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Obama’s The Antichrist. I’m The Messiah. Spread this News ASAP (Video) End Of The World – End Of The World

Thursday, April 21, 2016 8:07
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(Before It's News)

By King of Shambhala


The Antichrist Barack Obama Tells Israel 2 Give Your Land To Syria! It Don’t Belong To You!


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End Of The World – End Of The World: Imminent Asteroid Impact In Atlantic 2016 – End Of The World









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  • Daniel Jackson

    So you the King of Shambhala are the Messiah? Good luck with that one, not going to fly much.

    • Welcome Brother, to the single most amusing website on the net. we have seen your posts, and your clearly a “Isaiah 8:20, Psalm 144″ kinda guy. so, unto thee i say HAIL. Right, to the matter at hand, we have a running joke here, where, there are many christs out tthere, theres steven an gayel an ITM an lotsa chumps convinced they jesus, which is highly amusing, cause, we like got all the Books, so this stuff is all like on “easyy” or something, its the most wonderful fellowship tool, anyway, KOS,,, he, is my favorite messiah, because of his persistence, his sense of humour, his eloquence, and he hates fags. so, he went to tibet, and i suspect had the same rittual that genesis p.orridge hit, and picked himself up a nice passenger, NOW< the thing is, the dingbat is NORWEGIAN ok, im also of Norwegian decent, and like Norway, Scotland an Ireland, is like Tribe Benyamin,

      ok? and like im in contact with many of the clans, we gots plenty of us, and we like, "dude check him go!" cause he's got major conflict, hes like "im a buddisht and im here to proclaim the Scriptural apocalypes, and im the messiah because i saw a minor correlations between lottery ticket an some number"

      not like "ooo im the Messiah because i fufilled 2 Esdras 13" ooo no, but rather, said words, typed words, people scoffed, bam messiah. the logic, is , rather, interesting, and clearly due to severe demonic possesion, SO, back to the point, and the Oath. , in regards to KOS, Father Willing of course, and because i seem to get the outlandish wishes i make, i make even more outlandish wishes, i hope, to capture, this KOS, as a prize, and cause of Tribal honor and all that, so, our cross hairs, are firmly fixed on this one, "the vikings, want KOS as jester of Benyamin, till he dies of something"

      and the 77 in the url tells me i gonna get my wish. , lets see what the Hebrew weegee board says about you bro:

      BWAAAAAHAHAHAAA classic! i know zactly what im doin,

    • wait, i am the karma police and you are all busted for being criminally negligent

      • ooops, wrong article! but whatever! counts here to for people who are still to post! shame! you guys must feel sorry for this guy!!!! Geir, i pity you,,, i magine te horror, teh hooorrror, whenn, you just been put in your outfit, your all sore an bruised from all these horrible hairy men giving you donkeybites, an wedgies and tripping you for hours, and then the realisation sets in, i aint no messiah, aeeeiii, or rather,,,, sadly hes like “i must be the messiah to suffer so cruelly under the hands of these rough men, dint know the messiah had to scrub the decks in a tellytubby outfit tho”

    • Hello Daniel Jackson, you are not acquainted with the mighty King of fantasy land??
      Check this out:

      Although the some of the text is in french, grosso modo he says that he can’t wait for Obama to go to jail so he can get on with his ***** life!!

    • So twitty bird, your guardian let you out of the cage again??

    • Beware of the false christs infesting these comments.
      Jesus said to turn from them and to follow him instead: I’m him because I alone reveal the proof that Obama’s the Antichrist shown in the 666 lottery draw in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
      666 is the number of the Antichrist and that’s a heaven-sent miraculous draw of the lottery, that’s impossible to happen just by pure chance.
      And I alone reveal that miracle on Internet so therefore I’M THE MESSIAH and there’s no one else in the world doing it.
      Reveal that and you’ll be saved.
      Unless you reveal this super fast you’ll not be saved.

