sites the article is posted in only 2 days.

The reason? That particular article deals with ancient pyramids discovered in Antarctica, a map of Antarctica that’s been around since long before the time of Christ that depicts Antarctica under the ice sheet to perfection (something that should be impossible because it’s been millions of years since there was no ice sheet, and man hasn’t been here millions of years), reveals tales of mythical giants who carved out giant caverns millennia ago all the way to the Island of Malta allegedly using modern technology, and the article fuses all that with the Nazi’s obsession and the mysterious US Operation known as Highjump that put nearly 5000 U.S. military personnel along with every resource available at the time into the Navy’s disposal in the hands of Admiral Richard Byrd, the Operations Leader of the U.S. Naval in Antarctic. 

Many people of a Christian faith can draw the conclusion that the “giants” in ancient mythology and discussed in the Book of Genesis: Chapter 6 where in fact real beings that occupied the earth in those days. There is much to suggest these beings WERE real, but that topic is for another day.

The topic for TODAY, is that that the Russians have shown extreme interest in the location and its lore, because they are shipping an ancient artifact of “critical military-religious” significance known as the “Ark Of Gabriel” there. 



Worryingly raising the concerns of the Saudi’s and the Grand Mosque emissaries, the report went on to confirm that when this mysterious “device/weapon” was discovered on 12th September by a 15-man tunnel digging crew, who in their attempting to remove this mysterious mystical ‘weapon’ were instantly killed by a huge“ plasma emission” In fact it was so powerful that it ejected from the ground toppling a construction crane killing, at least, another 107 people in the surrounding area.

Straight after the catastrophic death toll caused by the Saudi’s second attempt to remove this mysterious “device/weapon”, the report goes on to say that His Holiness Patriarch Kirill was then contacted by the Grand Mosque emissaries in regards to one of the oldest Islamic manuscripts possessed by the Russian Orthodox Church that was saved from the Roman Catholic Crusaders in 1204 when they sacked the Church of Holy Wisdom (which is now known as Hagia Sophia) in Constantinople (present day Istanbul, Turkey)which was titled “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad”.



There isn’t a human being on earth right now that would not acknowledge that religions and their differences are causing enormous rifts within human culture, and radial beliefs by some have resulted in  MILLIONS being murdered over the millennia.

What do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have in common? THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. What is this device called? “Ark Of Gabriel”




According to

Gabriel plays an important role in the religious texts of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

The founder of Islam, the prophet Muhammad, said that Gabriel appeared to him to dictate the entire Qur’an. In Al Baqarah 2:97, the Qur’an declares: “Who is an enemy to Gabriel! For he brings down the (revelation) to thy heart by God’s will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings for those who believe.” In the Hadith, Gabriel again appears to Muhammad and quizzes him about Islam’s tenets.

Muslims believe that Gabriel gave the prophet Abraham a stone known as the Black Stone of Kaaba; Muslims who travel on pilgrimages to Mecca, Saudi Arabia kiss that stone.

Muslims, Jews, and Christians all believe that Gabriel delivered news of the upcoming births of three famous religious figures: Isaac, John the Baptist, and Jesus Christ. So people sometimes associate Gabriel with childbirth, adoption, and raising children.

Jewish tradition says that Gabriel instructs babies before they’re born. In the Torah, Gabriel interprets the prophet Daniel’s visions, saying in Daniel 9:22 that he has come to give Daniel “insight and understanding.” Jews believe that, in heaven, Gabriel stands besides God’s throne at God’s left hand. God sometimes charges Gabriel with expressing his judgment against sinful people, Jewish beliefs say, as God did when he sent Gabriel to use fire to destroy the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that were filled with wicked people.

Christians often think of Gabriel informing  the Virgin Mary that God has chosen her to become the mother of Jesus Christ.

The Bible quotes Gabriel as telling Mary in Luke 1:30-31: “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High.” During the same visit, Gabriel informs Mary of her cousin Elizabeth’s pregnancy with John the Baptist. Mary’s response to Gabriel’s news in Luke 1:46-55 became the words to a famous Catholic prayer called “The Magnificat,” which begins: “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my savior.” Christian tradition says that Gabriel will be the angel God chooses to blow a horn to wake the dead on Judgment Day.

