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David Seaman: PizzaGate-Keeper and Pedophile Double Agent

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 17:29
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(Before It's News)

Joseph & Johnny

For anyone who has tried to learn the truth about systemic child sex slave trafficking and Elite pedophilia, it doesn’t take long before you are directed to David Seaman.

But, given that this issue is the scandal of the millennia, it’s important that we understand exactly who David Seaman is, as people with more than enough money to buy whatever they want have a clear interest in steering the investigations of truth-seekers away from who is really to blame.

The background behind Dave Seaman, his promoters and detractors, is a lesson in the complex intricacy of Machine disinformation.

* Allow a flawed individual to be the spokesman for hidden truth and Elite crimes—let him do what your puppets in other media aren’t allowed to.
* Have another pawn expose those flaws to discredit the issue.
* Have the “debunker” be equally flawed for confusion and chaos.

* Whenever possible, use Jews for the ultimate distraction: mindless hate and racism.

Another tactic is to assure citizens that corruption was in the past.  The current power structure is different and they will bring justice!  There is no need to pick up torches and pitch-forks.  Go back to your lives, everything is fine.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only has every American President in recent memory been implicated in sexual perversion (from Bohemian Grove to keeping a CIA-provided sex slave) the current one has been accused of child rape and collusion with child sex slave traffickers as our most recent exposé proves.

Based upon the wealth of information gleaned from coded messages in emails made available from WikiLeaks, connections have been made implicating many household-name heavyweights like Hillary Clinton her campaign manager John Podesta, and other high-profile characters engaging in something so dark it has the potential to bring Washington to its knees.  The emails alone warrant a full and immediate investigation as the highest administration priority.  Children are living lives of hell akin to an Edgar Allan Poe novel yet the very institutions that would investigate are the ones managing the crimes.

Enter David Seaman.

Seaman has claimed to be one of the first to break the PizzaGate story online.   His YouTube about me boasts 152,000 plus subscribers and an overall view count of just under 18 million—12 million since the last quarter of 2016.

For “one of us”, Dave Seaman has quite an extensive media resume.

I report the truth.  Often socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and curious.  Always human.  Former contributor: Huffington Post, Business Insider.  Maybe you’ve seen me on as a guest in the past: ABC News Digital, Coast to Coast, CNN Headline News, BBC, HuffPost LIVE, The Young Turks, or Fox News.

As investigators have found, “mainstream media” is locked down extremely tight.  Can someone who hasn’t been vetted as trustworthy with the Machine Agenda appear on CNN, FoxNews, the Huffington Post or the BBC?  We would add another venue David seems reticent to admit; he’s also been with Alex Jones…more than once.

Although David claims that he was terminated from the Huffington Post for simply questioning Hillary’s health—

—he’s still listed as a contributor.

He’s listed as an editor at Business Insider.

Certainly, of all the reasons to be “terminated”, “Hillary’s health” is the most banal and least harmful to the Machine should further discussions ensue.  Truly, who cares?  Should David have been terminated for questioning Hillary Clinton’s role in raping and murdering children or her empowerment (along with her Jesuit-trained husband) by Central Intelligence Agency drug running into the continental United States, that might have raised too many eyebrows.

The tactic of garnering sympathy because he appears to have been terminated from mainstream media for daring to bring up such a critical issue to Americans as Hillary’s health seems to have worked very well for Seaman.  He posts videos carefully sanitized of anything that might attract a Google/YouTube copyright bot and receives thousands of views on them.  He’s also currently gained an average of $4800 per month from Patreon donations.

Seaman manages to maintain these high levels of traffic (aided by recommendations from Google and YouTube) despite simply regurgitating the same information over and over regarding accusations and Podesta emails.  No deep research is ever conducted, for instance the fact that Elite pedophilia spans both political parties, all major institutions and decades if not centuries with almost all of those roads leading back to Rome.

In three degrees, rather than six, we can easily show how John and Tony Podesta have been implicated in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, how Madeleine’s parents seem far more guilty than British media allows, and how the McCann’s are connected to the Catholic Church—all worthy topics of intense research that David Seaman leaves untouched.

What Dave does like to push are investments in Bitcoin and gold—frequent traps for unsuspecting truth-seekers to fall in to.  Assuming a Machine big enough to control the banking of the most powerful nations in existence wouldn’t have an interest in “crypto-currency” is the height of foolish naiveté.  The pitfalls of investing in precious metals are just as many.

Should I Invest In Gold or Silver?

David’s bio on the “DeathSquadNetwork” gives us a little more information about him—information that seems to say he is Machine-approved alternative media.

