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Contemporary Commentary: Is it Wise to Buy Gold?

Monday, February 1, 2016 18:37
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Contemporary Commentary: Is it Wise to Buy Gold?

The Powers-that-Be, who control or manipulate almost all of the media, including “alternative“, are continually running thousands of ads, or “commentaries” (which are ads in disguise), promoting the purchasing of gold as a hedge against the coming Tribulation.  This is perhaps even more prolific in the “alternative” media, as this is their foundational demographic.  Nevertheless, is buying gold really a wise investment for the trouble ahead ?

History has proven, time and time again, that the majority is always wrong. The majority of scientists thought the world was flat. The majority of doctors thought bleeding a virus out would lead to health. The majority of senators thought Nixon was honest. If you are a Sleuth Journal subscriber or an “alternative news” reader, then these words are written especially for you. The Ruling Elite know that you are a “progressive thinker”, so they take special pleasure in pulling the wool over the eyes of a more formidable opponent than usual, so be very careful about this “Buy Gold” sales pitch.

Why is China and Russia buying gold?  Because the Racist Elite look down on the Chinese and Russians, and are suckering them into buying their gold as a perceived safeguard against the coming financial crisis, which they are certainly smart enough to realize is just over the horizon.  The Chinese and Russians are simply being outwitted and beguiled by financiers who have been controlling the international monetary game for much, much longer than they and who are merely looking more moves ahead in the play than they are.

Most perceptive people are aware of the fact that the cradle of the Elite, the United States of America, sold off their gold holdings, and those of other nation’s that they were “storing for safekeeping”, a long time ago.  That is why the gold is not open for inspection. Because it is not there! Otherwise, the United States would gladly and boastfully showcase it for all to see and reassure the panicking Germans!

As there is a finite supply of gold in the world, just as there are finite shares of stock in a company, one party sells their property knowing that this is the profitable course of action because the value of the asset will go down in the future. The seller therefore seeks a buyer who believes the exact opposite, just as with a wager in a game of chance or sporting event. In this case, the seller, being better informed of the full sequence of coming events, will win the wager because of this extra insight, while the other will lose very badly.

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Remember recently how Switzerland blatantly lied about never removing the peg of their currency to the Euro, only to do the exact opposite a few days later? Remember hearing about how investment firms lost hundreds of millions of dollars? This is only half of the truth. The rest of it, which was never reported, is that when someone “looses” hundreds of millions of dollars (or Euros) in the investment game, someone else makes that exact sum of money! Who made hundreds of millions of dollars in a single day? The super-rich Elite who knew the full sequence of events beforehand. Even if the progressive thinkers have ninety-nine moves calculated correctly, it only takes one additional move by the Controlling Elite to lose it all.

If there are all of these endlessly repetitious paid ads and commentaries promoting the purchasing of gold, then that means that there are A LOT of sellers of gold! Who exactly owns a lot of gold? The super-rich Elite. Ever wonder, if gold is so valuable, why are they selling theirs?!?!

We know that the world of finance is filled with lies, so be very careful, even with what appears to be the truth from “reputable” sources.  The “Bullion By Post”, for instance, profits greatly from the selling of gold. If they release a statement that “The Wealthy are Buying up Gold“, whether true or not, they profit greatly from the influence this statement has on the market, adding increased probability of the statement’s falsehood for personal gain. After all, it is just a statement, without any independently auditable proof.  Mere unsubstantiated words were used by JP Morgan just prior to the Great Depression to outmaneuver adroit stock brokers who he saw as his personal competition.

The Elite are well aware of the influence “Truth Seekers” like you have on the marketplace. They release half-truths all of the time, misleading statements through their third party embassaries like the Queen’s “Bullion By Post“, to intentionally steer information seeking “Progressive Thinkers” at will in the direction they decide, and then through which, otherwise intelligent disciples of the first, follow them in great numbers out of personal respect, unintentionally creating the Elite’s planned scenario. After all, a sincere spokesperson, even if they are sincerely mistaken, is the very best spokesperson for the hidden agenda of those above them, who alone see the full picture of the last move of the game.

