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The Biggest Scandal in American History Is Ready to Break Wide Open

Monday, March 13, 2017 14:01
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 The Deep State is Gonna Get You

Do you know what the biggest scandal in American history is? This scandal is ready to break wide open.

The pressure is mounting. There will be an American Spring to cover it up.  Perhaps there will be a major false flag.

The moment of truth is almost here. Do you know what it is?




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  • You always see the DARK extreme side of things that go beyond the pale and why many of your predictions FAIL. However, this is a sexual angle of which so many humans cannot escape and there is always something “there” if you know what I’m saying.

    That said, do you think that little Chinese boy on the property was the “horse in bed” warning for Trump??

    But if they are dealing in child sex trafficking I want to know because you are talking about people that want and even DEMAND they lead you. :twisted:

    • I heard Kent Dunn say that both and Pence and his wife are pedophiles….they intend to off Trump and install Pence so all the pedophiles will be safe…Pence is to select Jeb Bush as VP so the Bush/Clinton cabal will be back in business..not that they ever’s just Trump disrupted theM.
      If Trump doesn’t get the arrests rolling on the pedophiles right away they will get him…

  • Never mention what you think will happen, but only what you know will happen. Only speak of what you know through faith.

  • I do believe that Pizzagate will BREAK wide open too. It’s only under the covers right now only because of the FBI – but if they don’t do their job then the NYPD will take this whole sordid thing public and then all hell will break loose!

    • b4

      hey charles–is it true nypd knows the whole story on the pizzagate? i read somewhere that they were the first to break it

  • Dave, assuming that “pizzagate” is real, I hope you’re right that “this is going to break in a big way.” I’ve been hearing that for several months now and it hasn’t happened, and I’m not convinced that it will. I remain hopeful. The big issue is that it CANNOT “break in a big way” unless CNN/MSNBC/WaPo/NYT et. al cover it for what it is instead of just sweeping it under the rug, or as more usually, actively work to discredit the story. The hurdle to this story breaking in such a way that a majority of Americans hear the truth is very high.

  • Toppled governments is the worry? You mean toppled Organized Crime, don’t you?

  • It might break open. I do hope they are providing protection for Anthony Weiner.

  • Dave “zero percent credibility” Hodges saying this will break wide open….means nothing will happen.

    Just like Jade Helm broke wide open.
    Just like the dollar collapse broke wide open.
    Just like the Oroville Dam broke wide open.
    Just like Obama to be impeached/arrested broke wide open.
    Just like FEMA death camps broke wide open.
    Just like North Korea emp attack broke wide open.
    Just like Clinton’s Death being exploited by globalists broke wide open.
    Just like the Dollar collapse….Hillary indicted…the end of the internet…oil doubling in price…Paul Ryan being President…Martial Law…14 days till Civil war (oct 27, 2016)…Eight Days to Armageddon (oct 31, 2016)…and on and on and on and on……..

    ALL BS propagated by Dave “zero percent credibility” Hodges. All titles Dave has submitted to BIN in the last 6 months. Its all BS. Why should ANYONE believe you?

    • Exactly right Giggity

    • mitch51

      Then, there was going to be 30,000,000 dead from Ebola by Christmas, remember that? That was right after Brother Hodges told us that aliens were controlling comet Ison. Or was it after he told us that all Wal-Marts were closing and turning into FEMA camps? It’s hard to keep track of Brother Hodge’s bullshit.

      • Maybe you should stick to what you KNOW driving around in circles in your cab and blowing your money at the casinos out there in Nowhere Nevada Mister “I have two ADVANCED degrees in BULLSHIT” Snitch !!! :lol:

    • SERIOUSLY You are ONE Very OBVIOUS Leftist SHILL there BOZO !!!

      • Ok, tell me which one of those was true? You drank too much bin koolaid

        • All of them.

          • You truly are retarded. When did North Korea set off an EMP? When did the dollar collapse? When was everybody thrown into a walmart fema death camp? When did Armageddon start?

            I’d say you’re trolling me, but your comments make me think you really are just extremely gullible and believe everything you read on BIN.

  • Here is what will happen next:

    1. Nothing, No Thing will happen next. While you read this, the crimes continue, right under the nose.
    2. No one will be prosecuted. No one is going to jail. More truth will surface, and the SIN will run, scatter and hide.
    3. All ways more of the same. Evil, sick bastards praying upon children. The SIN of Baal worship and The Golden Calf.
    4. Corruption and maleficence abound, crime continues unchecked, while the righteous cry out in the Myre Pit.
    5. No hope, nor fleshly solutions. Just a big black boot, stomping down on the little people, destroying our children.

    The Spiritual solution, a Mill Stone around the neck. Into the sea they go.
    ..and so it is written. End of sad story.

    • “…a Mill Stone around the neck. Into the sea they go. ..and so it is written.”

      Not so fast, friend. You didn’t take care how you hear Him. He said:

      It is BETTER for him if a heavy millstone were hung around him and…

      Meaning what will actually befall those specific perpetrators will be much worse.

      And I doubt very much that He was understating the reality of the situation when He said so.

  • Donald Trump on recording: Not Me – @ CNN Politics – (5.13.16)
    John Miller ~ Join ‘MR’ Hell……….(10) – (AG)
    A John Miller ~ Major ‘in’ Hell………..(11) – (AG)
    AKA! John Miller ~ Akin! Major Hell…………(12) – (AG)

  • I’d like to know HOW “this” will ever come out? We have been waiting for months and months for anything to be disclosed…but so far, really, nothing!

  • Dave,
    You really think that is the biggest whopper? I suggest you travel to a large body of water with a zoom lens and look down the coastline at a known distant object. When you can see something 10 miles away on a “ball” that is less than 70 feet high, you will know that you have been lied to since you could walk. So simple a third grader can do it but a brainwashed coward won’t even look.

  • dear dave:
    great job on ‘biggest scandal’ report..
    keep~up the good work..
    prayers and blessings to you

  • The truth needs to come out so that the people can make informed decisions concerning their govts. People should have far less faith in govt since corrupt elements in govt continually abuse the people’s trust. The US constitution was constructed with an inherent suspicion of govt. This suspicion is cemented in the careful checks and balances of power as well as the Bill of Rights. Somewhere along the line people began to equate patriotism with blind obedience and unquestioning faith in govt. True patriotism is to seek the truth and cut the rot out of govt in order to preserve the republic and make sure the republic is worth preserving.

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