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New York 9/11 Code And The Lost Twin of Babylon – The Second City of The Empire – All Roads Lead To Liverpool

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 18:33
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You Will Learn More & Have The Best Experience If You Can Find Time To Watch All The Videos In The Article Along The Way.

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Shout out to  Richard Källberg Author at The Narrow Gate, for not only supporting this project, but also contributing with some great research on his own website after our work lined up and gave me the verification I had been looking in the right places, you can see some of Richard’s work at the end of this video which is a good, fast,  start to the page.


New York 9/11 Code And The Lost Twin of Babylon – The Second City of The Empire – All Roads Lead To Liverpool


As with a lot of my work, I seem to do things in present day not knowing the full meaning or relevance of what I am doing until one day in the future when I need the work or thing I have already done, suddenly the bigger picture becomes clear and I can call on something I did in the past to help me, this is one of the biggest examples to date.

One of the first hunches I ever had after starting Enchanted LifePath was one about the City of Liverpool, the place I was born, it seemed to have all the warning signs I had learned during research of how the world has been built by freemasons and secret societies with satanic beliefs, how attacks are planned and even how history seems to repeat it self.

This lead me to embark on an 18 month investigation into topics surrounding the hillsborough disaster, I was digging deep, always searching for answers but finding more and more questions, I was revealing things about the city of Liverpool that had never been linked before, I was coming to conclusions that had never been documented.

After I had a strong feeling about my work I had to find a way to present it to the long suffering people of Liverpool using my website and YouTube channel to show not only them but the world what I had found, this still was not going to be easy, let me get going by showing you the video but please be warned it does contain some distressful crowd scenes from one of the darkest days in Liverpool’s history, this video helps teach you the codes hidden in plain sight, it will help you understand the rest of the article in a more educated way.


Having studied constants in a sea of variables I began to see a pattern emerging, I was seeing the same signatures that are hidden to many, but to a lot of people like myself this was all only hidden in plain sight, I had no doubt at all by now that freemasons had something to do with the hillsborough disaster, but how do I help everybody realise what I was seeing? I just did my best.

Two weeks after I published my findings via a video on YouTube, the first mainstream news reports of freemasonic involvement in the tragedy were published, I knew I was right but it was tough to explain such sensitive issues in this way to people who did not understand the type of synchronicities found and research methods used to complete my work.


This was followed by more investigations leading to more rabbit holes than I could imagine, after looking back over it all something hit me, the link, the gel bonding it all together, what did it all point to?

I now knew, it was right in front of me all along, as I wrote every word, or studied every article, made every video or when talking to other people and viewers posting comments which I would read and learn more from.

Having gathered all of the information I needed over the years I now have enough evidence to piece together here for you now to help you understand what I have been saying all along, this will be the most unique investigative journalism work ever seen in Liverpool.

I will explain how the rise and fall of Liverpool was planned, how each and every attack we have come under as a city is the price we have paid for success going back centuries, this will highlight how our proud little city in the northwest of England ruled the waves for the British Empire with slavery and sacrifice being our main trade, we stood shoulder to shoulder with the biggest places on earth for over two hundred years.

Our great city fell just like other great cities of the empires which have fallen for thousands of years, I can prove to you Liverpool is the lost Babylon, we are Rome, we are Egypt, the second city of the empire.

Now it is time for me to answer one of the biggest questions ever asked in our city.

What is the 9/11 code and how is Liverpool tied in?

Do you still think 17 cocaine-snorting muslims armed with box-cutters directed by an old man in a cave 10,000km away pulled off the deadliest attack in modern US history by eluding the most sophisticated military defense system of our time by flying 3 jets in impossible corkscrew turns to hit targets located in the most heavily defended airspace in the world?


Liverpool Foundation – 1190

Liver Buildings - Opened: 1911

Travel time from Liverpool to New York, World trade Centre – 9 hours 11 mins

Liverpool, New York (USA) Daylight hours in December 9 hours 11 mins

Liverpool May Day Blitz (Beltane Fire Festival119 other explosives such as incendiaries were used.



Liverpool and New York have many ties but I bet you did not expect them to be linked to the Babylonian Empire did you?

If I asked 100 people to think of a number that reminds them of New York, most would say 9/11, this would be a pretty common answer, post the September 11, 2001, World Trade Centre attacks which shook us into the new age of ‘terror’ we live in today almost over night.

The 9/11 code was present in the blue prints of New York’s twin city, Liverpool, England, hundreds of years before New York was even founded.

