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Rapture prophet Katie ( loverevelationtv ) has been exposed as a fraud. LoveRevelationTV has been proclaiming the Rapture was in 2013. Once 2014 started she claimed that it is still 2013 even nine months into the new 2014 year. LoveRevelationTV has now been exposed by News Zombie Media (https://www.youtube.com/user/NewsZombie). LoveRevelationTV and Katie are not prophets but simply leading sheep astray by promoting her rapture comedy tour as indicated at http://youtu.be/xVw0kFRVW40


i gave you a great little story that was actually researched and relevant to many readers here… you didn’t post it… instead you posted “happy anal humping”???? WTH BIN??? WTH???
ps… the pic is only included to get this submitted and is of no other purpose… you guys eally don’t have a way to contact you…other than posting submissions, of which mine, you seem to ignore… good day!!!!