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Trump to Attack Assad….CFR Globalist Deep State Prevails

Thursday, April 6, 2017 4:54
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Globalist Deep State Prevails


Trump folds to the Deep State Global Zionists !





Streamed live 11 hours ago

In today’s Live Show, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Donald Trump to Attack Assad, Take Out Raqqa Within Days.
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Cui Bono: “Who Benefits?” /alternative/2017/04/cui-bono-who-benefits-israel-main-beneficiary-of-syria-gas-attack-allegations-3497581.html






Streamed live 15 hours ago

In today’s Live Show, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on What’s Really Going on in Syria.…
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Raqqa – What You’re Not Being Told

Published on Apr 4, 2017

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports what You’re Not Being Told about Raqqa and the Syria Gas Attack.
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US Syrian Invasion Planned Months Ago

Israeli News Live

Published on Apr 5, 2017

US Syrian Invasion Planned Months In Advance President Trump claims that Syria has crossed the final red-line when just two days earlier Trump vowed no regime change in Syria. Well that’s odd Trump was moving his military equipment within striking distance of Damascus the same day he was claiming there would be no regime change in Syria.


Eren Erdem:…

Syria Gas Attack:…

White Helmets:…

Rebels plan gas attack:…

Doctor gets gas mask day before:…

US Military in route to Lebanon:

Reporter claims Sarin has smell:…

Sarin Orderless deadly:…

White helmets impervious to deadly sarin gas:


General Clark:…

Trump flipflop:

Tanks loaded for Lebanon:







 Published on Apr 5, 2017

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports on the Coming War Between Trump and Putin.
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Did Assad Gas civilians in Idlib? The Truth!


Published on Apr 5, 2017

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1. Suspected gas attack in Syria reportedly kills dozens:…

2. Syria: NOT A Revolution! (+18):…

3. White Helmets terrorist links fully Exposed [Graphic!] (Tapestry of Terror mirror):…

4. UN’s Carla Del Ponte Stupefied By Syrian Opposition Sarin Use:

5. Did Syrian rebel group have sarin?:…

6. Sarin materials brought via Turkey & mixed in Syrian ISIS camps – Turkish MP to RT:…

7. Syria hands over evidence of mustard gas attack by rebels on civilians to OPCW:…

8. False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria?:…



Israeli Airstrikes Explained, Israel supports ISIS!




Published on Mar 21, 2017

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  • Leo

    How will Putin respond ? Russia will stand and fight and win . :cool:

  • People are soo gullible, another false flag to get into Syria, Trump is no better than obama . Trump loves money so he cannot love God and if he doesn’t love God then he is on Satan’s side .

    • Can we talk in reality for one second people? Everything DOES NOT GO BACK TO JESUS and GOD and the BIBLE!

      Now I agree the US needs to stop getting involved in EVERY situation in the MIDLE EAST. I truly believe a joint effort with Russia taking the lead is the way that this BS can stop I terms of regime ousting and changing in places under ISIS control. I am saddened however that Trump has now decided to move into another country and attack. When will the world learn that military might is so useless in terms of benefitting humanity?

      • Holy Shit Batman!! Asshole Assad has to be Assasined, Trump will have to Dump, the Barrel Bomb Hump…..and put those God-Damn ‘Boots’ on the ground…..

        Pity , EVERYTHING DOES GO BACK TO JESUS + GOD + the BIBLE…..and their prophecy.

        Pity, MARYlanders ‘Belted” in the Bible Belt just dont understand or comprehend that TRUMP went to NY Military Acadamey then FORDHAM, an IHS/Jesuit/Society of Jesus? BASTION/Den of iniquity. The Pres Race & Who-Ha garbage is over…..its time …the final destruction of Damascus as prophecized(ISIS=International Security{trained forces} In Syria….ISIL=Levant).
        All of it does go back to the Bible(Babylonian/KJV Babble)….and it is all a sideshow to justify the REAL TARGET……….which is Jerusalem ….& the Destruction of the Dome Mosque on the Temple Mount.(make way for the Zionist/Masonic New Temple of Solomon/Ca$holic Pilgrimage Tourist $$)…their CORPUS SEPERATUM laid out in 1947UN meeting……the Holy Places….
        another Christian Crusade ,hidden as a “Civil War”…and why Virgin Marylanders=US loves their military might……the “Big Stick of Big Brother Loyola” & his Jesuits……

  • Foolish people – Bush1, Bush2, Obama, Clinton, and Trump are ALL part of the deep state. I knew it was over for us when the former head of the CIA was elected president. It’s all down hill from here.

    • its not hard to imagine what their end game plan is and so far it seems to be working

  • I hope Trump does not fall for this false flag. If he does he will loose most of the support he has enjoyed and we will know that nothing will ever change by voting.