The City of Liverpool (The New York, of Europe, Second City of The Empire) was founded in 1190, which is 811 years before 9/11. Once again we have another highly cryptic number with the 88 code embeded when we look at 8×11 = 88.

Truth Bomb, the 9/11 attacks were coded into the foundation of Liverpool 811 years before the World Trade Centre Twin Towers and building 7 were brought down, do you still think this was an accident?

The history of Liverpool can be traced back to 1190 when the place was known as ‘Liuerpul’, (LuprEvil) possibly meaning a pool or creek with muddy water, settled by Romans, Liverpool had early ties to the Babylonian beliefs which had re-manifested through the Roman Empire. The city became known as “the second city of the Empire“, and was also called “the New York of Europe” amidst the slave trade. During the Second World War, the city was the centre for planning the crucial Battle of the Atlantic, and suffered a blitz second only to London’s.


March 11 - Creation Day – A blot is done in honor of the Creation of the world bo Odin, Vili, and Ve on this day (3/11=33).

March 15 – Ides of March – Caesar murdered 44BC (one month before the Hillsborough disaster, Fordica Roman festival)

“The Reed Entered”. Its exact significance is uncertain (the reeds may refer to the river bank where Attis was exposed as a child and rescued by Cybele). A nine-day period of abstinence from bread, pomegranates, quinces, pork, fish, and probably wine began. Only milk was permitted as a drink.

March 22 – Hilaria (7 days after Ides of March) – Skull & Bones (322 3/22)

“The Tree Entered” (Arbor intrat). A pine tree from a wood sacred to Cybele is felled following the sacrifice of a ram at its roots. The tree was carried in procession through the city as if in a funeral to the Temple of Cybele on the Palatine Hill.

March 23 – A day of mourning (8  days after the Ides, 8 = 44, Saturn, Obama number)

March 24 – “The Day of Blood” (Sanguis). Frenzied rites including scourging and whipping. Castration rituals would take place on this day. The tree is symbolically buried.

March 25 –  ”The Day of Joy” (Hilaria) celebrating the resurrection of Attis. This was the hilaria proper (as opposed to the mournful tone of the previous days).

March 26 – A day of rest.

March 27 – “The Washing” (Lavatio). Added by Marcus Aurelius.

March 28 – Possible ceremony at the Vatican sanctuary. Appears in the Calendar of Philocalus.

April 15 – Hillsborough disaster ritual – The Fordicia, also called Hordicidia, was a Roman festival for the goddess Tellus held on April 15. During the ceremony, a pregnant cow was sacrificed, the calf fetus burned and the ashes saved for the Parilia festival.

There are various occult (hidden) days of significance throughout the calendar year which have special importance. From March 22nd to May 1st is known as the ‘season of sacrifice,’ which as a period of time when many false flag events have occurred.




Liverpool FC was founded on June 3rd, 1892 although first became a club earlier
 in the year on the 15th March 1892.

There are 96 years between June 3rd, 1892, and the day of the Hillsborough disaster
 – April 15th 1989.

From 3/6/1892, Liverpool founded, to 15/4/1989, Hillsborough disaster,
 = 96 yrs plus 96+96+96 days and 96+96+96+96+96+96+96 hours. 
(96 yrs and 316 days.), 96 dead.

April 15 1989 - 15/04/89 

15:00pm Kick-off 3pm = 1+5=6 (6=33)

15:06pm Time Match Called Off - 03:06 = 666

15:15 Coroners Fake Verdict

1+5=6 (6=33) + (1+5=6=33) + 66 On The 15th - 6 

15 Minutes That Shook A City - 15 = 6 (6=33)

This is the weirdest thing you will ever see, the very start of me uploading videos to Youtube, and it is a very very very good date for us to look back over, it was march 15th 2014 in all its significance the ides of march the day Russia annexed Crimea, I was watching the football highlights program in the UK, match of the day, a very big show none more so because Liverpool fc had played Manchester United, another of the top 5 well known and supported clubs in the land.

Liverpool versus Manchester is watched all over the world, this episode of Match of the day will of been watched by millions as Liverpool fc were looking good to go on and win the championship for the first time in 22 years. They beat Manchester Utd 3 – 0 on the day after Getting 3 penalties, missing one at Manchester United’s Stadium, Old Trafford. Considering the support in all Continents for the teams, images seen in the above video certainly got the job done, but what did it mean ”ALL ELITES LEAVE THE PLANET” or something?

As you can see there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye, excuse the pun!! A bigger pattern can now stem from this so let’s begin to look deeper.

