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Breaking: No Cal Is in Grave Danger – Gov. Brown Fiddles as No Cal Drowns

Sunday, February 19, 2017 9:33
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Jerry Brown is the Benedict Arnold of his generation. First he leads an unconstitutional effort to lead California out of the US through Calexit. Then he acts with depraved indifference towards the 2 million people living between the Oroville Dam and Sacramento. Brown has 25 billion dollars to spend on programs benefiting illegal aliens, but he has no money to spend on a dam that had identified very serious issues as long 12 years ago. Brown has the money to open a Calexit embassy in Russia, but has no money to evacuate 2 million people in harms way, even as a precaution. Why is Brown avoiding the media? Why did Brown’s Department of Water Services rescind the original evacuation order, yet offer no evidence as to why this was done? Why hasn’t Brown offered help and provide money to facilitate repairs on the levees in S. Sacramento that have already led to some evacuations?


The National Weather Service


Should there be a sense of urgency with “5-7 inches of rain” being forecasted in the next 48 hours for the Oroville area by the National Weather Service? Why isn’t the silent Governor-in-hiding, Jerry Brown, who has seized control of the situation as well as the media press releases, paying at least some attention to the National Weather Service forecast and issuing his own risk assessment statements in conjunction with the weather report and then moving to protect the potential victims?

With 2 million lives at risk, it is surprising that the National Weather Service (NWS)  would not make this the LEAD STORY, especially since they acknowledge that they are “concerned” about the Oroville Dam, but presented this concern, as the readers just witnessed, as an after-thought.

Regardless, of where the NWS placed this weather report in their broadcast, shouldn’t this be enough evidence that the region should be evacuated as a precaution? (Author’s note: Please note that the recorded forecast will undoubtedly update – however, I don’t see the situation changing as originally reported by the NWS).

Other Dams In No Cal

In light of the attention that the Oroville Dam situation has brought into the public view, several other dams in Northern California are at risk as well. The most prominent dam that could be joining the Oroville Dam on the endangered list is Mt. Shasta.

According to the Sacramento Beethe state’s largest reservoir, Lake Shasta, is also approaching its capacity. Lake Shasta has reached a very  dangerous level of 95% of capacity and is presently releasing maximum water outflows just prior to the present series of storms which are ripping through the area. Subsequently, this situation is out of control and virtually, the entire Northern region of California is in grave danger.


Maps Demonstrating the Growing Risk to ALL of No. Cal


To Better Assess the Potential Damage if Oroville and Shasta Fail, Find both on the Map.




Image result for oroville to sacramento map


Image result for oroville to sacramento map


If the Oroville Dam fails, it is open season on Sacramento. And with the already failed levees and present level of flooding, the results would be catastrophic.

Shasta Dam

Image result for shasta dam flood map

If the Shasta Dam fails, the I-5 Corridor will cease to exist.

Image result for shasta dam flood map

For future reference, please note that the Shasta Dam, among other rivers, flows into the Sacramento River.


If the Oroville Dam breaks it will wipe out Sacramento. The same is true for Redding if the Shasta Dam fails.

If Shasta and Oroville Dams Both Fail, the Entire Central Valley of California Will Cease to Exist with Regard to Human Activity



In 2008, a risk assessment looked at what would happen if there was a breach in Shasta Dam. The result would devastate the entire northern Central Valley. “The Sacramento River and its tributaries would overtop levees and banks. Massive flooding in the low lands and along the river route would occur to about Knights Landing where it would lose momentum.”

The same assessment projected a similar fate for the rest of the Central Valley if the Oroville Dam failed. the rest of the Central Valley would be devastated.

How far south will the flood waters go? I am not sure. But I do know that the flood from Shasta and the flood from Oroville, should they occur in the same time frame, would meet in S. Sacramento where the levees are already failing, courtesy of Gov. Brown’s neglect.

We will know more by mid-week. Let’s hope Northern California gets a reprieve in the weather forecast and the workers are able to save the Oroville Dam.

In case you missed my interview with No Cal radio personality, Paul Preston, you will want to listen as it provides a lot of contextual material for this report.


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  • This is how Communist roll.

  • Great article! Is there any live feed about what is going on with the dams, or has censorship kicked in?

  • If Oroville busts and thousands of people drown and lose everything they had, not only should brown be charged with dereliction of duty, but he should also be investigated for conspiracy as well. The man belongs behind bars. Better hope there is no bullet in the chamber when the trigger gets pulled. Seven days of continuous rain is a bit much to ask for a dam that was already damaged before these new storms hit. Is the risk worth the reward of saving some money? Probably not!

    • Hopefully Jerry Brown and ALL of his “Good Buddies” (Soros , Obama , the Clinton’s , the Bush’s and all of their Co=conspirators) will ALL get the chance to become some real “Swingers” and all Swing together….at the ends of Ropes as Soon as possible !!!

      • as long as those ropes don’t dangle from trees – poor innocent trees certainly do not deserve to be defiled like that

  • The “Downtown Clown” Scary Jerry Brown(noser) really IS the Clown that’s leading the parade with this Circus Sideshow of Leftist LOSERS out there in “Liberalfornia” Loonyland !!! It would be great to finally see the citizens of California that have any real pull and Good Common SENSE finally stand up to this Completely Misguided Traitorous FOOL and his lot and finally take the bull by the horns in taking BACK their State from the iron fisted control of the absolute Criminal Communists that now run it (and are rapidly running it into the ground) for the benefit of NO one but Themselves !!!

  • I’m no fan of California politics and politicians, or of any politicians, but the Calexit drive is not unconstitutional. What is unconstitutional is forcing states to remain in the US at the point of a gun. Lincoln’s Civil War was fought to deprive states of their Constitutional right to leave what was understood from the outset to be a voluntary union where states retained the right to secede if they disagreed with the policies of the federal government.

    • b4

      yup your right–i hope they leave and i live here on the eastern side of the sierra’s–we are 40 miles from the Nv line and we will join Nv–they can keep all that shit on their side of the mountains

  • jdp…R E C A L L ..recall…..J E R R Y B R O W N for dereliction of duty.

  • Brown used to be known as ‘Governor Moonbeam,’ and he was voted out of Cal gov many years ago…only to sneak back in. He traveled to such illustrious countries as Cuba and Venezuela to take lessons in applied communism from Castro and Chavez. He is an utterly despicable human being, cut from the same lying clothe as Obama. He has his own agenda, and it has to do with applied dictatorships and not the freedom reached for by the responsible people of the US.

    • He obviously also studied the Pee Wee Herman maneuver pretty closely as well because that’s about ALL that he really seems to be doing behind his desk while California is drowning about now !!!

  • C’mon. Jerry “The” Brown is a liberal. You have been warned about liberals for the longest time. There is NO excuse when you put them and they betray and FAIL you time and time again.

    You only have yourself to kick for your own stupidity for believing in a liberal but only because you HATE the conservative more.

    Poor logic that is going to BITE you every time in the ASS. So go kick yourself there. :twisted:

  • The Oroville dam fiasco underlines the failure of the CA government to serve and protect the citizens of CA. In fact, it underlines the utter contempt the CA government has for its citizens. Highlighted is the CA government’s putting Illegals and corporations first, making it a fascist government of the worst kind. It is both democrats and republicans that have demonstrated this contempt, and both parties should be driven from the governor’s office and the CA assembly!

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