  • Millions of Trump’s followers on Twitter need to tweet. FALSE FLAG in Syria. Don’t fall for it!!!~

    He needs to know most of his supporters do not support attacking of Assad because of a conveniently timed false flag to shut up all the other issues, like Rice and all the gates. Yep a new war would make the rest all go quietly in the night. We get it.

  • Right ‘mail’ Press ~ Grasp Hitlerism…………..(AG)
    Hitlerism ~ Heil ‘SR’ MIT

    Hitlerism ~ Hit ‘MLS’ Ire ~ Time ‘HR’ List
    Hitlerism ~ This ‘MR’ Lie ~ Lies ‘HR’ MIT
    Hitlerism ~ HTML ‘I’ Sire
    Right ‘mail’ Press ~ R Sight ‘PM’ Israel
    Hitlerism ~ Hi! RT Smile

  • jdp…TRUMP HAS 3-4 problems, NK, SYRIA, CHINA SEA, RUSSIA ASSAD SUPPORT, DEMs at home.If Trump can work out something with XI on NK, OK, BUT THEY NOT GOING TO GIVE IN ON THE REGIONAL SEA THEFT. TRUMP SHOULD HAVE HIS DOJCONGRESS SUBOPENA RICE TO TESTIFY UNDER OATH and tell her she cannot plead the 5th due to the graveness of the situation if she does plead the 5th it 5 years in fed prison. Trump already has hundereds of tanks and other weapons in berut so moving in on Syria a small problem, the nbigger problem is who really did it, some say rebels vise Assad and there is some evidence for pointing to rebels. So hes got to be very careful who he will trust on this, he could go after ISIS IN Damaskus.

  • ANOTHER false flag likely perpetrated by the ‘White Helmets” and now our gov’t fell for that horrific, cruel trick blaming Assad. Using this as a reason to get Assad out of office, probably split up Syria, and steal its oil and minerals. Same old thing as Lybia, Iraq, on and on and on….
    I thought Trump was smarter than to fall for this incident thinking Assad would use such a small scale attack on his own people. For what reason? Could only be done by our gov’t agents, like ISIS. rebel Syrian army, or White Helmets.
    Never did get an answer to WHY is America fighting in Syria anyhow? They were NOT invited like Russia !!!.

  • What Trump should do is negotiate with Russia on getting rid of Assad and let Russia have the say so in the next leader for Syria as long as they are good for the Syrian people.

  • in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action,” Haley said during her speech that included images of children as proof of the need for swift action”…Let’s see, in 1898 the U.S BLOW UP the Maine in the Havana arbor AS EXCUSE to enter in the Spanish American war and turn Cuba into their COLONY occupying the GUANTANAMO BAY AREA, which Cuba is demanding the RETURN RIGHT NOW, in late 19th century, US Marines attacked the peaceful country of Hawaii, claiming that they were attacking American ships. 1917 an English ship sank a commercial ship killing over 2000 civilians, most of which were children. Both England and the US claimed it was done by a German Uboat, which got us into WWI. 1964 President Johnson claimed the North Vietnamese captured our spy ship in international waters getting us into Vietnam. It was revealed in 2004 that it had all been a lie to get us into the conflict. George Bush Sept. after the 9/11 attacked claimed that Saddam Hussain had WMD’s, Weapons of Mass Destruction, attacking Iraq instead of those guilty. We have now been at war for 13 years. Did Syria drop gas on civilian? a resounding NO. I don’t want our country to be in another FABRICATED war…Making America great again does NOT include another FABRICATE EXCUSE FOR GOING TO WAR FOR THE ZIONIST INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL BANKING, so that they can run their OIL/GAS pipe line from Saudi Arabia/Qatar throwout Syria to the Mediterranean and EXPAND THE ZIONIST ISRAEL TERRITORY INTO A GREATER ISRAEL.

  • This will destroy Trump and any credibility he had before.

  • I was hoping to be wrong about this and to witness sanity in action. Well I am greatly saddened to see that the psychopaths of the Luciferian Rothschild Zionist Elite have taken control of the Trump Administration now. I wanted to see things go in a much different direction thus signaling that the psychopaths hadn’t yet taken over. Man o man….this is tough to watch Trump take the entire Zionist BS gas attack bait……hook, line and sinker. It is truly stunning.

  • Boo

    Let’s see if this begins to put an end to these terrorist gangs roaming and ravaging the lands. It’s not clear Assad, by any of the information shown so far, gave the order for the gas attacks. It is clear if he had nothing to do with it, he could not prevent it.
    Assad can’t stop the carnage and needs to look at other options to help assist Syria in her efforts to bring this sad chapter in her history to a close. Whoever Assad is or is not, it doesn’t look as if he can maintain the authority to oversee the reestablishment of order much longer. For the peoples sake Assad could help by choosing a successor that would have a modicum of appeal to the masses as they transition out of this warring state. No easy answers here. But I would bet, whatever the public thought was so important to start a civil war over, pales in comparison to the reality of the residual effects they will have to deal with now and for the rest of their lives.

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