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100% Proof of Life After Death: Canadian Doctors Record First Ever Proof of Life After Death Leaving Scientists Speechless!

Thursday, March 9, 2017 16:15
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By Lisa Haven   


Three siblings were preparing their departure for school. Their mother, who had always insisted on smothering them with many hugs and kisses, waved goodbye as her three precious children ventured off in their Chevy Aveo with her eldest daughter. The nine-year-old who was always happy and upbeat, frantically waved good-bye to her mother. The thirteen-year-old furnished his mother with a unique smile that only her son could give, and her eldest daughter, age 23, blew her a kiss as she drove off the driveway with the valuable cargo.

Nonchalantly the three of them continued their journey to school while listening to Christian music on the radio. Everything seemed to be going well until, suddenly and out of nowhere, appeared a Chevy sedan. The eldest tried to swerve away from the vehicle, but she could not. It was too late! There was nowhere to turn. They were hit head on by the oncoming car.

Not long after the accident, the Mother’s phone rang, and she received the heart-wrenching news of her children’s fatal accident. He heart began to race as her knees crumpled to the floor in utter dread, and tears streamed down her face, for she had lost not just one child that day, but all three had perished in the accident.

No mother should ever have to endure such devastation. But sadly, I have to report that this story is true and it happened to a sweet woman at our church.

I say this not to incite fear but to warn you that death is a real event no matter your age. It strikes the young, the old, the rich and the poor. And one day death will come knocking at our doorstep, and it may not be something we desire, and quite frankly it can be scary, but it is something we will all be faced with at some point in our lives. 

For years the Bible has told us that when we die there is life after death. Now, scientific research from Canada has surfaced backing that very claim. All that and more in this breaking report… 


“It has been argued that the dying brain is incapable of such complex activity and so near-death experiences must have their origins in the soul.” 


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  • Me

    I don’t see this as proof of life after death. It just seems to be an anomaly in the brain functioning. The medical definition of death needs to be rewritten, because if this person had brain function, then clearly, they were not dead. What happened when the brain stopped functioning? If they can prove existence after that, THEN they’ll have proof.

    Not one single person has ever died and came back to life, except Jesus, if that’s your belief. Many people have reported near death experiences, key word being “near”. If they were revived, then they didn’t die, and the person in this article just proves that if the brain can still function at that point, then every single NDE ever reported could simply be akin to a lucid dream. I’ve had those myself, and I’d swear I was wide awake, only to realize I was dreaming after I woke up.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a skeptic on the afterlife. I just don’t think anyone has ever gotten a glimpse, and then returned to talk about it. I think it’s all brain work, and chemicals.

    • “Not one single person has ever died and came back to life, except Jesus…”

      What zee hail? You believe in Jesus but you don’t believe the Bible? What kind of sense does that make?

      Lazarus ring any bells?

      How about the kid that Paul resuscitated after he fell asleep and dove out the third floor window on account of Paul’s boring sermon. How about the kid Elijah brought back to life? The kid Elisha brought back to life? Not to mention all of the folks who came up out of their graves in the day Messiah died on the cross.

      More Bible study for you, Mr. Me.

      • beef supreme, you have it the wrong way around. YOU need to do less bible study,and stop thinking about it as a history book, or in any way a factual text.

        you’ll be telling us noah lived until he was 900 years old next!

        you appear to be so gullible you’ll believe absolutely anything at all if it’s written in the bible.

        • “…you’ll be telling us noah lived until he was 900 years old next!”

          Yup. And Methuselah lived 969 years. Consider the hyper-oxygenated atmosphere including the density and barometric pressure. Then do a little study on your own, godless one, about the effects of those conditions on carbon-based life-forms such as homoplsnopgodus and other breeds of man.

          “…you appear to be so gullible you’ll believe absolutely anything at all if it’s written in the bible.”

          Yet every time you and I cross swords, it is you who leaves with his tail between his legs. Why is that, do you suppose?

          • beef supreme (one of your many child-like aliases),

            what utter nonsense your words are. hyper-oxygen atmosphere… :lol:

            i also wish someone had taught you that debate involves putting forward an argument.

            it is not simply a matter of copy/pasting someone’s statement, and then follow it by saying ”oh no it isn’t”!

            that is the language of the playground or panto show.

            nevertheless,just keep talking and singing to the invisible man in the sky if it keeps you content in life. i suppose you are pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things.

          • In a lecture on debate etiquette plsnogod opened with an ad hominem.

            Yes siree, no hypocrisy there :lol:

          • “…what utter nonsense your words are. hyper-oxygen atmosphere…”

            Would it really kill you to do a little homework?

            “…i also wish someone had taught you that debate involves putting forward an argument.”

            The only one who has ever lost a debate between us, godless one, is you.

