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Trump Needs to Bring the Troops Home to Defend Against Chinese-Russian Attack

Friday, March 10, 2017 11:59
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Former Russian defectors call it the Scissors Strategy. This is where the Russians and the Chinese forget about their differences, and attack the American mainland.

America is ripe for such an attack. The last three Presidents sent the majority of our combat troops out of the country, where they will do us no good should we ever be attacked.

Conventional wisdom says bring the troops home shoud we ever be attacked. However, conventional wisdom (Bush, Clinton and Obama) did not want to see the tearing down of the Republic and that is what we are saying.

Here is a more detailed analysis of this situation.

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  • Yes, yes, yes. Our troops need to be brought home immediately. NO EXCUSES!

  • It’s not matter for troops. It’s matter when they will saved us

  • How about this? Forget about the wall on the southern border. Close two to three large overseas bases and relocate them on the southern US border to patrol it. That would solve our porous southern border problem with no increase in spending.

    • But the globalists and democrats disagree. The troops are overseas to steal all the resources from countries
      and force them to use the petro-dollar regardless if they want to or not. We then install fake democracy and the end of a gun and shake hands with our new puppet government. Our president does not make the
      decisions on where are troops are deployed and when to bring them home. The Council on Foreign Relations dictates policy as told to them by the Rothschilds central bankers (owners of our Fed and CIA). We the
      people have no say and if our president does not do as ordered by the central bankers a coup is planned to
      remove him. Witness what is now happening via our CIA owned MSM……

  • obama made sure our troops in the U.S. were thinned out by keeping them overseas and in the meantime bringing in UN/foreign troops.(*) WHY are the UN troops here in the first place?? Did bama figure on riots, etc, to initiate martial law, gun confiscation and civil war and have the foreigners cut down Americans as he believed our own men would not follow such evil orders ??!! WHY haven’t they been sent back to their home bases ?? WHY is Trump keeping them in the U.S. ?? Who is checking out the military compound being built in Martin County, TX ?? Just who is building such a military base on U.S. soil ?? (*) bama also relieved our reserve units of their helicopters, etc,- maybe to supply his ‘secret’ army that is now being spoken of ?!! Too many traitors out there so I hope the gov’t is going to vet them ALL..

  • Just think, all Trump needs to do is ask American Patriots that have armed themselves to the teeth the last 8 years is to come help him. 50 million armed American’s will protect our homes.

    • Which right now may be about the ONLY Real protection that the American people could count on for defense if we WERE hit by a foreign invasion !!!

  • Of course you should not leave your home defenseless. If you bring all the troops back home they will end up fighting over here.

    That said, it is better they FIGHT over there then over here, as my father use to say.

    Besides, anybody with any sense knows you don’t put all your goods in one bag. :twisted:

  • Dave,

    I live in Woodland Hills, Winnetka area of CA. LA, area. Overnight we had Chinese filling our vacant homes, malls overnight they were brought in.

    Alex Jones, and I believe you have mention the Long Beach Naval Ship Yard which was given by Bill Clinton to the Chinese in 1997. I have read they received over 1 1/2 billion dollars for that ship yard. This would be, and probably is a way of bringing illegal Chinese into the country,

    The Chinese are here, and are involved with the Iranians, Mexicans, to create chaos in CA. My life partner have seen many who actually dress in military garment type clothes. If they aren’t you can tell they are in the military. I believe my targeting has been partially to the chinese. I am sitting on a condo which major chinese investors own many of these condos. What their goals are I can only imagine. They have harassed me really bad.

    Yes, the president needs to bring home the troops, trouble is not only brewing its here in CA. The gangs are growing at a record rate. The Iranians are deeply involved also. Wake up America!

    • “Life partner”???

      What the hell is that?? A dog, a cat, frozen pizzas?? :mad:

    • That’s the same basic thing that’s been happening for some time now up in British Columbia to the white people that have been there now for many generations ! The Chinese that have moved in there have nearly completely taken over Vancouver and it’s suburbs and driven the cost of things like housing SKY HIGH as a result !!! Friends of mine up there have moved out of the area and tell me that each time they go back to the Vancouver area to visit it’s becoming less recognizable and less friendly as a direct result of all of the Chinese immigration and absolute infiltration !!!

      • But diversity is Canada’s strength according to Trudeau.

  • Good, let Russia play cat and mouse with Saudi Arabia. America must stop defending Russia’s enemy’s

  • Young men in the military are irrelevant in a nuke war. My guess is that we are all being played to the benefit of the Cabal. North C. knows they would be gone in a few minutes. They are not that stupid. It is all hype to make us scared and give more money to the war mongers.

  • as an american, i know a foreigner when i see one. they are so easy to pick out. those pure british, french and german features. what russians are here? khodorkovsky’s? do you actually think americans are going after them. no, we will go right to the heart of the matter. i know exactly who is in on it in my town. and i can go to your town and easily show you the ones that are part of the game. look into your local government, chambers of commerce, rotary clubs, masonic lodges, government non-profits, regular non-profits. board members of your institutions. university faculty. charities. churches. anybody new? they are all in on it together. it is the fourth reich people. right here in good ole america.

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