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How Close Is Our Proxy War With Russia To Transitioning Into Actual War?

Monday, November 9, 2015 4:48
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(Before It's News)

Rissian Missiles

At this point one has to wonder just how close this alleged “proxy war” between the U.S. and Russia is getting to an all out conventional war between the two nations. Since taking office, the relations between the U.S. and Russia have deteriorated almost to Cold War levels, despite all the rhetoric from Obama and Clinton about how their reset button with Russia worked. Most folks with an IQ over 6 knew that the pressing an imaginary button was not going magically cure all the bad blood between nations, but then again, let’s not forget we’re talking about Obama, so he may very well have believed the crap he was shoveling. In the first video below, I experiment with Before It’s News new video service to make sure it is running smoothly, and if so, I may take opportunities on future posts to add an explanation like I did on this one today to try and give a bit of clarification about my concerns. 

Russia Post

Let’s examine the tensions between the two nations, not necessarily in the order in which they occurred, for the purpose of showing that war is almost all but inevitable at this point, just a matter of when. On November 7th, gradually throughout the night, an increasing number of reports began cropping up all over social media that something big was going down off the coast of California. The first video below contains a brief explanation for what took place on the night of November 7th. Luke Rudkowsk discusses the breaking news about the mysterious light that many people saw in California and confused as a possible UFO or alien. He talks about this secret government operation that was done without warning, and the implications exercise on full display for everyone to see. One thing is certain, the launch of a U.S. Trident Missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead was not launched as a matter of coincidence, so what’s left is to try to discern what the purpose was. Prior to the exercise, all that was known was that a Top Secret Military Operation Would be Diverting LAX Planes Potentially for Up to a Full Week. No name was given to the exercise, no definitive timeline was given, the airport was left in the dark, and the whole ordeal had people somewhat unnerved. Even passenger planes passing anywhere near the area where the alleged drills were taking place were diverted so that no one could even catch a glimpse of the the top secret operation. Take a look below:

U.S Secret Government Operation Exposed



As the video says, people as far as Arizona could see lights that resulted from the secretive military exercises, and it was extremely disturbing. Part of the reason for the unease, which the video briefly covers, is the well documented adverse results previous American military experiments have had on the American people in the past. So, the question remains, why was an an unarmed Trident II nuclear missile fired from a ballistic missile submarine just off the coast of southern California at an exact time that it would be clearly visible from several states away? Perhaps for the answer we should examine events that took place a bit further back in the week?

Last week, in an article titled, Russia Starting To Train Civilians To Deal With Nuclear Attack, it was reported that on Friday, Dmitry Rogozin, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia’s defense industry, suggested that his government should start preparing civilians for a nuclear attack much like the Soviets did during the Cold War. Have you thought to ask why? Obama doesn’t want “Boots” on the ground anywhere, much less nuclear missiles flying, so clearly the Russians aren’t worried about attack from the United States. There are no other nation states in the region, or the world for that matter, with the ability or the desire to challenge the Russians right now. If anything, during this time of surprising American weakness, we are seeing alliances made between countries like Russia and Iran, who have a joint operation going on in Syria, with a Chinese Aircraft Carrier Located Off the Coast Providing them Cover.

With an alliance already of our enemies already working with Russia, Putin clearly has no reason to worry about an American attack, so why train the Russians for nuclear war? Why even announce it? What else has happened recently? Make no mistake, the infamous line in the sand drawn by Obama at the beginning of the Syrian conflict sent a warning signal to Putin that Obama could be pushed around. Furthermore, to continue to build on his confidence, Putin made a terribly revealing set of statements at the UN just over a month ago when he said that ISIS is unequivocally a proxy of the U.S., since we continue to arm them, provide them with fleets of trucks, and refuse to engage in any serious damage to their infrastructure. See for yourself, Putin does not hold back:



In what has been a continued show of force, both the U.S. and Russia have continued to move aircraft into the region that serve no other purpose other than to shoot down other aircraft. Here’s the thing about that, we’re the only two nations in the region with aircraft there to begin with. See where I’m going with all this? Russians say it may be time to start training for nuclear war, even when they have no reason to be fearful, especially when when the Russians are aligned with the only other nation known to have “Carrier Killer” missiles intended to do what their name implies: Sink Aircraft Carriers… the strength of the American Military. So, now that the Proxy War Between America and Russia is REALLY heating up, and the Pentagon will now be supplying ISIS Terrorists in Syria with Aircraft Downing Weapons (presumably for Russian Planes), it’s easy to see where tempers might be starting to seriously flare behind the scenes. Is it ENTIRELY possible the Russians might begin training their people because they intend to strike first? Absolutely! Now ask yourself if it makes sense for the U.S. to launch a very public, very visible missile of it’s own, perhaps in hopes of de-escalating the situation? Think about it. 









