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Novorossia\Ukraine update 7\19\2015..How to seize Kiev?

Sunday, July 19, 2015 11:26
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(Before It's News)

Kiev is ready for Anti Terrorist Operation in Mukachevo

In the woods near Mukachevo lost 7 fighters of the Right sector

Arthur Senko – How to seize Kiev?

Poroshenko refuses to give special status to Donbass, thus, violates the Minsk agreement

Ukraine Lviv requires self-autonomy Rally 18 07 2015

Normandy Talks: Russian FM says Ukrainian troops should withdraw from Shyrokyne

Combat in Staromikhailovka – Ukraine doesn’t comply with ceasefire

Shelling of DPR July 18th, 2015. Center of Donetsk

Donetsk Residential Areas Shelled: Ukraine and militants trade blame over renewed shelling

Roundup of the week for July 13-18, 2015
1. The situation over the last day in the DPR and the LPR.
2. The leaders of the “Norman Four” held telephone talks on the situation in Ukraine.
3. About a thousand DPR citizens are in captivity.
4. 5 countries supported the creation of the tribunal on Boeing passenger plane crash near Donetsk.
5. VR canceled elections in Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk and Lugansk.
6. Poroshenko and Gontareva subpoenaed.
7. Nuland: Ukraine has fulfilled the obligations under Minsk Agreement.

Donetsk, July 18. The city heard shooting with heavy weapons. Video from witnesses.

At 20:00 Ukrainian military began firing at Donetsk (probably, the area of ​​the airport and Spartak) with mortars from two positions in the area of ​​the settlement Peski. Militia fired back. As of 20:20 AFU fired at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk with tank shells from Krasnogorovka. This was reported by the Center for operational cooperation.

According to a report from Gorlovka Self-Defense, at 20:00 fighting resumed in the north of the city. Ukrainian security forces fire on Zhovanka and Zaitsevo with small arms and mortars. Gunfire started.

Security forces encircle the mountain at Mukachevo, where “Right Sector” is hiding. According to eyewitnesses, the military moved up armor to the place of operation.

Hundreds of military SUVs Humvee arrived in Odessa, US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt said.

“Another 100 Humvees for Ukraine delivered to Odessa in the morning,” – Pyatt wrote in his Twitter, noting that the delivery of “Hammers” was the fulfillment of the promises on support for the Ukrainian army made by US Vice President Joe Biden in March.

On July 17 Australian media reported of a full transcript for the first time published 17-minute video, supposedly filmed by militias after a few minutes after the crash of the Malaysian airliner in the DPR. The video mentions two aircraft: passenger Boeing 777 and Ukrainian fighter “Sukhoi” which allegedly shot it down. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia, Julie Bishop, said that the authorities will check the authenticity of the video. RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev visited the scene and conducted his own investigation

In Lviv, about 300 activists of social organizations demanded autonomy for the Lviv region.

Campaign of Galician autonomy supporters was held at the building of the Lviv regional state administration. According to the publication, participants of the rally were holding placards in the hands, “Poroshenko betrayed his people!”, “The special status of Galicia – let it be the real autonomy of Lviv region”, “Galicia is Europe!”, “Stop feeding thieves in Kiev,” “Tax the needs of the Lviv region!”.

‘MH17 crash used by US to break Russia’s relationship with Europe’

RT: It’s been a year since the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine, which claimed the lives of all 298 people onboard. Eastern Ukraine was a war zone at the time – yet the Ukrainian authorities haven’t closed the airspace, allowing civil flights over the area. What was behind their inaction?

Paul Craig Roberts: I think they intended for the airliner to be shot down. The latest evidence is that it was shot down by air, by a Ukrainian jet fighter using a missile. This is the best evidence we have at this time. What is suspicious about this is that the instant that the airliner was reported to have been shot down, the entirety of the Western media was already programmed to blame Russia. Before there was any evidence, before there was any explanation, we had all of the Western media blaming Russia – even the BBC, which used to be a respectable news organization. So this suggests the whole thing was preplanned.