            “….it is not simply a matter of copy/pasting someone’s statement, and then follow it by saying ”oh no it isn’t”!…”

            A gross oversimplification. But when presented with facts or evidence, I will always rebut in like kind. When presented with opinion, which is all you ever present anyone with, then I rebut as I see fit.

            “…panto show.”

            I have no idea what kind of perverted pleasures you Brits are up to, and I cherish my ignorance in that regard.

            “….nevertheless,just keep talking and singing to the invisible man in the sky if it keeps you content in life. i suppose you are pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things.”

            Seems to me you’re the one poking fingers in MY eyes, godless one. As usual. And you’re lucky I am harmless and have a good sense of humor to boot. Otherwise…

            …well, you’re lucky. Let’s just leave it at that.

        • Pres

          He had more oxygen than we do plus the earth was spinning faster and the gravity was less. Science always leads to God and for the rest of my life I love the 1611 version. In a Jesus mind we awake…

        • To reject God is to reject the truth of science…
          The truth that can be manipulated to be pleasing to one’s ears is not truth but only to the ears of the liberal who deny the absolute truth of God’s WORD and His very existence.

          Let’s talk scientific facts that vast majority of liberals close their eyes and ears to…. The scientific facts pertaining to the Earth, our Universe, Medicine, Science, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and Prophecies found within the pages of the Bible which have been argued over for two thousand years or so, yet most of these facts weren’t even proven until 1000 to 2000 years later….… An all knowing God is the only way this could
          have been reveal before the scientist proved them to be true.

    • Tell that to the woman who floated out of her body, up through the roof of the hospital and saw a blue tennis shoe on the third floor ledge, unobservable from the ground or her operating room….

      Or the guy who’s heart was out of his chest while he floated up near the ceiling watching himself being operated on, saw a doctor drop a pen which went under the operating table, and later told the doctor what he saw, and the curious doctor found the pen right where the man said it was.

      Or, youtube search the myriad miracles of such kind that blow the lids off all the “brain chemical” and “hallucination” lock boxes the world over.

      With God ALL things are possible….not just the ones that fit into sparse, tiny lock boxes of the humble human mind…..


      The Truth regarding a great many things, surpasses both our own collective and individual narrow narratives….


      Good Journeys

      • don’t be so silly!

      • The man could had been semi awake when he saw the doctors pen fall out his pocket and the woman could had conspired with other religious freask about the shoe on the 3rd floor.

        Trust you own dreams because they are as real as the life you live here but don’t be fooled by all this god/bible stuff because it’s bullshit as many people know and if god is so all loving then how come he made meat eaters on earth or cast the devil to earth when he could had sent him to mars.

        Your logic does not compute and you know it

    • there ARE 2 types of deaths, Clinical and Biological. Biological death is they are dead nothing is active or still functioning the body is shut down your dead and everything in you stops. Clinical death is the heart beat and brain function are basically stopped and the can assume the person is dead they do attempt to bring people back from clinical death through CPR or other methods of the situation. To say this chick died and came back, she was Clinically dead not Biologically. But does this not mean you would see forms of the afterlife? I mean spirit science alone has proven a form of after life, and science has proven a form of pattern in this universe its a simulation by our standards. this say we were created. Now if we pass on then that is great but all matter in this universe merely changes form and if the soul is real then it’s a form of matter that goes somewhere.

      • “and science has proven a form of pattern in this universe its a simulation by our standards”

        Yes it’s all a type of computer simulation we live in and i was shown a very small clip of it for some strange reason but if we have one over all controler then he’s some type of computer programmers and programmed your DNA that is computer code or he’s just the operator playing a game of mine-craft on a super advance PC

        it all comes down to maths, data and functions that act on the data and for all we know this god fellow is just as trapped as we are inside a computer because he is only one level up from us for all we know.

        Sorry no happy ever after and you cannot have left without right or good without bad because it would not compute but mind melds seem nice, better than sex

    • So, you believe in Jesus but you don’t believe in the proof of God’s WORD. Luke 7:12 Now when He (Jesus) came nigh to the gate of the city, behold, there was a dead man carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow: and much people of the city was with her.
      Jesus later raised Jairus’ daughter from death (Luke 8). And then there Lazarus whom Jesus raised.
      And then there is Matthew 27:51-53 (KJV)
      And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

  • Just take me when I’m gone to “Forest Lawn” and bring the Priest…..Ill be deceased !!!

  • There is no death. Body is just a cocoon. Souls simply move on to other body if they desire. The hell and heaven paradigm is made up to control humans possibly by the elongated skulled humanoids to subjugate humans long time ago.

    Just look up the past life stories of children of 3-6 years old ages. You can’t count all of them because there are just too many.

    I would believe the innocent children’s stories more than the pedophile priests dressed up like clowns.

    You have been deceived for too long and it is time to wake up to the bigger picture of the life.

