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Obama Declares a “National Emergency!” Who They Are After Will Make You Want to Scream…

Friday, April 3, 2015 9:32
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By Lisa Haven 


President Obama has just declared a Cyber Threat National Emergency for the United States. He signed an executive order giving himself the ability to sanction suspected cyber-criminals with financial and travel restrictions. But that’s not all they restrict and target. According to the document those who spill “trade-secrets” are also included in the list of cyber threats.


Here is the breaking report…. 



Here is the Executive Order document in Full:


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White House EO Release:

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  • Of course, all it takes is actually VOTING OUT the corrupt politicians that rule this vile nation.

    This, obviously, is not going to happen. Thumpers will not raise a hand to fix the toilet they live in, waiting on their ‘god’ to come do the work for them. Boy, are they in for a BIG SURPRISE very soon.

    In other news, Obama’s popularity grew by 3-points to a voting majority of 45-percent (RCP polls as of this week).

    That means, boys-and-girls, that if an election was held today, the voting majority of America would select him to be a President AGAIN, for the third run.

    Sometimes, you just can’t stop the inmates from re-electing their dungeon master. Other times, you just have to realize that when in hell, all the little demons are made to re-elect Lucifer.

    There is a great punishment for this, and those who deem themselves ‘innocent and worthy’ are actually in the same boat with the most-horrendous evil offenders. By doing nothing, you are placating those who do evil. This will all come out later.

    • And when will you wake up to the fact that whether it be Obama, Clinton a Bush or even Yogi Bear, that they don’t run the country. They can make internal decisions only!

      The Zionists have it sewn up, they control the purse, !

      Just look recently to the reception netanyobbo received from congress when he last visited to tell the US what to do.
      A totally disgusting display of tongues up his anus ! Congress looked like a mob of zombies, clapping and cheering that murdering monster !

    • If voting worked – we would not have the problems we currently suffer. No suggesting violent revolution. The is a third way and it is our task to find it.

    • Not so about the thumpers, in fact they are those that have fought in most wars to protect people like you! this nation was born with the principle of the thumper doctrine!

    • Gee that’s funny… last time I checked only 30% of Americans are actually registered Democrats.

    • Since when is Voting actually added right? They are all 100% computer driven, hacked, controlled, and their is not one single double count ability in the current system. Programmers can physically make up any numbers they want, and if you haven’t noticed, their is not one way to verify if you vote was actually counted for who you voted it for. You only are relying on your gov paid city to have placed your vote into the person you actually voted for. Sure they give you a printout, but their is no system in place for anyone to verify your vote went to the right person you voted for. Stop and think about it and you’ll see you have no physical way of backtracking your vote because they don’t keep a master log…

      Also, Voting is not a Constitutional Right nor done by Law. This is only a program to make you “feel” you have a voice in our nation. It is not in the Bill or Rights or in the Constitution… Makes you think now doesn’t it?

    • :idea: :arrow: :arrow: :mrgreen: THE HIGHEST #1 RANKING MILITARY COMMANDER INSIDE THE PENTAGON IS YOUR U.S. CITIZENS AND NATIONS #1 ENEMY; who is allowing and ordering the military below him these illegal orders! Do not be fooled but doesn’t this ALL start at the single most #1 military Dishonorable Criminal Wearing the Uniform to Give This Order this down to all his troops and the entire Military? You see, he needs to be removed as the #1 top commander, who is the very highest ranking military in uniform WHO IS GIVING ALL THESE ILLEGAL ORDErS! WAKE UP PEOPLE and THINK WHO REALLY IS ORDERING ALL THESE ILLEGAL MILITARY PERSONNEL! They are literally Sleeping with the Enemy in bed with 0bama and is the “KEY” to your Government control over you! Start spreading the truth on who really is ordering these Treasenus actions against our nation!

