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ISIS update 11/08\2015.. How To Quickly Collapse The Islamic State

Sunday, November 8, 2015 13:42
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How To Quickly Collapse The Islamic State
Webster Tarpley

Snowden blames US policies for rise of ISIL (Daesh)

US military plans to deter Russian ‘aggression’: Pentagon chief

Syria Today TheMedvedova

International Military Rewiev – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 8, 2015

Week Five of the Russian Intervention in Syria: The Russians Are Digging in

…………There has, however, been another interesting but less noticed development this week in the Russian operation in Syria: the Russians are quietly but very effectively “digging in”.

For the first time, Russia has officially declared that air-defense units were also deployed with the Russian forces. Until now, the main burden for air defense had fallen upon the Russian Navy and, specifically, the ships equipped with the naval variant of the S-300 missile system. This was not an optimal solution not only because it put the burden of defending land based assets from the sea, tying down the Russian navy expeditionary force, but also because this solution only “covered” about half of Syria.

TSaker-4W-1 The use of the Moskva guided missile cruiser was a stop-gap measure designed to protect the Russian force in Latakia, but now it appears that dedicated air defense units have been deployed. These are most likely the land-based versions of the S-300 missile, possibly in combination with point defense systems such as the Pantsir-S1 and other, shorter range, MANPADs such as the 9K338 Igla-S and the advanced 9K33 Verba.

There are also reports indicating that the Russians have deployed very sophisticated electronic warfare units including top-of-the line Krasukhka-4 EW systems which are amongst the most sophisticated mobile EW systems ever built and they are reportedly capable of jamming AWACS and satellites in space. Add to this the presense of SU-30SMs in the skies, and you have a force capable of controlling the Syrian skies.

When asked about this Russian officials gave a cute reply: they said that these air-defense systems were deployed in case of a hijacked being used to attack the Russian airbase in Latakia. Right.

The real purpose of these efforts is becoming obvious: Russia is trying to deny the US the control of the skies over Syria and, so far, there is very little the USA can do about it (short of starting WWIII). Furthermore, the Russians are also sending a message to Turkey, France and Israel – all countries which have, at different times and in different ways, indicated that they wanted to use the Syrian airspace for their own purposes.

There are now also reports of Russian special forces being sent to Syria. The WSJ suggested that these forces could be given the tasks of liaising with Syrian intelligence and acting as forward air controllers (FACs). I also personally see another important task for these units: to pre-position hidden fuel caches for the Russian helicopters should there be a need to send them to rescue downed Russian pilots in eastern Syria (Russian Spetsnaz units did create such fuel cashes in southern Afghanistan during the war).

TSaker-4W-2 Take a look at the combat radius of Russian helicopters in Syria. Ideally, a search and rescue mission would employ both a dedicated attack helicopter such as the Mi-24 and a multi-role helicopter such as the Mi-17, the former provider cover and protection for the latter. It would also be possible to have SU-25s protecting Mi-17s, but the best possible version would be to have a covert refueling base somewhere deep inside nominally Daesh territory to extend the range of the rescue teams.

Some western sources believe that Russian special forces might also be given direct action missions. This is absolutely possible and such missions are well within the capabilities of the Spetsnaz GRU. Still, there primary mission is a special reconnaissance one and while they might be used to destroy a high value Daesh target (material or human), we will probably never hear about it.

What is certain is that the Russians are steadily increasing their capabilities in Syria and that their presence is rapidly growing from a small and vulnerable force to a much more balanced and capable one.

Syrian army approaches Palmyra

Syrian army operations in Palmyra, mine clearance to attack terrorist organization Daash sites

3 killed in militant rocket attack in Syrian city of Aleppo

Syrian Soldier Miraculously Survives Close Hit By a Terrorist Mortar Shell

Damascus Duma – Russia bombed Rats collect their horns in bags – November 8, 2015

Damascus – massive bombing reinforced positions of Al-Nusra – November 8, 2015

Syria – Latakia – Al-Nusra 4×4 fire on positions in the mountains – November 8, 2015

Syria militants used chemical weapon, intl watchdog confirms

ISIL terrorists take away over 100 Iraqis in Mosul

Iraq – Ramadi – Shiite militias dodging bullets of a sniper ISIS – November 7, 2015


Moscow Strikes Back at Nuland Over Statement on Syria Air Campaign

Syrian Army Captures Third Town in Aleppo

Syria: Al-Nusra Front Recruits 2000 Foreign Militants to Fight Army in Aleppo

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Takes Back Two Key Towns in Aleppo

Official: Hezbollah Stays in Syria Until Final Victory

Militants Sustaining Increasing Defeats in Fierce Clashes with Syrian Army in Aleppo

Iraq Expels US-Led Coalition Planes with Arms Cargoes

Syrian Army Storms Militant Convoy near Harasta in Damascus Province

US: Everything-But-the-War Strategy for Iraq and Syria

According to US Air Force Lieutenant General Charles Brown, Washington and its allies will increase the attacks against ISIL in the coming weeks. His comments come amid reports that President Obama has outlined an everything-but-the-war strategy for Iraq and Syria. In a telling signal about his own expansive version of the “Global War on Terror,” Obama says the Pentagon will also send “military advisers” to Syria.

Hints in these remarks suggest that under the pretext of fighting terror and helping “moderate” terrorists in Syria – which the Pentagon has already acknowledged remain only in name – Obama plans to expand his ongoing covert operations in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan, to include the Syrian and Iraqi territories. In other words, Iraq and Syria will become new fronts in Washington’s drone war.

Perhaps that explains why religious leaders and governments in Syria and Iraq are so much against any new US intervention. There are many reasons for this:

* For those of us in the reality-based community, the US-led counter-ISIL coalition was a catastrophe from day one. More than a year after their summer quests in Iraq and Syria, no one would have the slightest problem linking the death cult of ISIL to places like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, the UAE, Qatar and even Europe.

* Some ISIL members are European nationals holding European passports. Equally, Iraq and Syria now house a rudimentary terrorist proto-state, a creature birthed into the world in significant part thanks to the dreams and fantasies of the US government and its regional vassals.

* Across the region, ISIL and al-Qaeda wannabes of every sort (including Europeans) are creating an arc of instability and chaos through sectarian conflicts. As Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei maintains, “This is not a war between Shias and Sunnis, as the US government would like us to believe.” Quite the opposite, this is a foreign-made nightmare. A nightmare that is destined to get worse if the US begins its new shock and awe campaign.

* US airstrikes, particularly in Syria, have killed many civilians already – though the Pentagon is officially denying any deaths. The US warplanes have also attacked and destroyed civilian targets like hospitals, silos, schools, oil refineries, and airports in Syria. The new push seems to be aiming for these sorts of targets again – as the terrorist goons are admittedly hiding in these areas.

* It is the irony of ironies. The US is to carry out the new bombings with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Jordan and Turkey on board. These regimes are themselves the region’s worst sectarian agitators. They are at the vanguard of efforts to dismantle a terrorist organization that is essentially of their own creation.

Despite all this and more, President Obama insists America is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with its vassals “on behalf of our common security.” However, including them in a bogus coalition to fight the very sectarian monster they helped create is yet another reason why the new mission creep into Iraq and the clear case of aggression against Syria to affect regime change is destined for failure.


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