Perhaps That is Why The U.S. Launched A Nuclear Missile That Would Be Visible From L.A. Without Any Warning?

Was the U.S. government trying to send a message to someone on Saturday night? Just after sunset, an unarmed Trident II nuclear missile was fired from a ballistic missile submarine just off the coast of southern California that was later identified as the USS Kentucky. It was the absolutely perfect time to attract the attention of millions of people living in the Los Angeles area. If it had been fired during the day, the missile would have been far less visible. If it had been fired in the middle of the night, most residents of southern California would have been asleep. Those that planned the firing of this nuclear missile knew that it would be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and that it would make headlines all over the planet. So why was this done?

When the U.S. military established a no-fly zone west of Los Angeles for a week, it raised the eyebrows of many.

The unarmed Trident II missile that was fired from the USS Kentucky normally carries a nuclear warhead, and this launch was so visible that it could even be seen by people living in Arizona and Nevada

The event was seen in Northern California (Santa Rosa) and as far east as Nevada and Arizona (though it was very low to the western horizon from there). This shows just how high up the missile must have been; a couple of hundred kilometers at least, I’d think. It was seen west of Los Angeles, moving roughly south to north. That too makes sense; it was probably launched from the ocean hundreds of kilometers west of LA, sent to the north, away from populated areas. I’m not sure why they didn’t do this even farther west, where no one would see it, but I assume the military has their reasons.

Once the missile was launched, photographs and videos of this strange phenomenon were very quickly posted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Others alerted law enforcement agencies and their local news stations.

Nobody knew exactly what was going on, but everyone seemed to recognize that this was not normal. The following comes from a report that was posted on CNN

Panic and speculation spread Saturday night when a bright white light shot through the night skies in Southern California.

Residents posted a flurry of videos on social media, together with theories of aliens or meteors. Others made panicked calls to law enforcement officials.

Today the Navy is trying to assure all of us that this was perfectly “normal”, but very few people are buying that explanation.

Clearly this was done at a time and in a location that would create a massive amount of attention.

So what kind of message was the government trying to send?

Was this a message to the American people?




Some are suggesting this, but I tend to agree with Mike Adams of Natural News that this was likely a message to our enemies…

Last night’s test launch of the Trident missile over Orange County was staged near a high population area for a tactical reason: To have as many witnesses (and videos) as possible, sending a very visible warning message to China that says, “We can destroy you if you don’t back off.”

The Trident missile, built by Lockheed Martin, is a thermonuclear missile system (Fleet Ballistic Missile) with a range of at least 4,000 nautical miles. See the Trident missile page on the U.S. Navy website. Just one Trident missile launched from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean could devastate China with a nuclear strike on Beijing.

I also find that it is an incredibly strange “coincidence” that it was a “Trident” nuclear missile that was fired considering the fact that the largest NATO military exercise in 13 years named “Trident Juncture” is also coming to an end right now

The biggest military exercise NATO has held in 13 years, “Trident Juncture” will end tomorrow. claims that, even though 36,000 soldiers from various NATO countries including the U.S. have participated in the exercise to defend against “Russia’s military ambitions,” (or what other outlets are simply referring to as “Russian aggression”), the organization is actually at a big disadvantage against Russia, not only because its trying to coordinate 28 member states with different priorities, but Russia’s training events in the last two years have involved up to 80,000 soldiers, more than twice that of NATO.

This all comes at a time when our relationships with both China and Russia are going downhill very rapidly. For much, much more on this, please see the following two articles which I published within the last month…

‘Mentally Unstable’ Obama Looking To Start A War With China?

Is Barack Obama Actually TRYING To Start World War III?