  • The first sermon preached on the immortality of the soul was by Satan to Eve.
    Thalt NOT surely die. NEW AGE
    This lead to CATHOLIC fear of eternal torment, thus money extraction for penentance.
    The Truth ! SUNworshippers will do the same and talk of the dead as if they were alive during funerals, worship the pagan god of the dead, of the world.

    - Man is mortal, God is immortal.
    Genesis 3:4
    Job 4:17
    Ezekiel 18:20
    1 Timothy 6:15,16

    - Man does not have a soul, he is a soul.
    Genesis 2:7
    Ecclesiastes 12:7

    - Death Refered to as sleep.
    John 11:11-14
    Psalm 13:3
    Daniel 12:2

    - The dead are totally unconscious and unaware.
    Psalm 6:5
    Psalm 115:17
    Psalm 146:3,4
    Ecclesiastes 9:5,6

    - The dead do not go to heaven or hell at death.
    Job 7:9,10
    Job 21:32
    John 5:28,29
    John 20:17

  • Really???? Now this click baiting at it’s best. (now remember I’m being polite) Lisa you being a christian, how well do you sleep when you continuously use click baited words in your deceiving titles. Your getting up there with the master of Click Bating Whore Jeffiepoo Pritshit. Enough said.

  • mitch51

    The Nose Knows.

  • The Lifetime channel has a gem of a program called, I Survived Beyond and Back. I added it for free to my roku. It features true stories of people who clinically died and came back to life with stories to tell about the afterlife. Some of them went to hell and some went to heaven and met Jesus. These people along with the witnesses to their horrific accidents, and the medical staff who worked to revive them are all interviewed. There are numerous seasons and episodes of this show. Every single episode I watched seemed very credible. I highly recommend it!!!

  • Yes, there is life after death. I have meditated for over 30 years. My daughter came to me the day she died and told me in meditating that her father and step mother were in the dark area. She was with god. A few years later she came back and told me to pray for them. The prayers have to come from earth to be out help. They were still in the dark spot. About two months ago on line a man had died three times. The doctor was able to being him back. He said he was in a quiet dark spot. Like a vacuum much like my daughter told me. A dark spot. She can not visit them nor help them. Only prayers from earth. I have become a huge prayer person.

  • why do you “need” proof? if you profess to believe in God’s Written Word, if you believe that Jesus is the Son, the Risen Son of the Living God, why do you need proof? the Bible speaks of risen from death, Jesus Himself rose after three days. nuff said.

  • Me

    I appreciate all the responses to my post, but many of you missed the point. The “100% proof of an afterlife” is an erroneous claim. The story, nor the event detailed within doesn’t prove anything, except to verify that we have a long way to go before we understand what happens to a body when people are supposedly dead. Ten minutes of brain function, without the other life supporting functions of the body, blows all of the science of death right out of the water. According to modern science, what happened should not have been possible, so they obviously have it wrong, because it did happen.

    I’m familiar with the bible stories of people being returned from the dead, but those too fit a classic NDE, “near” death, not dead. The bible also states somewhere that when people die, nothing happens. They will be risen from the dead when judgement day occurs, and their eternal sentence will handed down at that point.

    I didn’t intend this to be a discussion on the bible, because no one can prove, or disprove anything therein. I was just giving my opinion on the story title. I could be wrong, you could be wrong or vice-versa, or it could be somewhere in between. I don’t “know”. You may have enough faith to believe, verbatim, what the bible tells you, but it’s still not “proof”.

    Does anyone believe the fact that this brain functioned for 10 minutes after the person supposedly died, proves an afterlife, 100%? I don’t see the connection. Again, I just think it proves 100% that science has it wrong.

    When everything finally shuts down for good, and the lights go out, does the soul leave the body, float to an ethereal court room, and await their judgement? Sure, it could happen that way. I surely don’t know, and I’m not arguing that it doesn’t.

  • Well you have to be a christain for this bit of science to work do you liza

    “I say this not to incite fear but to warn you that death is a real event”

    No shit batman how did you know

    Sounds like kids got killed and the mums first thought was to recruit more people for the local church and i am sure the muzzes come up with such story’s too as do many people in nut houses.

  • Eben Alexander.

  • SIF

    Commenting on this subject is a waste of time, although hypocritically here I am commenting. I vote for life after death and brain waves. Also, I know two people who had OB experiences and who lived to tell the tale. One of them, a medical professor, said that he once believed as many on this comment section. That the brain was dying and therefore hallucinating. He was not so sure after that experience. He now believes in life after death. His trip was amazing. In fact no one can tell you that what you just went through is pure circumstance if you in fact went through it. No one can tell you that!!

    • “Commenting on this subject is a waste of time, although hypocritically here I am commenting.”

      This website does tend to have that effect on people.

  • The universe info is already known, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It permeates our thoughts, no space and no time. If we are one with our subconscious and relax we can bring forth info of all ages. Cheers

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