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ET Mentorship Program Preparing Humanity For Entire Comfort Zones Gone In An Instant, As Veil Comes Down

Friday, March 3, 2017 14:55
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ET Mentorship Program Preparing Humanity For Entire Comfort Zones Gone In An Instant, As Veil Comes Down 

ONE WHO SERVES: At some point, when it happens, the veil will be gone. It will be a major shift in consciousness when this veil is gone because you must understand that you have operated many lifetimes with this veil being there and not being able to see through it. At times the wee little pinholes you could see through but they would close up right away. Now the pinholes have gotten larger and larger as the veil is dropping. As it does you will have many, many more experiences like this. Seeing things that others may not see or that they are not aware of. This is in terms of looking at the skies and seeing ships. You could see a ship now. Many of you could look up and see a ship while the one next to you will not know what you are talking about. “Look at that ship up there!” And they would not know what you are talking about. “You are crazy! There is nothing there!” You see? There are many things occurring and many things that are changing with all of you.

Q: I am surely watching this in my bedroom. It does not happen anywhere else. Am I losing it?

You are not losing it, you are gaining it.

Q: Is there any correlation between the collective meditation and the individual meditations?

Yes and yes. There are so many things when you are doing the guided type of meditation, please understand that James is using the words but we are sending the pictures. He is taking pictures and creating words out of this. So it is very much being guided most of time here. Know that all is happening as it needs to and most of your visualization process as a Collective Consciousness, whether it is a group or many groups at a time, just as this global meditation was a Collective Consciousness across the planet as was heard here. This is having a great effect on the area we speak of here. OK?

Q: Does this affect the thinning of the veil?

Yes. Of course. Not only this meditation but all of these we have done for a time here are having that effect. Understand that there is a major veil all are aware of but there is also a veil for individuals, yourselves, here. Many would not be aware of this. So you are definitely thinning the veil around you. That is the individual you. OK? That larger veil is coming down. It is thinning. It is going to be completely removed. At that point this is where you go through the transition we are speaking of. Where you will have the entire illusion gone. Almost overnight here it will seem. It will leave you breathless because many will not understand. You will understand because you have been working through this. We have been preparing you for this particular occurrence. This will be for many like their entire comfort zone is gone in an instant. They will be left disconsolate in many cases because they do not understand what is occurring. That is where you come in people. That is where you come in as much as you can to explain what is occurring here. You will receive a great deal of help and mentorship through this process just as you already are. OK?

Hey humans, with Trump as a catalyst that is polarizing our species, you can argue, or you can prepare for the shock coming, when everybody’s illusions will no longer be supported… oh, it will be fun, fun fun… a time where the bullshit currently being flung around, will have no interest… a time where the ignorant are no longer listened to and thought of as ‘experts’…, a time where the mass media will be silent, if there is nothing good to report etc… wow, I wonder what humans will do with no violent movies that will be acceptable to the psyche, no celebrities to mind control the masses, no garbage spewing from anybody’s mouth will be tolerated.. it will be like paradise… the only thing is, there will be billions of humans who may have no idea what is going on! HAVE FUN!  It could be different, but will it be? I don’t see how billions of people distracted from solutions are making it any different. Maybe it’s time to listen to Creator? Hmmmm?  Having fun without Creator? I doubt it. 

Indian in the machine

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