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The Real Story of David Rockefeller That the Media Isn’t Telling

Thursday, March 23, 2017 5:26
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No one person encapsulates the enduring legacy of the “robber barons” of the Industrial Age quite like David Rockefeller. Rockefeller, who died today at the age of 101, was the last surviving grandson of John D. Rockefeller, the oil tycoon who became America’s first billionaire and the patriarch of what would become one of the most powerful and wealthiest families in American history. David Rockefeller, an undeniable product of American nobility, lived his entire life in the echelons of U.S. society, becoming symbolic of the elite who often direct public policy to a much greater extent than many realize, albeit often from the shadows.

Rockefeller made it clear that he preferred to operate out of public view despite his great influence in American – and international – politics. Due to his birthright, Rockefeller served as an advisor to every president since Eisenhower, but when offered powerful positions such as Federal Reserve chairman and Secretary of the Treasury – he declined, preferring “a private role.”

As evidenced by the numerous obituaries bemoaning the loss of the last of the Rockefeller’s grandsons, he was largely successful in hiding his most significant wrongdoings from public view, as evidenced by his characterization as a generous philanthropist and influential banker.

But as is often the case, Rockefeller’s true legacy is much more mired in controversy than major publications seem willing to admit. In addition to having the ear of every U.S. president for the better part of the last 70 or so years, Rockefeller – once again operating “behind the scenes” – was instrumental in shaping the more cringe-worthy aspects of U.S. policy during that time, as well as being a major force in establishing banking policies that led to debt crises in the developing world.

Rockefeller – as the head of Chase Manhattan Bank from 1969 to 1981 – worked with government and multinational corporations throughout the world to create a “global order” unequivocally dominated by the 1 percent, of which his family was a part. As the New York Times noted back in the 1970s, Rockefeller became embroiled in controversy when his constant trips overseas caused the bank to become less profitable, as he prioritized the bank’s influence on foreign politics over its actual business dealings.

During his time as Chase CEO, Rockefeller helped laid the foundation for repressive, racist and fascist regimes around the world, as well as architecture for global inequality. In addition, Rockefeller helped to bring the debt crisis of the 1980s into existence, in part by direct action through Chase Bank and also indirectly through his former employee-turned-Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker. Two years before the debt crisis erupted, Rockefeller, Volcker and other top bankers met at the International Monetary Conference in 1980s to argue for the establishment of a “safety net” for major banks – like Chase – that were embroiled in bad loans given largely to countries in the developing world.

David Rockefeller, center, chairman of the Chase Manhattan?s Bank?s International Advisory Committee and the banks? former chairman of the board and chief executive officer, receives the 1983 International Leadership Award from the U.S. Council for International Business, presented by Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, former Secretary of State, left, and Ralph A. Pfeiffer, Jr., U.S. Council Chairman, at New York?s Pierre Hotel on Thursday, Dec. 9, 1983. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to world trade and investment. (AP Photo/Ron Frehm)

After the crisis brought financial ruin to Latin America and other developing areas throughout the world, Rockefeller – along with other bankers – created austerity programs to “solve” the debt crisis during subsequent IMC meetings, provoking inequality that still persists to this day. However, thanks to the “safety net” conveniently established years prior, Chase avoided the economic consequences for its criminal actions.

In addition, Rockefeller supported the bloody and ruthless dictatorships of the Shah of Iran and Augusto Pinochet of Chile while also supporting Israeli apartheid. Rockefeller then went on to found the influential Trilateral Commission while also serving as a major force on the Council on Foreign Relations that he, along with his close friend Henry Kissinger, would come to dominate.

Both of these organizations have come under fire for using their powerful influence to bring about a “one-world government” ruled by a powerful, ultra-wealthy elite – an accusation to which David Rockefeller confirmed as true in his autobiography. Far from the generous philanthropist he is made to be, David Rockefeller deserves to be remembered for his true legacy – one of elitism, fascism and economic enslavement.

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  • Just sharing a new site i found. Loving it so far. Refreshing actually.

  • did anyone see this but me? Bible codes predict death of Rockefeller:

    also, a parting shot to this person who has come to his just judgement in the afterlife (and may God have mercy):

    (yes, I admit this is a second-hand story) I worked with a former technician who worked with the guy that took Rockefeller around south vietnam during his visits there before the war got really hot in 1965. They worked together at on of the Rockefeller family’s refineries down here on the gulf coast. David R. got this man his job there after he got done with the military out of gratitude for all the assistance given in vietnam. The fellow had no technical training or background that would qualify him to hold his position, other than a phone call to the plant HR manager from David R. telling them to hire him. The technician acted as tour guide, body guard, liason with the us military, and confidant during David R’s vietnam trips.

    Rockefeller’s main interest apparently during the trips was to research the rich resources of oil and gas off the south vietnam coast in the south china sea. The proven reserves there are as much as in arabia, kuwait, & iraq put together. The fields are shallow and easily developed.

    It wasn’t long after the trip to vietnam that going into full war mode became the main agenda of Johnson & Congress. They were tasked with the job of securing the petroleum resources under the south china sea as an asset for the US by propping up and securing south vietnam. If you want to understand any of the wars or military actions of the US since Korea, follow the money. (Some say this all started at Antietam, but that’s for the historians to judge).