    • I’m the Messiah because no Christians have stepped up to the plate to be the Messiah and take over this mantle from me.
      I went to Christian websites (in 2008-9) and told them that Obama was marked by 666.
      They ignored me and criticised me instead.
      So because no Christians stepped up to take over the mantle of Messiah and sholder it, I was left alone to stand up myself and carry that burden and spread the message by myself without any help from anyone.
      I didn’t want to shoulder it to begin with. And I wanted Christians to carry forth the Apocalypse as I was a Buddhist. I felt I was “outside” to it all. I felt like a Relucuctant Messenger of the Christian prophecy of end times.

      I’m still not getting any help from anyone. I still feel rejected bcause of intolerance and bigottery from you Christians. Christians typically said to me: “Only a Christian can carry forth the news of the Apocalypse and can reveal the Antichrist.”
      I answered them that Jesus said theyw ere full of crap in the Bible. In the Bible indeed Jesus said that all kinds of false christs and false prophets would come forth claiming to be Jesus and to speak in his name.
      I told them that no Christians would be saved in the Apocalypse for the simple reason that Jesus said so: that “the Church will be rotted from within by false christs corrupting it” said Jesus in the Bible.
      So you people here: stand up! Support this message! Be Messengers of the Apocalypse! It’s your only chance to get to heaven! Hurry up!
      Each of you who don’t endorse this message and apss it on will be dooomed to eternal burning hell.
      Many of you will be called but few of you will be chosen so HURRY UP. This is YOUR LAST CHANCE!!!!!!!!

  • Take your meds! Nut bag!


  • He’s a budhist that thinks he’s the Christian Messiah when in all reality he’s a delusional fool seeking attention.

  • Obozo isn’t the anti christ, he’s just one dumb queer muslim nigger

    • Don’t follow false christs like Twisted0ff, he’s a demonic working for Obama aka Satan-in-Person.
      I’m Jesus and the Messiah because I alone reveal the proof that Obama’s the Antichrist shown in the 666 lottery draw in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
      666 is the number of the Antichrist and that’s a heaven-sent miraculous draw of the lottery, that’s impossible to happen just by pure chance.

      • Nutjob :eek:

      • I’m alone in the world revealing that the lottery drew 666 so that Obama’s marked as the Antichrist.
        Turn away from the false christs infesting these comments.
        Jesus said many false christs i.e. demonics would come forth in the end times and claim to be the way and the truth.

        • You’re alone because you don’t even stand for the tenants of Christianity the Messiah would follow. You are a foolish joke of a man. You’re not even a good fraud.

        • I’m the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming.
          Ignore the false christs heckling in the comments here.
          They’re demons working for the Antichrist Obama and they’ll never reach heaven in all Eternity, so beware of following them because they’ll doom you for ever and ever.

        • I don’t claim to be christ or anybody other than myself? This is Proof your a Psychotic 51/50 NUTJOB. Get off the drug’s

  • KnowledgeTime

    Food For Thought About the Antichrist.

    Before we dive in let’s get a few definitions straight to come to a complete understanding.


    1. a person who is opposed to a particular practice, party, person, policy, action, etc.

    1. in opposition to; contrary to; adverse or hostile to:
    twenty votes against ten; against reason.
    2. in resistance to or defense from:

    1. to act against or provide resistance to; combat.
    2. to stand in the way of; hinder; obstruct.

    1 John 2:18 NIV
    18 Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.

    1 John 4:3 ESV
    3 And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.

    1 John 2:22 AMP
    22 Who is a liar as he who denies that Jesus is the Christ (the Messiah)? He is the antichrist (the antagonist of Christ), who [habitually] denies and refuses to acknowledge the Father and the Son.

    2 John 1:7 NLT
    I say this because many deceivers have gone out into the world. They deny that Jesus Christ came in a real body. Such a person is a deceiver and an antichrist.

    Luke 11:23 NWT
    23 Whoever is not on my side is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

    As you can see from many different bible versions, the bible does say it’s just one person but the exact opposite. the Anti-christ is many.

    Which includes but not limited to kings, queens, presidents, religious leaders, governments, politicians, corporations, organizations, people, entertainers, writers and even low level people like; teachers, professors, bus drivers etc.

    Anyone against Christ or don’t belive what he did here on earth is considered antichrist or under the control of that spirit of the antichrist movement.