David was born and grew up in Maryland near the United States Naval Academy, then went to college in New York City where he obtained a B.A. in English.  His education granted him the ability to communicate simply, clearly and honestly.

After graduating, he landed his first full-time job as a staff reporter for a web site on Wall Street before leaving to launch a popular personal finance deals & advice portal.  He learned a lot from the position as a reporter, including the ability to earn the trust of both readers and interview subjects. David interviewed a wide range of leading business and political minds, including Rep. Ron Paul and Donald Trump.

David’s parents were a doctor and a teacher (now retired).  From them, he learned the value of hard work, persistence, and humility.  He learned the importance of following his own path: he was never pushed toward medicine or academia.

On his passions and goals moving forward: “I love journalism and the ability to get the truth or difficult views out there and see how it influences the world around me within a matter of hours or days; my main life goals would definitely have to be happiness and giving back to the country; political goals – representing moderate Americans and returning to a government we can all be proud of.”

In the media, David has been an energetic voice in favor of digital payment innovation, entrepreneurship, and protection of our Constitutional rights.  He has been a guest on CNN Headline News, FOX News, ABC News Digital, Coast to Coast, RT America, The Young Turks and elsewhere.  His opinions and articles frequently appear on Business Insider.

During his numerous appearances, he focused on spreading news of the quiet assault on our core Constitutional rights, and what we can do to stop it.

Although the Roman Catholic colony of Mary-land is the home of the NSA, we haven’t seen any other connections…yet.

David’s career can be marked by one thing: insatiable desire for personal success and self-promotion, no matter what it takes.

In 2007, Seaman was an Intern with online platform Jezebel.  After only a few months with the company he became so despised by co-workers that they actually did a hit piece on him describing him as a “ self-promotional whore,” and subsequently firing him.  In the column they published a profile that Seaman had constructed about himself, one that demonstrated the depths of his pretentious self-involved persona.

In 2008, Seaman wrote “The Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself.”  In it, he quotes the importance of, “Always be controversial and outrageous in everything you do” and “enemies are more important than friends.”  He proclaims his admiration of Bill Maher and Michael Moore and his hatred of Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly.  These stand in juxtaposition to his recent support of current President Donald Trump.  He goes on to describe himself as a, “veteran promotional stunt planner,” not a reporter, nor a journalist.  The About the Author section of the book mentions that David Seaman is the founder of Shutterline Interactive, which is described as a vehicle for efficiently deploying new publicity stunts.

Truth seekers will be disconcerted to know that a key figure in PizzaGate reporting is an expert in self-promotion and propaganda.

In yet another surly stunt, in August of 2009 just before his book was released, Seaman said he would run naked through Times Square if his new book didn’t make the top 100 list on Amazon.  The book barely reached the top 200,000 mark.  Fortunately for New Yorkers, Seaman never honored his promise.

Also in 2008, David claimed in an interview with Business Beat Live, “I would protest gravity if I thought it was going to get me a buzz.”

An interesting claim to make for someone supposedly of the “truth community”.

A damning critique of Seaman was leveled at him by the YouTube channel “Lift the Veil”.

Noticeably absent from the critique is Seaman’s very powerful friends and extensive help received from both mainstream and alternative media, instead making the claim that his stunts have brought him his views and subscribers.

Perhaps that’s because the man behind “Lift the Veil”, David Stolpman, is, himself, a struggling Jewish actor who makes his money selling very expensive Italian cars in Southern California.  This second David then further discredits himself by claiming he has undiagnosed schizophrenia.

But as far as hawking goes, David Seaman is more than just a promoter of Bitcoin, he’s an investor and close confidant of the major holder behind Bitcoin’s parent company “Goldmoney”, Roy Sebag.  When Sebag (an Israeli Jew) popped up out of nowhere to purchase Goldmoney, investors were deeply concerned.  Had they been aware of the history of banking—invented by the Templars then perfected by the Bardis, Gondis, Peruzzis and Medicis of Italy, they would look more to Rome than Tel Aviv for answers.

Perhaps most troubling of all is the location of Goldmoney’s corporate headquarters in Saint Helier, Jersey.  It’s a 15 minute drive from the Haut de la Garenne Children’s Home; the location of unbelievable barbarism and pedophilia connected with England’s Jeffrey Epstein or Lawrence King—Jimmy Saville.

“I was drugged, beaten and sexually abused…what went on there was cruel, sadistic, evil.”

A woman who spent her early teens at the Jersey children’s home yesterday told how she used to be drugged, beaten and sexually abused there.

