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Awesome: Backlash Against Hatred for Whites Building at Universities – “Ending White Privilege Starts With Ending Jewish Privilege” – Jim Stone

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 19:42
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(Before It's News)

BACKLASH: Students have figured out that WHITE JEWS are “privileged” 10X as much as “white males” are privileged. As if we did not know. White college students are apparently getting sick of being ripped to shreds by Jewish professors and bashed into oblivion by Jewish psy ops that point the finger at white males (and whites in general) for being too well off, all the while whites in general are 10X less well off as Jews.

In response to the constant bashing, they have started posting flyers around college campi nationwide which quote Pew research center data to prove the point. It cannot be refuted, the flyers are accurate. And the response from the college administrations and Jewish community is that “It is wrong to direct hatred against any group, and Jews are the victims”.

Well, I guess the truth only works for as long as the Jews are safe from it then. Since the flyers are accurate, and the obvious objective of the “white privilege” crap being pushed in colleges is ending white privilege, OBVIOUSLY THE JEWS ARE THE FIRST THAT NEED TO BE PUNISHED and the people posting the flyers should be put on a pedestal for shining the light on such an obvious truth.

You can see a sob post that talks all about how bad the flyers are HERE.

There is definitely something wrong with the flyer picture to the left here however, and that is that you can’t simply take this picture, make copies, and post it everywhere because the camera perspective is wrong. So HERE: I FIXED IT. This link (working on it now) is for an easy to print version you can post at your college yourself, or hand to your kids to post.THIS IS AWESOME. IT COULD NOT BE BETTER. MAKE IT A MEME FOLKS! HERE ARE 4 CLEAR PRINT VERSIONS FOR YOU TO USE. DO NOT GET CAUGHT POSTING THESE IF YOU ARE A STUDENT.My headline single. . .  My headline dual . . .  Original single . . . . .    Original dual

We are almost out of options

Jay sent: We’re almost out of options. If something isn’t done soon, it might be time to take matters into our own hands. We need to get the globalists out. The first amendment looks like it will not be enough after all. If we don’t all shout with the same voice at the same time, then we may have to resort to the second amendment. I pray that we can find a way to come together in common cause. If I can find a way I will let you know. Otherwise, it’s been an honor. Jay

My response: It has become so blatantly obvious that the powers that be want the destruction and downgrade of mankind that direct action now is the only answer. The problem is that everything is so penetrated and infiltrated that direct action is going to be stopped before it even gets a chance to start. It probably has already been stopped many many many times, but they won’t put that on the news because they don’t want that sentiment known about.

I sit and think and think and think about what the solution to the problem could be. Here are the conclusions:

1. It has to be horrendously violent and devastating, and directed at the top of the shadow government.
2. It has to be endlessly repeatable and not just a single hit.
3. It would be best if it did not use the road ways, open country or any sort of land transit.
4. If it uses air travel, it has to be able to accomplish mach 5 or more, and do so without any runway.
5. It cannot require any sort of fuel or support.
6. It cannot require cooperation of groups because the CIA has millions of agents that get into everything.
7. it cannot require communications because the NSA has them all.
8. It would be best if it happened via a super heavy armored machine capable of space travel, under water travel, air travel, and land travel. In other words, we need a jack of all trades “UFO”.

Other options:

9. It would also work to be able to open up a 3 inch wide portal to anywhere in the world, through which a gun could shoot and snipe the elite in their bedrooms. You would not need to worry about transporting people at all, a simple 3 inch portal would do.

10. Obviously if the people could organize, the second amendment would probably work. But due to the vastly over reaching intelligence apparatus, sparking troll storms and disinfo campaigns and setting traps everywhere, I seriously doubt we will ever get the universal “attack” command that will be needed to prevent lone joes from being picked off in silence, one by one. As awake as the people are to what is going on, it is still a vastly insufficient awakening because the average joe still totally does not “get it”.

I do not think Trump is going to be able to overcome the shadow government and drain the swamp. He’s a great man in a shark tank with no way out. Pretty much all we can do is sit and stare, aghast at the monster that has usurped our legitimate government. Aside from the solutions I mentioned, solutions it appears no one has right now, I can’t think of anything that can prevent our doom.

I obsess over this problem daily, seeking answers and trying to find a solution. But it really looks like we are hopelessly trapped. I hope and pray someone will get their “portal”.

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


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  • raburgeson

    Are you are fighting against white privilege or the one percent? Most whites don’t have special privilege, they just stand up for their rights in court. May be what you really need to fight is unequal laws between the rich and the poor.

    • No. No more generic “they”. When bill Kristol, the filthy zio=pimp declared “lazy whites need to be evicted & replaced by immigrants” or uber zio filth of Starsux coffee agrees- the NAMES, Ethnicity and
      above the law’ status of this human refuse needs to be knocked down and exposed and tossed out themselves. What the hell are we afraid of? this tiny little minority of crappy 20 million controls 7+ BILLION humans beings (known by them as cattley goyim, cockroaches and Useless Eaters) who they leech off and exploit lords over us only because WE ALLOW and ENABLE it. Most guilty are the “xtian” zionists who would throw Jesus Christ under the bus for false “Is Ra El”- and have done so. One bible verse you never read from the likes of these frauds are Christ’s own words on Pharisees. In fact? Since apostate Pope Francis? Catholics now have Easter disclaimers in Holy Week missalettes saying “jews didnt kill Christ”.
      Great article needs to be spread widely and defended LOUDLY. We’ve let lost our entire culture just for the comfort of not being called an “antisemite”, which is the penalty of those who defend the Truth and our country

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