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Syria attack: Is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

Sunday, April 9, 2017 10:04
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Syria attack: is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

By Jon Rappoport

Trump was going to be the president of peace and non-interference. No foreign wars. No reason for the US to be policeman for the world.

This was not a minor message. Many Americans who had blown through the prison gates of the US political system when Ron Paul ran for president backed Trump, hoping for sanity.

Now what?

On top of the Syria missile attack itself, there are several reasons to believe the sarin nerve gas incident, which provoked the missile strike, was a false flag or an accident, and Syrian President Assad was blameless. But Trump said GO NOW.

It appeared President Assad, with the help of Russia and the US, was moving closer to victory against the various terrorist groups in Syria. That outcome is now in doubt.

Is it possible Trump and Putin are secretly working toward the installation of an actual democracy in Syria? If true, the missile attack was a Trump strategy to gain political support from US lawmakers, neocons, and other assorted US military-industrial complex goblins. But I’m not betting on some secret US-Russia plan.

The demotion of Trump’s special counselor Steve Bannon in recent days could have been a move to get him out of the way, before the discussion about launching the missile strike took place—because Bannon might have voiced deep opposition.

Another “benefit” from the attack on Syria: with Democrats, war-hawk Republicans, media pundits, and other assorted Beltway adrenaline junkies suddenly piling praise on Trump, the passage of an inflated federal budget for the military is quite likely. That’s a plus for defense contractors.

Arch Rockefeller Globalists, including Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission players are now breathing a tentative sigh of relief. Trump seems to have come into their fold. He’s operating “on their turf, doing the right thing.”

All of which leaves millions of Trump supporters—the people who elected him—out in the cold. They didn’t sign on for this. The missile attack was just the sort of move Hillary Clinton would have made.

Trump surely understands this. He’s made the calculation that it doesn’t matter. Apparently, he believes he can win his supporters back.

He also understands that the US intelligence assessment of the sarin attack in Syria could have been cooked, fixed, dreamed up, based on an intentionally staged event. But he’s chosen to ignore that.

And unless he and Putin are playing a secret game in concert, having decided to install a new and improved anti-jihad secular government in Syria, Trump has pushed Putin away from any reasonable negotiating table. Here too Trump gains support from his opponents in the US, who have been shouting about Demon Russia and insisting that Putin and Trump together fixed the 2016 US election. Finally, Trump “sees the light” about Russia. Finally, he sees that Russia is backing the wrong horse in Syria. He sees that Russia is the eternal enemy of America. It’s all nonsense, of course, but Trump felt he had to get the screaming press and the majority of Congress off his back.

If so, he has miscalculated. His domestic enemies will never let up. They aim to take him down. They are dedicated to pushing him out of the White House, or at the very least, neutralizing every one of his policies during the next four years.

And again, Trump’s strength—his supporters who voted for him, who were hoping against hope that his administration would turn America in a new direction—Nationalism, not Globalism—his ultimate strength has taken a blow.

He has distanced himself from the power of those who put him in office.

A populist leader who does that is playing with fire.

He may temporarily win praise from the media echo chamber, but those echoes fade fast, and then he’ll realize he is isolated—which is exactly the position in which his opponents want him. On a mountain top, alone, his only option to embrace those he was campaigning against.

Is Trump smarter than that? Does he have hole cards no one has yet seen?

Or did he just make a fatal move, a mere 75 days after taking office?

I could spend another 5000 words detailing the people Trump has surrounded himself with, but the point is, most of them want to block him from thinking about, and talking to, the people who elected him. They want to keep him pinned to the “Washington conversation,” which is always and forever elitist. In their view, “presidential” means deaf, dumb, and blind to the wishes of the people. It’s the way politics works. That’s what sells. It sells to the media. It sells to the intelligence establishment. It sells to the briefers who tell Trump what the “inside game” is every day. It sells to people of every political persuasion, except those who want basic Nationalism.

We KNOW Trump is blind and dumb when it comes to certain aspects of life in the US. In his desire to make business the overwhelming business of America, he is willing, for example, to ignore ACTUAL environmental destruction in exactly the way George W Bush was willing. (Trump’s new EPA chief has already taken a ban of highly poisonous pesticides, Lorsban and Dursban, off the table.) We KNOW Trump is clueless when it comes to the FDA approving highly toxic medical drugs that kill huge numbers of citizens (106,000 a year, at a conservative estimate). He wants to enable FASTER FDA drug approval. That is a catastrophe in the making.

But, putting that aside, the defeat of Globalism, bringing back jobs to America, securing the borders against criminals, opposing that treacherous collection of self-entitled Globalist scum on the East Side of Manhattan called the United Nations—these are issues millions of Americans have come to understand, and they expect Trump to take decisive action.

They also expected him to refrain from launching attacks against foreign nations. They expected him to bring US troops home. They expected him to stop policing the world. They expected him to drain neocons from his inner circle.

But now, for the moment, the distance between Trump and the people who put him in office is increasing; and if a point is reached where those people no longer have faith that Trump can hear them, he is done.

He’ll be living the life of a president, like other presidents.

A shadow, remote.

Does he understand that?

Many months ago, I laid out and repeated my reasons, my ONLY reasons for favoring Trump: he was keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House; he was mercilessly attacking mainstream news, which is the source of information mind control in America, the main obstructing force against people waking up to realities that are being hidden from them; he was gathering millions of citizens who want freedom and prosperity and an end to Globalism-Fascism-Collectivism-Socialism-Corporatism-political correctness.

I said: everything else is up for grabs.

It still is. But Trump has to understand what he is doing to his supporters—who exist as a movement independent of him.

Those supporters can check out of the Trump Hotel.

Like unhappy tourists, they can leave with a bad taste in their mouths.

They can move on.

Worst of all, they can wait for the next hopeful candidate and do nothing in the meantime.

Filed under: Uncategorized Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years.


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