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Can you recognize false flag attacks? are the embodiment of the solution

Sunday, November 15, 2015 12:27
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(Before It's News)

read it all here……………Is ISIS Now The Lifeline Of The New World Order?

Bernie Suarez

………… So here’s my 3-step process again, which acts as a nice blueprint for how to approach “Breaking News” stories which are all designed to strengthen the grip the controllers have on you and me as they march toward their world order.

Step 1 – Look at the news through the eyes of history

The Paris shooting alone without any consideration of history would have some convincing power. However, a glance at both recent and more distant historical events casts a dark cloud over this latest false flag. One need not go too far back since it was only this past January (2014) that we had the Charlie Hebdo false flag blown wide open when it was discovered that the alleged terrorists had been tracked by and had been working with French authorities leading up to the event. The evidence (or should I say, the lack thereof) across the board was sketchy as evidenced by the hoax police officer shooting witnessed by the world, and we all appreciated the admission from the Sky News Reporter telling us about the blood on the ground that was “put there.”

Do yourself a favor: When any false flag is exposed, hold onto that convincing information dearly because part of the effect of false flag ops is that the controllers hope you have a short-term memory for previously failed false flags.

Historically we know that terrorism has been used throughout Europe in the form of CIA’s Operation Gladio. We know this is admitted and thus this only hurts the Paris shooting believability.

We need not go over again the history of ISIS and how it is a sole creation of the West and its allies. This history obviously deals the biggest blow to the Paris attack mainstream media narrative whose credibility is dependent on you still believing that ISIS came about on its own and that they somehow sustain themselves and have ended up with U.S. weapons and trucks by wild coincidence.

Step 2 – Look at the news in light of stated goals of the State

As mentioned above, the globalists are not even hiding that a global police force to combat terrorism is their goal. They’ve admitted this and we know there is no way they’ll get anything without creating a perceived problem. Without ISIS the war on terror would be over with. Without Gladio-style mass shootings in different cities around the world, they will never get their global police force that will undermine national and personal sovereignty. We also know the controllers have been trying desperately to link even climate change to global security. Their intentions are clear to the world and to humanity.

As you can see, applying this second step to the latest shooting in Paris, again allows you to see how improbable it is that this latest shooting was coincidental and unrelated. Only someone entirely naive would believe and accept this coincidence.

Step 3 – Take note and appreciate what the media is not telling you

Finally, take note of what the mainstream media is not telling us. They are not showing video evidence of the shooting. Think of how many people had cell phones at the Bataclan concert hall yet not ONE cell phone video or image has emerged showing us the shooters. This is at least strange enough to make you think. The media is not telling us how could these gunmen penetrate the security in place at all of these locations including the Stadium of France where a soccer game was being played. How did they sneak AK-47s onto places with such high security?? Why didn’t anyone stop these guys? How did Paris Match magazine recently predict a French-style 9/11? Coincidence?

When it comes to these false flag shootings the control system always tries to make the information available on a very narrow spectrum. Common sense questions are not allowed to be asked, and questions that fall outside of the narrow narrative delivered by mainstream media are considered inappropriate.

Once you employ these 3 actions on not only the Paris attacks but any false flag event, you will always find yourself quickly and easily jumping to conclusions about who is behind the attack. Employing these techniques will allow you to get back to your normal life much quicker and get back to the business of working toward solutions and keeping a healthy critical-thinking, disease-free mind.

In my mind the Paris attacks ended a long time ago. I refuse to dwell on their false flag event which was staged for the particular political motives mentioned above. The attacks were pulled off by their proxy terror groups which had been shown in the past they created, funded and trained. These false flag attacks show no signs of letting up any time soon. Everyone sooner or later will have to face the reality of staged state terrorism and that is:

  1. We live in a world of endless terror.
  2. The endless terrorism will only end when we stop the new world order.
  3. We will only stop the new world order when we hold our politicians
    criminally responsible, shut down and expose all CIA operations,
    criminalize all corruption at FBI, DHS and all levels of government,
    permanently defund the U.S. military and the Pentagon, arm all Americans
    and restore a constitutional militia to balance the power of the sword.
    These are just a few things that I believe will help push the balance
    of power back toward the people.
  4. We will be able to accomplish many of the items mentioned above only when enough people wake up and decide to take action.
  5. We will get enough people to take action and wake up when we are
    able to get their attention to tell them that something is wrong.
  6. We will be able to capture the interest of the masses when what we
    have to say seems more entertaining and intriguing to the people than
    the mass entertainment available today.

There is a war going on for the minds of humanity. And false flag shootings are a reminder of that war.

To become mentally healed and more empowered following another staged false flag, we all must start somewhere. We must also mentally organize as demonstrated above and keep everything distinctly in perspective. Only then can we apply wisdom and knowledge to the situation and escape the mentally poisonous linear narrow-minded spellbound mainstream media narrative, designed to further enslave you. Many of us can see the perspective of truth; but keep in mind many others are still unable to perceive truth and reason and fall slave to these mainstream media political narratives. Let’s do all we can to simply expose people to this simple truth, knowledge and wisdom. Then let them decide on their own what truth is.

The final goal should be to become so immune to mainstream media lies that the next time you hear of a new false flag attack you will no longer react to them at all. Our goal is to find that mental place where mainstream media lies can’t penetrate, leaving you completely unaffected. Once you truly reconcile this mindset you can then help others truly awaken to this new level of human awakening and almost divine power. Complete insensitivity to mainstream media is a worst-case scenario for the controllers. So, if you have arrived at this level, realize that you are the embodiment of the solution. Now share this information with the world.


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