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Read Or It’ll Be Too Late! Massive Monumental Move That Will Change Everything You Do Literally! No One’s Exempt! Government to… and There Will Be No Resurrection Once Enforced…

Thursday, February 12, 2015 10:58
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(Before It's News)


By Lisa Haven 

We have been deceived on such a grand scale that it is sickening! Our government and media have been making sure many are in the dark about what is really going on and now it has gotten to the point where “truth is stranger than fiction.” 


Behind the scenes politicians, lobbyists, mainstream media personnel, and bankers are making decisions that would floor even the non-believer and if those who are asleep in the United States would wake up we just might have a revolution on our hands. Henry Ford put it best when he stated, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”  


Some people have a hard time believing how an entire nation could be so deceived, but when you understand whats truly happening with the media, who many put their blind faith in, then you have awakened to this deception. 


The truth is the control freaks that run our country always seem to want to “regulate” what we can and can’t say and now they are attempting to limit political opposition over the internet by regulating what independent news websites, youtubes, and bloggers say. They want only the six government controlled media giants playing their game of chess and all others kicked to the wayside. Here is the breaking report… 



“The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is holding a hearing today to receive public feedback on whether it should create new rules regulating political speech, including political speech on the Internet that one commissioner warned could affect blogs, YouTube videos and even websites like the Drudge Report.” 


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  • If this is passed, it will effectively (and illegally by the way…) destroy the 1st and 10th Amendments. :roll:

    • oink oink factory farm :mad: where have you been all my life?

      • Baa Baaa.. looks like its Animal Farm all over again.. Baaaaa

      • Even our ignorant farm friends will loose their foolish liberal voices of stupidity…and we will all end up in the government meat grinder for “Soylent Green”.

  • What’s ironic is the number of skull and bones is 332 ….coincidence ? I think not

  • Lisa is so antichrist she does not even care about the criticism . she relishes it. it increases her clicks. but most people are laughing at her headlines and come here only for the laugh. Jim Stone says there are 100 or so people down at the CIA clicking away at this nonsense and I believe it because it would take a team of specialist disinfo and brainwashing technicians to come up with these headlines on a more than daily basis. also Live free or die – (has he been taken out????) has discovered a click generation system she and LynnLyeaaz are using so there is no way of knowing whether there are anyone except the commenters reading this complete crap. there is one more third element however and that is the zombies – the same ones who line up for their BIG Mac dinners, gossipers who are naturally attracted to a site called “Before its News” – a gossipers dream site. think about it. :mrgreen:

    • I agree. but you got to give it to the Devil to be so persistent with his agenda to screw humanity. While we Humans are clue less.

      The evil will not have hold over us. If we humans don’t waste time on BS and unite.

      They are very coordinated. We are not and for that we are paying the price.

      • When two or more are gathered together in prayer (that could mean prayerfully- its the same thing) I am with them and I will grant whatever they agree on in their request.
        We are in agreement, and thus the devil is toast.

    • And when one comes to bring an actual story these very same vociferous journo’s are either too deaf to hear one knocking or too important to be spoken to by a commoner from the street. Even when sent by God to sa: Americans, I love you. Trouble is coming, but here is a safe refuge as in my Book.”

      Instead of shouting their heads off – and ours – perhaps they should learn there are two ears and one mouth. Use accordingly.

  • Baas Baaa Looks like a case of Animal Farm.. Baaa..

  • They cant enforce that in this country as long as anyone can donate money to a political party for advertising. Fear mongering.

  • Many will complain, MSM won’t carry the story, and in a week it will all be forgotten.

    No one is going to do a thing about it.

  • I find Lisa Haven rather ridiculous. All she does is re-post stories that everybody else has already heard about and then dramatizes them with her dimwitted opinions.
    She has yet to figure out that Alex Jones is CIA… What makers her think that she’s even competent enough to be reporting?

  • About 99.99% of your Constitution is being violated by your treasonous leaders who must be laffing behind your back you allow them to railroad you with such ease.

