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FBI: You May Not Even See Holiday Terrorist Attacks Coming – Excuse Me!?!?!

Saturday, November 21, 2015 4:46
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If you find yourself wondering, how it is that you live in the United States of America, and the FBI has come out and said this CHRISTMAS season, you “may not even see terrorists coming,” you are not alone. This country has become very sick. During the seven years that Obama has been President, all sense of rational thinking, reasonability, and lawfulness has been cast aside. The “liberalism” that has infected this country is in dire need of a cure. Before moving into some heavier topics below, in the hope of making an already ridiculously depressing article a little less painful, I offer the following movie clip to at least make you laugh a little. It’s as if someone asked Jack Nicholson, “How do you understand Barack Obama so well?”



Unfortunately, I fear this Christmas season won’t end with everyone laughing. I already mourn for the loss of anyone who looses a family member to a terrorist attack, but one is all but imminent. Obama is SO obviously playing for the other team, he might as well have a bumper sticker that says “ISIS was here” on the back of his motorcade. In an earlier post today titled, 73 TSA Employees Had Potential Terrorism Connections And Security Clearance, when asked if the Obama administration has plans to go through with bringing in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees, a State Department spokesman said, “These people are subject to the highest level of security checks that anyone can be who is traveling to the United States can be subject to…” Well, considering the DHS just found 73 TSA employees with possible links to terrorism who all had security passes, I feel safer already.


American safety and the rule of law means nothing anymore. Take Rhode Island for example… Due to the abysmal vetting process of Syrian refugees, up to 68%of RI citizens do not want them to end up in their state. Democrat and Obama underling, Gov. Gina Raimando, plans to circumvent the wishes of her constituents by allowing the migrant invasion to take place. Infowars freelance reporter Dan Bidondi asks citizens and state public servants for their views on the vetting process, ISIS fears, and what the 2nd Amendment means to them. With a few exceptions, the sentiment was overwhelmingly against the refugees, as one might expect.



And finally, this is my personal favorite. In the video below, you’ll learn that the same President who got busted for putting up Fake Cell Phone Towers All Over the Country to Spy on Americans, refuses to track any refugees because it would be a “violation of their constitutional rights?” Obama had no problem tracking every resident of the USA, or conducting surveillance across the globe, says they won’t be tracking a Syrian refugee who went missing in the U.S. because of his “constitutional rights”. This is after the Obama administration continues to assert that the refugee vetting process is under control. It’s sickening. 




Conservative Tribune writes:

As we rapidly approach the holiday season, some people are expressing concern about the possibility of terrorist attacks in the United States, particularly aimed at the mass gatherings that take place around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

According to The Washington Times, senior FBI officials are quietly worrying that they don’t have the resources to stop all potential attacks before they happen, leaving potentially millions of Americans vulnerable.

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These anonymous officials say that FBI Director James Comey, most recently in the news for tangling publicly with President Barack Obama, has been putting on a “brave public face” to hide significant worries regarding Islamic State group terrorists and the potential for radical jihadists to infiltrate the Muslim refugees Obama intends to bring to the United States.

“We have suspects we’ve been tracking that have gone dark, because we can no longer follow their encrypted activities. Physical surveillance can only take us so far and the urgency to solve that gap in the political realm isn’t there,” one unnamed official explained.

Another official declared, “The administration has a calming public storyline that we have this all under control and life can go on as normal. But we’re one crack in the sidewalk away from a tragedy, and that crack could be an encrypted message we can’t follow, a lead we couldn’t resource or a refugee who slips in like we saw in Paris.”

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The greatest fear of the FBI over the next several weeks is that the Islamic State group has plotted and planned Paris-style attacks within the United States, utilizing fighters armed with small arms, grenades and suicide belts who could attack soft targets like retail stores, restaurants, sporting events and other locations where large numbers of people gather.

“The attackers could look and act just like everyday Americans until they strike with weapons we haven’t seen in terror attacks here,” summarized one official.

