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Happening Now! US Launched 59 Tomahawk Missiles on Syria! Watchman Event! Blowback From Russia? (Important Videos)

Thursday, April 6, 2017 18:47
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Assad attacked his civilians again, so President Trump took a strong stand! The airfield that held the planes that transported the deadly gas were targeted and the warehouses storing the horrific gas were NOT destroyed for safety reasons.

Mr. Trump considered this barabric attack on Syrians a national threat to the USA as well. Swift action was ordered! Now… will there be consequences such as face-to-face confrontation with Russia over this?

We are watching prophetic events unfold at lightening speed! PREPARE! 

??? North Korea next ???



Please pray for our brave military!

From BP Earthwatch

US Launches 50 Tomahawk Missiles at Syria Air Base/The TIme is at Hand

Are We Rapidly Approaching Armageddon?

From ABC News

Trump delivers statement following US military strike on Syria

From The Next News Network


COURTNEY KUBE for NBC News report, The United States launched dozens of cruise missiles Thursday night at a Syrian airfield in response to what it believes was Syria’s use of banned chemical weapons that killed at least 100 people, U.S. military officials told NBC News.

From Fox News

Real concern of a war with Russia with Syrian action

State Dept. officials concerned about blowback from Russia if Trump decides on military action in response to chemical attack. Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reports

Trump did not call Putin before launching Syrian airstrikes

Officials concerned about potential Russian blowback from attack on Syria following chemical attack. Fox News’ John Roberts reports


Monstrous and Inhumane Chemical Weapon Used on Syrian Citizens Ignites Emergency EU Meeting (Video) click here


US attacks Syrian military with missiles


According to multiple reports, the United States has launched a number of missiles directed toward the Syrian government, days after the Syrian government unleashed chemical weapons on its citizens.

Officials told the Associated Press that the United States directed 60 missiles toward strategic air force targets in Syria. The missiles were reportedly fired from ships in the eastern Mediterranean.

The United States has had a tricky relationship with Bashar al-Assad, as Syria has been in opposition with the Islamic State. This has put the nation in a de facto civil war, which the United Nation claims has killed more than 250,000 citizens. 

President Donald Trump reportedly will address the nation at some point Thursday evening. Trump is currently at his resort near Palm Beach, Florida.


U.S. strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad’s government

The U.S. military launched approximately 50 cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield late on Thursday, in the first direct American assault on the government of President Bashar al-Assad since that country’s civil war began six years ago.

The operation, which the Trump administration authorized in retaliation for a chemical attack killing scores of civilians this week, dramatically expands U.S. military involvement in Syria and exposes the United States to heightened risk of direct confrontation with Russia and Iran, both backing Assad in his attempt to crush his opposition.

The attack may put hundreds of American troops now stationed in Syria in greater danger. They are advising local forces in advance of a major assault on the Syrian city of Raqqa, the Islamic State’s de facto capital.

The decision to strike follows 48 hours of intense deliberations by U.S. officials, and represents a significant break with the previous administration’s reluctance to wade militarily into the Syrian civil war and shift any focus from the campaign against the Islamic State.

Senior White House officials met on the issue of Syria Wednesday evening in a session that lasted into early Thursday, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, have communicated repeatedly since Tuesday’s chemical attack, the officials said.  READ MORE

Why the Navy’s Tomahawk missiles are the most likely option for a strike in Syria against Assad

The Trump administration is weighing strikes against the Syrian government in response to a chemical-weapons attack on civilians Tuesday, and one of the most likely options to do so is a mainstay when the Pentagon wants to attack from a safe distance: the Tomahawk cruise missile.

The weapon has been a critical part of U.S. warfare since the Persian Gulf War in 1991 and commonly carries a 1,000-pound warhead. It was last used by the Pentagon in October, when the military launched Tomahawks from the Red Sea at three coastal radar sites in Yemen after Houthi rebels there fired missiles at several U.S. ships over several days.