The hit show Match of the day first aired in the UK 46 years ago on the 22 August 1964, it was 2015, we have a 64 46 mirror here. Liverpool Versus Arsenal was the first ever game to be shown.


Imbalc, – Twin Flames – Beltane Fire FestivalPurple – (Red + Blue) – Divide & Conqueror – (Everton & Liverpool) If 6 was 9 As Above So Below


I’ve always known the year the club was founded but Liverpool Shockingly enough I discovered the club was created on the date of March 15th of the year 1892 (1892 is 9/11) it gets deeper when we even knew at the start of my investigation here do you remember the date of the match of the day show from earlier and the running theme of the strange symbols.

March 15 is the 74th day of the year (75th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 291 days remaining until the end of the year. In the Roman calendar March 15 was known as the Ides of March, and it was on this day that Julius Caesar was murdered. next I calculated the days and years between the date of Liverpool fc foundation and the day of the spooky match of the day symbolism was it a secret birthday message.

From and including: Tuesday, 15 March 1892 (9/11) To and including: Saturday, 15 March 2014 (15 is 6 which is 33 the masonic number) Result: 44,560 days – we find the obama number 44 again and 56 is 11 It is 44,560 days from the start date to the end date, end date included Or 122 years, 1 day including the end date Alternative time units 44,560 days can be converted to one of these units:

3,849,984,000 seconds 64,166,400 minutes 1,069,440 hours 44,560 days 6365 weeks and 5 days

44,560 = 44 – 11 



The assassination of Julius Caesar was the result of a conspiracy by forty Roman senators, the self-styled Liberatores. They were led by Cassius  (see links to Mohammad Ali) and Brutus. The conspirators stabbed Caesar to death in the Theatre of Pompey on the Ides of March, 15 March 44 BC (here we see the 44 number the Obama number). Caesar was the dictator of the Roman Republic at the time. He had been declared dictator perpetuo (dictator for life) by the Senate. This declaration resulted in many senators fearing that Caesar’s ambition was to overthrow the Senate in favour of a tyranny.


Liverpool, UK, has been linked to New York in this article, but did you know New York had a town called Liverpool, New York? The town was settled by Black Pope Jesuits and the map is shaped like the baphomet, here is a video I uploaded in 2016 after an area of Liverpool, New York, called Syracuse was trending on twitter. Syracuse, New York, nicknamed The ‘Cuse, Salt City, Emerald City, The Heart of New York, also shares its name with Syracuse, Sicily, which was founded in ancient Greek times.

Location in Onondaga County and the state of New York.Liverpool is a lakeside village in Onondaga County, New York, United States. The population was 2,347 at the 2010 census.[1] The name was adopted from the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom.[2] The village is located on Onondaga Lake, in the western part of the town of Salina and is northwest of Syracuse, of which it is a suburb.

The area was originally inhabited by the Iroquois, starting in the 16th century. In the mid-17th century, Canadian French Jesuits (Black Popes) visited the area, setting up missions. These were not very permanent, however. An example of these missions is Sainte Marie among the Iroquois, on Onondaga Lake just outside the village. Once the (Erie Canal) and (Oswego Canal) were built, the area was settled by Irish canal workers, Yankee settlers, and, later, German immigrants. The early recorded name for the village was “Little (Pagan) Ireland”.

The Lucius Gleason House and Liverpool Cemetery are listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Image result for jesuits

Liverpool’s Syracuse, New York has a dialing code of 0931, please watch this unreal video which shows you what the significance in the number 931 is, the number of judgment, and you will also see how I do my work and find these things, I could not make this shit up if I tried.

Just hours after I put this warning out, I could not believe my eyes as the exact same place I had warned had an incident take place, a helicopter crash, in Tennessee, which has an area code of 931, the helicopter was called Bell 206 (Beltane), watch this video to see how it happened. (206 = 8, the cube, Saturn worship).

There were some other things I noticed about the Tennessee helicopter crash on 4/4/16: 4×4=16 4+4=8 8+8=16 16÷2=8, that’s two 8s (88) to equal 16 The Bell helicopter 206. 2+6=8

2+6=8, With 5 passengers on board. 8+5=(13). 5 and 8 are also 58. The year of 58 Helicopter is Helios, Helios is the personification of the sun in Greek. This also refers to Baal and Molech who are both sun gods. Baal is pronounced Bel, like the “Bell” helicopter. Now, the correlation between Baal and Molech(Moloch) is that they are both symbolized by the bull, yes Molech is a bull, the map of Syracuse is shaped like a bull, the baphomet.