This is truly frightening, and it would be highly advisable for Americans to remain aware of their situation and surroundings while going about their business this holiday season. The threat our nation faces is likely greater than the resources and capabilities of those tasked with stopping it.

H/T The Right Scoop

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  • There isnt gonna be an attack,americans got guns,isis are just a gang of criminals,,,geeeesh.

  • Christmas? The celebration of death? That is what a mass is, a death-ritual. Ha ha … these Satanists crack me up sometimes. Why are you all surprised this is happening?

    You should wonder why they have you all worshipping this false Creator and false Messiah, Christ, who is a Solar Deity.

    Winter Solstice celebrations, btw, per the biblical teachings, instructions and Creators of the Bible, is forbidden.
    Do you care? Does anyone on here care?

    Christmas, that is a little down the line. They want to build up the chaos thru this ‘Christ Mass Season’. This is their God’s (Satan’s) cozy, emotionally-exploitative, coercively manipulative ‘happy’ season of ‘Goodwill’ and ‘Joy’. Ha ha! Hah I mean, lol lol really? Saturn is not joyful, he is a death-bringer. Isis is not a lovely Goddess of love or motherhood. If anyone wants still to look at the Goddess ISHTAR/ISIS/TANIT/KALI/ARTEMIS/APHRODITE etc. as a mother Goddess “Mother of God”, even knowing all her historical proofs and priesthood’s admissions of bloodthirsty nature, then try to imagine a mother who is a psychopath. A really really MEAN MOTHER. Just try to do this, I know most of you cannot do that very well because you all cannot conceive of a mother being a psychopathically evil person/entity/Goddess.

    I really wish you people would just get smart and prove all these things … I am not trying to influence you to your harm, but to your safety.

    Christmas? Give it up, fast. Renounce it.
    What about the Thanksgiving Feast which has been used to wrangle our love and gratitude (ostsensibly to the Creators of the Bible) and pride of being ‘Americans’, every year since before Lincoln made it a national holiday, officially in November …

    but that is not so: you are being used. Exploitation in the arena of religion, by your leaders.
    Thanksgiving is the celebration of the Goddess and the God of the Harvest, the Goddess Pomona/Ceres and her consort, the Horned God Baal. That is who you are worshipping, honouring and giving more energy to.

    The symbols of this duo are the same. Pomona, Ceres and Ishtar and Isis are the same entity. Different names, same Goddess. Her consort, you call Lord, or God. He is Baal, the Horned God, the Solar God. You are worshipping the Horned God of Satanism, my people. You just need to know that (prove it, you need to) and give it up, quick.

    Just say no to the God you have been trained to worship. He is not what you thought. You have your leaders to blame. But you did trust them, all these years, never proving what they told you. Remember Reagan’s motto? You loved Reagan, he was a real man, right? ‘Trust, but verify’. This is also commanded in the bible. The verify part, not the trust part, the Bible is more sure in its commandment to you, not a suggestion, but a warning: ‘Trust in no man’.

    Prove all things. Thanksgiving is the celebration of the Horned God/Dess of Satanism, Harvest, Grain, Crops, Fertility, Love, Sex, War, Bloodshed and the well-known symbols of this entity which is essentially solar/planetary/astral but also nature is used in depicting this God/dess, (serpent, bird like Eagle, Phoenix, Bull, Cow, Stag, Goat, Dog, Fish, trees, egg, fruits;

    circle, triangle, cube (Black Cube, Kaaba in Mecca, Saturn
    Circle with cross, cross alone, X, obelisk
    Stars: 5 point: known especially as the Star of Ishtar, or Isis
    6 point Saturn, Seal of Solomon, forbidden, Moloch, Baal, ‘Remphan’, the ‘stars of your God’… = FORBIDDEN!
    7 point
    8 point
    9 point 10, 11, 12, 16, 32 and everthing in between, all represent/depict this same God/dess, the Solar Deity and his Goddess Consort and their baby, the false saviour figure. Christ, Krishna, Christos, Adonis, Bacchus, Dionysus, Tammuz, Horus, Lucifer, etc.