The Bahai faith says that Gabriel is one of God’s manifestations sent to give people, like the prophet Bahá’u'lláh, wisdom.

Other Religious Roles

People from some Christian denominations, such as the Catholic and Orthodox churches, consider Gabriel a saint. He serves as the patron saint of journalists, teachers, clergy people, diplomats, ambassadors, and postal workers.







The article reports:

A shocking report which was apparently produced by the Russian Ministry Of Defence (MOD) has been circulating around the Kremlin.  This mind boggling report states that two satellites of the Aerospace Forces, are being used for the protection of the Russian Federation military research vessel, Admiral Vladimisky, which has recently left the Saudi Arabian Port of Jeddah, apparently taking on board with it a mysterious object called the “Ark Of Gabriel”

According to the report President Putin has deemed this object to be that important that he has called in naval warships, including guided missile cruiser Varyag, the Sovremennyy-class destroyer Bystry, Boris Chilikin-class fleet oiler Boris Butoma, and the powerful salvage tug Alatau that upon the ending of their current mission in India, they are to rendezvous with the Admiral Vladimisky in the Southern Ocean providing it protection as it sails to Antarctica – clearly whatever this “Ark” is, it is of a huge significance to the Russian President.

The report apparently confirmed that the mission started after the contacting on 25 September of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow by representatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, regarding a mysterious ancient “device/weapon” discovered under the Masjid al-Haram Mosque (the Grand Mosque) during what has turned into an extremely controversial and top secret construction project which originally began in 2014 – something has clearer got the Russian Presidents immediate attention.

Please see image below of the apparent construction site:

Ark 2



The report apparently states that the Admiral Vladimisky research vessel began this top secret mission on the 6th November 2015 when it deported from Kronstadt on the Federation’s first Antarctica expedition in 30 years – most bizarrely the MOD described the object on board the ship as “critical military-religious” significance!?  Another very strange aspect of this was that it was also mentioned that the ship’s cargo will also include ‘capsules with Russian soil which will be placed in the areas of military glory and burial sites of Russian sailors at selected ports of call’ – Could this mean that whatever is on board this ship is potentially going to kill a number of Russian military personnel !?

This intense military project all started after the representatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, contacting His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow about the supposedly ancient “device/weapon” discovered under the Masjid al-Haram Mosque (Grand Mosque) during what has turned into a very controversial construction project begun in 2014 (please see image above).  This almost comes across as if the Saudi’s were far too nervous to try to move this unknown object by themselves, hence the Russian involvement – As you can imagine the construction work under one of the most important areas of the world for the Islamic religion was frowned upon by many!

Worryingly raising the concerns of the Saudi’s and the Grand Mosque emissaries, the report went on to confirm that when this mysterious “device/weapon” was discovered on 12th September by a 15-man tunnel digging crew, who in their attempting to remove this mysterious mystical ‘weapon’ were instantly killed by a huge“plasma emission” In fact it was so powerful that it ejected from the ground toppling a construction crane killing, at least, another 107 people in the surrounding area.

Ark 3

The ‘Ark Of Gabriele’ apparently caused a massive plasma storm killing many whilst attending the Mecca for prayer services.

Coincidence or not, the report goes on to note/warn about the fact that barely a fortnight after the first attempt to remove this mysterious “device/weapon” was made on 12th September, a second attempt was then made on the 24th September which killed over 4,000 due to another huge “plasma emission” which put tens-of-thousands in panic.  The Saudi officials then decided to blame this devastating situation on a stampede.



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Ark 4

Just what has Putin got involved with!?