The infamous World Trade Centre stands in our memories as a symbol of terror, I spotted another synchronicity when looking at the Royal Liver Buildings, Liverpool and the World Trade Centre, New York, both landmarks overlooked world famous waterfronts, both had the twin theme running through them, but Liverpool’s Twin Towers will of gone generally unnoticed as twin towers before now, so what does water and twins link to?

This makes me think of Gemini (Twins & The Creator) and Aquarius.

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius. The water carrier represented by the zodiacal constellation Aquarius is Ganymede, a beautiful Phrygian youth.

Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign between May 21 (3) and June 21 (3). Gemini is represented by The Twins Castor and Pollux. 11 x 3=33.

The Royal Liver Buildings - - 526323.jpgThe Liver building opened in 1911, the building is the purpose-built home of the Royal Liver Assurance group, which had been set up in the city in 1850 to provide locals with assistance related to losing a wage-earning relative. One of the first buildings in the world to be built using reinforced concrete, the Royal Liver Building stands at 98.2 m (322 ft) tall to the top of the spires, and 50.9 m (167 ft) to the main roof.

It is located at the Pier Head and along with the neighbouring Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building is one of Liverpool’s Three Graces, which line the city’s waterfront.


The two clock towers were the crowning point of the building,taking it to over 300 feet in height and allowing sailors from all over the River Mersey to see what time it was. The four clocks were easy enough to see, as their diameter of seven and a half metres made them the largest clock faces in the country, bigger than those on Big Ben (BB=22) in London, which are 6.9 metres.

The clocks were made by Gent & Co of Leicester, whose electric timepieces were on display in railway stations all over the world. They each consisted of 27 sections Before installation, forty Royal Liver executives and civic dignitaries held a special dinner, with one of the clock faces used as a dining table. The huge clock faces, whose hands alone weighed 5cwts, were then hoisted up to the towers in May 1911 in readiness for the big switch on, which would see the clocks being controlled electronically from the Greenwich Observatory.

The clocks were started on 22nd June 1911 (Summer Solstice) at 1.40pm, the precise time George V was crowned. It was the Royal Liver Chairman Mark Lewis who started them off, telling the VIPs (Freemasons) gathered that Liverpool had always been loyal to kings and queens and it was only right that the largest electrical timepieces in the world should be started at the time His Majesty was crowned. On turning the lever, Mr Lewis said ‘In the name of God I turn on this lever’ before his suggestion that they be known as he Great George Liver Clocks was greeted with warm applause. On the river ships’ sirens blew while on the ground several verses of the National Anthem were sung.

World Trade Center, New York City - aerial view (March 2001).jpgWorld Trade Center (1973–2001, the building complex that was destroyed by hijackers using airplanes on September 11, 2001.

The World Trade Center was a large complex of seven buildings in Lower Manhattan, New York City, United States. It featured landmark twin towers, which opened on April 4 (4/4 the Obama number, Caesar, Half of 88), 1973, and were destroyed in the September 11 attacks, with 7 World Trade Center collapsing later that day due to the damage it suffered when the twin towers collapsed that morning. The other buildings in the complex were severely damaged by the collapse of the twin towers, and their ruins were eventually demolished.

Many strange synchronicities are taking place here, I just found another, I Am the World Trade Center, are an American musical duo, active since 1999. Look into the meaning of I Am.




200 Million Deaths

100 Million Native Americans Culled

100 Million Hebrew Africans Culled

Liverpool’s Rise And Shame Of Torture & Death

On 3 October 1699, the very same year that Liverpool had been granted status as an independent parish, Liverpool’s first ‘recorded’ slave ship, named Liverpool Merchant, set sail for Africa, arriving in Barbados with a ‘cargo’ of 220 Africans, returning to Liverpool on 18 September 1700. The following month a second recorded ship, The Blessing, set sail for the Gold Coast.

The first wet dock in Britain was built in Liverpool and completed in 1715. It was the first commercial enclosed wet dock in the world and was constructed for a capacity of 100 ships. By the close of the 18th century 40% of the world’s, and 80% of Britain’s Atlantic slave activity was accounted for by slave ships that voyaged from the docks at Liverpool. Liverpool’s black community dates from the building of the first dock in 1715 and grew rapidly, reaching a population of 10,000 within five years. This growth led to the opening of the Consulate of the United States in Liverpool in 1790, its first consulate anywhere in the world.

