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Caution: Muslim Refugee Crisis Bringing Deadly Bloodbath and Collapse to Europe

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 8:07
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Have you every heard the parable about boiling a frog? The premise of the story goes like this: First you drop a frog in water that is a comfortable room temperature, and slowly turn the heat up to a boil, and before the frog realizes it, he’s dead and boiled. A much less effective strategy is to drop the frog in boiling water, because while it’s got all its strength, it has the ability to jump out of the boiling water and get away. For the time being, the people of Europe, with their millennia of history are just chillin’ in the pot at room temperature, and for what? Because it’s the politically correct thing to do????

The agenda of this invasion is clear to everyone with any sense: Wipe out Christendom. The narrative is being sold under the guise of political correctness, claiming diversity brings strength. That statement on it’s face is crap. Pure crap. Did the United States become the greatest civilization mankind has ever seen based on diversity? Absolutely. So where is the disconnect? It’s simple. People of all races, creeds, and colors that immigrated to America in the early years of our nation’s history were forced to assimilate. They weren’t forced by the heavy hand of government, or nonsensical social programs that sound good to those lacking the education to know better, but the TRUTH behind those wonderful SOUNDING programs, is that they actually work to keep the recipients at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. 

Long before the United States was stupid enough to let the Democrat Party morph into dyed in the wool Socialists/Communists, and long before all the failed social programs (not just in the United States, but throughout history for anyone who cares to read it), our Immigrants were forced to assimilate by fellow members of the communities they lived in. Did families of all backgrounds retain their history and heritage from the lands they came from? Of course they did, and were free to do so within their own homes. In public, the language was English. In schools, it was English. The American Flag was the flag flown or hung in public. Can you imagine if a LEGAL immigrant told someone 100 years ago the American Flag “Offended” them? Hardly. Watch the whole thing, but pay attention at about the 2:00 minute mark of the first video below. Take a GOOD look at composition of the “migrant crisis.” Do you see any women or children? No. Do you see any old men? No. You see wave after wave of young Muslim men of prime fighting age. 



Political correctness denounces those who would build higher fences and line their borders with the military as heartless, and lacking compassion. Europeans own religion is being used as a weapon against them with comments like, “It’s the Christian thing to do.” To ANYONE who holds that position, here is a simple question: “Would you let your wife, sister, or mother sleep near the refugee camps?” 

In the second video below, learn some of the shocking truths the western media refuses to report about he refugee crisis. Most of the refugees are NOT coming from war torn areas. The “refugees” are taking a lesson right out of the Obama playbook, and they are not letting a good crisis go to waste. The “refugee groups,” terrorists embedded within them and all, are fleeing to welfare nanny states that will clothe, feed, and give them shelter without preconditions. Expect the Muslim refugees to do what they’ve always done; they will refuse to assimilate, which will bring division, NOT strength, and people of Europe can expect inevitable rape, violence, and third world diseases.

That’s not racism. That’s history. Heck, that’s not even history, that’s the PRESENT. Have you seen the way these cultures treat their women? Do you see anyone flocking to Northern Africa or the Middle East for state of the art healthcare? NO, so if any pencil necked liberal calls you a “racist” because they don’t have any facts with which to mount a REAL argument, tell them to shut the hell up, or just… never mind… I’ll leave it at that. 

Western media outlets, owned and run by the global elite are NOT telling the truth behind the refugee “crisis.” As I previously mentioned, the agenda here is clear to everyone with sense: Wipe out Christendom. Frankly, it’s even simpler: Wipe out each other in what will ultimately become the last war not to be fought with sticks and stones. Depopulation. That is the ultimate goal. Wiping out Christendom is step one. With Western civilization out of the way, the rest of the human population will cannibalize itself. Learn about the composition of who is REALLY invading Europe in the video below:



In the third video, take a real good look at Muslim invasion directly from the front lines in Hungary. Figuratively, it’s like the Hungarian authorities are playing a game of whack-a-mole, and each member of Hungary’s security force working along the border in Hungary is short about 7-8 arms needed to keep up. For every one migrant security has the hands to grab, six run past them. You’ll see in the video, that the security forces are vastly outnumbered. 