Straight after the catastrophic death toll caused by the Saudi’s second attempt to remove this mysterious “device/weapon”, the report goes on to say that His Holiness Patriarch Kirill was then contacted by the Grand Mosque emissaries in regards to one of the oldest Islamic manuscripts possessed by the Russian Orthodox Church that was saved from the Roman Catholic Crusaders in 1204 when they sacked the Church of Holy Wisdom (which is now known as Hagia Sophia) in Constantinople (present day Istanbul, Turkey)which was titled “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad”.

It is rather important to note, that this apparent report explains something which is pretty much virtually unknown in the West, was the fact that the Roman Catholic Crusades were not only against the growing Islamic faith, it was also against those having Russian Orthodox faith too, and this is why, during the crusades, the Russian Orthodox Church not only protected their own religious libraries from being destroyed, but also those belonging to Muslims – there was a great unity at the time between the Russian Orthodox church and the Muslims

The contents of this ancient Islamic manuscript, which has an intriguing heading of “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad”, this report briefly notes, it centres around a group of instructions given to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel in a cave called Hira, located on the mountain called Jabal an-Nour, near Mecca, wherein this heavenly being entrusted into Muhammad’s care a “box/ark” of “immense power” he was forbidden to use as it apparently belonged to God and God only, and was, instead, to be buried in a shrine at the “place of worship the Angels used before the creation of man” until its future uncovering in the days of Yawm al-Qīyāmah, or Qiyâmah, which means literally “Day of the Resurrection” – could we be building up to yet another end of the world scenario?!?

Ark 5



What could the mysterious Ark release on to the planet

Interestingly the MOD report hardly mentions about any conversations held between His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and the emissaries of the Grand Mosque in regards to this mysterious “Ark Of Gabriel”, however what it does clearly acknowledge that when President Putin was first made aware of this grave situation, on the 27th September, the leader of Russia immediately contacted his senior military personnel and ordered the mission to Antarctica for the Admiral Vladimisky research vessel – Even more intriguing was the fact that 3 days later, on the 30th September, the Russian Airforce  started bombing Daesh (ISIS) targets within Syria, could this be a DISTRACTION steering the world away from what is going on with the transportation of the strange ‘Ark Of Gable’!?

Ark 6

Russia’s was against ISIS is Syria being used as a distraction?

U.I.P SUMMARY – Now this story is rather creepy isn’t it, something which I did a bit of digging up on and the conclusion is that ‘something’ is definitely being covered up, but the question is WHAT!?!?  This story reminds me very much of the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark Film’ of which the Nazi’s in the film manage to get hold of an ancient Ark, which when opens  releases a world of hell, devouring every mortal in its path (click HERE for more).  From the destruction and deaths apparently caused when attempting to move the ‘Ark of Gabriel’ in Saudi Arabia, which was discovered next to the Mecca, one does wonder whether this could be a similar scenario to the Harrison Ford Film.

Please check out the video below of the scene from the Raiders Of The Lost Ark:



What is very interesting about this creepy/worrying story is that the mysterious “weapon/device” is being covered up intensely in fact the site which we referred back to confirmed that they would be concerned to have pushed any harder on what else this so-called MOD report mentioned – it appears that the Kremlin are desperate to keep this event under wraps as much as they can.

It does appear a little odd that the Russians are working with the Saudis, especially with something so potentially ‘powerful/dangerous’ at the same time that Russia has accused Saudi Arabia of funding the Islamic state – again could this all be a distraction from what is going on behind the scenes!?

The question we have (we have many questions)is why are the Russian Forces taking this supposedly ‘dangerous’ Ark of Gabriel to the Antarctica? – Strangely the Nazi’s also had secret bases in that part of the world – perhaps it is to keep this strange/deadly weapon as far away from the masses as possible – perhaps this is the main reason our ET friends in the skies above us are doubling in numbers!?


Source idea:



Please check out this very interesting video below which could highlight the importance of the Antarctica:

Third Reich – Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica)

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  • Hmm, really?

    I thought the Saudis were far too busy funding their terrorists in Syria to kill Russians? :roll:

    • Makes Sense, Antarctica is Ancient Jerusalem Not That Satanic Stain With The Masonic Flag :evil:

      Judgement Against Jerusalem Already Happened in the Old Testament

      1″As for you, son of man, take a sharp sword; take and use it as a barber’s razor on your head and beard. Then take scales for weighing and divide the hair.

