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Are You Experiencing the Call? The Signal

Sunday, June 22, 2014 14:11
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Many people are experience ringing sounds and sensations in their ears.  Sometimes there may in fact be some underlying physical issues associated with the ear ringing or tinnitus.  Perhaps a person damaged an ear drum or a nerve at an early age. Yet many people experience a high-pitched frequency sound,  hard to describe; the only way to describe it is a “higher frequency sound” and it’s not so much a ringing in the ears sound, but more of a constant high-pitched background noise .*OMzTDr2xSoEQL9J3QneNCNlGNvUmV8bYMB7g4chIiSFNC5*PAhszgdMI5J-V5K6r325dPlkSB0/iStock_000001299825Medium.jpg

Have you noticed ringing in your ears lately? Or are you hearing high-pitched frequencies? If so you are definitely not alone. Of course we know that there can be physical explanations for this phenomenon like tinnitus, but many people in perfect physical health are still reporting these symptoms. So what are the explanations for these high-pitched sounds?

If you experience ringing in your ears, ask yourself who might be trying to communicate with you?  It could be a family member or perhaps a highly evolved being such as an angelic energy.  If you psychic shield yourself, you will be protected from any lower vibrational energy.  

Sit for a moment quietly and see who is trying to reach out to you.


Many believe it is a sign of shifting into the higher dimensions

You might be hearing the sound of creation – creation of a new world which is coming into being, a world of high vibrations, higher ideals

For those who are ultra-sensitive you will be able to hear this high-frequency pitch which is continually being emitted from the earth’s receiver and transmitter of the higher dimensional frequencies of the 4th and 5th dimension and above (for the template will hold up to 12th dimensional energies in the future); these are energy vector waves of creation that are assisting in birthing this New Earth reality which you will be entering in real-time very soon.

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The Physical Possibilities

A ringing sound in one or both ears can be both annoying and disconcerting. If persistent, the first thing you want to do it get it checked out. It could be tinnitus, which is a physical condition that develops from a variety of causes. It could be linked to a Vitamin D deficiency, damage to the ear, earwax, Meniere’s disease or a host of other causes. Even certain medications have side effects that result in ringing of the ears.

The Spiritual Possibilities

Okay so you’ve investigated every conceivable physical cause and you’re fine. So what else could it be? Well, believe it or not the answer is likely spiritual.

Hearing high-pitched frequencies is one sign of a spiritual awakening. As you lift your own personal vibrations you become more attuned to higher planetary and celestial vibrations. Often this results in a physical manifestation like lightheadedness, tingling skin or more commonly ringing in the ears.

Ringing in the ears can also be a signal from spirit guides or other non-physical beings. Since it’s difficult for them to dial in to our dense physical vibration, they try to connect with us through other means. Sometimes they play with electronics or natural objects like leaves and feathers. Other times they try to reach us directly through our own bodies—and the ears are a convenient way for them to do so. So if your hearing those high sounds, it could be a message from the spirit world.

Signals of the Shift

Hearing high-pitched frequencies is also something like an announcement for the upcoming spiritual shift. You may or may not have heard about our solar system moving towards the galactic center. Without getting too scientific, as we get closer we are slowly traveling further into the photon belt which means photon energy is increasing and raising our planetary and personal vibrations. The ringing in the ears that you experience is considered a signal of this change happening.

Many spiritual experts also claim that as we go through this shift we will experience a DNA upgrade. Additional strands will be activated and maybe we’ll really find out what all that junk DNA is for! Our bodies and minds along with the entire galaxy will be spiritually reprogrammed. The high-pitched frequencies are just part of the upgrading process taking place.

Managing the Sounds

Ruling out any medical issues, hearing the ringing or high-pitched sounds is a sign of connecting with the higher vibratory realms. Although it may be a sign of spiritual growth, it can get annoying at times. In order to deal with the sounds, chant and meditation can help. Since the earth is going through the spiritual changes along with us, simply chanting “Om” can help you and the planet resonate together and deal with the noise. Meditation can also help you by reducing any stress caused by these sounds.

Remember if you’re hearing these high-pitched frequencies, you’re definitely not alone. We’re all on this journey together!

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  • It was interesting, up until the evolution diagram….really?


      Yeah I got the call this evening. Decided not to answer.


        Nudge nudge wink wink

    • I liked the dinosaur.

  • Actually, the only sign that tinnitus is, is a sign you have hearing loss and need to see an ENT Doctor, soon.

    Now, for all those who say ‘but I have really REALLY heard voices’, ask yourself one simple question – have you ONCE (or anyone you know, or have even heard of), been told one single thing that is significant, accurate, and came true? Did anyone predict the December 2004 Sumatran Earthquake and Tsunami that killed nearly 250,000? Did anyone predict our entry into WWII? Better yet, has anyone been able to predict America’s actual collapse, what causes it, and when it occurs?