    But you have to blame yourself for taking the easy lazy way out plus you enjoy the use of their phony money. But there is a dark side to your laziness and acquiescence.

    It will require your VERY SOUL as we switch from a debt economy to an allegiance one.

  • mitch51

    You have a BEAUTIFUL armpit. Or was it your twin sister, Lyn. Ummm…there isn’t anyway you could post a close-up of that?

    • She works for me in Charlie’s Angle. (My commentary take on them) She is Angle #2 or maybe #1 Haven decided yet.


      Charlie (of Charlie’s Angle). Got three girls working for me now.

      • “Listen Stern… change the plea to guilty.. throw yourself on the mercy of the court!”

        “I told you Charlie…. I got an ANGLE”

        “But the most we can hope for is to get you buried in secrecy so your grave don’t get violated”

        “Shut up Charlie… I got an ANGLE”

        “WHAT ANGLE?”


  • It’s rather cute you think anyone will do anything about it, effectively anyway, just as the US sat back and gladly accepted the patriot act, or just as nothing can or will be done with the NSA. What the hell do you think can be done about it? Should us Americans take to the streets to riot about it? That’ll do some real good and not just force the government to take more freedoms away for “our safety”. 300+ million people standing up against it? Are you kidding me?? I mean never mind a wide percentage of them are babies, children, and the elderly…you cannot honestly believe THIS will be the thing that unites all Americans in such a shared rage that we’ll all get together and fight against the government. You’ll sit there and take it, I’ll sit there and take it, we’ll all sit and take because no amount of whining or complaining on Twitter or Facebook will solve things, there will be no civilian uprising, there will be nothing to do about it. Most Americans simply do not give a crap about what is going on, and all the moronic conspiracy theorists totally ruined any concept of something evil going on behind the governments closed doors. The government is taking away freedoms little by little over an expanse of time, and sadly I really think just about the only thing that would make a good portion of americans stand up is trying to take away their guns.

    • I agree completely with everything you said with one exception. The “guns” thing. It won’t be that, and when the culminating event does happen all those with guns will be disarmed or gone. The event that will get everyone pished off is if their televisions, smart phones, gadgets of any kind, as well as government issued checks disappear. What will we do without facistbook, twitter, Google, pro sports, dancing with the stars, or Duck Dynasty? The human species motto has always been “Better you than me” so I wouldn’t expect anyone to stand up as gun rights slowly disappear. Like you said it all happens very slowly. First will be anyone and especially veterans who have had anything even as small as a case of anxiety diagnosed in their medical history. Does anyone see anybody standing up for veterans or anyone else for that matter? If anyone does they will certainly pay the price. Trust me I know first hand. There is one other thing I don’t completely agree with but it isn’t worth bringing up and you are partially correct. Let’s see if it posts this time. I hit “SUBMIT” once already and nothing happened. Maybe it will post twice.

  • The qustion on my mind is who wrote 332 paged book for Obama.It’s quite clear he has not got the brains to write this stuff.He is just a puppet working for Ellite.Look what happened to him when he was doing a debate during the last election,when is script writers let him down on purpose’s (by the way to let him know who his bose’s are)he was tottaly clueless.Hence his nick name The Tele prob President.

  • Last time I checked, we should have a right to assemble against a corrupt government if that be the case, if this were to go through and violate the Bill of Rights or US Constitution.

  • the six corporations that control the so called mainstream media are LOSING to bloggers and alternative media.. The truth is getting out and the government can’t control the message anymore,. This is why the government is now attempting to pass legislation to shut down the TRUTH!
    FYI, washington legislation is only applicable to those who are employees of that PSEUDO govt CORPORATE FICTION aka THE UNITED STATES and it’s subsidiary corporate fictions, ie, states, counties, cities, various alphabet agencies and districts. If anyone disagrees with this statement.. please provide your factual first hand irrefutable evidence that proves applicability to the private person!

