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Explosive and This Will Make Your Heart Sink! The Jewish Lobby Surrounding Trump: Should Christians be Concerned? (Dynamite Video)

Saturday, April 1, 2017 15:21
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First, I support Israel and I pray for the Jews. The Bible tells us that we must support Israel and I follow that teaching. Aside from that, I am 1/4 Israeli with Irish-German making up the rest of my heritage. I am a born again Christian. I have nothing against Israeli’s or Jews. Anti-semetic comments WILL BE DELEATED.

When I first read the title to the following video, I was skeptical but I listened to it so that I would know whether to continue my subscription to Shiela Zilinsky’s YouTube account or not. After listening to the video below, I will indeed continue following Sheila’s YouTube account, she is a sister in the Lord Jesus Christ. She is a diligent & outspoken soldier for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I must add something that is not addressed in the video: Mr. Trump refuses to say if he has asked for forgiveness.  We are not called to be ‘fruit’ inspectors but Mr. Trumps silence on his salvation is alarmingly loud. I’m just saying ….

Is Mr. Trump aware of what is happening behind the scenes with his Jewish relationships?  Is he being used to prepare the way for the antichrist? I urge you to listen to this entire revealing video!

#neverHillary #maga #proIsrael #proLife #AmericaFirst #noGlobalism

Comments have been disabled for this story due to hate speech. JL

From Sheila Zilinsky

EXPLOSIVE! NEW! Trump & The Jews- Should Christians Be Concerned?- John Torell

Pastor Torell joins Sheila to discuss the Jewish lobby surrounding Trump. 

How to Escape the Hell and Doom that’s Fast Approaching!

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  • Article… Is Mr. Trump aware of what is happening behind the scenes with his Jewish relationships? Article… I keep telling people though they’re not listening, the same Jesus who appeared to me as a form of catching away the Bride spring 1986; that when he was finished with such real. As usual, he then told me and I quote, I’m coming soon, go and tell my people. Since then, now 2015, I’m no longer told Jesus is coming, but that Jesus is on his way here, meaning Christ the Bridegroom is closer to earth than He’s been when He first ascended, remember I witness his Millennium follow Obama’s the Brides Reign is now, possibly the ETOE, I witness, of September 23-25th, 06/27/2015, even see this amazing demonstration here,

    -All this evil is come upon us: yet made we not our prayer before the Lord our God, that we might turn from our iniquities, and understand thy truth, see, pray, Daniel 9.,

    Until A Times, Times, And A Half Now Fulfilled, 534bc -2024/5ad

    -No Trump of man is our savior, Jesus told us when he return he would return with the clouds of glory not by an American election, all else despite how tempting as the forbidden fruit Genesis’ garden are nothing but thieves and robbers remember? Murderous and monstrous from the beginning, to the stinging point it is those delivering up Jesus to crucifixion, their refusing Him still, committing the greatest offenses. You are heralding this man because you think he’s going to save America, Israel, Jesus alone by making our cross a bloody redemption has overcome this world, this include a carnivorous America. What did God tell or show the king of kings Nebuchadnezzar was going to happen to all nations, (Dan. 2, Rev. 11), what did Jesus say would happen to Jerusalem, even Israel? (Mat. 24:2). Meaning all nations, including Israel’s Wailing Wall, and now Trump’s attempt at one, all stand in defiance of God’s form of righteousness of which portion I must ask, ever return to Him void?
    -I was sitting this morning of 1998, I knew for months now by developing my own church, by pasturing and ministering to it, that people little wanted Jesus. They wanted what had become a celebratory supplement, mass assembly, this cursive return to the beggarly elements Jesus and the church Bride had. As is suffering mightily to set it free from, leading this blackness of the damn now it captived, whereas in only a little while, purpose finished, Jesus would be ascending. Simply, I’d arrived at the point, I arrived just a few years ago my own home, the harsh reality that though people loved, worship and bath all along God’s glory they only worshiped Satan, as Jesus himself said, instead of the light, darkness (the creature), is highly favored for it’s damning pleasures than it’s Creator’s plan of salvation that is alone Christ Jesus, beware, Apb, see entire blog here,

  • Unfortunate that so few understand the bible, that even if Jews were Judah, they still are not Israel in unbelief. The name Israel is not with them, it went to Ephraim and Manasseh.

    Supporting Zionist antichrists is a recipe for destruction of America, just the opposite of what they teach.

  • Josh. 21:44-45

    44 The Lord gave them rest [from conflict] on every side, in accordance with everything that He had sworn to their fathers, and not one of all their enemies stood before them [in battle]; the Lord handed over all their enemies to them.

    45 Not one of the good promises which the Lord had spoken to the house of Israel failed; ALL HAD COME TO PASS.

    This clearly states that all of God’s promises were completed and came to pass. God completed His part of the agreement that passed into history. Israel did not keep their side of the agreement and as a result of their rebellion against God they lost what God gave them. Those verses do not state that the tribes of Israel were given these promises on and on into the future in perpetuity regardless of their standing with Him. All that God promised came and went into the past (because of their rebellion against the Most High God), not the future in perpetuity. Had they stayed in right relationship with God they would have still had their land with His blessings still upon them and that land. They hatefully crucified God’s Son, who was sent to them, their Messiah, and they still reject, and many still detest, Jesus to this day. They have never repented. They are still, to this very moment, not in right standing with God.