    The answer to all those is no. Well, actually, thousands predict all the time. If I shoot an arrow into the ocean, I’m bound to eventually hit a fish, too. That said, there are NO accurate predictions for nation-collapse, or what causes it, or when it will be. If you can’t hear actual valuable information, then you are doing nothing more than hearing general cross-talk or infomercials, at best.

    This brings you to a real epiphany. Because, if you were listening to actual ‘important beings’, then you would eventually hear something important (other than general warnings that you can get from any environmentalists’ website). That you DO NOT hear ‘anything important’, is directly indicative that you are either listening to ‘their pet monkeys, not them’, or that you are listening to something far darker that really doesn’t have a clue, but doesn’t mind lying about it when it realizes you are listening.

    Stick with tinnitus and get it treated. The other alternatives are scary as hell, and you aren’t armed for those battles.

    • Excellent point Dust, I’m 50 years old, excellent health except for that incisiveness ringing in my ears, but I was a C-130 flight engineer for 22 years. My hearing is fine and if by chance I’m receiving high frequency signals from ET, well damn it I wish they would just knock on my front door, take me away and turn off the wave machine, it’s driving me up a tree.


        You’re ears are ringing because it’s the screams of all the innocent dead woman and children killed the hands and blood $ of Americans. May the sound get louder.

    • Not sure why but you got a -3 vote for some reason but anyway

      “The other alternatives are scary as hell, and you aren’t armed for those battles.”

      It does not scare me, i get no one telling me in english to do anything, it’s just like a high pitched rinning sound these days, no voices in my head and i seem to have my fair share of free will.

      Years ago i would think that any ET type thing that could do this must be 1000 years more advanced than we are but today i would say they are only 20-30 years ahead of us and still using microsoft windows because me detecting it must be some type of bug in the system, not well written code.

      I now also think we live in some type of computer simulation so the “Encrypted Messages” might be coming from our handlers and they exsist in the matrix for a reason and it might not all be bad or else they would be shooting themselves in the foot.

      No good fearing something you cannot understand or control and if i was controlled and they didn’t want anyone to know then i would not be typing this message to you.

  • I’ve had instances where i’ve heard a voice in my head. One of them. (stop) so as always i listened to the voice..looking around, waiting to move..a large item fell from a shelf above me landing in front of me.. ( would’ve injured me ) so yeah.. And i also help others every chance i get…safe journeys and love to ALL

    • About a year ago i had ringing which got louder for 2 weeks, then I heard a Voice..very loud Voice, that I can only Describe as a movie i watched years ago..don’t get me wrong i’m just trying to tell you what it sounded like..thats all.

      If you ever watched the Movie the 10 commandments and when Moses was given the Tablets as God was Writing them and saying Them..sounded Just like this the “Voice”..but Louder..much Louder.

      The next day the Ringing Stopped..I don’t get Scared of These Things or the Many other things I can tell you about that have happened to me in my Life and Believe at this point there is no separation Between Science and God or God and Science..God is the Universe.

      I also Help and have Helped many People over my Lifetime and am very Close to Nature and Animals since i was a Child.

      • Sean, Interesting. Do you eat meat? Perhaps I know someone like you. Research Les Visible. Lorax 1 ; meet Lorax 2, Lorax 3, 5, 8,…

        What do you think about “WE ARE DUMPING ZE US$” comment (above) calling a mind-controlled dog a DOG?

        “innocent dead woman and children killed the hands and blood $ of Americans. May the sound get louder.”

        Ouch! I have Friends that were military / are flight Engineers etc. Good Men and Women – especially those that have left and admit they were F’ing TARDS, in hindsight.

        Messages similar to Mark Passio are resonating out of the VOID. Increasingly.

        It’s wake-up time in Tard-Ville. The sleeping DOGs stir…

        Are you aware of Otoacoustic emissions? Vortex inversion and heterodyne waves in a resonant environment? Holophonic sound? The vortex structure and physics of the human ear? Fractal / hologram math?

        It’s all based on Phi 60 Tori array. Perhaps an affinity with Nature and Animals helps discern (filter and tune) Higher Quality interference patterns. Quality vs. Quantity. The simple yet profound Least and Extreme Mean hyperbolic curve. Want dynamic 3D? Trion Re’