[Navy launches Tomahawk missiles at rebel sites in Yemen after attacks on U.S. ships]


Syria: US launches 60 missiles in strike on airbase near Homs

CNN reports that the missile launches took place around an hour ago, at 8.45 ET – that would have been 3.45am in Syria. The targets at the military airbase included runways, aircraft and fuel points.     SOURCE

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  • blame it on the usa again ?

  • The jews will not stop until they force Russia into war.

  • It’s official now: Donald Trump is a lying warmonger!! (Hoodwinked much?!?)

  • So disappointed.

  • It’s propaganda that Assad is guilty! It is John McCain’s “moderate” beheaders who have in their possession and store all the chemical weapons. It’s ISIS. Assad is not stupid enough to gas his own people. He knows that would be suicide and he clearly has no desire to die. This is a false flag, just like the Iraqi girl who testified about Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators, which helped start the war in Iraq, this is just like the WMD claim that turned out to be false, this is just like the Hillary Clinton lie that a stupid video was responsible for the murders at the embassy, this is just like the claims that Arab terrorists caused 9/11, this is just like the vicious killing of Gaddafi, which if you investigate it, he actually had his people receiving wonderful benefits, monetary gifts when couples marry, free college, free homes, but Gaddafi It’s crazy for people to buy the lie that Assad did it. The US and Israel and Saudi Arabia have been trying to get Syria destroyed for years so they can route their oil pipeline through there, and take over the advantageous port location. Remember what General Wesley Clark said about the West’s plan to take out 7 Middle Eastern countries in 5 years??

    • Ah, editing errors. It says “…free college, free homes, but Gaddafi…” should say: “wanted to leave the IMF so he had to die.” Then, “It’s crazy for people to buy that…”

      • Alright, any respect that I had for Trump (which was entirely based on what he said about restoring good relations between the US and Russia, and nothing else – but thus far Trump hasn’t done a damn thing to restore good relations with Russia) has now gone buh-bye. WTF!? I didn’t want to believe it, but – either Trump is stupid enough to outright believe the Lies about Assad, or he’s stupid enough to be persuaded to believe them by dumbasses in his administration. Dear God. I thought Obama would be the one to start WWIII. I thought Trump would be less impulsive. I thought Trump would care about the Syrian children enough not to bomb them (as he cares so much about his own kids and grandkids and is even willing to explore whether or not vaccines – in their current manufacturing process & with their current ingredients – are safe for babies and children – or not). But no, Trump has gone and bought the LIES. F’in IDIOT!! How can there not be WWIII now?

        • After J Kennedy….and no correlation R Kennedy….It’s safe to say an American…is a coward and a phony fraud…..I want enemy troops here…so we can round up those flag terrorist…who could not even write their own star spangled banner…traitors…oh and Washington refused to be your first president……look at his fake monument…real American…aye..:)lost 1776lol

  • they do this in the name of God who is a complete stranger to them
    God is not allowed in schools for the american children
    God is not allowed in the american political circle
    God is not allowed in the military
    God is to persecuted and controlled
    however muslims can preach in schools and universities
    musilms can have prayer rooms in any school they attend
    the thing that gets up my nose more than anything else is the use (in this circumstance) Trump made of GOD
    trump insists the information he was fed was from true blue genuine (Deep State) americans was the truth.. I hope the truth is on its way about these lying americans and it is handed to Trump on a plate of HUMBLE PIE

  • syria today north korea tomorrow ?

  • This is what I was afraid was going to happen. now I wonder what is next. Trump believed the lies and made a knee jerk reaction.

  • Holy holy are our leaders lets walk after them some more they will know best.

    Where the hell are all the protesters against the Vietnam war gone ? They stopped that war why can they not now stop these lying cowards ?

    It has been prophesied that Russia wopuld attack America out of pure indignation to defend itself. Well this is THE way to get the bear out of his peacefull slumber roaring into the attack. Let us hope that at long last their karma will catch up with the Almighty Arrogant Americans .

  • Who knows, maybe they are all in on it. Hit a base, kill no one and send a message to north K at the same time.

    Maybe Trump is playing a fool so he can fight the enemy where he is not. Art of War.

