Obama Birthplace Controversy

Crushing Proof Is Emerging! Syria Gas Attack Was A Setup: Three Top US Officals. People Are Choosing Sides. (Video)

The final blow to Trump’s flip flop and desastrous decision to act upon a false flag set up by the rebels and the CIA-backed terrorists in Syria. After Senator Ron Paul, Rep. Tulsi Gabbart and Mike Savage, now it’s presidential candidate and US Rep. Kucinich’s turn to shoot down Trump’s

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Susan Rice Heads to Jail. New Damning Evidence Leads To Obamas Fall. He's Clueless Most Corrupt POTUS Ever (Video)

Crushing Proof Is Emerging! Syria Gas Attack Was A Setup: Three Top US Officals. People Are Choosing Sides. (Video)

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Trump Tomahawk Chops Assad

Undeniable Proof Chemical Attack In Syria Was Staged By Jihadists Working For Saudi, Qataris, (CIA?) Wow!

March 2017 employment data reveals 472k more employed, Unemployed dropped 326k, Unemployment rate dropped .2%, Employed to population ratio up .1%, White employment up 440k and 98k jobs added, Labor Dept. using new math?

Meltdown Of Western Media Lies About Syrian False Flag Claimed Chemical Attack. Watch Priceless Panicking CNN Video

Gallup poll 62 percent of Americans believe media favors Democrats, 27% media unbiased, 51 percent believed bias in 2003, 55 percent believe media “often inaccurate”

Trump Says Susan Rice Has Committed A Crime: “One Of The Big Stories Of Our Time” (Video) News’s Hot Off From Press

Rice Baloney

Update Confirmed: Obama National Security Adv. Susan Rice Requested Unmasking Incoming Trump Officials (Video)

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Whitehouse Was Hacked By Russia Under Obama 2015. Was Russia Actually Helping Clinton Get Elected? (Video)

Sasquatch Sighting

Mike Huckabee About Intelligence Leaks, "Is That Not Treason?". Lindsey Graham Is Gay: Ex-Arkansas Gov (Video)

Obama To Spend 5 Gay Weeks On Polynesian Tropical Island - Without Michelle (Video) Obama's Scary Homo Past

Panic Spreads As Noose Tightens Around Obama Due To Widespread Wiretapping Revelations. Libs Scared (Video)

Is This The Smoking Gun Of #SPYGATE? I Don’t Like This, People! Obama Could Be Put In Jail By This Scandal!! (Video)

Obama Tapped Trump In Trump Tower. He's A Fugitive In French Tahiti. Now We Have To Arrest Him (Video) Jury Is In

270 Plus Illegal Aliens From India to Be Deported, Estimated Half Million in US, Trump Effort to Deport Illegals With Criminal Backgrounds

Where’s the Smoking Gun?

Ugly Lib Fools! FBI Probed Trump Tower's Russian Mafia For 2 Years In A Probe Unrelated To 2016 Election (Video)

A Seriously Emergent Soft Coup

Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ A Secret Supercomputer System: Whistleblower Tapes...(Video)

James Comey: The FBI Has No Evidence For Trump's Obama Wiretaps Tweets (Video) He Wants Obama Back In White House!

Hair-Raising News/James Comey Russia Hearing: “No Information” That Support Trump’s Wiretapping Claims (Video) Boom!

Are U.S. jobs vulnerable to workers with H-1B visas?, CBS 60 minutes March 19, 2017, Loophole allows American companies to fill gaps in the workforce from overseas with highly skilled employees