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SILLY RABIT! There’s No Such Things As ChemTrails… Right?? Uh… Right?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 16:55
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It never fails. I’ve only put up a few posts dealing with chemtrails because no matter what the article says, there are always some alleged pilots calling me names on MY feed, but by the time I notice it, the post is like 100 comments deep with everyone piling on because the “so-called” pilots HAVE to know what they’re talking about right? WRONG! Nonetheless, without fail, the words TINFOIL HAT get thrown out there every time, and then my credibility gets attacked from all directions after that.



Chemtrails have a long history of documented proof, yet somehow they remain the tinfoil hat realm. To further annoy me, if history is any indication of how this post will go, despite the MOUNTAINS of evidence provided in the article, there will still be comments about what a “Conspiracy Theorist” I am, and how I have no idea what I’m talking about. First of all, I don’t mind people disagreeing me, but if someone is going to comment on a post I took the time to write, without even reading it, AND call me and idiot, then they think I am not banning them instantly THEY are the idiots. Telling ME I have no idea what I’m talking about BEFORE even reading the article? Uh, yeah, I do. Thanks for playing though. 



I bet if someone wanted they could spend the ENTIRE rest of the weekend looking into some of the stuff mentioned in this article. To begin with, the article is not very long, and to have an article that is this short in length, and still manages to mention the following is pretty insane:


Any time DARPA is involved with anything, you can expect some OFF THE WALL crazy science fiction type stuff to be going on. The first reason I don’t post more things like this is because the average every day reader cannot fathom some of the things DARPA and the D.O.D. have done and ARE doing. People aren’t conditioned to find out some of that stuff, so their first reaction is shoot the messenger, and try to harm my credibility. The second reason I don’t post too much on some  of the other really cool topics I am well versed in is because the purpose of my site is not for entertainment. It’s to open people’s eyes to what is REALLY going on around them. With that said, as soon as people start to think something I am saying is ”out there,” I point them to: OPERATION PAPERCLIP. Read THAT first, and THEN tell me if you still think what I’m saying is ”out there.” Our government was THAT evil and twisted 70 years ago. Imagine the strides they’ve made since then with the help of technology. I don’t put ANYTHING passed them. 

I do my best to keep things rated G on this site, because the media has conditioned people to laugh or mock what they don’t understand, and the last thing I want to do is turn off someone who is looking for valuable information. FEMA camps are a perfect example. Long before the days of OBAMA COMING OUT AND TELLING PEOPLE HIS PLANS FOR FEMA CAMPS, they were the talk of “real loons.” People would accuse someone of having their tinfoil hat SCREWED into their head and perhaps a little too tight too. If you’ve been down in this rabbit hole as long as I have poking around, not a damn thing I say or post has probably ever phased you. There are others though, who read about the U.S. government locking up its own citizens in concentration camps and IMMEDIATELY they shut down and close off. It sounds like “crazy talk” to them. 

When it comes to just about anything related to DAPRA, whatever I can find normally sounds like “crazy talk” even to me 99% of the time, so for the most part I keep that stuff off my site. The list of links at the bottom is almost all the posts I’ve ever done on fringe topics like ones involving DARPA. Keep in mind I’ve posted around 4,000 posts, so obviously the number is very low. 

By the way, just in case anyone was wondering…

DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is:

… an independent agency of the United States Department of Defense (DOD) that focuses on developing cutting edge technology to ensure that the United States remains ahead of its enemies. The organization has contributed a number of technologies to the United States military and the world in general, including the groundwork for the Internet. Many of the workings of this agency are kept concealed from the public, in the interests of keeping its technology under wraps so that it is not exploited by other nations.

The agency was founded in 1958, after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first satellite. The United States government realized that it needed a small, mobile, independent research organization if it wanted to meet threats to American security quickly and decisively. Initially, the agency was called the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), and it focused on aerospace research and threats to national security such as nuclear testing by other nations.