  • Where is the difference between Trump announcing to the world that he attacked Syria and Hitler announcing that they attacked Poland? May both their names be erased!!

  • TC

    Nobody is safe from this madman. Especially not us.

  • You people actually think Assad doesn’t need to live through this? He needs to die from it. He may or may not be responsible for everything he’s been blamed for, but he sure deserves more destruction than 60 missiles catering a few square miles of his mindwiped little country. Take my comment as you will.. Im just surprised at the “unamerican-ness” in the souls of some of you who call yourselves patriots. Freakin nuts.

    • Retard. real Americans fight ISIS not support them like you , Obama, Hillary, and now Trump.

      • Thanks for caring super patriot

        • Learn factual history before you write such ignorant comments.

  • jdp…Trump coordinated with Russia first so Russia knew it was coming, they won’t do much as they too just had train bombings and know this sends a message to IRAN, NK, and the whole region, don’t mess around, doing so will bring more of our missles or worse. it was just a single target, so only infrastructure was blown up, no Russian aircraft or people.

  • jdp…McCain is a war monger, saying Trump did not go far enough, Tarump was using caution not to turn it into a wider ranging war but NK NOW MAY ACT IN SOME WAY. BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT HAMMAS AND TERRORIST.

  • you talk as if Syria has attacked its own people, what a load off old ballucks, same old shit, its all a project for a greater Israel, clear all the land round israel, all the land that was promised by god in the bible, there taking it all back and they use the US to do it

  • raburgeson

    Now I bet he will fight fake news, man did he fall for hook line and sinker.

  • I think we have Royally Screwed up. That was probably a false flag on the Syrian people. Now we are going to have to deal with Russia, Putin would have an ally, now probably not. Trump should have given it more thought and waited till he was sure Assad did it…

  • Fuck you you blithering idiot! This is the worst thing that could have happened. There is NO proof Assad did this! Any
    rational leader would know this would be suicidal action! What did Assad gain? Only a MORON could believe the MSM storey. This was a false flag as was the gas attack in 2013. Trump has lost my support – and that of millions of other sane Americans. He has become another puppet of the Zionist Cabal. What a shame. I voted for this man – I do not regret that as Hillary would have been worse. But now I am a total political atheist and will no longer participate in any more activism. I am done. Trump you are a fucking liar and a shill – with your son in-law up your Zionist ass.

  • RIP the global war on terrorism. Make DAESH Great Again!

  • This is what you get when you put a bunch of military generals in your cabinet. Remove Bannon, the protector for Americans and listen to your zionist son-in-law. Then there is McCain…….

  • All it boils down to is that people finally have to understand the following true life story:

    Grandpa an old Dutchman lies on his deathbed .All the children and his wife are gathered around him . He lies there with his eyes closed .The doctor comes and does his thing (pulse ,breathcheck etc. ) “well “says the doctor with a grave expression on his face , “I shall fill out the death certificate”.
    Then grandpa opens his eyes and quirps : But I am not dead yet!!
    Says his wife and companion of the past 60 odd years: Shut up Jack DOCTOR WILL KNOW BETTER THAN YOU !!!!

  • Well, I am thoroughly disgusted. This is the best Trump can do – the man who presented himself as the great negotiator who wrote the book on negotiations and is supposedly the worlds expert on negotiations. Same old story – false flag, righteous indignation, and then death rained from above.

    As for me, I make the promise to all of humanity:

    “I will never, for any reason, attack a stranger in a faraway land whom I have never met and who poses no personal direct threat to me or my family.”

    What kind of world would we live in if we all made a similar pledge?

  • No blow back from Russia, just more jaw, jaw just like we have been getting for the past five years.

    Come on people you must see by now that this new cold war is just a script from the book 1984 so that both sides who are working for the bankers can keep the people in fear, remove more rights and pass the bill for military defence on to the poor old tax payers.

    Stop being taken for fools, voting does not work and Russia is not coming to our aid so you will just have to grow some balls and do the house cleaning yourselv

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