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ZetaTalk Newsletter as of January 12, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017 22:12
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Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday January 15, 2017. Newsletter can be found in the archives by Friday, also.

Russian Hacking Claim

The press by the cabal supporting Hillary is still fervently trying to start World War III with Russia, as we recently detailed in Issue 535
of this newsletter. While the final steps to officially place Trump in the White House are taken, the clamor about the supposed role Russia had in the 2016 election increases. From the November 8, 2016 election to the December 19, 2016 Electoral College confirmation to the January 6, 2017 acceptance by the House – the uproar has increased. Where were the complaints about foreign interference prior to the election – from foreign funds loaded into the Clinton Foundation and millions in donations from Merkel’s Germany? And remember, the Clinton Foundation only passed on a reported 5.7% of its funds
to actual charities. The rest was for the Clintons and Hillary’s ambitions.

Clinton Foundation Received Millions from Merkel Government
November 28, 2016
Between July and September 2016, unwitting German taxpayers gave as much as $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, Germany newspaper Die Welt reveals. Die Welt asked if Chancellor Merkel was trying to influence the outcome of U.S. presidential election.

Hillary’s slavish media backers are alive with claims that the Russians hacked the DNC and hacked Podesta’s files. Podesta’s email password was “password”, such was his security. Assange denies that Russia was the source for either of these email bonanzas on Wikileaks, and implies that Seth Rich,
the DNC worker who was shot in the head in Washington DC, leaked the DNC emails. There was no proof whatsoever that Russia did this hacking or provided Wikileaks with the emails. Do the Russians snoop? Sure. We snoop, the Russians snoop, the Chinese snoop, and the Israeli snoop on everyone. This is normal, but it is not proof of responsibility for the DNC and Podesta email leaks!  

Something about this Russia Story Stinks
December 30, 2016
Nearly a decade and a half after the Iraq-WMD faceplant, the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment. Absent independent verification, reporters will have to rely upon the secret assessments of intelligence agencies to cover the story at all. Many reporters I know are quietly freaking out about having to go through that again. We all remember the WMD fiasco.

Three Reasons for Obama’s new Russia Sanctions that have Nothing to do with ‘Hacking’
December 30, 2016
The Democrats fully intended to blame the Russians if the election went Donald Trump’s way — and as expected, since November 9, they have been gung ho about Putin stealing the election from Hillary Clinton. Clinton voters, many of them, fully believe groups of hooded Kremlin-backed hackers in Vladivostok stole their election. They believe this with such ferocity because it is what they were told to believe by their party, by their country’s intelligence agencies, and by the media.

DNC rejected FBI request to Examine Hacked Email Server
January 5, 2017
It was reported the FBI never examined the DNC server, which the bureau and multiple other U.S. intelligence agencies say was hacked by the Russian government. The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated.

Washington Post Stirs Fear after False Report of Power Grid Hack by Russia
December 31, 2016
The Washington Post reported Friday that the U.S. power grid had been hacked by the same Russian actors accused of breaching the DNC – the only problem, the grid wasn’t hacked.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/7/2017:
The assassination of Karlov
was intended to trigger World war III, a key part of the Hillary/Soros agenda. Despite Soros’ heart attack and death, and despite Hillary’s lose to Trump, this crime family’s ambitions have not changed. Obama was constrained by dirty bomb threats,
and has played the game until Dunford and the Transformation Team can clean out the dirty nukes and dismantle the Hillary/Soros crime family. Dirty bomb threats required the use of C-130’s over Denver
in late November and over New York City
in mid-December .  

Why the flap about Russian hacking? If the Hillary/Soros crime family is demanding that World War III be facilitated, a necessary ingredient is for Russia to be antagonized and for Russia to take the bait! Clearly Obama cannot just order the US Military to attack Russia, unprovoked and without cause. The DoD would refuse, the Congress in an uproar, as only the Congress can declare war and the President can only do so temporarily with clear evidence that an attack is in process. So, provoke Putin, who wisely laughed it all off. The US media can see no clear evidence that Russia hacked the DNC or Podesta email, and Wikileaks takes credit implying that they and Seth Rich were responsible.  Meanwhile, Obama must act like a clown.