By 1972, the organization’s mission had evolved, and the government had added “Defense” to the title, turning it into DARPA. It began to focus on looking forward into the future, working on highly experimental technology in small, focused groups. This system continues to be used by the agency today, with it focusing on goal-oriented projects that are intended to improve America’s military and defense systems.

DARPA has a number of divisions that are divided into smaller teams focusing on a variety of issues. Information technology is an important part of its research, for example, as are tools that are used on the battlefield, such as drones, armored vehicles, and communications jamming equipment. The agency also focuses on the threat of weapons of mass destruction, and it counters emerging threats to American security and information awareness. It has many small but very dedicated groups of active researchers and experiments, who may work together for up to five years developing a project and delivering a prototype.

Because DARPA technology is used to protect national security and make the United States more effective militarily, it is largely classified. It is also extremely advanced, since the organization focuses on technological superiority. Periodically, information about agency projects does reach the public, but the details are usually deliberately obscured. Civilians, for example, might be aware that it is working on a cloaking device for camouflaging soldiers, but they will not be aware of the mechanics of the system.



From Chemtrails to Directed Energy Weapons, the System is Set on Total Control

DC Clothesline: reports: There has been much speculation in the last few years as to the authenticity of the claims of “chemtrail” spraying of the ionosphere by secretive groups for unknown reasons, with such claims generally receiving the scorn of TINFOIL HAT insanity. Distinguished from “CONTRAILS,” the normal water and ice crystal formations that result from aircraft exhaust vapor, “CHEMTRAILS” is the popular name for aerosol spraying by planes in different layers of the atmosphere under the cover of numerous global geoengineering programs.


(Image: HAARP and the aurora borealis. Image:

Is this possible? Could there be widespread global aerosol spraying programs? Not only is this possible, it’s already being done, and has been going on for decades. With origins in World War II cloud-seeding, the development of weather modification and mass geoengineering programs is no longer even covert, with numerous papers, programs and examples now made public.

With this in mind, it is somewhat shocking the number of TROLLS and DENIERS that exist, telling us daily these are fictions of paranoid conspiracists, while any of the above notions can be easily verified with Google and a few minutes of research. Of course, this is not likely to happen, as the public has never heard of the Royal Society, much less geoengineering,” since Kim Kardashian’s butt is a much more accurate weathervane of the tides of public interest (a very big weathervane).


“Geoengineering the Climate: Science, Governance and Uncertainty”

In this article, I will document several papers from officialdom, including scientific journals and white papers that demonstrate the programs are real. Not only will we see they are real, we will in fact see these programs integrate with one another and provide the establishment the potential for tremendously disastrous social engineering effects, as well as environmental dangers that result from such dark pragmatic scientistic ends.

Our first document under survey is the Royal Society report “Geoengineering the Climate: Science, Governance and Uncertainty,” a 2009 paper that details the various potentialities for numerous approaches to curbing CO2 emissions, naturally tied in with population reduction and a return to neo-feudalistic model of global economic realignment.

Given that the United Nations was established by Royal Society backing, the “Agenda 21″ implementation we have heard much about in the last few decades is part of a much larger strategy foisted upon the global community by these very shadow players. I have detailed previously the connection between mass depopulation, economic overhauls and realignment and the so-called dangers of resource-based economies being directed into a staged crisis by the corporate elite.


In perfect establishment orthodoxy, the Royal Society paper promotes all the classic fear-based canards of melting ice caps, Malthusian disasters, etc., that have been the harpy screech for some 40 years, not the least of which has manifested. However, for our purposes here, we see the Royal Society is very much a proponent of atmospheric aerosol spraying:

Mimicking the effects of volcanic eruptions by injecting sulphate aerosols into the lower stratosphere. (pg. XII)

Of the Solar Radiation Management methods considered, stratospheric aerosols are currently the most promising because their effects would be more uniformly distributed than for localised Solar Radiation Management methods, they could be much more readily implemented than space-based methods, and would take effect rapidly (within a year or two of deployment). (pg. XIII)