Be surgically careful to not fall prey to the Elite’s double, triple or even quintuple bluff. You have to think at least five moves ahead of the present position in the game just to have a chance of winning, not just two or three moves ahead.  The “Banksters” are devilishly clever. They have been playing the World Control Chess Game more than ANY of us, and can outwit, and think further ahead into the game, than even the best of players who let their guard down only once, unintentionally then influencing numerous others to do the Bankster’s will by a single error of well meaning leadership, mistakenly going for an enticingly baited trap with seemingly “reliable” or even “truthful” information.

The reason why this “Buy Gold Campaign” is being done, even by some well-meaning yet unwittingly manipulated columnists, is so that the Power-Elite can sell their gold! Why?  Because they know that a worldwide Tribulation is coming, just as sages foretell!  What does prophecy tell us about the coming catastrophe? That there will not only be global financial collapse in the near future, that there will be a worldwide famine as well!  You can just imagine, when this happens, if you have a bag of gold and someone else has a gallon of clean water or a sack of potatoes, which is actually more valuable in the coming time?

Forward thinking people understand that “Fiat” currency, like the US dollar or Euro, is only valuable because everyone uniformly agrees that it is, just like the paper currency used by players in a game of Monopoly.  Yet, these same people almost always overlook the fact that gold is also a fiat currency!!!  Why is this true?  For the same reason!!!  Gold is only valuable because we all agree it is! . . . It has just been around and used as a fiat currency so much longer than paper money that people are misled into thinking that it has more value than paper currency, simply because the fiat tradition is older, when in fact gold does not have actual value! Food and water does!

It seems everyone is the “Conspiracy Community” is all abuzz about the likelihood of a soon coming RFID chip to replace paper currency as a form of universal payment, right? Has anyone yet realized that at such an hour gold too, just like paper currency, would become completely useless?! Only the top, top people know this. That is why they are trying to trick everyone, especially the “forward thinking” people who lead others, into buying their gold while it is still worth something, all the while deliberately inflating its perceived value so that they can get as much money for it as they can when they sell theirs! What are they doing with this newly earned money? Buying practical supplies and bunkers with it while cash is still part of the game! By the time cash becomes useless, gold will be too, and they know it!

“They will throw their silver and gold in the streets,

and their gold will be like refuse;

Their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them

in the Day of the Wrath of the Lord.”

Ezekiel 7:19

 Brother Bart-



The Elite are Selling their Gold and Heading for the Hills!

The Rich are Buying Supplies, Not Gold

The Ultimate Tribulation

Bart Sibrel  is an award winning filmmaker, writer and investigative journalist who has been producing movies and television programs for thirty years. During this time he has owned five production companies, been employed by two of the three major networks and produced films shown on ABC, NBC, CNN, TLC, USA, BET, as well as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. To discuss his films, he has appeared and been interviewed on The Daily Show, Geraldo, NBC, CNN, FOX, Tech TV, Coast to Coast, and The Abrams Report. Articles featuring Mr. Sibrel’s films have been published in Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, USA Today and many others.  His top awards from the American Motion Picture Society include “Best Cinematography”, “Best Editing” and “Top Ten Director”. As the writer and director of the infamous “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” which exposed the moon landing hoaxMr. Sibrel has collected over the years innumerous military, government, industrial and private sources for credible firsthand verification of very real conspiratorial crimes against humanity. He will use these contacts and experience in exposing the true and unbelievably horrific intentions of the hidden minority who have diabolical intentions for mankind in his monthly Sleuth Journal column “Conspiracy Corner”.  When such concepts are speculative and unverified, Mr. Sibrel will acknowledge this and openly discuss the leading possibilities as a cautionary benedictionBe sure to visit his site at and subscribe to his Youtube Channel.

 If you are so inclined, you may Donate to his endeavors.

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