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The “Real” Reason Obama Rejected the Keystone Pipeline

Saturday, November 21, 2015 13:35
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In the article below, Joseph Farah presents the hypothesis that the reason Obama did not agree to the Keystone pipeline had nothing to do with his “green” friends, and everything to do with the Saudi’s.

First, let me preface what I am about to say by stating that even if Obama did kill the Keystone pipeline for the purpose of repairing a damaged relationship with the Saudi’s, he did so for one reason, and one reason only: Barack Obama. His calculus must have determined that by mending fences with the Saudi’s and retaining them as a key ally in the region, that somehow that option was the one which would get the least amount of our military’s blood on his hands (during HIS time in office anyway). If ANYTHING is clear about Obama’s strategy with ISIS, it’s that he intends to do the polar opposite of George W. Bush, no matter how many lives it costs in the long run. All that matters to Obama is the number of servicemen that will show as having died during his term, which is why we keep hearing “no boots on the ground while Obama is in office.” If 250,000 troops have to go in after Obama leaves because of how inept Obama’s policies were, that’s fine, because he’ll just blame it on the next president anyway. All that matters to Obama is HIS legacy, NOT soldiers lives. 

With no room for any flexibility on those assumptions, I’d be willing to go along with Joseph Farah and say that Obama killing Keystone was less about killing Keystone, as it was about throwing Saudi Arabia a bone. Just before the video below came out in January, I had been consistently saying that low gas prices were going to be the final nail in the U.S. economy. Below is a quote from a post back in December of 2014:

“The United States was FINALLY on the verge of energy independence, and no thanks to Barack Obama who has cut permits for drilling down to just about zero. No, despite everyone’s favorite “green warrior” (aka the genius behind Solyndra) working tirelessly to destroy fossil fuels in the U.S., we have STILL had TREMENDOUS SUCCESS on private lands in places like North Dakota. It’s all the fracking that has helped us to get so close to achieving energy independence… FOR THE TIME BEING ANYWAY…

Here is the problem with $2.25 gas, OR LOWER IF IT KEEPS DROPPING: All those fracking companies financed their operations, and the building of their infrastructure with $ TRILLIONS in bonds, and they were able to do so because they assumed oil prices would be at least $100 a barrel and very steadily moving north. I haven’t looked, but where is oil today? $60 a barrel? OH OH!

Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure has been around for decades, so they can get oil up, and out of the ground for maybe 1/4 the price of the American fracking companies with all their brand new equipment. At these prices, it won’t be long until NONE of the fracking operations can pay their investors and they all go belly up. THEN, gas will shoot back up, AND probably go WAY higher without any of the former fracking companies still in business. The U.S. will be even further from energy independence than we’ve ever been, with SKYROCKETING GAS prices, and just in time for the financial tsunami to hit us. The Great Depression is going to look like Camelot by comparison.”

The following video explains in 3:00 minutes why the OPEC Cartel does not want the Keystone Pipeline built. and why Saudi Arabia has been dumping so much cheap oil on the market: To put US oil share drillers out of business and to block the Keystone Pipeline. No more oil companies, no more need for the pipeline! 

OPEC Cartel and Keystone Pipeline

As the video explains, normally cutting production would be all that was required to raise prices, except that Saudi Arabia could not cut production, because a competitor would have moved in and ultimately taken Saudi market share, so they HAD to keep pumping, which has kept gas very low, and although I don’t have the facts, I’ve got to believe the fracking companies are on life support, if many haven’t gone under already! As for the rest of Farah’s theory about why Obama helped Saudi Arabia, I stand by my comment: Barrack Obama did what was best for Barack Obama, irrespective of what was good for anyone else in the process. If others were helped along the way, you can be sure Obama will take the credit for it, but you can also be sure it was not his intent. 

Keystone 2

Joseph Farah’s at WND writes:

WASHINGTON – Concern by Saudi Arabia that the United States is achieving energy independence may have been a major reason why the Obama administration rejected construction of the Canadian Keystone XL Pipeline through the U.S. after six years of consideration, a former House Intelligence Committee chairman says in an exclusive new report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Keystone XL Pipeline would have brought oil from Canada’s shale reserves in Alberta to Nebraska, creating an estimated 9,000 well-paying construction jobs.

But former Republican Rep. Pete Hoekstra told G2 Bulletin that President Obama rejected the project because he needs the help of Riyadh to resolve the four-year Syrian conflict, which has turned into a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

In rejecting the pipeline, Obama said it would transport “dirty oil” and wouldn’t make a long-term economic contribution to the U.S. economy.

But Hoekstra, who led the House intel panel from 1993 to 2011, believes there’s another reason.

While Obama is “playing to his green, anti-fossil fuel, climate-change crowd,” he needs Saudi help in Syria, said Hoekstra, who now heads Hoekstra Global Strategies.

“For me,” Hoekstra said, “the bottom line is [Obama] was never going to approve this project.

“His allies never wanted it, and the Saudi argument just gives him one more reason to do what he was going to do anyway,” Hoekstra said.

For the rest of this report, and others, please go to Joseph Farah’s G2 Report.

Over the past year, the Saudis have been putting pressure on the Obama administration to halt its drive toward energy independence. The Saudis have seen their market share of oil production threatened by U.S. oil producers who have increased output using new shale-oil technologies, driving down prices.

The Saudis can’t cut their own production, because the other oil-producing countries would swoop in and take market share.

As they watch the compromise of the source of their vast wealth, the Saudis have put considerable pressure on Obama to find a solution to the four-year-old Syrian crisis.

The Sunni Saudis want the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a Shiite Alawite who is allied with Riyadh’s major sectarian enemy, Shiite Iran.

In turn, Obama needs Riyadh to help maintain the fragile anti-ISIS coalition to which Saudi Arabia and the other Arab countries belong.

Obama lost considerable Saudi support in 2011 after his refusal to help Saudi-backed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted and succeeded by Muslim Brotherhood-backed Mohamed Morsi.








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  • tom leikis

  • The “real reasons” Obama killed the Keystone project was because it would have allowed Canada to save BILLIONS that would otherwise be paid AMERICAN Rail companies for shipping all that oil to ports to sell to China. Sure, a few thousand American UNION welders and a construction conglomerate would have gained short term, but in the long run America would have run all the risks of a spill while losing BILLIONS in revenues to American companies. It really is a no brainer…just like the supporters of the pipeline who swallow this tripe just because of the word “oil”. This was never about American oil, American profits or American sales…..this is about Canadian oil moved across our heartland to cut out the American middleman to sell directly to the communist Chinese.

  • Um, the Saudi’s what? you use an apostrophe. An apostrophe indicates possessive. So, the Saudi’s hat? The Saudi’s car? the Saudi’s oil derrick? what?

  • The fossil fuels industry has been ONE of the biggest sources of corruption and bloodshed worldwide. As it exists now, we go to war over it and untold numbers of people have been murdered over trying to introduce better, cleaner, less damaging and certainly less violent forms of energy. That our economy “depends” so much on it is sort of a “glaring” red flag. GREED and power behind this industry are most certainly the main reasons that we haven’t been allowed to move forward into a better future. As it exists today, yes, it does need to be destroyed (among many other things in our world) so that we can free ourselves from the tyrannical hold it has over the entire world. THEN we can choose the best forms energy for certain needs. I’m not saying we have to stop using it altogether, I see that many people get great satisfaction from tinkering around with their cars and trucks, enjoy the races and such. They should be able to have that. Its just that the way it works now, the oligarchs who control it are just to greedy and evil to allow the rest of us the choice. We’re not asking for the release of suppressed technology and forms of energy, we are DEMANDING it.

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