    And who is the leader of that spirit? Satan the Devil.


  • The false christs here infesting the comments are liars, ignore them and follow me.
    I’m the truth and I’m the way and not them.
    People in Christian faith told me that I couldn’t be right about the lottery draw of 666 because I didn’t fit the description. This was in 2008-2009 and they said that “The only one who can reveal the Antichrist is the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming.” So, they went ballistic on me and all-out on me saying that because I was Buddhist I was an apostate, heretical false christ and false prophet. But I stood my ground and told them that I didn’t give a dam* about what they thought.

    I was not bending to their wishes. Some of them told me to convert.

    They told me to repent for following Lord Buddha, and his creed, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (the highest form of culture in the world). So, I went ballistic on them and told them that no matter what they thought I was right about the lottery draw of 666. Now, I’m so pissed off and disappointed at all Christians for not endorsing the message that Obama’s the Antichrist and that I just let it all out. I take them at their word. The Christians said only the Messiah and Jesus could announce who the Antichrist was. So, I said “So be it. I’m whoever you say, be it Messiah or Jesus (Or Mickey Mouse), I’m bringing the message of Obama the Antichrist and I’m breaking the Apocalypse.” No one gives a damn and no one’s asked me about this. People are too scared that I really be the real actual Biblical Messiah. and obama be the real Antichrist of the Bible. So here, I’m explaining my POV about how this came about to be. I’m Buddhist. We don’t even use the terms “Messiah” and even less “Jesus” in our faith. To me, I’m the Lord and Saviour of the world: the King of Shambhala; who’s the Buddhist Messiah for the world. It’s Christians who forced me into this box of Christian terminology (names). Messiah and Jesus are not Buddhist terms (names). But I’m the one to break the Apocalypse and reveal the Christian Antichrist Obama. That’s me who’s breaking the Apocalypse. I had hoped someone else whould shoulder that job. Nobody stood up. I had to do the dirty work of being the Messiah because none of you cowardly Christians stepped up to do it.
    Christians have failed. No Christians will go to heaven in the Apocalypse. Jesus stated that. He said “the Church will be corrupted by false christs in the Apocalypse’s time”. (Bible’s quoting of Jesus)

  • I have a massive following at BeiofreItsNews, I’m one of it’s founding reporters with thousands of articles to my credit.
    Obama’s the Antichrist and I’m the Messiah.
    Once Obama’s produced before a court of law for forgery of his birth documents he’ll be sentenced for High Treason and for committing the greatest crime in the History of the world (far greater than Hitler or Stalin’s crimes … they didn’t get access to the National Defense’s nukes like Obama has.)
    He can blow up the world thousands of times as for him.
    He’s a great criminal.
    His place is behind bars.
    He’s the greatest fraud the world has ever seen and fits the traits of the Antichrist to the T.
    The courts of law will judge him and send him to jail.
    He’ll get successive life-sentences to be carried out consecutively and his many court cases will last for decades.
    He’ll ge tthe biggest trial in the History of the World.
    Bigger than Nuremburg for the Nazis.
    I’m the Messiah.
    Join me and spread this message because that’s your only chance to be saved in heaven.

    • …”I have a massive following at BeiofreItsNews, I’m one of it’s founding reporters with thousands of articles to my credit.” ????
      …Who is this nutcase? its comic relief…right?

      • I searched hundreds of forums and blogs and websites for several years and finally happened upon a strange and bizarre website called BeforeItsnews where they talked about UFOs, strange things and craziness. I was instantly adopted by them as one of theirs’.” —B4IN article

        From his mouth ….

        To think that this donkey rump says he’s in the Mensa League…

    • Watch out for the like of jonesy. There are false christs infesting these comments.
      Jesus said to not follow such demonics. Turn your back on them.

      • …thank you KOS….that’s the best reference I could ever have hoped for!!!

      • Ignore the false christs infesting the comments here. Don’t feed trolls says Wikipedia.
        Trolls are mentally disabled people.

    • This comments section is infested with demonics working for Obama aka Satan-in-Person i.e. the Antichrist.
      It’s telling that they’re attacking me because they feel the pressure on Obama is strong.
      Trump’s got the path to the nomination.