      2″One third you shall burn in the fire at the center of the city, when the days of the siege are completed. Then you shall take one third and strike it with the sword all around the city, and one third you shall scatter to the wind; and I will unsheathe a sword behind them.

      3″Take also a few in number from them and bind them in the edges of your robes.

      4″Take again some of them and throw them into the fire and burn them in the fire; from it a fire will spread to all the house of Israel.

      5″Thus says the Lord GOD, ‘This is JERUSALEM; I have set her at the Center of the Nations, with Lands Around Her.

      6′But she has rebelled against My ordinances more wickedly than the nations and against My statutes more than the lands which surround her; for they have rejected My ordinances and have not walked in My statutes.’

      7″Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD, ‘Because you have more turmoil than the Nations which Surround You and have not walked in My statutes, nor observed My ordinances, nor observed the ordinances of the Nations which Surround You,’

      8”therefore, thus says the Lord GOD, ‘Behold, I, even I, am against you, and I will execute judgments among you in the sight of the nations.

      9′And because of all your Abominations, I will do among you what I have not done, and the like of which I will never do again.

      10Therefore, fathers will eat their sons among you, and sons will eat their fathers; for I will execute judgments on you and scatter all your remnant to every wind.

      11′So as I live,’ declares the Lord GOD, ‘surely, because you have defiled My sanctuary with all your detestable idols and with all your Abominations, therefore I will also withdraw, and My eye will have no pity and I will not spare.

      12′One third of you will die by plague or be consumed by famine among you, one third will fall by the sword around you, and one third I will scatter to every wind, and I will unsheathe a sword behind them.

      13′Thus My anger will be spent and I will satisfy My wrath on them, and I will be appeased; then they will know that I, the LORD, have spoken in My zeal when I have spent My wrath upon them.

      14′Moreover, I will make you a desolation and a reproach among the nations which surround you, in the sight of all who pass by.

      15′So it will be a reproach, a reviling, a warning and an object of horror to the nations who surround you when I execute judgments against you in anger, wrath and raging rebukes. I, the LORD, have spoken.

      16′When I send against them the deadly arrows of famine which were for the destruction of those whom I will send to destroy you, then I will also intensify the famine upon you and break the staff of bread.

      17′Moreover, I will send on you famine and wild beasts, and they will bereave you of children; plague and bloodshed also will pass through you, and I will bring the sword on you. I, the LORD, have spoken.’”

      Gleason’s new standard map of the world : on the projection of J. S. Christopher, Modern College, Blackheath, England ;

      Scientifically and Practically Correct ; As “It Is.”



      7′ BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, and Every Eye will See Him, even those who Pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. So it is to be. Amen.


      1Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer [any] sea.

      2And I saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, Coming Down Out of Heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.


      :lol: The flow which was discovered in 1911 by Australian geologist Griffith Taylor who was exploring the valley and named the glacier which Started to ”BLEED” :lol:

      • Must be in-cahoots with the Nazis, how nice.


        Umm, no, that is the ARCTIC which is at the center. ANTARCTICA is the land mass which is at the edge of the entire map, surrounding the nations, as it were, NOT vice-versa.

        • Crow (hex)

          Yeah. Red always likes to throw his comments at the top of threads- look people at how important I am!
          Then he constantly recycles the same three posts.
          1. Jerusalem is Antartica.
          2. Negative blood types
          3. Flat earth is the apple aether.
          Sometimes he’ll throw in some scripture and he’ll always throw in copious amounts of emotives. And you guys buy it every time!

          • sfar as i know, Ry’leh is/was buried unner the ice in Antarctica, and atlantis is still under the sea, an like Ry’leh is FAR worse than atlantis, yowza! mind the tube-slugs!

          • Crow (hex)

            H.P. Lovecraft, one of my favourite authors!