Why is Obama suddenly coming out with these complaints about email hacking, when he was quiet before the election? Obama then ejected Russian ambassadors, as this was within his power and did not require congressional approval. Per the Zetas, there are several reasons for the campaign against the Russians.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/7/2017:
Why has the crime cabal – composed, in part, of the Hillary crowd, Soros billions, the Jewish bankers, Netanyahu, and various remnants of the Bush cabal such as McCain – been so intent on starting war with Russia? There are several reasons, one of which is to weaken BRICS,
the alternative banking consortium to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The IMF created debt slaves out of Third World countries, where BRICS loans require barely any interest, setting them free. Russia is central to the BRICS consortium.

A second reason is to incite Martial Law in western countries, including the US and Europe. War with Russia would be the excuse. With Martial Law, those in charge – presumed to be Hillary and her counterparts in Europe – would seize control and never let go. A third reason is that even without Martial Law, the Military Industrial Complex could return to their profitable occupations – making war machines. And yet another reason is that population sculpting plans, killing off billions of what these elite consider worthless human beings, could be put into play.

Even with their loses this past year – Federal Reserve branches
taken from Jewish banks and returned to the control of the US government, and stolen Fort Knox gold
being retrieved by secret court action, and the utterly unexpected loss of Hillary during the 2016 election to Trump – this elite cabal still hopes to pull off a win. If only they could incite war with Russia! Thus McCain was in the Ukraine beating the war drums. Thus the pressure on Obama is INTENSE, as his demeanor shows. This situation will only be relieved when Trump is inaugurated on January 20th.

Obama’s Secrets

The pressure on Obama by the Hillary cabal as he approaches the end of his term is palpable. Why does he look so stressed, and why does his family have such downcast faces? Per the Zetas, Hillary has been blackmailing Obama, as she knows his secrets and has proof beyond what the media holds. If in her rage, and the cabal’s rage, they release info they have been holding, the impact on the Obama household, particularly on the girls, would be devastating.

Is Michelle Obama a Transgender?
March 14, 2014
Is the First Lady actually the first, First Man? This issue has mostly been that of only a few speculators until Joan Rivers brought it into the mainstream when she told the world that Barack is gay and Michelle is a transgender. She died from a relatively simple medical procedure not too long afterwards.

Michelle Obama Is a Transexual?
March 14, 2014
His Social Security number has a Connecticut prefix. His outright deception about his birth certificate, an image of which he made public on April 27, 2011, but which forensic experts have determined to be a fake. It doesn’t help that the Hawaii official, Loretta Fuddy, who had signed off on Obama’s purportedly birth certificate was the only passenger who died in a small plane crash.  In a speech on September 30, 2011, at the transition or change-of-office ceremony of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Fort Myer, Virginia, Obama referred to his wife not as Michelle but as Michael. Pictures of Michelle Obama with a strange crotch-level protuberance suggestive of a penis. Her hands, shoulders, neck muscles, and head-to-body ratio all point to her being a biological male, all of which would explain why there are no pictures of a pregnant Michelle, and why there are no birth records of “her” two daughters.  

ZetaTalk Insight 1/7/2017:
What is the explanation for Obama’s bizarre behavior; where he expels Russian diplomats and even looking back over the past couple years, campaigns for Hillary? Going back even further, why would Obama appoint Hillary to be his Secretary of State, given that her criminal history was well known and firmly established?  It has been rumored that Hillary had proof that Obama was born in Kenya, and started this rumor in 2008 in an attempt to discredit him. It is true that the CIA has been grooming Obama for decades for the White House, and forged the Hawaii birth certificate. But in 2008 Hillary had hope that they could blackmail Obama into supporting her, so she could win in 2012.