  • I am the walrus , you are the eggman kookookachoob !!! That’s some pretty powerful crack you’ve been smokin’ in your magic pipe there jack !!! So just how long now have you been this delusional ???

  • Hey, Rama Lama Ding Dong, You’re wrong again. Everybody knows that the Antichrist is a Romulan and is on the planet Pentax 5. Obama, on the other hand, is from the planet Kenya, and the son of Frank Marshall Davis and Chewbacca.

  • Former Sec of Defense Rumsfeld said in recent times on TV that when he and then CIA Director George H W Bush in 1975 created Al Queada to be and ad hoc CIA organization, they took the real Osama Bin Laden and created a ‘persona’ around this one person that ‘all’ would follow.. HE SAID THEY CREATED DOUBLES. We has said to be dead in recent times by order Of President Obama. WHERE ARE THE REST? And which one died? Look at the videos and recordings and one can see, one is not seeing or hearing the same person. In 5/88, when the real one took the civil service test to get a job with Social security in the Jersey City Teleservice , under that name, he appears to be the one in the earlier video and put down a birth date of 2/4/62. which is not the one the FBI sent out with the picture of another one (double?) A second one was there and eye witnessess saw a second one slip in and actually took the test for the one who ended up working there for 3 weeks hired by Delores Bryant without finding out he was not a US Citizen although the US Attys’ office said he was here on a student visa only, he said his mother was a US citizen. Ms Bryant gave him access to the financial records oaf every one who had an ssn. A breach of security unlike any in history until WikiLeaks? HHS OIG ( agency law enforcement would not stop the breach as none are to have access until they pass their security clearance and have a PIN to track access to system. I saw the back of number 2 and he was taller and a little heavier. The original came in to pick up his w-2 in 1/89, and went down a secured stairwell and up came toxic fumes and the cover up to 9/11/01 and I became disabled for life etc…. and no security on any file of mine since as is shared on line each 9/11/ I NEVER DOUBTED WHO DID IT, EVEN IF I DO NOT KNOW IF HE WENT ROGUE OR WAS WWORKINGFOR OTHERS BUT HE STOOD AT THE WINDOW OF OR OFFICE AND ‘OBESSED’ OVER THE WORLD TRADE CENTER HE COULD SEE FROM THERE. I tried to stop 9/11/01 for two years, as ‘knew’ he was going to attack after he declared war on USA. But Rumsfeld said doubles–who else and where are they. study the pictures and tapes. and think of the origins. And who is the anti-Christ? Its why you my be right? But I know of another scenario and as a Christian pray for salvation of even n anti-Christ to change before total power is obtained which is not possible in the USA as long as we have a semblance of the people in power. unless they be fooled , etc. Just sharing this to poinder and study..Linda joy Adams

  • C Carbon table number 6, 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons… Carbon body (meatstick) Carbon Paper (BC Birth Certificate(Ark of the covenant) Carbon pencil for sinning/signing. When you heard about the Legal Name Fraud you can not un-hear it where it all boils down to choice of life(God/Truth/Creation) or death through Satan’s Legal system.
    D Duck Tapes: Revelations & Proof There Are NO Coincidences! Everything Decoded!
    pdf here:
    ‪#‎disney‬ ‪#‎donaldduck‬ ‪#‎disneyland‬ ‪#‎cartoons‬ ‪#‎comics‬ ‪#‎decoded‬ ‪#‎monalisa‬ ‪#‎davincicode‬ ‪#‎templebar‬ ‪#‎matrix‬ ‪#‎proof‬ ‪#‎biblecode‬ ‪#‎ancient‬ ‪#‎geometry‬ ‪#‎codex‬ ‪#‎revelation‬ ‪#‎christ‬ ‪#‎consciousness‬ ‪#‎legalnamefraud‬ ‪#‎thetruth‬ ‪#‎itsillegaltousealegalname‬ ‪#‎astrology‬ ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎history‬ ‪#‎monarchy‬ ‪#‎legality‬ ‪#‎conspiracy‬ ‪#‎money‬ ‪#‎government‬ ‪#‎world‬


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