        I think many wilfully ignorant meat-eating Tards are tricked by some of this technology;
        Is being aware of the dangers of microwaves a mitigating factor? You’d better believe it!
        There are MANY other sources of microwaves and other detrimental forces. Wifi, TV, “Smart” meters, power lines, cordless DEC phones, mobile phones and towers, GPS satellites, et al. The dissonance (and the BEATS) are everywhere.
        Patents exist that PROVE mind control works on some Tards (right-brain imbalance especially). Silent subliminal presentation system, United States Patent 5,159,703, Lowery, October 27, 1992
        More? Check these out:
        US Patent 4,717,343 method of changing a person’s behaviour.
        US Patent 5,270,800 subliminal message generator.
        US Patent 5,123,899 method and system for altering consciousness.
        US Patent 5,289,438 method and system for altering consciousness source.
        US Patent 4,877,027 hearing system.
        US Patent 6,011,991 communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity.
        US Patent 4,858,612 – hearing device.
        US Patent 3,951,134 – apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves.
        US Patent 5,159,703 – silent subliminal presentation system.
        US Patent 5,507,291- method and an associated apparatus for remotely determining information as to a person’s emotional state.
        US Patent 5629678 – implantable transceiver.
        US Patent 5,539,705 – ultrasonic speech translator and communications system.
        US Patent 5,629,678 – personal tracking and recovery system.
        US Patent 5,760,692 – intra-oral tracking device.
        US Patent 5,868,100 – fenceless animal control system using GPS location information.
        US Patent 5,905,461 – global positioning satellite tracking device.
        US Patent 5,935,054 – magnetic excitation of sensory resonances.
        US Patent 5,952,600 – engine disabling weapon.
        US Patent 6,006,188 – speech signal processing for determining psychological or physiological characteristics using a knowledge base.
        US Patent 6,014,080 – body worn active and passive tracking device.
        US Patent 6,017,302 – subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems.
        US Patent 6,051,594 – methods and formulations for modulating the human sexual response.
        US Patent 6,052,336 – apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier.
        Tards that are NOT aware of this stuff may need to ask: Are these thoughts MINE?
        Is it MORAL?
        And then the TRUTH pours out…

        • wow.
          interesting stuff. love the passio. his stuff is right on the money.
          moral relativism is spreading like wildfire and morality, modesty, decency and integrity are taking a beating.
          service to others and to truth are our ways out of this perverse, backwards nightmare called modernism.
          hopefully people are starting to see the dangers of “it’s aaaaall good” thinking, because it’s not all good. some things are bad. some people are to blame.
          righteous anger is rising and this is good! the new age movement is big on telling us to not get angry…… LOL
          i have heard a silent voice in my soul that has helped me to avoid many terrible things, people, events. is it our higher selves, god, angels…..i don’t know, but i’m thankful.


          skeptical is good, healthy, but cynicism is lame. just sayin.

      • jnankee

        Hi, I’m Jeffrey…
        When you had the ringing in your ears; what did the loud voice say?

  • The voice protects me. If it says stop i stop, if it says run. I run…i am a female and the voice is a stern male..if you have a voice listen to it..could be a matter of life and death…

  • My ears are ringing as I type this comment…hello,is anybody out there?

  • Its a 12.5khz high pitched call… I have discussed this on my page… Follow the voice and find the face that all deny…

  • it isn’t so much the high-pitched sounds, but when the tones come in and more sound like they’re singing to me is a little strange…

  • Well, not sure what the “sounds” are…but we’ve been hearing Harmonics in central AB, Canada. They can be quiet and then really loud to the point that you can’t tell which direction they are coming from. My son and I have heard them together at the same time, and apart.

  • Me and my daughter were getting ready for bed no t.v. , radio nothing was on.. And out of nowhere we heard what sounded like mens voices singing. Ommm…we looked at each other around the room. Was just us… We went too bed trying to figure out what it was.

    • I would guess that they are telling you that you and your daughter shouldn’t be sleeping together.

  • Mine haven’t stopped. It’s been a full year. They are ringing as I type this.
    Thank you greatly and kindly for this “Revelation?”. I mean, wow.

  • Microwave radiation frying our brains, what else sounds reasonable?

  • I have had ear phenominom since my teen yrs-Not once have I been told by a Dr.that I have ear issues either-I learned to get somewhat in tune w/the chirping(sometimes several times a day),buzz to slight hearing loss for a moment, and ringing-most in my left ear and sometimes inn the right one-I believe the right means someone is upset with me and the left, not sure but depending on the tone or sound means they are thinking, missing, or talking about me-Happens frequently when I and another have a strong connection-like certain relationships-like finding a message or pick up the phone at that moment and it would ring(which they don’t realize the connection we have, yet I do from this occurance)-I still am figuring out what each tone means forsure and would like more input on my spiritual connection with others

  • I can hear the electronic devices that repel rats and roaches, that are supposed to be ultrasound. I do from time to time hear a high pitched whine, and, my guess is that it is a type of imaging scanner used by the corporation that masquerades as a government to illegally and unlawfully spy and otherwise monitor the population of the USA..

  • I think its from all of the microwaves from cell towers or radio waves or even dtv signals from tv stations. As I type this I am experiencing ringing in both ears and it was doing it before I read this article.

