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Will There Be ET Disclosure? The Pope, ET’s, the Brookings Report, Cydonia and Giza

Friday, March 10, 2017 11:07
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The Deep State, Pizzagate, illegal wiretaps and alleged Russian hacking, my mind needs a rest. Each and every day for a year, I have championed the rise of Donald Trump and the potential demise of the globalist forces that have hijacked our government. However, for today, I turn my attention to a topic that holds a great deal of fascination to me and this topic can be encapsulated by one central question: Does mankind really know and understand their true history?
It could be the biggest history revisionist project of all time. Have the elite cut mankind off from their history? We know the globalists try and pervert religion and this is one of the reasons why the Christian Church is in such a mess today. Even the Pope has tried to pervert the message of Christ and the teachings of the Bible by comparing and claiming equivalance between Chistianity and Islam and this has given rise to the modern term “Chislam” which calls for the blending of Christianity and Islam. This is the biggest perversion of the Christian religion in history and the fact that the Pope is pushing the message is inexcusable.

The Pope and ET’s

There is a topic, however, that the Pope covers, that we may want to pay attention to. The current pope is no stranger to the topic of ET’s an has been very outspoken in his beliefs.
I have been noticing a trend in Hollywood movies with an extraterrestrial overtone (e.g. Independence Day, The Arrival, etc) and this tone is reaching a crescendo within the past several years. In a search for predictive programming trends, I have noticed a distinct pattern with regard various networks to play older movies that involve the people of the Earth versus some alien threat.
Christianity and Islam worship the same God.
Christianity and Islam worship the same God?
pope and et
I have long thought that this Pope might be suffering from early onset dementia as he recently said he would baptize extraterrestrials as they would visit the Earth. This is the same Pope who has stated that Islam and Christianity are basically one and the same religion. This false doctrine sets the stage for the official state sponsored (United Nations) approved religion which we commonly call Gaia which is about as a pagan of a religion that there is.
Does the Pope know something that the rest of us do not? The Pope’s statements are stunning to say the least. However, there are strong links to the Brookings Report which became the mainstay of NASA’s charter.

The Brookings Report Becomes the Guiding Light for NASA

It is called the Brookings Report.  It was a study commissioned by the global elite, doen in Eishenhower’s authority, and it was created  to decide how the country should deal with disclosure should artifacts of ET technology, remnants of ET civilizations, or if we actually came face-to-face with ET’s of any kind.
The leaked Brookings Report said we should coverup contact, for if we did not, the entire fabric of civilization would fall apart. Religions would collapse and panic would ensue. The Brookings Report became a mainstay of NASA’s original operating charter.
cydonia-1The second part of Brookings stated that if we discovered that mankind had traveled to the stars before, that too should be covered-up. It is this second part of Brookings that interests me. If one believes that makind has risen up before, only to meet some calamity and was forced to start over, that would explain a lot of the anomalies that we see on the planet beginning with the pyramids at Giza. Due to geographic similarities and alignment with the Constellation of Orion, that whomever built the Giza Pyramids, also built the apparent structures on the Cydonia region of Mars.
cydonia-2Today, mankind does not have the capacity to build the pyramids with known technology. This fact coupled with the 45 and 90 degree angle structures captured from the Viking explorer of the Martian Cydonia region, produced photo images nearly identical to Giza’s pyramids with regard to lattitude, longitude and the fact that both sets of pyramids align with the Constellation Orion. These mysteries and much more are covered, along with photographic evidence in the following video. The Hopi legends as well as the India’s legends talk about the previous “worlds” on the planet, meaning the presence of an advanced civilization of humans that were nearly wiped out by something and were forced to start over, multiple times.
Disclosure is an open question. The Brookings Report woujld say disclosure will not happen.  Some I speak with like Steve Quayle believe that is going to happen.  I will interviewing Steve in the ner future on this topic.
Below is a cursory look at this topic complete with photographic comparisons. The link between Cydonia and Giza are undeniable.
 Credit to Common Sense


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