  • Well liesa i “read” it so i guess its not ‘too late’, you saved the day. Lisa for President. what next; a new world coutesy of Lisa?? oh again i have to reitwerate Liesa for pres….o0h sahucks i forgot what i was replying to . and now i got lettuce and special source on my keyboard – its all your fault liesa csan you do a story on the people on this boaRD WHO DONT THINK YOU GOT ANY MARBLES – CANT IMAgine whT THE HEADELINE WOULD READ

    “HAVE SO!!!! :razz: ” MAYBE or “Its my site and I’ll say what i want to. :razz:

    how about “the devil made me do it.”" nah, too revealing. :mrgreen:

    :cool: :cool: :cool: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    sorry I;m not from the US so I don’t know if this kind of nut job is normal or not – judging by the hits it may be :shock: :shock: :shock:

  • Great article, Lisa!

  • The US military wants. Military state so they can be important and to continue to rape and murder at will!

  • The US military wants a military state and will do whatever it takes to be in power and continue to rape and murder at will!

  • From your LIFE is a LIE:
    So, IF all you’ve been taught, outside of your own insight, or by trial and error, has been a lie i.e. history in general, IF your so called ‘religion’ is a lie or, at least has also been manipulated for fear, control and greed, IF you have been led by wolves in sheep’s clothing, led to believe lies by MSM (Manipulators Steering Masses), then perhaps, you are living a lie.

    You know the saying “ignorance is bliss”, just because you are not aware of something or have been lied too, does not mean it can not hurt you or cause you great loss. Acting like an ostrich sticking your head in the sand, does not seem too smart either, I wonder how many of those big birds have had their butts ate off by predators?

    Many good hearted people will be going into shock, as they start to awaken to what our government has been up to. Let alone ‘Religion’, for the most part has been used for greed and control, rather than opening up simple spiritual truths, that would bring healing to each of us, and the planet.

    The elitists however, will not allow that, they prefer to keep all the sheeples in line, and dumbed down. With their agenda of control, our enlightenment is their worst nightmare, and will be hampered at all cost.

    Lets go back to the Elitists for a bit, if they understand how creation works, and know the rules of universe they can steer the masses with fabrications, misinformation and lies, then they are using us to create their future, and our cage.

    Remember, they own the mass media, they have bought and paid for or bribed or blackmailed ninety-three percent of all politicians and world leaders, they are steering the ship.


    Change starts with U !

  • The problem is Obama is not the President he is ILLEGALLY in Office and bears absolutely no Legal Lawful or Constitutional power to do anything he has done. It has been proven and validated just being criminally and Treasonously ignored!

    Globalist 10 point plan to take down America….. its Treason and they all MUST be arrested! They are nothing but Public Servants gone ROGUE!

    Supreme Court….. Obama Fraud!

    Obama admits he was born in Kenya

    Obama BC a FRAUD Obama Born in Kenya

    Barack Hussein Obama Is A Traitor.

    DNA Prove’s Obama is a Foreign Citizen and No Relation To Stanley Ann Dunham
    DNA Prove’s Obama is a Foreign Citizen and No Relation To Stanley Ann Dunham


    3 Agents with CIA, FBI and DEA Warn America

    FBI can access you computers Webcam


    Exposing the ISIS LIE how Obama and Hillary Created ISIS

    Hillary Clinto Sex Scandles and more


    Pedophile Billionaires: Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton & Sex Slave Island Cover-Up

    Clinton 2016? Conspiracy Shocker! Must See Documentary!


    Anonymous a message to Hillary Clinton

    hillary clinton meeting wanting a ‘new world order’ 1984

    Invisible Empire_ Full Movie_A New World Order Defined

    Shocking Documentary How The Masses Are Being Mind Controlled

    HD Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH”

    BREAKING! DEBORAH TAVARES: Mind Control Weapons Being Used On The Global Population

    California Water Shortage is a lie! Apart of New World Order Agenda21 Subverssive Seditioin TREASON
    Stealing Water For Profit & Power By Creating Shortage – Deborah Tavare

    Millions to DIE – “Primary Water” Restricted – Deborah Tavares

    Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government
    Daniele Ganser: Most Wars are Resource Wars based on False Flags

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