This is an interesting claim, as Lord Rees, an important member and contributor to this report authored a book, Just Six Numbers, on the mathematical tuning of the universe, expounding how it demonstrates an amazing balance of symmetry creating the conditions for life. Yet here, we are threatened with humans tipping the perfect balance because humans exist as carbon-based beings, drive cars and fart – cows, too! Like an inside joke from the kleptocryptocracy, the double-talk of promoting a universe with telos and order, and at the same time requiring a mass genocide and reorganization by the scientific priest-class smacks more of a con job than a legitimate scientific endeavor. Rees would have us believe the universe perfectly balances itself to “create” life, and then the IPCC and U.N. will step in to save us from a conversely chaotic, meaningless universe. Which is it? The following quote is highly revealing:

The greatest challenges to the successful deployment of geoengineering may be the social, ethical, legal and political issues associated with governance, rather than scientific and technical issues. For some methods, like ambient air capture, pre-existing national mechanisms are likely to be sufficient, for others, such as ocean iron fertilisation, existing international mechanisms may be relevant but require some modification. There will however be some methods, particularly those that require transboundary activity or which have transboundary effects, for example stratospheric aerosols or space-based mirrors, which may require new international mechanisms. Appropriate governance mechanisms for deployment should be established before Carbon Dioxide Removal or Solar Radiation Management methods are actually needed in practice. (pg. 13)

Translation: The pesky humans (carbon) and their morals will get in the way of our program, so we will need to do it covertly under the guise of science and global crises. Space-based mirrors will be needed to aid in the reflecting process, we are told, yet if my analysis is correct, and the invention of the climate threat is a scam, the real reason for “space-based” technology of this sort would likely be weaponized. Modern science itself is not based on altruism – on the contrary, most modern technological advancements are based around militarization and global population management (and destruction).

Have we seen any examples of some space-based weapon with similar features?  In fact we have, as I have written numerous times about the Skynet grid that will incorporate the Internet, global tracking, micro chipped humans and directed energy weapons. A “mirror” in space to reflect “radiation,” or a space-based directed energy weapon named Skynet – which do you think is more likely?  The 1996 paper from the Air Force has Skynet described as “Figure 4-1. Cyber Situation Vision: “Eye” See Everything.”   I believe this “eye” is the real “mirror,” as the geoengineering programs are intimately connected to weaponized weather control programs and psychological warfare, as we will see.




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  • distract. that is what you are doing here. write about the suffering palestinians or the stranglehold zionism has on us all.
    took a look at all your stories and you are a disinfo fear porn spreader.

    never talking about those who are in power now who have created this mess. never.

    • How can we tell whether you’re a self-hating Jew, or a Zionist agent, intending to make Jews look like victims? :wink:

      • Or just some troll trying to divert attention from the issue of ongoing worldwide ‘geoengineering’.

    • truthloathingsoul is more like it.



    Technical professionals may be some of the most deadpan, pedantic, dumbest people I have ever known — typically, completely incapable of spontaneous creativity or moral intelligence.

    I’m thinking of the mindset, in which people get in more car accidents, in their own neighborhoods, out of nothing more than rote habit.

    If you are the exception to this rule, you are considered a discipline problem and make your peers feel uncomfortable.

    Think of the wolf or baby bird, that smells like people. When everyone else is grinding their gears, between denial and acceptance, you have some kind of creepily-accurate intuition. Must be a witch. :lol:

  • I very much doubt that any of the so-called ‘pilots’ who comment on threads that mention chemtrails/geoengineering/SRM have been closer to a pilot’s seat that the front row in the passenger area. Nearly all of them are paid disinfo agents whose job is to keep a lid on discussion by chucking around various childish insults and labels. Their presence is confirmation that chemtrails are real, and that various agencies do not want any discussion of the topic.

    If you see a persistent trail coming from an aircraft exhaust, the chances are you are witnessing the spraying of chemicals. Real contrails (ice crystals) only form under quite unusual conditions and rarely last more than a few minutes. If you see a grid pattern forming and a clear sky turning milky, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever.

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