Thus, Hillary held off on releasing her proof, and Obama gave her the Secretary of State position, supposedly to bolster her resume with foreign government interaction. Then by 2012, Hillary had collapsed with a stroke, called a dehydration faint in the media, so she was unable to run against Obama. The pressure on Obama going into 2016 was ramped up to include a very closely held secret that the CIA was using to control Obama. He is gay, and married to Michael, a transvestite, his children adopted at birth. Now at the end of 2016 Obama’s layered Birth Certificate is out and about on the Internet, no longer a secret, as is the rumor about Michelle being a tranny, something Joan Rivers stated openly and the reason she was quickly silenced.  

ZetaTalk Insight 1/7/2017:
Why did Michelle go on Oprah
and state that hope was gone? Why the long faces on the Obama girls coming back from vacation in Hawaii? In blackmail situations, the power of the scandalous news is lost once the news is released, with proof. This is a powerful threat, but useless once used. Nevertheless, Michelle and Barack had to inform the girls, so they would be braced. The world of politicians is rift with such scandals, well kept secrets, and it is politically correct to pretend they do not exist. After these next few nervous weeks, the issue is likely to be forgotten. Life goes on.

ZetaTalk and the Obama administration have lived side by side for the past 8 years. The Zetas supported Obama in his efforts to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in his efforts to make the announcement admitting that Nibiru was a real and present danger. Not a word about Obama’s secrets. They have said that Obama is a Star Child, a walk-in during his teens. They have stated that the walk-in was the soul that incarnated Lincoln when he freed the slaves. When asked about Obama’s birth certificate LAWSUITS they stated that the LAWSUITS were without merit, without legal basis to stand, without addressing the birthplace issue. Obama’s secrets were frankly immaterial. The quality of the soul and its mission is what matters.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/23/2008:
The lawsuit filed against Obama was obviously by a Hillary supporter, a last ditch attempt to force her to be the nominee. The raw ambition of the Clintons is obvious, increasingly so, so that many who supported Hillary's campaign now see the claws under the glove. Lawsuits are not settled in a day, and this lawsuit, baseless, against Obama's birth in Hawaii is designed to delay the nomination!

ZetaTalk Comment 11/8/2008:
Obama was also Lincoln. In Obama's case, he was a walk-in during his teens, so was able to choose the body and life circumstances for his mission.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/6/2008:
This issue came up some weeks ago, just ahead of the Democratic Convention. Hillary fans were trying a last ditch attempt to force her to be the nominee. The plan was to have a restraining order to prevent the convention from making him the nominee. We predicted that this plot would be ignored by the DNC, and it was. Obama has the paperwork needed.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/27/2009:
We have spoken to the issue of Obama's citizenship and the attempts to challenge this by those who are still fuming that he won. The challenge is without merit.

Faux Prong 3

We are waiting for the Multi-Prong’d approach that began in January of 2016 to announce that Nibiru is real and present in our inner solar system, riding close to the Sun at present. Prong 3 is poised
to announce that the Dark Energy Survey has discovered an exoplanet that arrived in 2003 and migrated via a retrograde orbit to where Nibiru is being sighted today. Voile, all those reports of a Second Sun and bright orbs around the Sun have a basis! Just when and by whom that announcement will be made is unknown, but given all the astronomers
involved, it likely will come by that route.

Meanwhile, opportunists never sleep.

Nibiru Doomsday Predictions Claim the World will End in October 2017
January 3, 2017
Nibiru is a large blue planet. Meade has stated the sun’s twin will bring with it seven “orbiting bodies,” one of which being Nibiru. Planet X is a planet on the far edge of our solar system, some have hypothesized.  Some conspiracy theorists believe the gravitational pull of Nibiru, which has been dubbed a “rogue planet,” caused disruptions of the orbits of other planets hundreds of years ago. The gravitational pull of the binary star Nibiru orbits is driving it towards the Earth, according to Meade.