    They are in Palestine by the hand of Lucifer through the efforts of the Rothschild Zionist movement and the Luciferian Babylonian Talmudic Judaics. Present day Israel is the counterfeit Luciferian creation of Satan for his Anti-Christ /false Christ to rule from. Anyone supporting and helping this counterfeit nation is doing Satan’s bidding…….how can you do Satan’s work and God’s at same time and think you are in right standing with God? These Luciferian Zionists are the Rev.2:9, Rev.3:9 Synagogue of Satan fake Jews…….they are Lucifer’s minion. Do not participate in their works of darkness. God has promised to restore them to the promised land…..His way, by His Hand…..not Lucifer’s way via some of the most evil people on this planet, the Rothschild Global Zionists and their minion.

    By the way……those verses or verse that is so often used to trick Christians into supporting Lucifer’s counterfeit Israel, speaks of blessing those who bless the seed of Abraham and cursing those who curse the seed of Abraham…….notice that the verse says “seed” (singular) not “seeds” (plural)……it is speaking of the one seed (Jesus) that was to come forth from Abraham’s bloodline not the millions and millions of “seeds” to come forth.

    Pls. check out this article by James Perloff :


    It does great job of explaining how Christians have been deceived into participating in the construction of Lucifer’s Anti-Christ NWO Kingdom through their support of this counterfeit, usurper nation; Israel, it’s Rev.2:9, Rev.3:9 Synagogue of Satan faux Jews and the Cyrus Ingerson Scofield Bible infestation.

  • “…the Jews wrote the damn thing and was translated in the King James version only after 800 AD…”

    And you have the balls to demand someone else apologizes for their ignorance?

    “…the Kazarian Empire converted to Judaism in the first place. Prior to that “JEWS” never existed.”

    How the hell did the Khazars CONVERT to something which, prior to their conversion, never existed? And you have the balls to demand someone else apologizes for their ignorance?

    You’d have been better off keeping your yap stapled shut and not making yourself look a belt-fed fool, Chief.

  • No Jews as you think of today, there ancestry did not write the bible.

    Here are some facts:

    The Torah is the first five books in the Old Testament, you will not find anyone called a Jew, strange wouldn’t you think for making the claim that Jews wrote it.
    Now if that isn’t enough, you actually do not find the name Jew in any of the first 11 books of the old testament. David or Salomon are never referred to as Jews.

    Now also you will not find Yahshua called a Jew except as a derogatory remark at the cross. Yes, Yahshua’s linage runs thru David and the tribe of Judah.
    Yahshua born in Judea makes his a Judean (Jew), however he went to Egypt with his parents as a child to escape being killed by the Edomite Jew king Herod over Judea. After they left Egypt, the never lived in Judea again but in Galilee.
    Jew can mean a member of the tribe of Judah
    Jew can also mean a today a follower of Babylonian Talmud Judaism
    Jew can mean at the time of Yahshua, someone living in Judea regardless of tribe, such as the Edomites that Proselytized to the Judean religion 130 years prior to the birth of Yahshua.

    Today by biblical explanation, to be of House of Judah or the House of Israel one must be of the New Covenant which means a follower of Yahshua (Jesus Christ).

  • Eaglefeather

    There is no Israel (Christianity) outside of Judah.

  • Mr. Anus Supremus, looks like you are pretty good at taking that fakeJew dildo up your goyim ass pretty good. Every time a Palestinian kid dies your goyim mom gets an orgasm, is that how your love for the fake israhelli jews work? To me Jews or Arabs don’t make any difference. I am not related to any of them. But if I were Trump, I would have nuked that so called holy land and turned it into multicolored glass. Of course many jews and palestinians would have died. But guess what sustainable “World Peace” at last.

  • Whatever makes you think Cintus supports the nation state you call israhell, 101, because it certainly cannot be anything he wrote in the comment above? I mean it seems to me he’s contending with the notion that the Jews wrote the Bible and mocking another commentator for arguing a point exceptionally poorly.

    However, as is typical with you Bible haters, i notice you want to wipe out millions of people. Stalin would be proud but as for being related first there was Adam and Eve so we are all related, perhaps you meant you don’t know them so eff them. As for world peace, my friend, you’re delusional and quite possibly unaware that you’re espousing Muslim doctrine.

    Anyway i’m sure Cintus will want to speak for himself but just so you know, 101, i personally support Israel from a political perspective meaning anyone who wants that land can man up and go take it but as a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob i do not recognise them as the chosen people. Mayhaps you need to learn how to think for yourself, well, it’d be a start at least.

  • I don’t care what doctrine I follow as long as it brings sustainable world peace for generations to come. Fast roasting few million jews and along with their few million muslim arab cousins should make pretty good sense to anyone willing to put a stop to this holy land occupying madness. Once upon a time God used to destroy and punish rogue nations full of sinners, warmongers and disbelievers. For some reason, he has not been doing his part lately. I just wish to do what God would have done under normal circumstances without proclaiming to be God’s so called chosen people. The longer God waits to punish holy land occupiers the closer the world is getting to WW3 that can cause billions of people to perish. Sometimes you got embrace the lesser loss to save a bigger one. Bible thumping and Israhell loving is not gonna make this world a safer place.

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