    • Saudis are amassing small fighter helicopters with state of the art rockets and other new armaments
      see the video below for details …

  • That is one major distraction to hide the device.

    • sure it is

      I would guess that somebody that chops off well over a hundred heads per year and funds thousands of heart eating, head chopping, child raping terrorists would DISINTEGRATE in a puff of black smoke if they came within 100 miles of the ark of Gabriel

      And if they didn’t, then it probably ain’t worth much

      • Myth I agree with you 100%, good call.

      • There’s Busta Myth spreading his Muslim hating, Jew propaganda again. How many children have the Jews killed this last year? How many baby penis’s did your Rabbi’s suck the blood off of after a circumcision? What is it your Talmud says? “It’s okay to have sex with a child under the age of 9? Goyim children are animals? What? I don’t hear you arguing that sh*t.

  • sidenote:
    how to tell which countries are a part of the cabal system?

    any country not promoting free energy for it’s people.

    ALL countries are a part of the matrix beast system and only play good cop, bad cop to control the opposition.

    putin wants to keep us dependent on the false, needless oil and so do all other ‘leaders’ aka war criminals.

    water and energy SHOULD BE FREE.



    • we where born free and we shall die slaves…cuz we let them it is our own fault for our own demise and u cant get services for free…why? no1 is going to work their asses to supply others for free…thats kinda slaveworks ….unless ur telling me ur ok with going to work and not get paid…aka u work for free,thats foolish to think in a system bound by greed and corruption

    • Truth Loving Soul
      You are the Alter that told me to “Get Off Of My Lazy Ass!”
      (Your Words, Not Mine)
      Free Power? Maybe an attempt to Reinvent an Alter that I
      haven’t seen in the Past Weeks?
      Free Power is an interesting topic, with plenty of Charlatans.
      It would be wonderful to “See” the “Free Power” come to
      Fruition, but my fear is that we will “See” Blood up to the
      Horses’s Bridle” First.

      RR :shock:

  • My three wishes for 2016 are that…

    All religions are banned.

    Everyone everywhere takes a pill to instantly change their skin colour to, say, purple.

    Psychopaths are not allowed to hold office of any kind.

    There you go…peace on earth in our time. :wink:

    • It’s not called a “Sucking Chest Wound”, you maroon. It’s called a “Sunken Chest Wound”.


        A wound that penetrates the thorax and draws air into the pleural cavity, usually resulting in an expanding pneumothorax.

      • @TRD;

        For your info it is called a Sucking Chest Wound. That is what the Plastic is for.
        Yes You open the Large Compression Bandage, from the wounded LBE, never use your own, Place the Plastic Wrapper clean side down on the wound, next apply the Bandage, check for leaks, Treat for shock, and hope medics, and Evacuation Team “The Bird is the Word” to field Med unit arrive soon.

        • And if you have a joint in your rifle-cleaning kit. Light it up and give it to your fallen combat specialist. It might be his last.

          • On second thought — better to stick him with a morphine ampule. If he’s got a bullet through the lungs, he probably won’t be happy about sucking smoke.

          • xD o you legend, bless you Beef, your humour, is impeccable, and like, when you jus aboot to go into action, tell yer buds
            “if you die, try to die face down, it makes it easier to say goodbye”


          • Do we really want the last part of us our friends ever see in this age, to be our ass?

            And besides, I hope to be looking skyward when I shuffle off this mortal coil — rather than looking at the blood-soaked mud.

  • til

    The Antarctic Treaty wouldn’t allow this so its all a lie.

  • MSB7

    There is nobody on this earth worthy enough to be called his holiness but the creator especially in the Catholic Church nothing but a bunch of gays praying on children and they go to some man in a stupid black suit for forgiveness how can anybody believe anything they pretend to be.I can’t believe people would believe anything they say or do and if you think some stupid man in a black suit can forgive your sins then you aren’t to intelligent

  • MSB7

    It’s the same with radical Islam nothing but a bunch of evil spirits in which they use to be called angels but the Great I Am changed it to evil spirits now because of their lust and fall to lust of women so now you have these people raping and killing women and children thinking their going to heaven to meet their 72 Virgins ,see it’s about sex and lust again.If you think for one minute that doing all these things are about pleasing a Holy God then you don’t even know what a simple word as Holy means.The moment you blow your self up and others ,when you give up the ghost your spirit there is going to be a vicious demon there ready to capture your spirit to take you to a place were they going torture you laugh at you and your torture going be a hell lot worse for what you did on earth.

