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Scientist Claims That Consciousness Continues After Death – Life Is Just the Beginning

Friday, December 9, 2016 20:34
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by Organic Dream


We believe in death because it is what we are taught from a young age. By all laws of the universe this cannot be possible; alongside Einstein’s theory which states that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”

Dr. Robert Lanza has recently stated that there is no such thing as death, and that the illusion of death is something that only exists in the mind. He believes this happens through a theory known as “bio-centrism,” which involves a certain type of energy that exists only in our minds, which is released when we die. This energy is thought to be our consciousness, and when our physical bodies have died, it is free to continue living in infinite parallels.

He said:


There are an infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe

As a result of this, and true to Einstein’s theory, he explains how our consciousness continues to exist in a parallel universe after we die. Everything that we see around us and every experience we have is a huge spiral of information occurring in our minds, time and space are just the tools we use to put everything together. If we take our perception of space and time out of the equation, then our illusion of death cannot possibly exist in a space-less, time-less place; according to bio-centrism.

The answer here is simple…reality is a projection created entirely by our consciousness and if there are infinite parallel universes existing symbiotically with our own, there is absolutely no reason that when we die our energies don’t carry on existing, through the power of our conscience. It takes a lot to try and get your head round at first but it is the most apt and up to date theory on what happens when we “die.” The study of our conscience is definitely not a new thing either, as it has dated back so many thousands of years to pre-Egyptian times, and has remained as one of the biggest mysteries in science since then.

Remember that nothing at all exists without our conscience, what we see is merely just a perception. Also that space and time are the tools which our consciousness uses to piece everything together and is just using our bodies to store the information in. And if there actually are infinite parallel universes, one of them must be both time-less and space-less…somewhere death doesn’t exist and our consciousness can live forever.






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  • I knew a guy that died in a hospital bed once and they brought him back.

    He actually did tell me about the whole “seeing his body below him as he floated up thing”.

    I think it has to do with the energies that make up our consciousness leaving the vessel.

    He wasnt religious in any way, and probably would goto hell by most religious standards. So, the fact that he saw the same thing many Christians describe lead me to believe that we all have the same thing no matter what you believe in life.

    • Man

      yeah that also happens when you have a K-hole with ketamine…

  • People,
    please pay attention to the following two sentences; “He believes this happens through a THEORY known as “bio-centrism,” which involves a certain type of energy that exists only in our minds, which is released when we die. This energy IS THOUGHT TO be our consciousness, and when our physical bodies have died, it is free to continue living in infinite parallels.”

    This is no more than a brain fart, scientific flatulence prematurely released. The blasphemous staunch of this proclamation is hardly based on fact but rather arrogantly propagates the unproven thought of an educated narcissist who wrongly believes he’s gifted with a higher form of human intelligence. He appears to suffer from a common scientific mindset similar to how doctors, who are the third leading cause of premature death in the US view themselves as infallible authorities when in a lot of cases, at least in the current ten minute healthcare appointment system we are talking fast-track guess work not any kind of comprehensive diagnosis based on adequately evaluated variables. Physicians just don’t have the time and seem to be comfortable with that. If you assume this is even a slight exaggeration I urge you to just question one of your doctors diagnosis or any governing policy based on your own research and see what type of response you get from them. Too often you’d think you peed on their foot or something instead of asking legitimate questions or interjecting personal preference.

    Readers must understand this contradiction of God’s truth is just another unverifiable theory science has come up with, it’s not associated with any bona fide reality! Believe me when I sat it isn’t the first time intellectual man has unsuccessfully attempted prove God a liar. The truth is that when man dies, that’s it, the lights are out and the party is over! There is no immortal spirit that ascends from the physical corpus delicti. When man dies he is conscious of absolutelynothing, he’s dead, in a state of decomposition where he remains until he fully is reintegrated with the ground from which they came. When God’s son Jesus Christ returns 144,000 people will be resurrected to spirit. These are the tried and true slotted to help Christ run the show during his millennial reign.

    After Christ’s millennial everyone else will be resurrected, however in this instance they are raised not to spirit as their predecessors were but instead to a restored physical body. After seeing and experiencing what God has prepared if they reject God and refuse to repent the will return to their former state of death. This is called the second death. From the second death there is no future except what I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. This time however their death will be without the promise of resurrection, it will be permanent, everlasting or eternal. Remember the wage of sin is death and the dead are conscious of nothing, not a thing, the wicked will be destroyed and there will remain no life within them!

    I can’t speak for anyone but myself I choose to believe the God’s inspired scripture over the regurgitated fantasies of those who reject it!

    A Student of the Word

    • Correction: Where I wrote ” no future except what I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.” Should have read “no future except what I mentioned at the beginning of the previous paragraph.” Sorry I was in a hurry again. My bad!


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