And if you look at the development of this we see that Ukraine has not released any information about its contacts with the airliner. And we see that Washington, which had a spy satellite directly over the area at the time, refuses to release its information. So the only information we have comes from the Russians, and the Russians say that if this had happened on a ground-to-air missile, this Buk system, that their radar in Rostov would have picked it up and yet it shows no such happening.

So I think the reason that we can’t get to the bottom of this is that it’s been used against Russia by Washington in order to break off Russia’s relationships with Europe. It’s the foundation of the sanctions and it’s part of Washington trying to break up the political and economic relationships between Russia and Europe. In my opinion, all the evidence we have, as of this time, supports no other conclusion.

RT: A year on after the tragedy, there is still no conclusive proof as to what brought down the plane. However the US continues to point the finger at anti-government forces. Why is that?

PCR: The US is based on the Wolfowitz Doctrine, and this doctrine says that with the collapse of the Soviet Union there are no longer any constraints on Washington’s ability to act unilaterally anywhere in the world. And yet Putin has brought Russia back as a formidable country, a country with economic and military power and so Russia can now be an obstacle to – for example – Obama’s planned invasion of Syria, or Washington’s planned attack on Iran over alleged nuclear weapon that doesn’t exist. And it was Russia’s ability to prevent war from Washington to Syria, to Iran that caused Washington to say “Hey look, we’ve got to do something about the Russians” and moreover “Look, for heaven’s sake, Europe is now dependent on Russian energy, the Russian gas. We are going to lose our vassal states and if we lose our vassal states in Europe we lose NATO and we lose the ability to bring conflict to Russia and we can’t have Russia rising as a power, so what can we do? Oh, we’ll overthrow Ukraine! And if we overthrow Ukraine we can use this in many ways to cause problems for Russia; it can cause problems with Russian national security, with Russia’s relations to Europe, and so on.”

So that’s really what it’s all about and shooting down an airliner for Washington this doesn’t mean anything; they kill more people than that while we are talking in Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, in wherever. For 14 years the US has been killing people all over the Middle East and Africa and why are they so worried about a couple of hundred on an airliner, they kill that many every hour.

So the whole thing is directed to demonize Russia in order to force Europe to comply with Washington’s will, which is: “We have to stop the rise of Russia, we can’t have another independent power, we are the uni-power, we have hegemony over the world, we must not permit other countries to be able to block us in any way.” That’s what it’s all about.

RT: Just a couple of days ago, CNN broadcast the leaked results of the report, putting the blame on separatists. However the Dutch investigators say there are not ready to make any conclusions. How much do such accusations influence public opinion?

PCR: Very much, because there is no longer a Western media. In the US, in the last years of the Clinton administration, what had been an independent and dispersed media was concentrated in six mega-companies. So the US media now consists of six big companies whose broadcast licenses are dependent on Washington and whose revenues are dependent on corporate advertising, primarily the military-security complex. So the media in the US no longer exists, it’s a propaganda ministry. And in Europe we have the former editor of [Frankfurter Allgemeine] Zeitung, the big German newspaper, who said there is no journalist anywhere in Europe of any significance who is not on the CIA payroll. This book is published in Germany, it’s a bestseller, it’s called ‘Bought Journalists’. You see, they follow whatever line the CIA gives them. That’s how you can see what Russia is up against – a massive propaganda machine and facts don’t matter.

Why is it that the US hasn’t released its satellite photos? The satellite was right over the incident of the Malaysian airliner when it happened. They won’t release it. Why doesn’t Kiev release its communications with the airliner? They won’t release them. It’s because they don’t support the argument that Russia was responsible, or Russian-supported separatists are responsible. This is the situation. The Russian people, media, government have to understand that this is not a question of fact, it’s a question of demonization, and the problem with Russia from the stand point of the US, is that it has come back, it’s again a powerful country, it can constrain what Washington does just as could the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union could tell the US “No,” that’s what Russia did in Syria, in Iraq: it said “No.” Washington will not accept “No,” that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about facts or evidence. Russia, China and Iran are in Washington’s way. Washington’s committed to world hegemony, this is what the issue is, there is no other issue.


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