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Why Trump Bombed Syria – The Making of a Neocon

Saturday, April 8, 2017 17:08
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 Here's why Trump Bombed Syria..

Here’s why Trump Bombed Syria..

The following is from DABOO777

This is as good of an explanation as to why Trump put on his Neocon hat and bombed Syria.

If you were wondering was there any other “Special Interests” Involved here, look no further. The downfall of the current regime means they can move in and start to dig. Digging not only to lay the pipeline, but to find the ancient relics and sites that cover this biblical area.


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  • LOL! All you guys throwing in your theories. Now it’s oil. Hey, back to where we started! :lol:

    One, it was a flimsy excuse.
    Two, it was done quickly.

    It’s beginning to look more and more like someone is being made a fool of. Only who?

    The Russians?
    Donald Trump?

    • I have a theory to add to the mix, call me a foll if you will. I am convinced that the staged attack on the Syrian airbase, where our military guys notified both the Syrian and Russian governments prior to the mission was intended to be strategic rather than punishing. First and foremost the Progressive globalist’s ongoing false narrative which wrongly suggest a Trump connection to Putin can finally be put to rest. Those desperately clinging to that stinking bag of manure will loose what little credibility they have remaining.

      In spite of the obvious risk, the pundits groping for material have already began questioning why the Russians were forewarned. They’re now suggesting that this communication proves that there is a cooperation between the two heads of state. Unfortunately for the Progressives this ridiculous version of reality is being accepted with the same enthusiasm as would a person passing of foul wind in an elevator. The Progressive’s contrived nonsense depicting a Trump Russia collusion has been effectively castrated. Sure there will remain a slight aroma in the air but the turd has been ingenious removed from the swimming pool.

      Second, since the presidential inauguration American Intelligence Agencies have refused to work with the President, adding to the rhetoric, offering him false or misleading intelligence.They conspired with Progressive operatives to fabricate un-presidential scenarios to discredit and ultimately overthrow the legitimately elected POTUS. Because of their espionage and treason Trump had to rely on his neocon friend Israel’s Prime Minister (Bibi) Benjamin Netanyahu for life preserving intelligence.

      Trump is a shrewd businessman, a well seasoned negotiator. His pal Bibi is a refined manipulator with unsettled geopolitical aspirations. Trump without a doubt worked out some type of reciprocal benefit for Israel in return for intelligence related to his personal safety, his family’s safety and exactly who in US Intelligence he can trust. Trump was provided intelligence on who all the traitors were a short time after his election. He set traps for each to fall into in order to minimize any future prosecutorial obstructions.

      I suspect Trump and Netanyahu worked out something like American support for further Israeli settlements in what is still Palestinian territory and the advancement of other Israeli interests. The show of American force in cooperation with Israel’s pursuit of such interests simultaneously pacifies the war mongers in the military industrial complex, the Jewish lobby and Arab oil producers.

      This remarkably efficient strategy was also designed to demonstrate American military power, highlighting to both North Korea and Iran that this President does not play games like any former United States regimes. Trump is no idiot, he knows darn well that Syria did not use chemical weapons when their victory against the terrorists was at hand. Why would Assad purposely step on his own penis? Trump knew it was a hoax, one perhaps perpetrated by American backed terrorists but took advantage of a golden opportunity to set the stage for much better theater. North Korea and Iran now understand should they in any way threaten American interests these countries will be met by the heavy hand of our destructive military technology and manpower.

      What is apparent is that this operation accomplished very little actual devastation to the Syrian airfield, however it has since allowed the President to finally step up to the well guarded presidential podium without being Jap-slapped with conspiratorial accusation of nefarious foreign collaboration. Not having to swat so many flies off his back President Trump can now get down to the business of implementing his agenda. Believe me, all is not what it seems. There are presently a lot of secret manipulations going on behind the scenes. Our President is a genius. Hopefully this equates to a drastic change in globalist policies that undermine American sovereignty, but only time will tell.

      Deputy Dawg

      • I agree with you Deputy Dawg. We seem to be alone in this philosophy. Yes, time will tell.

      • Palestinians were just squatters after all the tribes were removed from their land (modern day Israel) but told they would be returned from a book written thousands of years ago that all prophesied this.

        The Koran written several hundred years after the NT never even mentions Jerusalem (the ancient city) because Yahuah had already given it to the Ten Tribes. Their book the Koran would DARE NOT mention this.

        So, you can see you have been deceived and FALSELY believe the narrative that Israel STOLE the land when the Palestinians are the ones who are actually trying to STEAL it from the Israelis.

        • all the tribes were removed 3 THOUSAND years ago and the Palestinians have been living there from father to son for more than 2 MILLENNIA

          ain’t nobody a squatter after 2,000 years

          what am i doing? expecting fairy-tales believers to acknowledge little things called FACTS,,,, may as well try to teach calculus to a cockroach

  • It is clear that voting is a waist of time. It is all a scam and I sent money to the Trump movement. The Cabal has taken our sovereignty.

    We are left without recourse but, we the people who have had enough of being coned.

    This Syria was a false flag event and the Cabal does not care. So many sheep they can count on to say, USA, USA.

    The patriots have been played yet again and their money stolen.

    The idea that you can save kids from false flags by killing more kids with bombs marked USA and people who have no power is a international crime.

    • Man

      wow, you are easily swayed into voting trump. The Devil is always in the details.

      ‘Make america great again’ and ‘Draining the swamp’ are great memes and twitter messages but no 2 Trump supporters had the same idea what that meant and what Trump would do when being POTUS.

      I think that is also the reason why the Trump twitter feed is removed on BIN.

  • I’m surprised Russia hasn’t sent a quarter million troops to Syria yet. Maybe they were hoping to stay on top of Syria without creating a huge escalation. But now such an escalation seems almost certain. Watch for large Russian troop buildups and possibly large American troop buildups to match.

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