    What about Thanksgiving’s cornucopias filled with bounty? Where did that come from? Do you think the Pilgrims did this? They did not even celebrate Christmas, so why would they use the symbol foor the Satanic Goat-Headed God, Satan, Saturn, in giving thanks to the Creators of the Bible? I don’t think so.

    That came later, when all this backsliding happened. The Germans brought in Christmas, for the most part, weird-ass Germans with their Norse Satanism… evergreen trees and Nimrod, Semiramis, and baby Ninus, incarnation of his father, all of that is called abominations in the Bible. Yet you still let your leadership in
    Church make you do this abominable practice of Satanism. Because, well, it is what you love.

    You will have to give up these practices sooner or later. Until you do, you will suffer, until you realize and admit that it is the reason you are being invaded by Muslims who desire American blood ‘the best’ blood of the infidel west.

    We are the descendants of the lost 10 tribes, and we are brethren with France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Sweden and Denmark…and others scattered around the world, who are also those same tribes’ desendants who for the most part, don’t know it any more (due to slavery and lost identity).

    We are in the last days now. This is the time of return… return to the original truths, once delivered to Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, and again, to the Apostles by Yahushua, the Messiah from IAUE.

    Thanksgiving is thanking the Adversary of IAUE and Yahushua; it is thanking Baal for the corn and the wine.

    The Masons dedicated the corn, oil and wine to the God of the Horns, too, just like you. But I thought you didn’t want to follow the God/dess of the Freemasons. Is that all just lip service, then? You know, Saturn, and his guise of light-bearer, Lucifer. Horus. Jesus.

    It is time to renounce all of these proven abominations, because if we don’t, our nation will see more bloodshed than you can even imagine. This is why Isis was named that. No Muslims named themselves this. We did.

    Isis is the dark spirit of death, Saturn, Moloch, Baal, Horned God, who also uses the Black Cube, the Hexagram which is black also, and the Pentagram (usually seen as ‘nice’ Isis! NOT, she is not nice!) and their baby. The baby is like Damien in the Omen except worse. He is the Devil’s son. This baby is not your saviour! So stop celebrating his birth on Christmas because that is condemned by your Creators, IAUE and Yahushua will return in great power doing his Father’s will, setting the bound tares on fire and the earth ‘is burned and few men left’… so please do not be tares… produce good fruit, it is up to you.

    Say no to the fruit of Satan. Say no to the false Messiah saviour figure, always a Solar Deity child/man. Stop the mandated Christmas celebration of death.

    They are using it against you all. Don’t you see? This is what they use for power, money and sport: Sport, watching you all willingly and greedily, like hungry little pigs, eating at the trough your Satanist Masters in State Mandated Religion have put down for you. Feed on, feed their God if you do not like the Bible or the message it brings.

    Stop, do not do it any more – including the feted Horned Goddess/Horned God at Thanksgiving – if you value the truth and love IAUE, the FAther Creator of the Bible.

    That is who Yahushua came to re-teach to man. We must not continue in the ways of Satanic worship. ISIS is coming. It was a foreshadowing in Paris, of what is to come. French worship the Horned God/dess too, the Triune Godhead. They are us. We are them. Did not enough of them die, horribly, pitifully, at the cruel hands of Satanic Isis-infested, Saturnian slaves, created to do this to infidels? Infidel blood is good, powerful. It is a war of the spirit.

    We are not supposed to be doing this worship. It causes Chaos. That is what we are feeding.
    Return to the ancient truth of IAUE.
    Please. Before it is too late.


  • No special offense was meant for Germans. I am largely Germanic, not too proud of this fact either, rather ashamed. But not that German people are specially shameful, because so many gave their lives to help the Jews… and they were victims of Hiter’s black magic. But they did go along with it. But he did know very well how to do it to them.

    Just like we are, victims of black magic practitioners… this is why we don’t see this being done… and those who do see it seem impotent to extricate ourselves out of this trap we are firmly caught in.