      Here is another story I found of great interest. Didn’t you ever wonder why none of these so called disgruntled US Generals and Admirals refuse to do one thing in their power and knowledge to stop this out of control government. They value bribe money more then honor and they refuse to get involved because the government would arrest them for all the dishonorable criminal orders/actions they did to their troops while wearing their uniform. Keep quiet or personally get exposed for the criminal actions each have taken that crossed their desks that were illegal.? Each sold their heart and soul to the devil, and now want to go to heaven, and play the innocent card to the citizens. :wink:


      Lastly, Here is a news story I found that tells everyone what to do once Martial Law starts. It made sense to me to stop the forces in each neighborhood from forming, thus giving your city back to its community. Too, anyone can do it any city from a 12 year old to 90 year old. Must read and pass this on like I did. You will be amazed how easy it will be to remove the Government control over you. Bless all of you…


      Just sharing the truth with all of you on the stories I came across…

    • The elections are rigged. The government has required backdoors to be built into everything.

  • Obama is clearly disordered.

  • Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. I have not seen you for 2 days now and Charlie is officially worried about that right eye. You may wear my doughnut party glasses if you like (I have an extra pair). Why don’t you try doing a video with one? I think you will look cute in it.

    But any hows you said, “He signed an executive order giving himself the ability to sanction suspected cyber-criminals with financial and travel restrictions.”

    This so funny (Doughnut glasses time) because he will start to have to start arresting himself and his party and cannot fly on Air Farce One, and the entire Congress will have to be grounded, not to mention arresting the entire CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA, etc.


    Charlie (keeping you in touch with the doughnut)

  • (B) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services in support of, any activity described in subsections (a)(i) or (a)(ii)(A) of this section or any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order;

    You may be missing the point Lisa. If websites like Prison Planet or Infowars, Global Research etc… are deemed a cyber threat to the national security or the foreign policy of the U.S. because of their content. Then those websites and those who subscribe or donate to them may be viewed as material support whether indirectly or not of cyber warfare. The key to understanding the executive order is to determine if it applies to the use of websites that promote ideas that are viewed as opposed, seditious or treasonous to U.S. foreign policy. If it does perhaps Jade Helm will go live at some point.

    • Keep in mind that ALREADY some YouTube Channels and websites are struggling with Google . Google is already starting to enforce a policy that will not allow certain website to profit from ‘Google ads’ because of certain content. Google is already distancing themselves and “blocking’ certain websites or articles? It seems to be a precursor to whats coming from the federal authorities.

    • Ahem.
      Cyberspace is the domain of the spooks and kooks (latter aka “government”) always has been so. It was created as a world wide comunication and intel gathering tool, so it remains today. If you swim in their pool, watch out for the nets and sharks.


    “Cyber threat”: Anyone right of center.

  • What this means lassie is that if you are a charlie’s angel Obama will take your pension, house and car. you have been warned …. if you contu=inue to bombast against the dicktator he will take your……. well lets not go there – Interesting story but more interesting that none of you get its implicationz till I explain them and, um……..ah….. not even then. also commenters are on a watch list.

    signed – ob-mamma

    the queen

    of drama ….. big bro is watching yo

  • That order can give Obama the right to declare Martial Law under exec order 51….its comming

  • How many times i have t say this i do not know. EVERY president since I don’t know when signs a repeating executive orders allowing such in national emergencies. Look it up. stop spreading the paranoia about something that has been the usual course of business for decades. so you would rather not have the standing policy to declare national emergencies in case of a true national emergency?? You people are so far off the wall it’s amazing.

  • we like the executive order its just what the government can do to its citizens. Just look at the Michael brown case and others like it like travon martin. Then connect those incidents of police with the incidents of the politicians. Police and politicians ways are one in the same. Meaning that evil has taken our highest facilities and corrupted the name of them. If you deny that then your obviously under mind control. We like the executive order but the gov and police have a bad habit (for more than a millennium) of doing the people wrong, so that is why we don’t want the executive order.

  • still have not even thought about screaming…

  • I am a computer programmer and it is the programmer who picks the winner!. I can do it every time. votes should only be cast in a ballet box and hand counted period. No if and or buts about it! With the lawless government we have today you know for sure it is not on the up an up. The winner is picked before the voting begins. There is no honor among thieves. If you think I am wrong you are pretty? Well you better think again.

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