Vast profits from the slave trade transformed Liverpool into one of Britain’s foremost important cities. Liverpool became a financial centre, rivalled by Bristol, another slaving port, and beaten only by London. In the peak year of 1799, ships sailing from Liverpool carried over 45,000 slaves from Africa.[11]

Many factors led to the demise of slavery including revolts, piracy, social unrest, and the repercussions of corruption such as slave insurance fraud, e.g. the Zong massacre case in 1783. It was Liverpool born politician William Roscoe who spearheaded the anti-Slavery movement in parliament at the time.[14]

Slavery in British colonies was finally abolished in 1833 (96)and slave trading was made illegal in 1807 though some slavery apprenticeships ran until 1838.(911) [15] However, many merchants managed to ignore the laws and continued to deal in underground slave trafficking, also underhandedly engaging in financial investments for slaving activities in the Americas.



The curse of Ham father of Canaan was invented by the Pharisees who were descendants of Cain. Cain was the biological son of satan (1Jn 3:1

The father of Nimrod in the text of Genesis was Cush, also known as Bel or Belus, who was the grandson of Noah and son of Ham. Cush became known as the deity, Hermes, which means Son of Ham. Ham or Khem means the ‘burnt one’ and may have been connected to Sun worship. A great network of deities emerged from Babylon and its connections with Egypt.

Nimrod was also Eannus, the god with two faces, who was later known to the Romans as Janus. One of the Anunnaki brothers, Enki the ‘serpent god’, was also known as Ea. The Freemasonic eagle with two heads looking left and right, east and west, is symbolic of Nimrod in the role of Eannus, and I would suggest that the eagle is symbolic of the winged Draco. Eannus, it was said, held the keys to the doors of heaven and he was the sole intermediary between God and humanity, therefore any belief not supported by him was false and should be condemned.

 This was a wonderful tool for the Babylonian priesthood to impose their will on the populous and exactly the same scam has been played by their successors, the Christian priests, the Rabbis and the priesthoods of Islam, Hinduism and all the rest. The Roman Catholic title of cardinal comes from the word ‘cardo’ meaning hinge and relates to Nimrod’s role as guardian of the door to heaven. 10 The Babylonian priests even established a governing body they called the Grand Council of Pontiffs, a name later transferred to the Church of Rome.

The Babylonian High Priest, who instructed the inner circle initiates, was known as…Peter, meaning the ‘Great Interpreter’. The feast day of the Christian St Peter was traditionally celebrated on the day the Sun entered the astrological house of Aquarius, the very day that Eannus and Janus were honoured! The Babylonian religion, like all the look-alikes that were to follow, consisted of two levels.

 The masses were manipulated into believing superstitions and into taking symbolic stories literally, while the chosen initiates were given the real knowledge on penalty of death if they ever revealed it. In this way the truth about life, human potential, history and the reptilian Agenda, were lost to the population and kept only for the few.

Human sacrifice was fundamental to the religion of Babylon and wherever the Babylonian Brotherhood and their reptilian bloodlines have traveled, human sacrifice has always gone with them because the reptilians demand these rituals. The malevolent ones seem to be addicted to blood and this has been passed on to their crossbreeds as the evidence I shall present will show. The Babylonian priests were required to eat some of their sacrificial offerings and so the word for priest, Cahna-Bal, became the term for eating human flesh, cannibal.

Moloch, the name of that flying lizard I mentioned earlier, was another name for Nimrod-Tammuz.

 Tam means ‘to perfect’ and muz means ‘to burn’. You can see the symbolism of Tammuz-Moloch, therefore, in the rituals of burning children alive in honor of this deity which, staggeringly, still go on today. The Beltane ritual later performed in Britain by the Druids on May 1st, May Day, involved the burning of children in the belly of a huge wicker effigy of a man. This was inherited from the Babylonians when the Brotherhood expanded across Europe. Indeed it may well be that the reptilians had once based themselves in what is now the United Kingdom and Ireland before they moved their main focus to the Near East and Africa.

People like Henry Kissinger, George Bush, the British royal family and many other presidents, prime ministers and members of royalty. Fantastic? Of course it is, but since when did the truth not sound fantastic in a world of such denial and illusion?

Three of the principle elements of the Babylonian religion were fire, serpents and the Sun. I should explain their focus on the Sun because it is a vital part of the story. Most of the global population worshipped the Sun for its obvious gifts of heat and light and the effect this had on their crops and well-being. However, within the hierarchy of the Babylon Brotherhood and other Elite groups which had the advanced knowledge, they focused on the Sun for other reasons too. They understood the true nature of the Sun as a multidimensional consciousness which extends across the solar system on unseen frequency levels.

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