    I have no question in my mind that David R. (with the complicity and assistance of his Bilderberger buddies and the M.I. Complex lobby) ordered the vietnam war. Huge amounts of money were transferred to the military industrial complex suppliers. The country was taken off the silver standard so that Congress could pay for everything with inflated fiat paper money. A lot of good people died on both sides, and for what? This was all about money and petroleum, not stopping communism. The republic will never recover from the damage that awful war caused.

    A question for you, David: was it worth it, given the eternal consequences you have so bought to yourself, your family, your bilderberger pals, and all your wealthy friends in the military industrial complex? Where is all that advantage, power, and money now?

    • the scripture that came to mind after posting this was Mark 8:36-37

      36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

      37 Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  • Yes, David could not take that money with him. Tragically the legacy he might have built in the history of the US, and our worlds history has been changed because of his belief’s system for all countries. Here are but a few, vaccinations which destroy people, GMO foods, dirty air which we have been forced to breeze. These are but a few of the evils he helped create with his vast fortune. Yes, he most certainly is in the dark side now. Not with God amen!

    Look at all the good he could have done for mankind with that wealth. Instead simply pain and misery brought on to the worlds people.

  • looks like somebody got to Waking Times and made them take down the story….I wonder how long before the BIN editors & owner gets their phone calls?

  • ” lived his entire life in the echelons of U.S. society, becoming symbolic of the elite who often direct public policy to a much greater extent than many realize, albeit often from the shadows.”

    Well now he’s living in the fires of hell. It’s about time. Finally.

  • “…lived his entire life in the echelons of U.S. society, becoming symbolic of the elite who often direct public policy to a much greater extent than many realize, albeit often from the shadows.” the shadow govt is what this writer is referring to.

    Now he’s where he has strived all his life to live……in the fires of hell.

    Why should God have mercy on his soul? his god is satan. he made his choice…..for eternity.
    So, I guess that tells everyone that he was not as smart as he thought he was.
    Now he’s with JD and his father and his brothers and his nephew, Michael, etc.

    Next? G.W. Bush? We can only hope. Maybe if we all wish together.

  • bguy

    Evil incarnate – one down may the rest follow

  • ding dong the witch is dead – which old witch? the wicked old witch!

    ding dong the wicked witch is dead

  • Why is it almost every site requires you to set up an account just to use their features? I have to have an account just to give a thumbs up to somebody’s post? How sad! No such thing as freedom anymore!

    • you are sophisticated enough to know that this is necessary so that big brother/homeland security/MI5 can keep an eye on you…

      I suggest you put black tape over the camera on top of your laptop screen. It can be accessed without you knowing it.

      So be wise and beware!

  • Son of David Rockefeller Dies in Small-Plane Crash

    Richard Rockefeller in 1999.

    Dr. Richard Rockefeller, son of the billionaire and prominent philanthropist David Rockefeller, was killed Friday morning when the small plane he was piloting crashed shortly after takeoff, according to a spokesman for the family.

    Dr. Rockefeller, 65, was the only person on board the plane, which the authorities identified as a Piper Meridian single-engine turboprop.

    The cause of the crash was not immediately clear.

    Dr. Rockefeller took off from Westchester County Airport at 8:08 a.m., departing from Runway 16 into dense fog and steady rain. Less than 10 minutes later, the Federal Aviation Administration notified airport officials that it could not reach the pilot.

    At 8:23 a.m., the local police reported that the plane had crashed less than a mile from the airport, near Cottage Avenue in the town of Harrison.

    It smashed through several trees and narrowly missed an occupied house before hitting the ground and breaking into pieces, the authorities said.

    Dr. Rockefeller was flying home after visiting his father, David, at the family’s estate in Pocantico Hills, a hamlet in the town of Mount Pleasant. Mr. Rockefeller’s 99th birthday was Thursday.

    David Rockefeller is the oldest living member of the family whose name adorns countless university buildings, hospital wings, libraries and museums across the country.

    Investigators less than a mile from Westchester County Airport on Friday, where a single-engine plane flown by Dr. Rockefeller crashed soon after taking off in fog and rain.
    He is a grandson of John D. Rockefeller, an accounting clerk who invested $4,000 into an oil refinery business and went on to lead the Standard Oil Company. He became one of the richest and most famous men in the world.

    Fraser P. Seitel, the family spokesman, said Dr. Rockefeller was an experienced pilot and had flown in and out of the Westchester airport many times.

    Officials from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board were sent to investigate the crash.

    “The family is in shock,” Mr. Seitel said. “This is a terrible tragedy. Richard was a wonderful and cherished son, brother, husband, father and grandfather.”

    Dr. Rockefeller was a family physician in Falmouth, Me., who earlier practiced and taught medicine in Portland, Me. He was married with two children and two stepchildren.

    He was chairman of the United States Advisory Board of Doctors Without Borders from 1989 until 2010, and served on the board of Rockefeller University until 2006.

    Doctors Without Borders issued a statement on his death. Dr. Deane Marchbein, president of the United States division of Doctors Without Borders, said the group was “devastated.”

    “Richard gave so much of his life to support Doctors Without Borders,” Dr. Marchbein said in the statement. “He made so many vital contributions that have helped Doctors Without Borders provide independent medical humanitarian assistance to millions of patients in over 70 countries.”

    In recent years, Dr. Rockefeller was working to help establish better treatment for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Mr. Seitel said.

    He was also a past president of the Rockefeller Family Fund.

    Correction: June 13, 2014
    An earlier version of this article misstated the age of Richard Rockefeller, based on incorrect information from a family spokesman. He was 65, not 64.

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