    • Radical Judaism is a bigger problem, considering there is more evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11 than Muslims. But since you are here to spread Jew propaganda, you’ll just ignore that fact. The 5 dancing Israelis going on TV in Tel Aviv admitting they were there to “document the event”. Then you have the Odigo messaging service telling the jews to stay home on the morning of 9/11 just before the first strike. America should have invaded Israel, and wiped that piece of sh*t country off the map!

      • Large parts of what you say are sadly truthful.
        (The destructive dominoes set in motion with
        these events are impossible to understand fully)
        To have a correct vision of such truth is basically
        Impossible in the BIN Comments.
        But do not hope or pray for the destruction of Israel,
        and when you see Israel overran, which you most
        likely will, cheer not, for it is a dark day for Us All.

        (and no, I don’t talk my book)

  • Looks like Saudi Arabia found the free energy machine in there while digging the site by accident. Since Saudi Arabia and Russia are two of the major oil producing countries in the world, they decided to get rid of the machine by dumping it somewhere in the Antarctica.

    The ark of covenant was known as a modern day double Faraday cage which can accumulate extremely large amount electrostatic charges naturally. People who touched it carelessly were killed by electrocution as written in the book. It has nothing to do with god’s command or anything. There is nothing mysterious about it.

    Also according to the known theoretical conjectures, human souls are made of neutrino particles, so the ark of covenant can be a trap for fugitive souls which can be very dangerous to humans. The mysterious spirits coming out of the ark of covenant when it was opened without precaution consumes humans nearby as you have seen in the Indiana Jones movie.

    If they have considered it had any scientific value, they would not have decided to dump it in the Antarctica assuming the entire story is the truth.

  • Russia helping Saudis remove the thermo nuclear device Israel planted there in the 50s as a contingency plan, just like they prob have one in every major city port or power plant in the world ie japan, Tianjin china,

    • DK

      A nuclear device such as a fission bomb would become a dud after an average of 5 years due to tritium decay, the most likely 50”s bomb would be a Uranium 235 gun type with valve electronics detonated remotely by a telephone.

      • In the 50′s remotely detonated by telephone: Hello? Yes it is time. Go detonate the bomb. :lol:

    • Russia help the House of Saud??? anything is possible on BIN
      Mini devices such as possibly used at Tianjin did exist in the
      1950′s (such as the Davy Crockett Program). When the
      technology for minis was widely understood, is a question.
      There is also a design for a mini fission detonator accredited to
      Dr. Richter.

      But, do you know what? Its 12,00 AM here, and I do not use
      mind-expanding drugs, so the version of reality explained here
      is a little hard for me to wrap my mind around.

      RR. :neutral:

  • i thought CERN was suppose to do this? Then that it was the scheemta? Before that it was Planet Niburu, or was it global warming, oh I forget…..

  • A lot of info showing a flat earth, if true it would show 100% of scientific and conventional knowledge is a lie and then stuff like this and all aliens and most ufo’s and alternate news is a lie also. I’m not saying I believe it, but it would be most apple cart upsetting event ever. about the only thing left would be access ports in this domed covered earth or dimensional travel or some programmer creating new games down here to play in.LOL

  • NEW BOOK – Japan Bites Back: Documents Contextualizing Pearl Harbor

  • So, do the Russians know anything about this “Arc of Gabriel”? Can you site an official report, such as a news report from RT or even the less-than-reliable Pravda, to validate your claims? … Naaaa, didn’t think so. See ya!

