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White Pastor Slams ‘Make America Great Again’ Slogan in Viral Video

Friday, March 31, 2017 13:37
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Pastor Dennis Rouse of Victory World Church in Norcross, GA slams “Make America Great Again” slogan and exposes racism in the country. He believes it is the job of the church to heal the racial divide, not just in America, but also around the world. Many Caucasians sincerely imagine that they live in a country that is, for the most part, a land of equal opportunity that is mostly free of racism. Rouse’s message of hope and healing for a racially charged country will bring some to tears, and offend others. However, it should make all Americans reconsider their perspectives on racism and reevaluate their own level of prejudice.

Jesus died in order to tear down the walls of hostility that have separated his body. Often when discussing the obstacles surrounding church and racism, Caucasians do not seem to get it. Many believe … Click HERE to continue reading and view video

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  • raburgeson

    This has nothing to do with race. We want to see all races of American citizens living the type of life they should be. We want the slavers in jail instead of stealing the wealth of the nation. There is nothing wrong with a nation of haves.

  • The Bible says if a man will not work , then he shall not eat ! The problem with America is the give away programs ! where does it say in the Bible that wealth is to be taken away from those that have and given o those that have not ? It doesn’t ! It says blessed are those that give ! The problem with liberal democrats is they have given America away to the tune of $20,000,000,000,000 . Remembering back about 10 years ago we had only reached 800 billion dollars . Of course the lying media tells a different strory ! Almost 25 times 800 billion to make the debt we are in now 10 years later ! This racist crap has caused the Whites to back off and let the liberals give us away to now nations that want to claim us as theirs . They also want us to throw away the Constitution that tells us plainly that NO entity shall own or possess America or its citizens ! So let’s throw out this American Whites are racist ! Bull crap !!! The Bible also says a foolish man gives away his wealth , but a wise man takes note and uses his money wisely ! Make America great again means we need to get rid of this crappy frame of mind and start doing what the Bible tells us is right to do ! Is it racist that many blacks are driving lexis , BMWs , Cadillacs , Mercedes and the likes as they strut theirselves in front of poor whites that helped pay for their rides with free tax dollars that they felt they had been deprived of ? I am sick an tired of this White racist crap ! Had it not been for the Whites they would be in jungles like their ancestors are now running thru the jungles ! So stop this manure . Their is not a single black that lived under slavery in America today ! History has been rewritten so many times so who knows if it even happened . This poor pitiful me crap is over ! You want a good life , then do like the Whites do , work at it ! The Blacks are a hundred times better off then their ancestors are in Africa today ! At least they are not eating each other over here . So stop this stupidness and lest row this boat together and make America great again . American means all people of citizenship of the USA . Not African American , Irish American , English American , Whales American , Swiss American , Russian American , Mexican American or what ever country you may be from if you are an American citizen you are an American . Now look at the list of names , how many have you ever seen bragging I am a Russian American or Mexican American or what ever American ? Is your answer none ? Then drop this African American bull and join Americans and be an American . United we stand , divide we fall ! Look like the enemy has gotten holt of some of our citizens , doesn’t it ? If the truth is to be known White American are the most discriminated against ! But many of us have tuff skin . We know who we are and it doesn’t matter what others think . Opinions are like butts everyone has one and all of them have cracks and do stink from time to time ! So we let the opinions roll off like water on a ducks back ! It’s time others do the same ! If it wasn’t for Whites in this world most of the earths population would still be in the woods ! But we share our knowledge and skills only to be stabbed in the back over and over again . But funny thing is we keep on sharing ! When the White man walks out watch the world fall apart ! Richmond Virginia is a good example . Hull street going into the city has boarded up windows , bars on doors and windows and people laying on the side walks from time to time . They wanted the White man to leave , he did , that part of the city is now worthless and run down ! Chicago is another good example . So what the hell is expected of the White man ? That he work and give everything away and live in a cardboard box ? Hell No it’s time to get rid of this damn racist attitude of everyone is better than the white men and women that provide us with so many goods and services and start pull you part of the wagon ! If you are then Good for you ! It was said that 51% of America is taking care of 49% of America today ! What about this looks right ? Absolutly nothing ! Like the Bible says if you don’t work then you don’t eat ! Here is a good example of not doing what is right ! Here is why we are in the shape we are today ! Here is why other countries think they own us ! Here is why if we don’t over come this stupid mentality , America the once great nation will be America the 3rd world class nation . Today it is said America is only 3 days away from starvation . Our once great supply of food is now down to only 3 days should we as a nation have a major crisses . We have given most of it away to other nations in need and to our own population that wants to set on their butts and do nothing but draw checks , food cards and health care . And now states that once produced food have been having drought , flooding and fires . So what are we down to now ? To those trying to divide America I say it’s time we deal with you ! Liberals have all but destroyed this once great country , with racism , give away programs , planting seeds of doubt , and dividing us into groups that hate each other . Only by GODs grace are we still above water . How long will we keep treading the water and hold our heads above it ? Hopefully we may soon touch earth under neath our feet and try and catch our breath . But these liberals got to go !!! Right is right that’s why it is called right not the left . The right party try’s to do what is right . Wrong will destroy you and that is what liberal thinking does to your minds ! liberal means you have no ground that you fight to hold or stand on . They are wishy washy ! Lie if needed , kill if needed and steal if needed . There has to be order , because if not confussion and violence will break forth because someone will cross the others line who really has no lines .

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