Don’t be too quick to condemn the Europeans for committing mass suicide. The United States has done the same thing. The Obama doctrine of using DHS bussing to get the wave of children to the border several months back, and the border that has remained open has surely sealed the fate of millions of Americans as well. The following is from a post last October titled, Border Patrol Agent Slams Feds: “We All Know Who We’ve Captured…”

Homeland Security and Obama Administration officials may categorically deny the claims, but this agent insists terrorist organizations are operating in Mexico and he says that he is aware of at least four Islamic State insurgents that have already been detained by the government:

A border patrol agent told the Examiner Wednesday evening that he knew of at least four ISIS insurgents that have been captured this past week 

“There could be more,” he said. “All I know is we (the border patrol agents) know what we see and do, even if the Feds don’t want to acknowledge it.”

“We have stepped up our searches on vehicles, under, over and all-around because we believe they may be trying to bring in explosive bombs and devices,” the agent said.

“Why would we be so cautious if the possibility was not there?” 

“We all know who we have captured,” he continued. “As much as they want it quiet, you can’t keep this kind of information a secret very long. We have families here.”

The report comes on the heels of another whistleblower speaking out recently about the seriousness of the threat. In an interview for the documentary Back To The Border, insider Zach Taylor suggests that what’s happening in the south is a controlled event being facilitated by top-level officials.


What all the big hearted liberals with a death wish fail to comprehend, is open borders and a welfare state cannot co-exist. It’s just simple math, but we all know liberals and facts don’t mix, so facts be damned. The European crisis is SO bad, according to Citibank’s chief economist, not only can the two not co-exist, the Massive Influx of “Refugees” all at Once Could Very Well Collapse the European Union. Then, when all out war finally does result, how many of our “allies” that Obama treated like garbage do you think will side with the United States? After all, it was the abysmal failure of Obama foreign policy that caused the refugee crisis that destroyed their nations!!!

It’s been SEVEN years. Don’t even mention George W. Bush. This is Obama’s mess. Soon, in a global war with no allies, it’s all of our mess. Pay attention! Later this month, Obama’s Ineligibility Case Is In the Supreme Court Sept. 28th, and even though it’s not the beginning of an all out trial, it’s a start. Somehow, some way, Obama HAS to be stopped. A Federal Prosecutor Has Said Obama and Those Siding With Him in Congress on the Iranian Deal Are Guilty of Treason, and if he’s not stopped, Obama Will Usher In Armageddon to America. Take that to the bank. Wise up America.












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  • This has all been engineered by evil ones; Obama, Poope, U.N.; by Paul McQuire:
    The age of the refugee and migrant
    Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24 that the end times would be marked by violence, wars and self-centeredness, but also great deception.
    So while Obama and Pope Francis talk peace and security under the United Nations’ platform of sustainability and elimination of income inequality, the opposite realities are knocking at the world’s door. War, hunger, instability and the mass movement of populations.
    The U.N. agenda is to fight “income inequality” through forced redistribution of wealth.
    And what better way to accomplish the redistribution of the world’s wealth than by importing Third-World people into the First World as so-called “refugees.” The refugees will take the jobs that were once held by working-class Americans while also signing up for welfare benefits paid for by the middle class, thereby making the refugees richer and the middle-class Westerners poorer. Equalization cuts both ways.
    The United Nations in its new blueprint for global governance, “Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” calls for well-planned “migration” and says it’s essential for industrialized countries to welcome migrants and encourage “mobility” of people across borders. Nations should not use their national sovereignty to close off borders to migrants and refugees. Instead, the document stresses “global citizenship.”
    But some see the strife caused by this dramatic shift in populations as highly destabilizing and ultimately leading to war, possibly world war.

  • Europe will not have the GOOD OLD USA there to protect them and we Americans know darn well already that the Europeans won’t be there to help us either.

  • Maybe you all should have not gone into the middle east and invaded and destroyed these nations
    Karma is good. Now you are being invaded. What about this do you all now seem not to like?

    The fun has not even started. I hear their is some really cheap property in the middle east if you Europeans and Hollande, Bushes and Blair would like to move and see what they would do to you. AS an example to the rest of you all.

  • I thought the title said “Cartoon”…. :shock:

    Eat More GMO :mad:

  • I’ll have the chicken vindaloo over basmati rice, garlic naan, tandoori chicken, mango lassi, mango kulfi, capped off with some falooda.

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