  • egovtjobs

    Awesome Information in the post

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  • If anything amazing was found under Mecca, the Saudis would not give it to the Russians.
    If they did, the Russians would take it to Russia, not Antarctica.
    But if they did, they wouldn’t announce it to the world to publicize their secret.
    I’m picturing the bearded guy from the Dos Equis commercial meme:
    I don’t always transport world-shaking ancient artifacts out of Saudi Arabia,
    But when I do, I take them to Antarctica and tell everybody I’m doing it.

    • They found The Artifacts in Syria

    • i dont always wax my head but wen i do i yous beeswax.

      • “All of her Men Wear BeesWax,
        Or They Wear Nothing At All!”


  • Turkey is set next for excavation.
    Situation Reports-Alpha Zulu Wun Niner
    Web reports going Viral Now:
    Countries watching, and waiting as Turkeys Hitler 2.0 also known as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rat King of The World Black Markets, also self proclaimed God Of Gods, and Total Ultra High God of all World Terrorist. Now Hitler is hell bent on Genocide, Killing Babies, Women, Young Children, and everything that Moves. Hitler is Killing the Kurds in Mass Numbers, using any, and every weapons in his dirty arsenals. Hitler The Dirt Bag Rat~King has already been exposed, caught using NBC weapons of Mass Destruct.

    You ask why? Why does NATO-UN Allow this “Rat King” Hitler 2.0 Look alike to continue Killing- Slaughtering the Kurds.
    *****Turkey is a Member of NATO, and has Broken all laws pertaining to the Geneva Conventions
    Below is from Wikipedia, Grave breaches, International Laws Broken By Hitler, Rat King
    “Grave breaches
    Not all violations of the treaty are treated equally. The most serious crimes are termed grave breaches, and provide a legal definition of a war crime. Grave breaches of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions include the following acts if committed against a person protected by the convention:

    willful killing, torture or inhumane treatment, including biological experiments
    willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health
    compelling a protected person to serve in the armed forces of a hostile power
    willfully depriving a protected person of the right to a fair trial if accused of a war crime.
    Also considered grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention are the following:
    taking of hostages
    extensive destruction and appropriation of property not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly
    unlawful deportation, transfer, or confinement.[27]”

    Red Dog Wun Niner Zulu…break…Blue Dog Actual….break…. Sitrep….Alert Status…standby.

    ***Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Is Mass Killing Kurds, has their whole towns surrounded, cut off all water, and electricity. He has blocked all medical aid, and food shipments, and starving, bombing these people to death. NATO-UN should have already charged him with war crimes, and have this RAT in custody, so he can no longer slaughter little babies!!!

    Russia, and China have already warned TurkNATOy, The Rat King is being used by his handlers, The Elitis sit back Drinking Fine Wines, Grand Cru, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru, Finest Cheeses, Pule, White Stilton Gold, and Moose cheese, Beluga White Caviar.
    Yes The Elitis have lavish parties, even with rounds of Botox, and Swedish foot, and head massages.
    Oh, Are the guest soo fooled. They are so unaware, they think they too are so above everyone, although, unknown to them, They are nothing but Slaves, Puppets, for the Puppet Masters. They are blinded by greed, and power, although temporary, after they are used up, they are very rarely allowed to walk away, they usually disappear in freak accidents, not allowing them to spill any information unless the Elitis want to intentionally leak info.

    Yes, The Elitis have big Plans for Hitler 2.0 The Dirt Bagger Rat King Of The Global Black Markets, self proclaimed God Of All Global Terrorist, also known as Hitler Erdogan` King Dictator of The new Ottoman Empire. Yes Hitler has huge plans, and already stated he will start WWWIII, and do to Americans what he is now doing to the Kurds. Yes, Turkey has many Schools in America, and receives TaxPayer money to train operatives, among other sinister plans, and has already Infiltrated High Positions in the USA, from Law Enforcement to Judges, and Politicians.
    So as you clearly are witness to the Grave Carnage, mass killings of the Kurds, Hitler has the same plans for you, can you hear it, it is coming.