    So sorry, German people, … I am also one of you,.. my Great Grandparents were Nazi sympathisers… so, I know how it is…


    All people are the same: DNA corrupted, infiltrated and we fight our DNA – and either we are stronger than our bad DNA influences, or we decide to ‘go with it’ and do bad things we know logically are wrong.

    It is a test. This is a test. Please do not fail it. KNow thyself. (DNA weaknesses). Get mastery of your DNA weak links. ‘Just say no to your DNA’ is my motto for you today. Hey, I am fighting the demonic DNA too.

    CAin did have a choice, remember. And he was 1/2 devil. That is way worse than German blood.

  • So, I tyhink I can say ‘Weird-ass Germans’ because I know… and I am one of them.

    But anyone can be a victim of black magic. We didn’t have a Hitler, really, on that level, but we have had others, who did it to us. We are not ‘Germans’ so much, but look what Clintons did ? That was by black magic. If theydidn’t use it on us, hexing us, we would have booted them out of Arkansas…

    And look what was done by the Bushes. From 1990 Sr… ‘NWO thousand points of light, ….’ and son Jr. All that black magic done hexed us all. Then, who would listen to a Muslim lie, and elect him not once but twice? A Jihadi who hates Americans, whites and blacks?

    That my brethren, is due to being powerfully hexed. Black magic has and is being done to control our responses.

    But the reason it is working is we agree, we participate in their use of it over us.

  • Yet, the people of Rhode Island- who represent one of the so-called most “educated” per capita -will go right back to the voting booths and put the same individuals/party in office every year. Not only is their collective insanity alarming, it deserves what it sows. :shock:

  • Somebody is over-loaded and ready to turn off. Put this one down as another “ignorance is bliss” type. :oops:

  • So to add to the information I gave you this week about imo Thaksgiving the day after….

    It is this: This mornign, I had the thought of it has been a long drawn out seige, if you think about it, by ISIS’ handlers, to create an atmosphere of fear, beginning in October 31.

    Please see my posts regarding the dates of November. I posted on Godlike from October 31, all the dates and what it means, the symbols, the sacrifices according to the inherent power of certain numerals. They immediately banned me and removed that information, all that was allowed is a curtailed beginnning of that information, only October 31 -
    November 7. Now why would this be done? Hm, they have (and this place too) ahve done this before to me and my articles. Too bad. Have you ever gone to my stories page? They were all removed by ‘someone’. After I posted an artticle that someone did not like me posting.

    but that is history. This is for now. if you count the days (and also, to remember tomorrow is the 22nd, 11/22. Which is always used … if we see it or not) from October 31 to what I have been warning about, The Day After Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Mercantilism Gone Crazy, On Steroids, Feeding Frenzy of Mercantile Sharks, people going berserkers, Hermes, Saturn’s spirit reigns supreme, Horned God’s nature comes out in the humans who worshipped him the day before, (Saturn is also Isis)

    that date, November 27, is day 28. This is very significant as it is the number of the Feast of the Beast.

    But I already told you things that most of you already have ignored, which is not as obscure as this, and you acted like it was something boring or not applicable to you or your families or our nation. Why is that?

    November 27 is already numerically conducive to sacrifice, mass trauma. November is 11 and/or 9 (Nov is 9 but it is our eleventh month as well so it can be both, is both in fact)

    and eleven is used for efficaciousness of rebel spirit, destruction, chaos, frequency-raising, death.
    It has mutinous efficacy. It has been used for the agenda for sacrifice, trauma-raising, and terror.

    Nine (numeral 9) is sacred for same and other reasons, it is so sacred that it holds a place alone, by itself in its level of special power, sacred power. 9 and 6 are interchangeable, yes, (as above so below, reversal is the same, black is white, up is down, etc) but 9 is better, more conducive for anything they want to do to us to raise energy to Satanic Work (murder, ritual, transfers of energy, thefts, treachery, diabolic deeds of any kind) because the sacred number 3 is multiplied, thrice. It is a master number, and is used masterfully by the adepts.