  • seems like some of it is from watching television, if you mute or turnoff tv shows it makes a difference

  • Personally, I think it’s those crappy brain chips.

  • Don’t listen to the voices and the singing. They are EVIL. EVIL. Shut them out. Tell them to shut up. Go away. Those are the same kind of demons that pull the sleep paralysis crap. I’m serious. They are mean little a-holes. ISIS style.

  • An Observer

    I remember this episode of the X-Files. You have to drive toward the ringing quick, or your head will explode.

  • Shit this post hit a nerve with me so i will spill the beans on what i think i know about these sounds.

    Number one they are nothing new and they go back to atleast the 1960′s but the frequecy of the sound back then was much lower and i have been getting them all my life as far back as i can remember but could block or switch them off when i was young, no troube at all in half a second

    it was not untill the late 1970′s than i first got myself a ZX-Spectrum computer and heard the sound from a tape recorded playing sound into the spectrum to upload data that i worked out what it might be and to be honest the frequency of the sound in my ear and these zx-spectrum game (Exclude fast loaders) where not miles apart.

    Well over the years it seems like the frequency of the tones has gone much higher as if the bit rate has increased over the years and i would not know if something is being uploaded or downloaded from my brain (well thats my theory) but it takes a lot of consentration to stop it, sometimes i cannot unlike when i was a child and most the time i just let it go because it will come back later and i cannot always be bothered to even to try to block it.

    This happens about ten times a day that i am aware off, it’s no big hassel and seems to fade out a bit if you just ignore it and carry on with what you are doing and does not stop by simply taking a gulp of air to equalize the presure in you ear like happen why you fly on a plane and come in to land.

    I dare not give you much more here, sounds mad as it is but it’s not tinatus as i see it unless people with this condition can somehow turn it off like i can and my hearing is spot on for my age and i can hear a pin drop

    • Internet Article Reports;
      Take a look at the time-line.
      Just 50-60 years ago people was still performing task using low tech methods.
      Now Look at the huge advancements.

      I will give an example.
      Some say the computer in itself is an actual Teleportation Device, and it is.
      Although the standard computer is limited, although not impossible with a breakthrough.
      Now with the AI Quantum Computers, like “The Beast” They have removed many barriers.
      Some Scientist Are opening Portals. The Scientist working on these projects are faced with many problems while trying to get the needed results.
      Some Scientist working hard, trying to grasp the information rely on the Theory Process to much, some overcome this barrier.
      Yes, as they sleep the information some how gained by them. When they awake, they have the answers, the calculations needed to achieve their goals, Basically the answers to the problem, or barriers.
      Tesla received a lot of information, and was so fine tuned he could do it at will.
      Not all people can tune into these frequencies, although if you ever do, it will be an experience you will never forget. The information you need “Is Out There”
      Now Go back, and look at the time-line of history, the events, inventions for just the past 50-60 years do not add up.

      Governments have Units whom study develop and practice this phenomena, yes they take this issue very serious. There are many documentaries on this subject.

      Some try to block others from obtaining information on all levels, and built devices to do so, along with using the ESP phenomenon.
      Governments also have highly developed ESP Units.
      Also DNA plays a big role. A lot of research has gone into this.
      Articles Suggest, what they use to claim as Junk DNA is not junk. DNA can be turned on, just like a switch, by using sound waves. Upon finding Ancient Scrolls, etc and after translations they discovered the use of certain sound waves being used by ancient people.
      This is highly valuable information, although can be found in public Internet Articles, and Videos, along with the many documentaries.
      Has anyone noticed any certain group of people being controlled as if some DNA switch was flipped on, something in the recent news, or viral on the Internet?

  • Methinks that ringing in the ears is just like pins and needles in your hands or feet, a neurological imperfection, often due to being exposed to extremely loud noise like gunshots or power saws, before ear protection became the sensible thing to do.

    In my youth I did a lot of shooting using high-powered weapons, and later on became deaf – industrial deafness the medicos called it; the interesting thing is that the ear closest to the muzzle was effected first, and I had constant tinnitus. More recently as deafness progressed, I was constantly “entertained” by a male choir singing polyphonic music, no words, just sounds.

  • This is being done by people. It’s mostly being done with elf wave generators, cell phone towers, and or satellites. Look into a scientifically proveable phenomenon called the Frey effect. Also, microwave hearing, audio spotlight and other silent sound technologies. The military has used this technology to give field agents instructions without them having to carry a communication device. There is also the military’s so called “voice of God weapon”. Try to find an article that was in the Baltimore Sun 15 maybe 16 years ago that talked about using cell towers to ” calm the public” during civil unrest. Hey, if they can calm us down using tech I’ll bet in conjunction with some of the side effects of some meds they could also make people agitated. Maybe even make someone go on a killing spree? This is not magic or angels. This is part of a global control grid that is being set up.

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