    As this Article States:
    “Russia’s Mysterious ‘Ark Of Gabriel’ Weapon – Now On Route To Antartica”

    The Elite, Have never stopped Looking for these type of Items, Yes They even Have the Ancient Artifacts that the Actual Hitler stole from around the world, as documented.

    Some people think these Mid-East wars are about oil, or some past Evil Dictators, Really?
    No These Wars provide excellent cover to go into other countries, and steal Ancient Artifacts, and locate Rare Elements that are not on the periodic table. Most Viral Rumors Claim that the Elite seek mostly the Ancient Alien Technology, although very Ancient, it is Many, Many Light Years advanced Tech.

    Not everything is as it seems. The Elite was cut short in Syria by the Russians, whom now have the Ancient Devices in their possession.

    Turkey is next on the list, as buried in secret locations across Turkey are the Most Valued, The Most Wanted Ancient Technology of all.
    Yes, as witness, the Elitis will totally destruct entire countries for these Ancient Devices, and Publicly stated they have warned everyone, and anyone “Do not Get In The Way”

    • Crow (hex)

      Situation reports b.s. alpha zulu wun niner and out.

      • Sitrep Blue Dog Actual…..Break……..Wun Niner Kilo Alpha Wun Niner

      • There is always a snake in the grass. Notice How Snakes do not know that computers are also Connected to , and receive radio waves.
        OMG, Turn on the light struck a nerve with this snake, got a live one here!!!

        • Crow (hex)

          Sorry Sitrep, I was bored and just having a laugh. No offence mate, you do have interesting things to say!

          • Yeah,
            Just a lot going on in the world, not much logic being used, mostly seeing chaotic headlines, with unbelievable content now on most sites.
            Just like the mid-east being cleared, and immigrants, mostly Military aged men being strategically placed within western countries. Now Germany is not the same, totally chaotic.

            The Sit-Reports, usually contain web reports to grab ones attention so they can read | the lines, and research for themselves.
            2016 is going to be rough, hope not, although things are looking grim.
            Take Care

          • Sitrep is HIGHLY informed bro! Dear Sitrep, my religion is Systema, what is yours?

            he sed knowing pavel gonna ignore my ass, cause he’s like OH NO NOT IVAN, an im like, Ivan V AND Boris Goodenough are right her, gettin high an plannin to sacrifice tons of boyar.

    PLEASE STOP !!!!!!!

    • Snow, Who is Sorcha Faaal?

      I seen a similar post on another article. Just asking because some think the real Fiction is Main Stream Media, Does this Faal Person work on one of the MSM morning/Evening shows, where they broad cast subliminal messages, and political correctness with their set talking points, and tell people to stay within their oppressive guidelines know as “Talking Points”?

      You take care, avoid being used if you can.

  • Crow (hex)

    Is it still on it’s way. Are they taking it on a slow boat to China first?

    • No, You too fooey Cobra stupid Snake, People laugh At Snake long time baby, everyone know this.
      Yes,Yes You No see, you very special, and been Awarded Extra Fonts, It so funny, laugh long time baby.

  • Um, actually, is a more accurate description of reality.

  • Notification: nukes are at the half of the weapons tech tree in some countries.
    Now imagine what’s upper.

  • Sorry to be contrary but what hit the crane was a lightning strike.

    BIN, you told us about this already, just let us all know when it gets there. Thanks

  • PLEASE !! Do you REALLY think the Saudis would give such a weapon, IF it really,existed, to Russia, a predominantly CHRISTIAN nation, which is hated by Islam ? No, Dumbo, they would keep it for themselves to defend against Iran, Syria, or any other middle Eastern nation that threatens them. The ULTIMATE Jihadi weapon and they are giving Russia control ? This whole BIN site is turning in to one big supermarket tabloid clearing house.

  • Sounds like religious mumbo jumbo to me and them ruskies are going to be drilling for oil and need a few war ships around incase it upsets the americans who also want the oil.

    Few current day facts and lots of speculation does not make anything in the bible real or anything in the Beano comic real.

  • Why bring up such an old post? Comments are from January 2016 lol…

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