    That covers the numbers which id November. Now the date of the day after Thanksgiving. 27

    that is also 9. So November 27 is both: 11-27, which is 11-9 (reverse of 9-11) and
    9-27, which is 9 twice, 99

    and the year, 15, is three (sacred numeral 3) times 5, the murder number.

    It is going to be a very bad day.

    • Come on, sistas, bredren, … complete what I left out.

      What, you got… really, seriously, nothin?

  • And so putting all the threads together, we get a clearer picture. There are other things but I cannot put them here.

    And you people on here never respond (well, hardly ever) so it is a waste of my time anyway.

    But in case just one person can benefit from this, I would be satisfied. If one person were to look and prove that everything I have said is the truth, then acted on those things they learned not to do, and to save themselves and their loved ones, it would be a good thing.

    So from October 31 the preparation for the Isia, in first week of November, all of those dates, which I posted and they were removed, (onGodlike)

    is 28 days to what I have been worried is the prime time for Isis to attack American targets. We celebrate as a nation our uniquely American Holiday on the 26th. Then that evening, it turns to the 27th. After sundown.
    Or midnight, depending on your perspective. That is 28 days after Halloween.

    October 31: ISIS claimed shooting or bombing the Russian airliner over Egypt. That was blatant terror.

    Go foreward to Paris. and to Mali, and the other things before that. This is all a buildup. americans are coveted.
    for sacrifice. Not by Isis Muslims only.

    28 days is what I have told you for all week, is to be worried about and to quit. just QUIT Thanksgiving and QUIT THE ACCOPANYING SATURNIAN BLACK FRIDAY, November 27, Satanic Hermetic Black Friday, ISIS.

    The whole point of black magic gerald gardner said, is to combine TO COMBINE 5 AND 6.

    Do you get this implication yet, my people? Pay attention to that.

    • INFIDEL … I just want to thank you sincerely for the offer to look up your comments from October …. but will pass on that. Also, I appreciate where you say above ” there are other things, but I cannot put them here “. And I apologize that I cannot be ” the one person who … could prove that everything I have said is the truth”. Well, I have a busy schedule and must go now and will try not to miss your marathon, moronic, monotonic drivel. Best wishes for another life somewhere else.

  • November 27: Black Friday
    Saturn’s colour
    Combined = Beast
    Beast number : 28

    Feast of the Beast
    year 28, or numeral 28, or 82 Prince William born then for example
    ’11 is the month of destruction, chaos
    needed for the great work.

    Sacrifice is necessary, en masse
    American blood is ‘best’ they have told you this week. Isis. What a name for stupid Muslims to be calling their group. NOT.

  • Thanks! But we knew this already. What you need to do is let American CITIZENS be armed and trained as in the MILITIA requirements of the Constitution!

    • Hey, you edited my comment that offered the solution of SELF-DEFENSE and not helplessness like in France. You really have NO CHOICE!

      Their suggestion of cower, run, hide is acceptable to a certain point. But when you are cornered and ARMED is another story!

      • Pink Slime, … they did that to your comment? Yeah? I wonder who . This site is definitely on their monitors. Or the people who run this site are their monitors. This and Godlike are so bad.

        There is no freedom of expression left … really, any more. Your brother (‘big’ brother)

        (star-brother agents) are indeed watching and recording everything you say. F*ck off big brother

  • I get the “wretched” part. To some the Christmas represents the birth of an idea: that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us, that love was a foremost principle for life, that all men are brothers. Christmas celebrates life with exchange of presents with some pagan tree worship thrown in and general lifting of spirits (literally, cheers!) This is the beginning of the return of the sun (son) from it’s lowest point at the Dec. 22 winter solstice. So rather than rue the facts of life – consider that a wonderous compromise was reached with our pagan brothers as well as the Roman bastards and that we could all have a Holiday together.

    • And the Most High has given explicit Instructions to make no such compromise, so why do you say it like it’s a good thing? It isn’t.