Mum-of-two Pamela, now 49, spoke out after it emerged that ankle shackles, stocks and canes had been found at Haut de la Garenne, once home to 1,000 vulnerable children.

Pamela said that every night staff pulled cowering children from their beds and battered and raped them.  She added: “The things that happened there are indescribable, the most cruel, sadistic and evil acts you could think of.” ~ The Mirror

Are pedophile protectors hiding in the very community seeking to out and punish pedophiles?

The central location for the Republican “PizzaGate” during the 1980s and 90s (known as “the Franklin Cover-up”) was the Roman Catholic home for orphans in Omaha, Nebraska; Boys Town.  The foremost “whistleblower” of the Franklin Cover-up is a devout Roman Catholic and former seminarian, John DeCamp.  DeCamp is a lawyer who was retained by the Executive Director of Boys Town during the height of controversy, Monsignor Robert Hupp.  Hupp was a Presidential Appointee to represent the United States government to the United Nations in the affairs of children; an appointment so inappropriate it is offensive.

Laura Silsby lead a Haitian “rescue effort” for New Life Children’s Refuge in 2010.  She was arrested and accused of having kidnapped the 33 children (a number highly significant to Freemasons) she “rescued”.  A Haitian judge stated Silsby mislead the Baptist missionaries she had partnered with, doubtlessly having used them as cover for her efforts.  Silsby is deeply connected to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton State Department was intimately involved during her arrest though it did not have the jurisdiction.

Today, Laura Silsby (now Laura Gayler) is the Vice President of Marketing at Alert Sense, an Amber Alert government contractor.  The arrangement is nothing less than heinous; a woman implicated in an extensive child sex slave trafficking enterprise receives money and legitimacy from tracking kidnapped children.

Do bereaved parents find this amusing?  Certainly the powerful perpetrators of these outrages do, and they are very often tax-payer funded as well.

David Seaman is paid well for his efforts, even if GoldMoney contorts awarding him Super Bowl tickets by claiming he “won” the “SuperGold” “contest”.  Crazy odds, the PizzaGate “journalist” who is good friends with GoldMoney’s CEO winning their contest like that, no?

—And Seaman is very good at stirring controversy where it doesn’t exist while he toes the Machine line.  Seaman will often take down his own media to create panic amongst his duped followers.  Via a “tweet” on 2 February of 2017, he guaranteed “arrests” over PizzaGate.  Although the account has been taken down, it has been remarked upon in YouTube and captured below.

Lulling angry citizens into believing their governments and law enforcement will bring justice when those institutions are the ones committing the crimes is a tried and true tactic of Machine propagandists.

Seaman further pushed this tactic by showing full support of President Donald Trump in a video that has been taken down but the title of which can be seen embedded here and also here.  Given that Trump is, himself, a pedophile, we’re not waiting for him to take action.

Your Child Rapist President Will Not Bring Justice In #PizzaGate

But perhaps most despicable of all, Seaman (a Jew) carries the Roman/Templar agenda of targeting Jews as the root of all evil using the trigger-name “Rothschild”.

Having received his wealth and benefits from the hand of the Great Harlot, he gladly collaborates with her as surely as another happy traitor and target Jew “villain” did for his Papal masters in WWII, George Soros.  Soros didn’t just betray his people, he and his family helped the Roman Catholic-controlled Nazis confiscate the property of his kindred.  He called it “the happiest years of my life”.

The Rothschilds were empowered by Rome (via insider trading over war with another puppet of theirs, Napoleon Bonaparte) to be the keepers of the Papal wealth.

But this hasn’t stopped Seaman who doubled-down on the tactic and released more videos showcasing the dreaded name “Rothschild!

In the below video (archived by another IT’S THE JEWS conspiracist) Seaman again plays the “I’m being persecuted” game.

Seaman mentions David Brock as the political operative behind the far-Left Democrat propaganda site Media Matters and connects him to Lynn de Rothschild but fails to mention that Brock is a homosexual, raised Roman Catholic who is also the “ex-boyfriend” of Comet Ping Pong Pizza owner James Alefantis, instead choosing to defend pedophile President Donald Trump.

It’s clear that he is meant to be a ticking time bomb of self-promoting propaganda that was planted to destroy the credibility of perhaps the most despicable mass-crime of our age.

It takes a particularly low individual to piggy-back themselves on the suffering of children on behalf of the monsters causing the suffering with the end goal being to keep such barbarism under wraps.

Powerful Low Key Shot of a Sad Young Blonde Child

Your team has all the power right now, David, but if the tables ever turn, we have a long memory.


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