Exact Date Nibiru ‘will Destroy Earth’ Revealed…and it’s This Year
January 3, 2017
Now a paranormal researcher claims to have combined astronomy, scientific research and the Bible to calculate the date of the apocalypse. In his book Planet X — the 2017 Arrival, author David Meade says the killer planet will first appear this September. And it will crash into Earth the following month. We haven’t spotted Planet X or Nibiru yet as they are approaching from a different angle, above the South Pole. He said: “This makes observations difficult – unless you’re flying at a high altitude over South America with an excellent camera.”

Armageddon in October 2017? Conspiracy Theorists Claim that Mysterious Presence of Planet Nibiru Will Cause the Smashing of Earth
January 3, 2017
Meade explains that there are 40 volcanoes erupting at the same time on Earth now. Earthquakes have dramatically increased both in number and intensity. Thus, the general public is being kept in the dark deliberately to avoid panic. As proposed by a number of astronomers in Caltech in January last year in Caltech in January last year, Nibiru is a different planet to the Planet Nine, which is also sometimes referred to as Planet X.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/7/2017:
Whenever the truth about Nibiru is anticipated, opportunists emerge. This occurred in 2003 with the Hazelwood flourish. Despite all the material available on the ZetaTalk website since 2003, internationally known, and despite Nancy even having produced a book for those who were web challenged, Hazelwood got on Coast to Coast ahead of Nancy to promote his book – Blindsided in 2003 – which was wholly plagiarized material from the ZetaTalk website. But where is Hazelwood now? Unable to predict or explain in the manner we, the Zetas do, he faded into the fog of history.

More followed, with predictions on dates when Nibiru would arrive or create chaos on Earth, and these dates would come and go. The fame of these opportunists would be fleeting or certainly sullied by their failures. The more durable among these opportunists learned not to fix on dates, nor even to fix on a sequence of events as ZetaTalk has done – the 7 of 10 plate movements and the Last Weeks. But talking about the Hopi legends and selling books and dried food does not capture the imagination like solid dates, which almost always go viral on the Internet. That said, why is Meade’s book – Planet X the 2017 Arrival – getting press coverage?

These efforts are not done merely by the authors, who hope for fame and fortune. They are backed by those wanting the public to be confused by the news, so the real message is discredited. The CIA, and certainly the cover-up crowd which employs ex-CIA, have long used the technique of mixing truth and fiction. Thus we see Meade’s book plagiarize much of ZetaTalk and talk about real Earth changes ongoing. Yes, the Sun has a dark binary, and yes Nibiru is a planet caught between them, and yes the Earth is having earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but no, Meade is not the brains behind this “discovery”. Read ZetaTalk
and the history of the Prongs –
the gradual release of information by noted astronomers
worldwide – for the real truth.

Why are we seeing a new book try to capture the attention of the public at this time? There are many who assume that Obama’s timidity about making the announcement, and his clear vulnerability to blackmail over his family secrets, will go away once Trump becomes President. They anticipate the announcement, in some fashion, shortly afterwards. This would inevitably feature ZetaTalk and Nancy, the vast repository of information on the ZetaTalk website. They hope to steal the fame and cloud the message. Then, when October 2017 comes and goes, the whole story of Nibiru and a pending passage will be discredited. Or so they hope.  

Meanwhile, opportunists selling books and building bunkers for the wealthy leap into the void. This is based on the worthless religious visions and unscientific research of author Mead and the enthusiastic support of Entrepreneur Robert Vicino, who only knows how to build bunkers for profit. Not the first opportunists, and won’t be the last.   

Overwhelming Evidence for the 2017 Arrival of Planet X / Nibiru
June 16, 2016
My publisher has indicated that effective approximately the week of June 20, my book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, will arrive and be available as an audio book on Audible, Amazon and iTunes; it is currently an eBook.

Will the World End in October?
January 3, 2017
Entrepreneur Robert Vicino believes it could be true, and said the ‘elites’ might already be preparing for the end. Mr Vicino owns a company that builds underground bunkers to 'protect us from a coming life-extinction event', according to his website.


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