Most Americans don’t realize this, but there is a very real possibility that we could eventually go to war with China. In fact, Mike Adams of Natural News believes that we are already “in an undeclared state of war” with China…

Right now, the United States and China are in an undeclared state of war. China stands ready to strike the USA with nuclear warheads or high altitude EMP weapons that would destroy the U.S. power grid and cause 90% casualties across the unprepared population. Legendary American journalist Ted Koppel has even written a book about this entitled Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.

Let us certainly hope that World War III does not start any time soon, but without a doubt our “leaders” are becoming increasingly reckless, and at some point there may be an “accident”.

I think that an incident that just happened up in Montana is a perfect metaphor for how reckless the U.S. has become. An article posted by the Air Force Times is reporting that a vehicle that “may or may not” have been carrying a nuclear weapon was recently rear-ended by a security vehicle…

It’s possibly the most heart-stopping fender bender ever posted to YouTube: An Air Force tractor trailer that may or may not be carrying a nuclear weapon rear-ended by a security vehicle.

Great Falls, Montana, resident Aaron Tedford videotaped the convoy of at least two police vehicles, a security forces truck, a Humvee and six security forces BearCat vehicles escorting a white tractor trailer through Great Falls when the minor accident happened Monday afternoon. Tedford later wrote on Facebook that several helicopters were also flying overhead at the time.

The Air Force would not say what was inside the tractor trailer that was rear-ended, but Tedford believes it was a nuclear weapon. Malmstrom Air Force Base, which is located nearby Great Falls, is home to the 341st Missile Wing. Humvees and Bearcats from Malmstrom’s 341st Security Forces Group often escort nuclear weapons when they are being transported.

You can watch video of this particular incident right here.

I don’t know about you, but I have a really bad feeling about what is ahead.

Our government is acting very irrationally, and both Russia and China are becoming very angry with us.

So where is all of this ultimately leading? Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…


Take a look at the future of America: The Beginning of the End and then prepare.


Putin Finger


Russia-China Military Partnership Will Seek to Overpower America

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Does Russia Think Their New Nuclear Weapons Could Win A War? 

U.S. Military Readiness For War, Competitive Edge WORSENING! 

Putin to the Western Elites: “WORLD WAR III IS INEVITABLE!”

Revealed: How the Soviets Planned To Go To War with America’s Navy

Russian Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on US

Russia Dispatches Naval Force to Reopen Arctic Base…

Russian General Seeks Nuclear First-Strike Option Against US









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  • Barack Obama third term 2016

  • “Now ask yourself if it makes sense for the U.S. to launch a very public, very visible missile of it’s own, perhaps in hopes of de-escalating the situation? Think about it.”

    Look at the world around you. Look at the news. If you’re in the U.S., look at what your nation has become, how it’s, as if, on suicide watch, dripping the sludge of moral decay, while people are in a dumbed-down coma, watching “Dancing with the Stars.” Sodomites on a pedestal, marriage redefined after thousands of years. The Muslim Brotherhood in the very White House, weapons you pay for going to the same terrorists that took down the World Trade Center towers and murdered a few thousand of your countrymen. Can you, with a straight face, expect anything to make sense? One of the most hilarious headlines of recent is how the U.S. is criticizing Russia for interfering in the affairs of other nations. You’re looking for sense?

    One of the scariest thoughts of all, that many people can’t accept, and, for instance, the reason there are so many conspiracy theories: the erroneous concept things must make sense, the erroneous concept anything is actually in control. What is too scary is the fact of the matter, that mankind (and history proves) is hopelessly degenerate, selfish and idiotic, and, given a little time, will always crap in the bed he sleeps in. Unfortunate for mankind, at this juncture, is that the same idiots, who’ve been around since Cain killed Abel, who brought you WWI and WWII, who can learning nothing in thousands of years, now have their fingers on nuclear buttons.

    You want sense? Try spiritually blind Bozos, nearly one and all, on a bus, headed for a bridge that’s washed-out. Realize this, and at least something will begin to make sense, then you can move on to more advance topics, like who the primary employer of the world system is, aka Satan, Inc. And he has an ever increasing stream of blind little sock puppets, many of whom you’d call leaders and stars. You even pay them, to assist in your destruction and damnation. Ain’t that a hoot? So, you’re looking for sense? You think about it.

    Luke 6:39 And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?

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