      • ^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^THIS, WHAT BEEF SAID^^^

    • Mr. Gordon,


    • I do not understand the things you say, above Can you please elucidate…. I can not completely understand.

      And at the end you say, ‘wonderful compromise was reached with our Pagan brothers … as well as the Roman bastards…holiday together’. You are being sarcastic, right? Please make sure everyone understands that, (your sarcasm) but in the beginning of your post, it seems to be you are in favour of Christ mass. And I guess everything that I trying to warn the brothers (Christian, Pagan, Satanist, Agnostic, etc) about, e.g. Thanksgiving to Pomona/Saturn (ISIS) which is connected especially with another Feast, that Feast of the Beast in Satanism, whcih is referred to by the numerology of Satanists, the number 28. (28/82).

      Thank you Beef Supreme, for pointing this overlooked fact out for the people here. Thank you and May our Father of the Bible (IAUE, Yahuah, Iahuweh, IAHu, Yahweh) bless you continually and those you love.

      The Satanists are laughing at us for participating in their diabolic worship of the Father, Lord Satan, Baal, the virgin sex Goddess, Ishtar/Isis, (remember Nov means 9, so as well as our 11th month, it is by our method of writing dates, as well as our 11-27 the day after Thanksgiving to Baal/Cronus/Baalit, the November 27′s ‘Black Friday’ is ALSO 9-27, which is 9 and 2 + 7 (9), two 9′s, which last night I left it at, but

      back to the date I have tried my best (not without interference, either) to warn about, 9-27:

      please my Pagan, Satanist-smitten brothers and Sisters ‘in Christ’, you disappoint me every day; why didn’t you add what I left off?

      • Right. Nothing is All Right Now. Nothing.

        Here is what I left off last night.

        11-27, Day After Thanksgiving to Baal/Cronus/Saturn, Ceres/Isis, and their (Satan’s) baby-saviour

        is 9-27, which is 9 (three times 9, 27) which is 999.

        it is not only double nines, which I left you with last night,
        but it is clearly, as clear as you can get, triple 9, the number of the Beast. Which you all do not want to entertain, but which implicates, and condemns, you who see this and do nothing about changing your ways of worship, the Deity you worship, and renounce it all. Fast.

        999 is 666, yes, but it is even BETTER.

        You got 11 (eleven, chaos, destruction, rebellion, frequency-raising) 27 (2 + 7) = 11-9
        which is in the Satanic Paradigm, same as 9-11. You do not wonder at this?

        You have also, in the date 11-27, a nine, because of what I wrote you from Wake Up My People’s posting that Nov is actually literally ‘Nine’, (calendar-changing in Rome) 9-27

        9-27 is both 9-9 double nines
        9-999 the month 9, (11) 9 and 11 are both used for chaos-raising and destruction, bloodletting, sacrifice to the God Saturn/Satan, ‘The Lord God’, Baal Gudh, or Bel Gad,

        plus a triplet of nines. (666, but better)

        which also is four nines, total: 9 four times = 36.

        This is day 28, (read what I said last night, Feast of the Beast) from October 31, when this Isis sacrifice series began with the plane attacked to kick off the Holiday Season’s festive and necessary sacrifices.

        the Age of Aquarius is the Age of Horus, Age of Saturn, Age of Zeus, the “New Age”, the Luciferian Age, the Beast must be fed continual sacrifices and you all are energising the Beast, whicih you are not supposed to be participating in.

        You are doing this of your own accord. They cannot ‘make’ you do this; you agree to do this.

        Or you would as Beef Supreme and a few others, relatively, have chosen to do, and learned, proved without a shadow of a doubt, that this is all Sh*t, or Set, (pronounced the same, often, as the S and SH are interchangeable in the Semitic languages, or Shemitic tongues).

