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ET Disclosure to Cannibalism to Antarctica – Steve Quayle

Saturday, March 18, 2017 7:47
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I recently interviewed Steve Quayle regarding the topic of ET disclosure. empireice3However, it should be noted that there are a plethora of critical issues that spin off from disclosure. Among the most important spin-off topics centers around Antarctica. Antarctica is shrouded in mystery.



In the interview, Steve revealed the existence of a map in which Nazi submarine mariners were able to travel under the ice with detail and precision.

Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world

Hollow Earth Asgard
Hollow Earth Asgard

The above information is only a small sample of what was revealed in the interview.  Here’s more….

There is a video of a journalist who inspects the cards: Russian journalist examines the cards

“This map shows us the main continent on this hemisphere, called Asgard. On the continent of Asgard, in the center, lies the city of the Ases. At the bottom left, we can clearly see Neu Schwabenland with the capital Neu Berlin. The small hook crosses indicate where the navy had set up bases. The main position here is the Valkarischer Ozean. Further you can see the Pyrenean Sea, the Kartar Lake and the Amadak archipelago.” (Source: Hollow Earth Blog )

Hollow Earth Asgard


This map shows us the main continent of this hemisphere called Liberia.The main position is also called the Valkarischer Ocean. In the center, on the far left, we can see the connection to other hemispheres. There the Asgard Sea is represented, one can cross over to the other continent, namely the continent Asgard. Just to the right of the Asgard Sea are the Gal Islands, Guernsey Island and the Gal Lake. A little to the right of Gal Lake is the Septaradas Sea and the Septaradas or “Seven Countries”. In the middle lies the Aran Sea. The Aran archipelago is a little to the right of the Aran Sea. Further to the right is again the Valkarischer Ocean with the Mey Islands, the Verbotene Island and Mallard Island something about it. In the center, on the right, are the Fera Islands. Below is the city of Shambala (city of the gods). The Tibetan monks still say that the city of Shambala really exists but not on the surface of our planet but inside the planet. So here it is confirmed by the map that Shambala is a real city in the earth, on the inside of the crust.” (Source: Hollow Earth Blog)

Hollow Earth Liberia

“Under the signature H. Kohlmeier and under the signature field is in very small letters:
Printed for the Kriegsmarine in an edition of 1300 copies in the special laboratory of Dachau concentration camp. January 1944.

“…This means that the RDs already had the colony Neu Schwabenland in January 1944. New Berlin was already established and then expanded. In another part of the map it is said that they need men and women to expand the territories of the Third Reich.”   MORE ON THIS WILL BE REVEALED IN A FUTURE ARTICLE.


In the course of our discussion, Steve revealed that the German scientists connected to Antarctica activities revealed they received their technology from alien beings that many, today, believe are actually fallen angels. Steve’s account regarding the origin of the technology actually corresponds to what my late father told me. I once asked him the question, “Are there actually alien beings that we have had contact with”?  To that question, he replied that he did not know, “but the captured German scientists that he worked with believed that was the case”.

Jim Marrs once flew into Phoenix to secretly meet with me on this very subject. This occurred 10 years ago and this was when I still had to hold this information in secret because my mother was still alive and I could not publicly reveal classified information because my mother would have forfeited my father’s Navy pension. In the course of the meeting, Marrs revealed to me that he had some of the same information that I had.

Jim Marrs, Steve Quayle and my father all agree that the captured German scientists firmly believed that the technology was rooted from other than earthly origins. NASA was a complete distraction and there clearly is a secret space program.

I remember the best show I ever heard regarding alien disclosure was when Art Bell interviewed Richard Hoagland on this same subject in the mid-1990’s. I remember fighting to stay awake into the early hours of the morning to get a glimpse of what might be. That was absolutely the most interesting interview I ever heard on the subject, until now. Steve Quayle is at his best in this interview.




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  • Interesting interview though I had to cut it off when he called the illegal negro sodomite “president”. You are right SQ was at his best a long time ago.

    Interesting interview, however…. :lol:

  • Pleas can we clarify how fast these Nazi based electro gravitic craft travel! 300,000 km per hour is perfectly possible – however 300,000 km per second would not be possible without some form of warp drive, because the craft have mass and the full impact of Einstein’s Law of Special Relativity needs to be considered…

    • Sorry that’s Einf Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity…though this is supported by experimental evidence!

      • Einstein was not a bad man but he was far from right and was good at playing with numbers but he was wrong about the speed of light being a constant and had to shrink or add lenght to the tape measure to make his forula work, sum to add up

        We now know that light can be slowed down using isotopes that are kept very cold or near zero but thats just been pasted over in “Blind Research” needed to getl letters after your name.

        Dark energy is also another fudge of the numbers too

  • Einstein (gag) plagiarizing fuck. “I made my greatest discoveries whilst sitting at the Patent Office desk” See, typical behaviour from the tribe.
    That’s not the play, the play is you believe in those “theories” ^

    Poor people that paid thousands for being mis-lead.

  • Why does the United Nations use a flat earth map as their logo and not show Antarctica as a continent?

    • because they believe the earth is flat with a huge dome over it, they dont believe the earth is a hollow planet with another civilization living inside that wants to get rid of us, what are they hiding indeed :arrow: :wink:

  • “Antarctica is shrouded in mystery.”

    So, aliens and cannibals, of course. It’s deductive reasoning.

  • So they think the earth is flat (water and land on surface) with a dome over it and Antarctica is the ice rim around the outside. They can’t be under the ice or below surface of the earth?

  • I knew it! Those aliens are here to eat us. I plan on eating as much pork as possible to give those lil bastards heart disease!

  • So are the Germans working with ET and are about to invade the USA david or was “ET” defeated in 1945 because everything you say seems to be connected with someone or another invading the USA but never about the jewish bankers who now control the joint

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