        And S can be interchangeable with D. As in ‘Det’ for Set. In our spelling, Debt. This November’s Christian Holiday is Thanksgiving and their custom/enslavement to Hermes, the mercantile system of money, (mon i, my moon, or mene, the numberer, the moon making revolutions around the earth, and sun) is 11-27, which is aptly named ‘Black Friday’, for Saturn’s colour, and Fri-day, or Frey/Freya Dei, which is God Frey/a. You see, Saturn IS ISIS. Isis IS Set, Saturn. Freya is the male, as well as the female demon. Please, my people, come out from behind your leaders’ coerced manipulation of your minds and emotions. Get yourselves free of the mental blocks they have hexed you all so much, so successfully with.

        is 11, the Age of Aquarius’ number. Eleven. we are in it now.
        A flood of lies is the reason we are clueless. You have bought into the flood of lies from the Dragon’s mouth, going after the earth’s people, to deceive them into willingly going to the pit/abyss, WITH the Dragon. This is the danger, not the physical death which many will suffer, due to same Spirit of Destruction, Black Spirit, Death-bringer, Saturn, Set, or Lucifer, Spirit of Darkness called ‘Light-Bearer’. ‘Light-bringer’ = Saturn, a Spirit they acknowledge is a Dark Death-dealing Entity.

        anyways, to continue as I lost the point somewhere up there, about Set = Det, (‘Debt’)
        which is another way they enslave us all to this diabolical matrix, which is monetary, mercantile, (Hermes, god of the mercantile system which is Saturn as well)
        and Dark, (slavery to the Beast System)
        and is INTRINSICALLY TIED to the Christians’ beloved tradition (of the men and demons they follow rather than IAUE) of Thanksgiving, November 26; Thanksgiving to Baal/Horned One, and ‘Black’ Friday, (the black Goddess is one historical reality you all do not like to consider)

        Isis is Black Freya… Black Friday.
        her number is also seen in 9-27 or 9 and 9, (18) as the stars with 18 points depict ‘her’ which is Saturn

        as Hexagram, the Black Hexagram is also not just two triangles (male Satan, coupling with female human, Eve) which is total of 6 ‘big’ triangle points, (man under Satan number)
        but is a total of 6 smaller triangles, or a total of 18 points of those triangles. (6 times 3)= ‘Perfection’ of man under Satan or Saturn (18)

        well, I could probably go on all night, but if you do not appreciate this, then, as I said, waste of my time, a big f’ing waste of time

        which is

  • Etnicks, and retched infidel! We know who you are! We are watching!

    • How stupid. Not Obama, they are such asses, CBS, Tox News, CNBC, all of them. Liars. This was going on before he got into office, but yes, he is in collusion with those who created Isis in the first place

      It is an attempt by the puppetmasters to confuse everything, everyone, again, to divide the American people for and against ‘Obama’ in different chaotic camps, all not understanding anything straight. This is the chaos they are raising.

      Remember Obama is being used as well. He will be paying the price for going along with the agenda which shows how stupid he is.

      When they are thru with him, he will pay as they are racists, the Satanists who control him and everyone else.

      They want no inferior thinkers, or inferior races. Haha, that means a lot of them!

  • if you would like more details, maybe shorter versions, please see Lisa Haven’s /global-unrest/2015/11/epic-crisis-now-underway-the-plan-to-take-america-down-within-a-year-no-one-is-prepared-for-whats-coming-2469346.html

    those explanations at the end from me on November 27 facts

  • /global-unrest/2015/11/steve-quayle-were-under-attack-global-war-and-global-civil-war-the-end-game-2469330.html

    for same sort of facts in different wording, may be of help to your readers, thank you, and does anyone have any curious questions on this subject? This is a vital thing to try to wrap your mind around, the devil is in the details and we have all been duped

  • Short recap and reminder from a post yesterday, ‘Crescent Moon’ thread…

    Wretched Infidel
    Black is the colour of Saturn, the God
    Hexagram is his well-known symbol worldwide
    Cube is his symbol not so well-known by us infidels but is well-recognised in Islamic countries
    Saturn is Hermes btw (God of Mercantilism) in another guise
    And guess who else? ISIS

    She of the crescent Star and horns

    NOV 23, 2015, 9:54 AM

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